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There are still murmurs within sustainability departments (which develop into muffled screams in the marketing departments) that sustainability simply can’t do what sex can… sell

The 'S' word: A guide to communicating sustainability to consumers

In the final part of edie's 'guide-to' series for sustainable professionals, Matt Mace explores how to communicate sustainability to different business departments and consumers, and asks the experts whether it is time to disregard the 'S' word altogether.

Just 16% of business leaders confirmed that they have significant changes in the pipeline

Business leaders unmoved by low-carbon transition, survey reveals

More than 40% of business leaders continue to dismiss climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy as a 'minor concern', according to new research from Aston University.

Balancing revenues and costs in the short and long term are constant challenges and often there are no easy answers

Developing for resilience: Four key practices

What are the practices and processes that allow leaders and organisations to develop businesses, products, services and an economy that will respect the living world and will be resilient into the future?

The study suggests that brand leaders need to build consumer trust around their environmental credentials

Brands 'not trusted' yet to deliver on socially responsible products

Brand leaders are at risk of losing one-third of their customers over the next few years if they don't align their product portfolios more closely with responsible consumption.

A comprehensive programme to overhaul the culture at RBS is still very much a work in progress, said chief sustainability officer Andrew Cave

Banks may take a generation to get sustainability right

Royal Bank of Scotland's chief sustainability officer Andrew Cave has said it may take an entire generation in banking to overhaul the culture within the industry to make it fit for purpose with regards to sustainability.

'CSR without HR is just PR'- HR departments can play a critical role both as a supporter and catalyst

Companies failing to recognise role of HR in delivering sustainability

Human resources departments could act as a valuable lever in driving forward employee engagement on corporate sustainability issues but they often remain sidelined, one CSR expert has said.

HSBC: 2014 marks start of new economic focus on climate

HSBC has said climate change will rise up the corporate finance agenda this year, highlighting three issues - impacts, carbon risk and green bonds - that will lend impetus to this.

The CDP states that

CDP: Carbon pricing now standard operating practice in business planning

Google, Walt Disney Company, Walmart and Microsoft are amongst a group of major US companies incorporating 'internal carbon prices' into their business strategies.

Corporate responsibility risk 'not sufficiently tied' to remuneration

Just one in ten (10%) companies are linking their corporate responsibility (CR) performance to remuneration, suggesting that many are failing to incentivise executives to manage environmental and social risks effectively, according to a new report.

Farmers peeling cocoa fruit

Barry Callebaut educates farmers to establish sustainable cocoa supply chain

Global chocolate and cocoa manufacturer Barry Callebaut is aiming to take farmer engagement to the "next level" by addressing the gaps in knowledge, materials and funding that are seen as barriers to sustainable cocoa supply chains.

Sustainability reporting is rising in value as it beds down

There is growing evidence that sustainability reporting is offering companies a competitive advantage as it evolves into a core business practice.

Jeremy Darroch: "Environmental issues are incredibly important"

BSkyB chief looks to give sustainable values a creative edge

BSkyB CEO Jeremy Darroch has acknowledged that while the broadcast industry has been slow in waking up to corporate sustainability, on a strategic level it has proved beneficial for his company.

Engage the mind and heart - Gail Klintworth

Sustainability agendas must be kept 'real' says Unilever CSO

Sustainability managers need to take a more pragmatic approach if they want to effect change and secure buy-in across their organisations, Unilever's chief sustainability officer Gail Klintworth has said.

The company has latitude and flexibility in everything, particularly in the domain of sustainability and consumer engagement says sustainability manager Will Archer

Is consumer engagement the key to cleaning up?

SC Johnson has been manufacturing cleaning products since 1886 - and owns some of the world's best-known brands. But now the company's green credentials are becoming almost as important as its cleaning credentials. Sustainability manager Will Archer tells Leigh Stringer why changing consumer behaviour surrounding sustainable purchasing decisions is so high on the business agenda

Rising to the Challenge: As If People Matter, Part 3

In the third piece in our five-part series 'As If People Matter', Michael Townsend discusses the qualities that business leaders must show to shine in a changing world

Connect, encourage: As If People Matter, Part 2

In the second of our five-part series 'As If People Matter', Michael Townsend explains how engaging people is vital in making a successful and lasting transition towards sustainable business and delivering tangible business benefits

A people-centred approach: As If People Matter, Part 1

In this, the first of a five-part series, 'As If People Matter', covering all perspectives of a people-centred approach to sustainability in business, Michael Townsend explains how the strategy links to superior business - and economic - performance

Counting the cost of mandatory reporting

Mandatory carbon reporting is looming - but opinion remains divided over whether this additional regulation is an effective way of driving emissions down or just extra red tape. Mike Scott reports

Surviving creative destruction

The world is going through a major economic transition in which capitalism must evolve. Michael Townsend considers the €~strategic icebergs€™ on the horizon €" and how businesses should respond

Catching up with Swede success

They did it first, they did it flat-pack - Ikea doesn't need to jump on the green bandwagon because they've been sitting up front and driving it since the mid-1980s. Tom Idle spoke to environment manager Charlie Browne

MCerts flow certification - a missed opportunity?

The MCerts legislation for the self monitoring of effluent flow has been in place for more than three years. Paul Cherry reviews the regulations and calls for a proactive approach to effluent flow monitoring.

MCerts flow certification - a missed opportunity?

Flow Specialist and MCerts inspector Paul Cherry of Emerson Process Management's Mobrey Measurement Division looks at the key opportunities the MCerts scheme offers water companies. He calls for a more proactive approach to effluent flow monitoring and makes the business case for going further than mere compliance with MCerts rules

All change!

Global warming is going to transform the world and the economy with it, says Dr Arlo Brady of Cambridge University. But there are ways in which business can prepare for the massive changes on the horizone

Analysing strategy

Corporate strategy is an important area of future focus for sustainability practitioners. Joss Tantram has researched the issue for To Whose Profit?(ii): Evolution and explains why

ISO 14001 Success Across Thales UK

by Chris Hope, Russell Hobbs and Michael Evans
October 2nd 2003, saw the completion of Thales' ambitious programme of ISO 14001 implementation across 26 operating companies in the UK, in only 18 months. The programme followed a 21-staged route map, incorporated a number of key strategies and provided considerable cost-savings across the group. The success of this programme had been highly dependent on forming key partnerships between operating companies, certification bodies, training providers, and consultants.

Thales Group is unified over EMS

Many companies are getting a grip of their environmental responsibilities. Chris Hope, Michael Evans and Russell Hobbs explain how Thales gained ISO 14001.

Business and biodiversity

Kerry ten Kate, director of investor responsibility at Insight Investment, discusses the need for the extractive and utility sectors to start paying attention to biodiversity

Making sustainability pay

WWF’s Business Education Unit is producing a publication to help businesses demonstrate to investors that their environmental and social strategy makes them an attractive propostion

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