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Toronto's impressive skyline

Canada faces environmental isolation as it disregards Kyoto

International condemnation has followed the Canadian Government's decision to pull out of Kyoto in the wake of COP17.

President of COP17 Maite Nkoana-Mashabane

COP17 ends with a legally binding deal ... sort of

A legally binding deal was signed at COP17 after concerns by major emitters India, China and the US were eased.

Protest as nuclear waste costs decision 'snuck out'

The Government has been accused of releasing crucial information around the nuclear power industry and its waste in an 'underhand' way.

Huhne: EU cannot achieve legally binding deal alone

A legally binding deal on global emissions cannot be achieved by the European Union alone, according to UK energy secretary Chris Huhne.

South Africa could lead continent's energy revolution

The South African Government has pledged to back an increase in wind power as its Department of Energy announced the winning bids from the first round of tenders for renewable energy projects.

Video: African nations pushing for 'ambitious' commitments at COP17

Ministers from more than 50 African nations spoke out today (December 5) to demand an 'ambitious' second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol after holding crunch weekend talks.

Leeds town hall

Durban talks should look to Leeds for inspiration

COP17's climate change talks should look to the English city of Leeds for inspiration, according to academic research.

Legally binding agreement a 'cornerstone' for COP17

The annual political battle against climate change began today (November 28) in the South African city of Durban.

2°C Challenge Communique published today

The 2°C Challenge Communique, calling on governments around the world to take action to "secure a low carbon-emission economy that is more resilient, more efficient and less vulnerable to global shock" was published this morning.

Osborne puts business ahead of climate change

Chancellor George Osborne gave a clear indication he was putting the needs of business ahead of environmental policy when he addressed his party's conference.

Rich countries under fire as emissions talks stall

Negotiators are already at loggerheads over plans for COP17 months before the South African climate change talks are due to start.

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