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British-born pilot and adventurer Jeremy Rowsell climbs on board the 'On Wings of Waste' plane to raise awareness of plastic pollution

On wings of waste: Plane fuelled by recycled plastic wins Attenborough's approval

A plan to fly across America in a plane powered by recycled plastic has been welcomed by legendary broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough as a "sign of hope in a very depressing world".

The best ideas from the new platform will be launched as crowdfunded sustainability schemes through the Indiegogo website

Unilever forges new crowdsourcing partnership to deliver 'consumer-championed products'

Consumer goods giant Unilever has becomes one of the first global corporations to tap into the potential of crowdfunding for sustainability projects after it established a new partnership to accelerate green innovation and create 'consumer-championed products'.

Davis said investors simply want clarity about where the energy market is headed

Has Britain thrown away its chance to be the world centre of green finance?

EXCLUSIVE: There is a real opportunity for Britain to establish itself as the global centre of green investment, but the Government's 'confused' energy policy risks driving investors to Paris or other financial centres.

The key feature of any Earthship is that they are self-sufficient not relying on mains water or energy from big companies

Brighton 'Earthship' crowdsources for new energy systems

An entirely self-sufficient, off-the-grid building designed to educate students and the public about low-carbon issues has turned to crowdfunding to upgrade its own energy and water systems.

The plant removes the salt from the water and turns it into usable products

America's largest solar desalination project seeks $10m crowdfunding

A California company is trying to crowdfund $10m to part-fund the building of the US' largest solar desalination project.

Amager Resource Center will host four ski slopes while simultaneously power the surrounding area

Kickstarter fund for 'emission warning' smokestack completed in first week

Architect Bjorke Ingels has successfully crowdfunded $25,000 to build a prototype chimney that will release a huge steam ring for every tonne of CO2 emitted at a Copenhagen energy-from-waste (EfW) plant.

The Nebia claims to be 70% more water efficient than regular showers

Water-saving shower crowdfunds almost $1m in less than 2 days

A new shower that is 70% more water-efficient than regular models is nearing $1m of funding in its Kickstarter campaign less than 48 hours after launch.

Moixa is planning to install more than 1MW of its energy storage systems by the end of 2015. Photo: Moixa Technology

Crowdfunding charge for new energy storage system

A London-based energy storage firm has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for a system which could rival Tesla, Powervault and other players in the UK's surging battery market.

The research found that almost two thirds of surveyed housing associations had dealt with 'sustainable technologies', with 75% saying solar PV was the option they would be most likely to use again.

Solar PV is most popular green technology for housing associations

Solar PV panels are the most popular form of green technology for housing associations in the UK, according to a new report from the National House-Building Council (NHBC) Foundation.

Abundance MD Bruce Davis said many crowdfunders are willing to lend for 20 years when banks will not

Crowdfunding provides 'long-term answer for renewables'

EXCLUSIVE: Crowdfunding is emerging as one of the best sources of investment for renewable projects looking for long-term funding, and a viable alternative to bank lending.

The Oakapple Berwickshire project will put £3.1m of solar panels on some 749 roofs, helping local social housing tenants in the process

Green investment specialists unite for social housing solar scheme

Ecology Building Society has invested £250,000 into crowdfunding site Abundance as part of a new partnership to extend support for UK renewable energy projects.

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular form of green investment, with platforms like Abundance and Trillionfund attracting millions of pounds for projects, particularly renewables

Crowdfunding "could deter future investment in green business"

Green businesses that raise finance through crowdfunding could have trouble getting bigger investors on board further down the line, according to an expert speaker at Sustainability Live.

Trillion Fund analysed more than 300 lenders that have participated in funding wind projects through the platform which revealed a third of them to be over 61

Crowdfunding: Over-60s deemed 'champions' of renewable energy

Investment in small and medium-scale renewable energy through crowdfunding is particularly appealing to the older generation, analysis of lenders has shown.

UK wind power generation rose by 15% last year, but Pingree could have been more

Wind exec: Britain's subsidies among best in the world

A senior figure at one of the world's largest wind-turbine manufacturers has praised the UK Government's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme for increasing demand in renewable energy, but says planning delays are continuing to stifle the development of more wind projects across the country.

Abundance said the Oakapple scheme was the most successful campaign it had ever hosted in terms of turning visits into investment

Solar crowfunding scheme catches light

A project to site 749 solar panels on social housing in Berwickshire is the most effective crowdfunding campaign ever hosted by the investment platform Abundance Generation

Community renewables are gathering support because they are more easily realized than large-scale projects

Crowdfunding platform to energise community renewables

UK ethical investment platform Abundance has launched a new service to encourage communities to invest in local renewable energy projects.

The project received £2.6m in funding from more than 600 local investors

Energy co-op secures turbine funding from locals

An energy co-operative has been given the green light to build a wind turbine in Derbyshire having raised more than £2.6m through a successful public share offer with 600 local investors.

Green sky thinking: Six truly amazing renewable ideas

From the weird to the wonderful, the space age to the bizarre, green innovators are coming up with amazing inventions to create a more sustainable future.

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