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Since 2010, PepsiCo Recycling has partnered with over 100 colleges and universities to support campus recycling programmes, providing more than $70,000

PepsiCo extends innovation fund to educational institutions

PepsiCo's recycling branch has announced plans to expand its college and university eco-innovations programme through its Zero Impact Fund, where educational institutions can receive up to $10,000 from PepsiCo to support sustainable initiatives.

Over the next 18 months NUS will work with students’ unions to pressure institutions to sever ties with the fossil fuel industry

University staff and students make £100m fossil fuel divestment call

The National Union of Students (NUS) has called on all UK higher education facilities to play their part in removing a £100m 'tip of the iceberg' fossil fuel fund and divest assets into renewable technology.

Globally, investors worth $2.6trn have joined the divestment movement

Eight UK universities join divestment push

Eight UK universities with endowments worth a total of £69m have announced fossil fuel divestment commitments.

A third of college sustainability staff and a fifth of university sustainability staff said they were expecting a decrease in budget

Sustainability a priority for just one quarter of UK colleges and universities

Sustainability is a strategic priority at just one quarter of UK further education institutions, a new survey from the Environmental Association for Universities & Colleges (EAUC) has revealed.

Christ Church college at the University of Oxford - one of the worst-performing universities based on carbon emissions

Growth in universities takes toll on sector emissions

Universities and colleges in England have fallen further behind their collective 2020 carbon reduction target, with absolute emissions increasing in the last academic year.

The University of Cambridge will slash carbon emissions and reduce water consumption

Cambridge launches green vision to cut emissions by a third by 2020

The University of Cambridge is aiming to cut carbon emissions by 34% as part of its new sustainability strategy for the next five years.

Plymouth University was one of the first to implement new sustainability standards as part of the partnership

University caterers tuck in to new sustainability scheme

University food and drink is set to become more sustainable after the announcement of a new sector-backed sustainability partnership.

Salix has funded more than £21m of energy efficiency projects in 201 FE colleges, saving the sector approximately £81m to date

Energy efficiency funding boost for UK colleges

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects in English, Scottish and Welsh further education (FE) colleges will be able to benefit from £5m of new funding.

The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges represents more than 230 higher education institutions across the UK

UNEP targets British universities to develop future stars of sustainability

Universities and colleges across the UK have signed an agreement with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to encourage sustainable innovation among future generations.

The BMA has become the first national medical organisation in the world to commit to renewable energy

UK doctors vote for fossil fuel divestment

The British Medical Association (BMA) has vowed to end its investment in fossil fuels and increase investments in renewable energy in light of the 'immediate and grave grave threats posed by climate change'.

Student fund to establish generation of sustainability-conscious employees

A £5m fund has been awarded to the National Union of Students (NUS) in an attempt to ensure sustainability remains a priority within British higher education.

James Golding (far left) receiving The Pig's award for most sustainable restaurant

Raymond Blanc praises sustainable restaurant winner

Celebrity chef Raymond Blanc has applauded The Pig restaurant for being named sustainable restaurant of the year at the National Restaurant Awards (NRA).

Education sector calls on government to invest in carbon reduction

Schools, colleges and universities from across the UK are set to boost awareness of climate change and put pressure on the Government to do more to support a low-carbon future.

Fresh eggs: Westbury's move precedes new EU legislation

Catering with animal welfare in mind

Westbury Street Holdings has made a commitment to use only free range eggs produced by well cared for hens

Tennyson High School trialled the scheme

Collection service targets schools and colleges

Biffa is launching a dedicated recycling service for schools, colleges and universities.

Champions of food waste recycling: Simon Heaps (left) and Andy Jones

Sports champs score with food waste service

Two former international sportsmen have launched a new commercial food waste collection service in Dorset.

First graduates from new brownfield remediation scheme

The first class of formerly unemployed people from a scheme to retrain as brownfield workers have graduated.

How to increase sales through technology

German fault-finding firm SebaKMT has increased its turnover by 10% in five years. It puts its success down to innovation - and technological leadership.

Another US college bans Coke

News in Brief

Well treated robots? The motor industry has one of the best CSR records around

Motor giants most open about their environmental performance

The bigger the motor company, the more detailed and accessible its sustainability and environmental reporting tends to be - says a US research centre.

Tackling the water skills drought

The UK leads the world in water technology and yet we're facing a skills shortage that could cause irrevocable damage to the long-term future of our industry. The dearth of qualified engineers is affecting construction as a whole, but within the water sector the successes in AMP4 Frameworks and the rising need for contracting and consultancy services have compounded the issue and means there's an increasing need for engineering skills at all levels.

Looking differently at postgraduate training

Both the private and public sector elements of the water sector depend on a reliable supply of well trained university graduates to maintain and develop their skills and knowledge bases.

London marks progress towards becoming a Fairtrade city

London's real progress towards becoming a Fairtrade city has been announced by Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron, but the message resounding through City Hall is that more must still be done to secure the title.

Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron and dress designer Jacques Azagury present the stunning TrashFash outfit at London Fashion Week to remind the British public to get more creative with their recycling effort. Copyright Dimitris Theocharis

Trash dressing becomes London's latest fashion fad

"Dressing like trash" has taken on a new meaning at London Fashion Week as two of the capital's most exclusive designers took the opportunity to reveal a unique couture outfit made entirely out of recycled materials.

So, how does the law lie?

Fergus O Brien of Atkins Water looks at use of illegally taken water

Latest low fouling membrane

The Water Well Industry suffered a great loss with the death of Maurice Lewis in December. For over 20 years Maurice worked on instructing and advocating the need for accessible safe water, reiterated in this his last article.

One simple way for companies to save energy is to switch off computer monitors at the end of the day, according to the DETR

Climate Change Levy: are you ready for lift-off?

Average global temperatures are rising, as are sea levels; habitats are changing, and vulnerable species are being lost, and it’s all due to a group of gases that are turning Planet Earth into a greenhouse. In the UK, where climate change is causing warmer winters, and a wetter climate throughout the year, a new consequence of global warming will come into effect on 1st April: the Climate Change Levy.

Individual industry

Just behind the environmental manager is a vast array of people - supervisers, team leaders, technicians, or quality or H&S managers - all of whom would be involved in implementing an environmental management system. Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, Groundwork Blackburn, asks: Why aren't they used more?

Report focuses on environmental progress of 12 sectors

A new report has been published by the US Environment Protection Agency profiling the environmental performance of 12 industry sectors.

25 Pennsylvanian colleges and universities to use wind power

The Pennsylvania Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy (PCEIP) has announced that seven additional educational institutions have committed to purchase part of their energy needs from wind power. This makes a total of 25 institutions of higher education in the state that have agreed to take a leadership role on moving Pennsylvania and higher education toward the use of sustainable energy.

New appointments to sustainable development panel

The drive to promote sustainable development within UK companies has been boosted by the appointment of two business experts to a key Government advisory group.

New National Measurement Partnership set to improve UK competitiveness

The UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched a programme to create a National Measurement Partnership (NMP), a network that will promote better measurement practice in the UK.

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