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No hiding place

A landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice on environmental lapses could profoundly affect business throughout the EU. Chris Webb reports

Locking up the polluters

European law has been proposed which will eradicate safe havens for environmental crime, and send the criminals to prison. Ian Wilson reports

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, April 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month we see new regulations giving financial incentives for energy saving devices and a law obliging producers to recover and recycle packaging waste, while English and Welsh water undertakers are told in more detail how to prepare and publish water resources management plans.

Watertight protection

Latest security devices help water companies to safeguard their property and facilities from unauthorised access, and to protect the public.

The great non-debate

Governments are hard-wired to population growth for economic prosperity. But, asks CIWEM executive director, Nick Reeves, what is the environmental impact?

Greenpeace alleges that UK high street building supply chain Jewson has been selling Ipe wood from Para state without being able to show the documents that prove it is legal

Brazil laundering illegal timber on a 'massive and growing scale'

Greenpeace uncovers evidence that illegally logged timber is being sold on to buyers in the UK, US, Europe and China.

Mixed response over Osborne's landfill tax plans

George Osborne's Budget has received a mixed reaction from the waste and recycling industry, with views divided over the announcement that landfill tax is to increase in line with the retail price index from April next year.

ESA calls on Government to reveal future landfill tax plans

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) has called on the Government to reveal its plans for the future of landfill tax beyond 2015, ahead of Wednesday's Budget.

Waste crime costs UK up to £808m a year, report suggests

Waste crime costs the UK economy more than £800m a year, according to new research.

Vivienne Westwood is calling for severe cases of environmental destruction to be recognised as crime. Image credit: Shutterstock/360b

Vivienne Westwood: Business playing giant game of monopoly with world's resources

UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has criticised business leaders and politicians for large-scale environmental damage, which she says is the result of an "exaggerated focus on profits rather than nature".

Major crimes stopped by the EA this year include illegal exports, serious dumping incidents and illegal waste sites

25 illegal waste sites closed every week

The Environment Agency (EA) has claimed that its two-year crusade to identify and shut down illegal waste sites is paying off.

The new Act, which will replace the 1964 Scrap Metal Dealers' Act, will provide tighter licensing for scrap metal dealers

Metals recycling legislation replaced for first time in almost 50 years

Today marks a "watershed moment" for the scrap metal industry with the introduction of new legislation.

Westminster locks out metal theft with Taylor-made bin device

Westminster City Council will be rolling out a new waste bin container-locking device across the borough this summer following successful security trials earlier this year.

Illegal waste boss arrested on runway lands in jail

A 55-year old man was arrested on the runway of Heathrow airport as he tried to flee the country to avoid paying back the proceeds of his illegal waste business.

New sentencing proposals crack down on waste criminals

Fly-tippers and other serious waste offenders could be slapped with larger fines after new environmental sentencing proposals were launched yesterday (14 March).

Scotland to crack down on environmental crime

Industry and environmental bodies in Scotland have shown support for new proposals to ensure environmental regulations are enforced.

POCA 'more effective' than prison for waste crime

The Environment Agency's use of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) is often a more effective deterrent for serious waste criminals than a conviction or sentence.

Officers arrest 10 suspects in hazardous waste dawn raid

The biggest ever hazardous waste raid conducted in the UK concluded this week with multiple arrests following a series of dawn raids.

Record number of waste criminals now behind bars

The number of waste offenders sent to prison has almost trebled in the past three years, according to the Environment Agency.

Time to target the drug pushers of fly-tipping

Punishing those who illegally dump waste will never solve the problem - you have to confront the waste producers and increase visibility at the point of disposal, argues Phil Conran

Bin fines slashed as Defra looks to phase out penalties

Spot fines for overfilling or putting bins out for collection at the wrong time been significantly reduced under new laws which came into effect today (May 30).

Updated: Huhne quits cabinet as he faces trial over speeding points allegation

Energy secretary, Chris Huhne, will face trial over allegations he asked his ex-wife to take driving license speeding points for him.

Household waste transfer site loses permit

A household waste transfer site which committed a number of waste offences has had its permit revoked by the Environment Agency (EA).

Thames Water uses water-coding to catch metal thieves

Thames Water has revealed metal theft from its operational sites is costing it £1.2m a year.

Caption PC Andy Cork with stolen National Grid copper earthing straps found at scrap metal yard in Bexley

Police set up new unit to tackle power cable theft

London's Metropolitan Police has today (December 19) launched its first ever dedicated unit to fighting the growing problem of metal theft.

United Utilities call for witnesses after callous thieves axe ancient tree

United Utilities is appealing for witnesses after thieves chopped down a 120-year-old tree, near its Stocks Reservoir site, Lancashire.

When the drugs reach the works

Consumption of illegal drugs is a major fact of metropolitan life, says Frank Rogalla of Aqualia. But what happens when they leave the human body? European research provides some answers

Water scarcity overtakes global warming as top environmental concern

Water pollution and water supply issues have overtaken global warming as a top environmental concern, according to a new report.

Riot clean-up helpers praised for fast response

Local authority crews, waste contractors and the general public have been praised by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) for their support in clean-up operations, following four nights of riots in London and across the country.

Celebrities and residents use twitter to tidy London

Celebrities and residents responded to three nights of violent unrest apparently orchestrated through social networks by using the same networks to tidy London.

Illegal waste boss hit with largest ever proceeds of crime ruling

A man who ran an illegal waste dump has been hit with the UK's biggest ever ruling forcing him to repay his ill-gotten gains.

£1M fine for British Gas mistake

British Gas has been fined £1million after it was ruled the company had lied about the amount of renewable energy it was using.

One of the smashed windscreens in the aftermath of the attack

Biffa's blitz spirit keeps bin collections going after vehicle vandalism

Norwich City Council's refuse collection service was temporarily disrupted last month when a disgruntled former employee of the council's waste contractor, Biffa Municipal, smashed up a fleet of trucks in a fit of rage.

Energy leaders call for action on metal thefts

Dangerous thefts of metal from the UK's energy infrastructure are to be put under the spotlight by MPs.

Image: Colin Smith

Chinese companies found guilty of making fake valves

Employees at two Chinese companies have been given criminal sentences for making and selling counterfeit Hopkinsons Valves, which are manufactured by the Weir Group Plc.

CPS expected to consider Huhne speeding allegations

The Crown Prosecution service is expected to be passed a file on energy secretary Chris Huhne this week.

The Ultra Motor cycle

Cops in six month electric bike trial

Cops in Manchester are taking an environmentally friendly approach to crime fighting by getting on electric cycles.

Suspended prison sentence for waste offender

The owner of a company that illegally deposited and burnt waste was given a 26 week prison sentence suspended for two years on April 14 2011.

L to R: Andrew Richmond, GLA; William Payne, Veolia; Nigel Tyrell, Lewisham Council; and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Mayor rolls out clean London scheme

Londoners are being urged by Mayor, Boris Johnson, to help keep the capital clean by reporting 'grime-crime' such as graffiti, litter and fly-tipping, using internet and mobile phone technology.

Biggest criminal probe into electrical waste exports goes to trial

Eleven defendants will stand trial in what is the biggest investigation ever into the illegal export of electrical waste from the UK to developing countries.

Creed: the success of the AWM and WRAP programme has increased recycling for C&I waste in the region

WRAP gets European funding to boost West Midlands recycling

WRAP has introduced a new business development fund worth £4M, which will focus on creating the infrastructure to recycle a further 500,000 tonnes of waste in the West Midlands by 2015, potentially creating new jobs for the region.

Greenpeace protestors at Orica (image courtesy of Greenpeace)

Toxic waste protests halt shipment to Denmark

Protest from opposition groups has stopped a shipment of toxic waste from leaving Sydney bound for Denmark.

Bedford Borough Council: cracking down on environmental crime

Bedford gets tough on environmental crime

Bedford Borough Council is launching a major new campaign to tackle environmental crime including littering, graffiti and fly-tipping.

£10,000 reward for copper thieves

Central Networks has put up a reward for information on copper thieves in Gloucestershire after seven attacks in the last two months.

EA calls for European cooperation on e-waste

Britain yesterday (September 15) called on Europe to work together to fight the 'toxic trade' in e-waste shipped to Africa.

Waste firm fined after worker crushed to death

Waste firm SITA have been fined after a worker was crushed to death in an accident at a landfill site.

Guns were recovered in the HMRC led raid

Investigations ongoing after carbon credits raid

Police are continuing investigations into an alleged £38M VAT fraud relating to the carbon credit market.

Thieves steal round the UK charity kayak

An engineer sailing around the UK for charity has had his kayak and vital equipment stolen while he slept.

Thieves steal flood defences

Thieves scavenging metal to sell for scrap have targeted vital flood defences in Doncaster twice in a month.

Big fines for Northern Ireland waste offenders

Men who allowed their land in Northern Ireland to be used as dumps for illegal waste from the republic have been hit with hard penalties under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Salmon spawning grounds polluted by fishery works

A former fisheries consultant was fined £9,000 for authorising work that led to the pollution of an important local spawning ground for salmon.

Agricultural contractor fined for Devon diesel spill

A Holsworthy man has been ordered to pay £3,000 in fines and costs after diesel oil escaped from his agricultural contractor's yard into a Devon stream.

Man caught flytipping seven times in seven months

A midlands man has been fined and ordered to carry out community service after being caught flytipping seven times in as many months.

Essex illegal waste site raided

A complex of illegal waste sites was raided this week by the Environment Agency with support from Essex police.

Construction company turned river 'orange with pollution'

A pollution incident in Mansfield has cost a construction company over £10,000 in the courts.

Suspended sentence for handling illegal waste

The owner of a Reading skip hire business that took waste without the proper licences has been electronically tagged and put under curfew, given a six month suspended sentence and ordered to pay costs of £6,000.

West Country wine company fined for waste breach

Failing to follow waste rules has cost one of the Southwest's biggest wine importers over £35,000 in the courts.

Flytipper caught on camera

Spy cameras set up to tackle flytipping at a Mansfield beauty spot have helped secure a conviction in the town.

Three arrested in raids over chemical drums dumping

Three men have been arrested in a series of early morning raids across three counties as part of an investigation into illegal dumping of drums filled with chemicals.

Environment Agency cracks down on 'waste tourists'

Environmental investigators are working with Interpol to tackle the problem of electrical waste being dumped in developing countries.

Chevron fined for Dorset oil spill

Oil giant Chevron has been ordered to pay £11,500 following a diesel leak at its Poole terminal that put a nature reserve at risk of pollution.

DNA detectives tackle beach water pollution

THE ENVIRONMENT Agency (EA) has turned to a cutting-edge DNA technique to prevent the pollution of bathing water. The CSI Seaside project, which is understood to be the first of its kind worldwide, will help pinpoint the source of faecal and sewage pollution, the most common causes of bathing water pollution whether it is runoff from agricultural land or from a sewage outlet pipe.

Hanson Cement faces environmental charges

The Environment Agency is charging cement manufacturer Hanson Cement with four counts of breaching the company's environmental permit conditions in Wales.

International investigation into £1bn carbon tax dodge

A scam that uses carbon trading to avoid paying tax is being investigated in countries across Europe, including the UK.

Dawn raids target organised waste crime

Eight arrests have been made in County Durham as part of a concerted effort to smash an organised crime ring focusing on dodging waste regulations.

Irish clampdown on illegal waste burning

Tougher regulations to combat waste crooks intent on 'backyard' burning of rubbish have been launched in Ireland.

Developer fined over asbestos dump

A landowner who buried asbestos and rubble at a Somerset farm has been fined for breaking hazardous waste rules.

'Deported' waste containers return from Brazil

Containers full of British rubbish have arrived back from Brazil after the South American country's environmental watchdog alleged they full of hazardous clinical waste rather than the harmless plastics that the exporters had claimed they carried.

GHD hair care was 'unaware' of waste regs

A manufacturer of top-end hair care products has become the latest high profile company to fall foul of the UK's waste laws.

Council boss resigns over fraud allegation slurs

The leader of Eden District Council has resigned following his arrest for alleged fraud relating to the recycling company he manages.

Climate camp protesters swoop on London

Protesters will gather in a number of locations in central London today for the 2009 Camp for Climate Action.

Return to sender - Brazil sends back UK's hazardous waste

Hazardous waste labelled as recyclable plastics has been returned to the UK after being discovered by Brazil's environmental regulators.

Scottish beavers disappearing amid fears of foul play

400 years ago, Scotland's beavers were hunted to extinction. Now a question mark hangs over plans to repopulate the country after the mysterious disappearance of several animals reintroduced to Argyll in May.

Agency steps up efforts to tackle waste crime

Flushed with success after securing the largest ever fine for infringements of waste regulations, the Environment Agency has published a statement saying it has been ramping up its war on waste crimes.

Grand Designs: Building in the Human Factor

University Campus Suffolk has opened the doors to its bold new building on the regenerated waterfront in Ipswich. Tom Idle talks its project director, Peter Williams, who says that a building can never truly be called sustainable until people are using it

Campaigning to clean up in the streets

Waltham Forest council looks to wipe out enviro-crimes

London Borough of Waltham Forest is clamping down on environmental crimes with the help of vehicle signage systems.

Getting the message across: the branded vehicles

EPIC brands up west London borough recycling fleet

Vehicle branding specialist EPIC Media Group has won an order to apply its KWIK Zip signage system to nearly 30 RCVs operated by Serco on behalf of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Edie Legislation Summary September 2008

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy.

A question of credibility

Carbon offsetting has ruffled the feathers of big businesses around the world. Different schemes have been mooted - some more dubious than others, says Mark Lupton

How to comply with building-waste rules

The construction industry produces one third of the UK's waste. This month, the DTI's Site Waste Management Plans come into force in an attempt to curtail this. Kevin Stanley outlines what companies need to do to comply, and how the scheme can in fact save a business money

So, which is it: Saint or sinner?

Biofuels are a bit like the little girl in the nursery rhyme, they're either very, very good, or very, very bad - it just depends on who you talk to. Erik Jaques referees a heated and well-fuelled debate

Council under fire over bin fine

A local authority which pursued a prosecution against a man who over-filled his wheelie bin has found itself lampooned in the national press.

Boris pitches for green Mayor

The Conservative's candidate for the London Mayoral election, Boris Johnson, tells edie where he stands on the environment.

Northern Ireland skip firm fined for waste offence

A Belfast skip company has been fined £2,500 for waste offences.

Street lights

Comment: council chiefs defend streetlight trials

Plans to switch off or dim street lights during certain parts of the night in an effort to save energy have come under fire in elements of the tabloid press. But according to an organisation representing senior local authority officers, change is inevitable.

Scottish sewage works fined for 'avoidable' filth in firth

Operators of a wastewater treatment plant on the Firth of Forth have been fined £13,500 following investigation of a spill last April.

Irish wastewater pollution case postponed

A case involving a firm accused of discharging polluting matter into a waterway in 2007 has been adjourned for eight weeks.

Northern Ireland takes waste cheats to court

Two separate cases have shown that authorities in Northern Ireland are keen to pursue businesses which breach waste management and disposal laws.

Sort out waste crisis or face court Italy told

Italy has been told to get its house in order or face being dragged before the European courts over its poor handling of the Naples waste crisis.

Naples waste crisis hurting regional economy

The waste crisis affecting Naples and the surrounding region has sparked national unrest and riots in Italy.

Northern Irish man sentenced in contaminated land case

A man from Northern Ireland has been given an 18-month suspended sentence for breaching waste management and water pollution legislation.

How to banish the bane of fly-tipping

Following a consultation exercise, the Countryside Alliance has proposed measures to curb the blight of fly-tipping. Charlotte Fiander outlines what's required

Crooks impersonate SEPA officers

News in Brief

Pensioner murdered in hosepipe ban row

News in Brief

Delhi to get tough with water thieves

News in Brief

Church roofs have become a target for thieves as lead prices rise

Metal thefts dent recycling progress

Rising prices for scrap metal has led to a surge in the number of thefts from recycling facilities and ill-protected sites like churches and abandoned buildings.

Water resources will be stretched unless utilities improve efficiency, says the EA

Environmental crime does not pay, report shows

The head of the Environment Agency says penalties for environmental crime are not harsh enough.

Fujicolor fined for environmental crime

Fujicolor Processing must pay a $200,000 criminal fine for discharging excessive amounts of silver-tainted photo processing waste into a Texas wastewater treatment plant.

Assets frozen in waste crime case

Powers more often used against drug dealers and career criminals have been exercised to freeze the assets of a Bradford man convicted of illegally dumping asbestos and excavation waste while the authorities investigate how much money he made from the activity.

The Rospuda wetlands and primeval forest are among the best preserved habitats in Europe - for now

Brussels moves to block Polish road building

The European Commission is taking urgent legal action to block Polish plans to build a major road through a protected primeval forest to give the courts time to make a final decision on the issue.

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