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As with the rest of his tenure, Cameron's Government took

David Cameron's legacy: 'greenest government ever' or 'lukewarm at best'?

One of the most seismic political upheavals in modern British political history takes yet another twist today (13 July) as Prime Minister David Cameron steps down after six years in power. As he prepares to take part in his final Prime Minister's Questions this lunchtime, edie takes a look at his environmental legacy and the green outlook for his successor Theresa May.

WWF UK chief executive David Nussbaum RSPB chief executive Mike Clarke suggested that leaving the EU would put recent environmental achievements in jeopardy

Better, cleaner, greener: Environmentalist groups outline green benefits of EU

Leading green groups including World Wildlife Fund (WWF), RSPB and Friends of the Earth (FotE) have outlined the environmental benefits of the UK remaining in the European Union (EU), stating that "there is no argument to be had" when taking into consideration the positive impact that Britain's membership has had on its nature and environment.

If the budget is not approved, the government will be open to legal challenge and judicial review

Tory MPs tell Cameron to accept steep cuts needed for UK's fifth carbon budget

Twenty Conservative MPs have written to the prime minister urging him to accept the steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions required by the UK's 'fifth carbon budget'.

Lord Barker, pictured speaking at an Aldersgate Group event last month, says DECC's recent energy figures offer

Lord Barker: No reason for UK to appoint another climate envoy

Lord Barker of Battle sees "no reason" for David Cameron to find a successor for him as the Government's climate change envoy, after the Prime Minister confirmed that no one is being lined up for Barker's now vacated post.

Under the new ruling – which has gained cross-party support - it is expected that the House of Commons will agree to keep solar and other renewable sources in the lower VAT tax band

Good news: Solar VAT hike set to be vetoed in Parliament

After enduring a series of policy changes, Britan's solar community could finally be set for some welcome political news as it has been reported that a potential VAT hike on solar installations will be vetoed.

Will George Osborne's Budget briefcase contain any big green ideas? Stay tuned to edie from 12:30pm this afternoon to find out

Budget 2016: 10 green pledges we all want to hear George Osborne make

From retaining mandatory carbon reporting requirements and confirming support for renewables through to supporting SMEs on energy efficiency and developing a thriving circular economy - is today the day that Chancellor George Osborne finally announces a Climate Budget that delivers on the UK Government's big green promises?

The UK is already legally bound by the Climate Change Act to reduce emissions 80% by 2050

Zero carbon emissions target to be enshrined in UK law

The UK will enshrine in law a long-term goal of reducing its carbon emissions to zero, as called for in last year's historic Paris climate deal.

Sustainability professionals and green business groups must wait patiently on the sidelines as MPs debate the pros and cons of 'Brexit'

IN or OUT? How the green economy will vote on Britain's EU referendum

Energy and environment ministers, green NGOs and sustainable businesses groups have revealed their stance on Britain's European Union (EU) membership, with the overwhelming majority agreeing that remaining IN the EU is crucial for our transition to a low-carbon future.

An artists' impression of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project, which has been planned for the eastern side of Swansea Bay

Ecotricity to compete for UK's first tidal project

Ecotricity will compete to build Britain's first tidal lagoon site ahead of the Government's independent review of tidal energy in the spring.

Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected allegations that recent cuts to renewable energy subsidies have undermined investor confidence

It's time to redress the balance of the UK's energy trilemma

With the Government recently announcing its intention to publish a new climate change and emissions reduction plan by the end of 2016, Carbon2018's Melanie Kendall-Reid explains the importance of considering all aspects of the 'energy trilemma' to build an effective strategy.

Once operational the solar farm will add to Swindon’s renewable capacity of 140MW

Swindon welcomes first UK council solar bond

The UK's first ever council solar bond has been launched in Swindon, offering councils and local authorities the chance to raise capital for a 5MW community solar farm.

Mark Ruffalo took time out of his hectic film promotion schedule to urge the UK Government to rethink its energy strategy

VIDEO: "Mr Cameron, you're making an enormous mistake" - Mark Ruffalo slams PM over UK fracking plans

Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo has sent a passionate plea to UK Prime Minister David Cameron to stop fracking in the UK and instead embrace the global renewable energy revolution.

The group argued that Britain could actually lose sovereignty over its environmental policies

Brexit would be damaging for UK environment, experts warn

Leaving the EU could threaten a range of Britain's environmental policies from energy efficiency to natural capital, a group of high-level environment experts have told Environment Secretary Liz Truss.

The Prime Minister appeared in front of The Commons Liaison Committee, composed of chairs from expert committees in the UK Parliament

"It's total, utter nonsense": Cameron slams climate policy critics

Prime Minister David Cameron "couldn't disagree more" with all of the green groups, industry associations, opposition parties and other political figureheads who have said there is a disconnect between the UK Government's high-level engagement on climate change at the Paris climate conference and domestic energy policy.

An aerial view of Westminster, where the government has failed to meet targets to cut its pollution footprint

UK Government misses own green targets

The Government has failed to meet its own targets for cutting the environmental impact of the state's operations, according to a report quietly published last month.

Cameron made a seperate pledge to support charities helping flood victims by matching every pound raised, up to £2m

Cameron pledges £40m to fix flood defences

Prime Minister David Cameron has unveiled a new package of more than £40m to help repair breached flood defences in Yorkshire.

Over 40,000 in Lancaster alone lost power due to the effects of Storm Desmond

Government offers financial aid for flood-hit areas

Communities Secretary Greg Clark has announced that financial assistance will be made available to areas of the UK affected by flooding in the wake of Storm Desmond.

Both PMs agreed on the need for an 'ambitious and comprehensive global agreement' to tackle climate change in Paris

UK and India strike £3.2bn clean energy and climate change deal

The Prime Ministers of the UK and India met in London yesterday (12 November) to agree on a new climate deal between the two countries that will establish a £10m joint research collaboration into new low-carbon technologies.

Prime Minister David Cameronn gave his closing speech to the Conservative conference in Manchester

Conservative Conference: Cameron disregards Paris climate talks

Prime Minister David Cameron effectively ignored energy and climate change at the Conservative Party Conference, despite the crucial Paris climate talks being just a few weeks away.

Prime Miniser David Cameron said the UK is

Cameron pledges £6bn in climate aid

The UK Government has announced a boost of almost £6bn to its International Climate Fund which helps the world's most vulnerable countries adapt to climate change.

Jeremy Corbyn's ambitious environmental strategy comes after a number of cuts to renewable energy

Labour frontrunner launches ambitious environmental manifesto

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn has announced a far-reaching green vision for his environmental policy in an announcement today (7 August).

Just 21% of 2,118 UK households supported fracking

One fifth of Brits back fracking, Government survey reveals

Public support for fracking has dropped to an all-time low, as new Government figures show a clear link between education about fracking and opposition to the technology.

Green groups have contrasted the UK's approach with Obama's ambitious announcement

Obama's clean power action contrasts with 'small-minded' UK approach

Green groups have compared US President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan with the lack of UK Government action, claiming Prime Minister David Cameron needs to do more to meet climate change targets.

David Cameron has been called on to make good on environmental promises

Green groups urge Cameron to address 'woeful' environmental record

Leading environmental groups have written to Prime Minister David Cameron to criticise the scrapping of 10 green policies in the first few months of the new Conservative Government.

The Conservative UK government has announced a withdrawal of support for onshore windfarms. Denmark's windfarms have strong government backing

Wind power generates 140% of Denmark's electricity demand

Ben Ainslie Racing headquarters. Photo courtesy of Shaun Roster

Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie calls on sports teams to champion sustainability

Four time Olympic gold winner Sir Ben Ainslie has called on the UK's sporting organisations to raise the profile of sustainability, as the Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) sailing team's new energy efficient headquarters in Portsmouth reaches its final stages of construction.

Decc said the idea that fracking applications would receive less environmental scrutiny from the public was “simply untrue”.

Government defends plans to cut fracking red tape

The Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has dismissed claims that it intends to "fast-track fracking without public consent".

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

This week of sustainability news was dominated by the Queen's speech on Wednesday and the accompanying flurry of green legislation from the incoming Conservative Government.

Queen Elizabeth II reads out the speech written for her by the Prime Minister's team

Queen's Speech 2015: Energy security and climate change on the agenda

Collaborating with other nations to combat climate change and the release of a new Energy Bill to increase energy security in the UK were among the key announcements in the first all-Conservative Queen's Speech since 1996.

Lord Stern says the economic conditions brought about by the financial crisis made it easier to make progress on climate change

World leaders missed chance to tackle climate change, says economist

World leaders missed the perfect opportunity to tackle climate change during the global economic crisis, according to the influential economist and academic Lord Stern.

Prime Minister David Cameron visited the UK Green Investment Bank headquarters in Edinburgh

Cameron heaps praise on 'world-leading' Green Investment Bank

Prime Minister David Cameron has underlined his support for the UK Green Investment Bank during a visit to the organisation's headquarters in Edinburgh earlier today (15 May).

Greg Barker led DECC in the last Conservative Government and was the longest-serving UK energy minister in a generation

Greg Barker: Clean energy subsidies tops list of challenges for DECC

EXCLUSIVE: "It's not going to be an easy ride" for the new ministerial team at the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), with the Levy Control Framework (LFC), domestic energy efficiency policies and Paris climate talks all posing significant challenges within the next year.

Amber Rudd replaces Ed Davey as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change under the new Tory Government

Rudd receives warm welcome from green groups

Amber Rudd's appointment as the UK's new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change is a "hopeful sign" that the new Tory Government is committed to accelerating the nation's transition to a low-carbon economy.

David Cameron pledged to complete the Conservatives' economic plan as his party was on track for enough seats to form a majority government

Election 2015: Tories win majority, Greens retain seat

David Cameron will govern for all of the UK by winning a majority in the UK General Election, much to the surprise and disappointment of many green groups and renewable energy developers.

The REA says these figures show first-hand the concern of renewable energy companies up and down the country about the role of the UK Government

Politicians are failing us, say 95% of renewable energy firms

An overwhelming majority (95%) of renewable energy companies say that the main political parties have failed to address the needs of the industry in their election campaigns.

The #PantsOnFire film released by green energy company Ecotricity aims to highlight what it sees as a u-turn in Conservative 'green' policy

Ecotricity criticises Cameron over 'green policy u-turn'

A film consisting of promotional footage of David Cameron with a flaming seat to his trousers and set to Blondie's 1988 hit 'Liar Liar' has been unveiled by green energy company Ecotricity on YouTube today.

The Conservative manifesto claims the party has stayed true to it promise to be the 'greenest government ever'

Conservative manifesto: "We have been the greenest government ever"

Prime Minister David Cameron outlined the Conservative party's election pledges in a manifesto document which was immediately slammed by green groups as "anti-green growth" and "a recipe for higher energy bills".

The Fossil Free campaign is asking investors to pledge that they will dispose of their investments in the biggest 200 fossil fuel companies over the next five years

Global Divestment Day: Campaigners call for end of fossil fuel investment

Thousands joined rallies across the UK over the weekend to call on major organisations to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry as part of the first Global Divestment Day.

South Downs National Park. Horizontal drilling for shale gas will now be allowed if the well pad is outside of the park

Fracking will be allowed under national parks, MPs decide

Fracking companies will be allowed to drill horizontally under national parks and other protected areas if the wells start just outside their boundaries, after the government rowed back on its earlier acceptance of new environmental protections.

28% of Britons would not vote for their favoured party if it did not have a strong policy on climate change

Poll: Britons could switch vote based on climate change

Nearly 60% of British adults want to see their favoured political party make a 'strong statement' on climate change ahead of May's General Election, according to a ComRes poll released today.

The Decc survey showed a broad support for offshore wind at 74%

New figures highlight public/government disconnect on renewables

New figures showing widespread public support for renewables have reignited calls for the Conservative party to reconsider their anti-onshore wind stance ahead of May's General Election.

A 267,933-strong petition urging the Prime Minister to reconsider his 'all-out' support for fracking was handed in to Downing Street. Photo: Dalziel/Greenpeace

Fracking fracas: Campaigners and MPs urge Cameron to reconsider

A mass anti-fracking petition has been delivered to Downing Street and a new survey revealing the widespread condemnation of the Government's 'all-out' support for shale has been released, ahead of the first Commons vote on fracking legislation.

Renewables create over six times as many jobs as gas per unit of power generated or saved, and around three times as many jobs per pound of investment

Fracking job claims hugely exaggerated, says Friends of the Earth

Renewable energy generates six times as many jobs as gas, says a new Friends of the Earth (FoE) report which rubbishes claims from shale-exploration firm Cuadrilla that each fracking wellpad will support 1,100 jobs.

Tidal power uses the movement of the tides to slowly rotate a turbine which activates a generator to produce electricity

Cameron backs 'world-leading' tidal power plan

The Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed his support for a proposed tidal energy project off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

Petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia are among the companies benefiting from around £1.7bn in government funding over the course of the parliament

UK loaned £1.7bn to foreign fossil fuel projects despite pledge

The UK Government has provided well over a billion pounds in loans to fossil fuel projects around the world despite a pledge to withdraw financial support from such schemes, an analysis of loans made by the UK's export credit agency has revealed.

Electricity generated from onshore wind increased by 7.7% while generation from offshore wind was up by 14.1%

Record renewable generation disproves Cameron's attack on onshore wind

Figures from the latest Energy Trends report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that 18% of electricity was produced from renewable sources in the third quarter of 2014 - a 4% increase on last year.

Cameron claims the public is 'fed up' with onshore wind energy

Cameron pushes for removal of onshore windfarm subsidies

David Cameron claimed on Tuesday the public was "fed up" with onshore windfarms and said the country did not need any more subsidised turbines on land now that the energy source was capable of providing 10% of UK energy.

The Environmental Audit Committee says David Cameron's Government must have its mind set on de-coupling economic growth from polluting and unsustainable resource use

Sustainable development goals must not be undermined, say MPs

With UN negotiators eventually reaching a watered-down deal in Peru over the weekend, the UK Parliament's green watchdog is now warning the Government to uphold its Sustainable Development Goals ahead of Paris 2015.

Chancellor George Osborne concluded his Autumn Statement by proclaiming the UK is now

Autumn statement 2014: What it means for green business

"Britain is back on course," proclaimed George Osborne earlier today, but environmental announcements were in short supply as the Chancellor delivered his final Autumn Statement before the General Election.

The £650m figure is yet to be confirmed thanks to political unrest

Cameron under fire for UK's Green Climate Fund donation

Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to pledge £650m to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) at a 'donor's conference' in Berlin this week, despite criticism from Tory backbenchers.

Business Secretary Vince Cable and the GIB's chief executive Shaun Kingsbury were, of course, proud of the Bank's achievements to date

£5bn in 2 years: Green Investment Bank drives uptake in UK renewables

David Cameron has praised the positive impact of the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB), which has ploughed more than £5bn worth of investment in 37 green energy investment projects across the country since its inception two years ago.

The four-day Conservative Party Conference will conclude with a speech from Prime Minister David Cameron in Birmingham

Conservative Conference: 'Disappointing' start for 'greenest Government ever'

Environment Secretary Liz Truss gave a 'lack of detail' on how to tackle the UK's environmental challenges, while Chancellor George Osborne offered no mention of the solutions needed to slash carbon emissions.


New York Climate Summit: Multimedia Roundup

More than 120 international figureheads descended upon the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday (23 September) to raise political momentum for a meaningful universal climate agreement in Paris 2015 and galvanise transformative action to curb runaway greenhouse gas emissions.

World leaders held back on making new commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Climate Summit: World leaders told to 'step up ambition'

Nelson Mandela's widow Graça Machel says leaders failed to rise to challenge after day of impassioned speeches at UN.

Ed Miliband gave an impassioned speech to Labour Party activists before the 2015 General Election

Labour Conference: Miliband prioritises green economy in 10-year plan

Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged to create one million green jobs as part of a 10-year plan to make Britain a global leader in clean technology and renewable energy.

The UN Climate Summit, convened by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, takes place in New York all day today (23 September)

UN Climate Summit: World leaders under pressure to deliver

Ahead of today's Climate Summit, environmental activist groups have been making headlines with bold statements about the future of the planet.

The biofuel mixture powering the trial flight is partly manufactured from cooking oil recycled from restaurants

Finnair flies to Climate Summit using recycled cooking oil

Finnish airline Finnair will operate a demonstration flight from Helsinki to New York with an Airbus A330 that uses sustainable biofuel.

The coalition believes the talks in New York and Paris will have a real impact on tackling climate change

NGOs push for 'vital' global agreement on climate change

Prime Minister David Cameron is being urged to push for a global countdown to zero emissions ahead of his expected attendance at the New York climate summit later this month.

The UK is well-placed to lead the transition to a green economy, according to Greener Britain

UK political parties urged to include green pledges in election manifestos

Campaigners including National Trust and Greenpeace ask politicians to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

The future of community-owned green energy projects that ministers say are crucial to break the dominance of the 'big six' is being put at risk by the Financial Conduct Authority, according to co-operatives and the Labour party

Green energy co-ops blocked by government regulator

Financial Conduct Authority accused of undermining official policy by refusing new applications for community projects.

Maria Eagle MP:

Maria Eagle MP pledges swift action on climate if Labour wins election

Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle has vowed to make climate change a top priority for the Government if Labour gets voted into power at next year's general election.

The Chancellor has been forced to back down over his opposition to the fourth carbon budget targets

Davey forces Osborne to back down over fourth carbon budget

The Chancellor has been forced to abandon his calls for the fourth carbon budget to be diluted after the Government announced today that, having listened to the business sector, the UK will retain the fourth carbon budget in its current form.

Government commits to buying locally-sourced food to help cut waste

Government unveils food buying standard to help public sector cut waste

Central Government will commit to buying locally-sourced food through a new food and drink buying standard, from 2017, which will aim to cut waste, according to newly-appointed Environment Secretary Liz Truss.

Rudd, Truss and Hancock all face conflicts between their new ministerial responsibilities and their previous constituency work

Cabinet reshuffle: Who are the new green ministers?

The UK's new energy and environment ministers opposed green energy: Matthew Hancock called for cuts to wind power subsidies while Liz Truss claimed renewable power was damaging the economy.

Matthew Hancock succeeds Michael Fallon as Minister of State for Business

Cabinet reshuffle: Chancellor's allies join DECC

Amber Rudd has been appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), while Matt Hancock will replace the outgoing Energy Minister Michael Fallon.

Truss takes up the position of Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs with immediate effect

Liz Truss appointed Environment Secretary

Liz Truss is replacing Owen Paterson as the new Environment Secretary as part of the far-reaching shake-up of David Cameron's cabinet today (15 July).

Protesters dumped the welly boots outside Defra's offices this morning. The boots are cast-off from Glastonbury Festival and will be recycled. Pic: Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth urge PM to 'give Owen Paterson the boot'

Hundreds of wellington boots have been dumped outside Defra's offices this morning (9 July) by Friends of the Earth campaigners calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to sack Environment Secretary Owen Paterson for his perceived failure to take climate change seriously.

According to DECC's own polls, 85% of the public favour solar technology

Uncertainty 'damaging' UK solar industry, businesses warn PM

More than 150 businesses have called for Prime Minister David Cameron to support the UK solar industry in a letter to Downing Street today (7 July).

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker gave the keynote speech at the Eco Technology Show today (26 June)

Greg Barker: 'Greenest Government ever' is delivering on its promise

The Energy Minister has hit back at claims that the coalition Government has failed to deliver on its promise to be 'the greenest ever', insisting that David Cameron's administration is actually 'delivering like no other' on climate change.

The Government has been accused of having 'an unjustified bias against the solar industry

Solar league table: Britain's top solar-powered constituencies revealed

Andrew Lansley is top of the class, Justine Greening is bottom, and Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey is lagging behind in a new 'league table' and interactive map of constituencies and solar power.

Energy Performance Certificates became mandatory in 2008 and are required whenever a property is built, sold or rented

Government must end uncertainty on energy standards in buildings

Business leaders from some of the UK's largest property owners, developers and occupiers are urging the Government to end the 'prevarication' around the introduction of mandatory energy efficiency standards for privately rented commercial buildings.

Charles Perry is a director at sustainability group Anthesis-SecondNature

More sustainable policies needed from the 'Greenest Government Ever'

This month sees the fourth anniversary of David Cameron's promise that the coalition would become 'the Greenest Government Ever'. But, as Charles Perry argues, blue and yellow have not made green, and those promises of action on climate change have dropped from sight.

Andrew Warren is director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy

Green Deal incentives leave 85% carbon gap

The Government's new incentive scheme is coming up short on the carbon emission reductions it was supposed to deliver, says Andrew Warren.

The two Government's want to promote low-carbon business opportunities and work together on clean technology

Low-carbon economy top priority for UK and Japan

The UK and Japan have jointly recognised the severity of the challenge posed by climate change and are pledging to work closer together to promote clean technology and low-carbon business.

The recent floods were proof that the current model ignores the economic impacts of climate change, the report says

UK Treasury Climate Modelling 'deeply flawed', claims report

Economic modelling used by the UK Treasury to assess the costs of action on climate change 'should be treated with extreme caution', according to a new report commissioned by Friends of the Earth and WWF-UK.

UK Siemens offshore manufacturing facility in Green Port Hull

Siemens and ABP invest €371m in UK offshore wind production

Manufacturing giant Siemens and its partner Associated British Ports (ABP) is investing a total of €371m (£311m) in new offshore wind production facilities in Britain.

Prime Minister outlines his stance on climate change

Man-made climate change is one of the UK's biggest threats, says David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that man-made climate change is one of the greatest threats to the UK and the rest of the world.

UK Government invests in 'world's first' gas-fired CCS facility

The Government has today announced a major investment in the world's first gas-fired carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility to be constructed in Peterhead Scotland.

Prime Minister David Cameron. Image: landmarkmedia / Shutterstock.com

Prime Minister to slash environmental regulation

The Prime Minister David Cameron has today vowed to slash 80,000 pages of environmental guidance by March 2015, in an effort to save businesses around £100m per year.

Fracking opponents are being irrational, says David Cameron

Prime minister questioned by House of Commons liaison committee about shale gas, environment and women's issues

Fracking in the UK: 'We're going all out for shale,' admits Cameron

Environmentalists say prime minister's plan to grant councils 100% of business rates from fracking amounts to a bribe

Prime Minister links recent flooding to climate change

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he suspects that the recent extreme weather, which has caused severe flooding across the UK in recent weeks, is a result of climate change.

Autumn Statement 2013: Going green does not have to cost the earth says Osborne

The Chancellor George Osborne skimmed over the rising energy bills debate in his Autumn Statement today and offered brief details on the Government's carbon and energy security plans.

Rolling back the Energy Company Obligation could

PM's 'green levy' roll-back could cost thousands of construction jobs

More than 10,000 construction and insulation jobs could be lost if the Government decides to cut "green levies" on energy bills, the construction industry has warned today.

Compared with results from last year's report, 20% of the Government's commitments have

PM not delivering on environmental commitments report warns

The Government is failing to deliver nearly a third of its natural environment commitments, finds a new report.

PM warned rolling back green levies could 'undermine' low-carbon vision

The Prime Minister David Cameron has been urged not to "undermine" the Government's efforts to achieve a low carbon energy system with his appraisal of several 'green levy' schemes.

Nick Clegg to say he won't allow government U-turn on environment

Lib Dem leader to warn Tories not to abandon green policies as Treasury pushes for cutting carbon budget against expert advice

Businesses have raised concerns over the Prime Ministers statement last week that

Prime Minister told green levies on energy bills must stay

Business leaders are today warning the Prime Minister not to scale back 'green levies' on energy bills.

The Prime Minister's message appears to have changed in the space of less than two weeks Photograph: Stephen Hird/Reuters

Jobs and investment under threat from PM rhetoric

Environmental groups have rounded on the Prime Minister following his comments on green energy schemes in parliament today.

David Cameron has defended 'necessary' green subsidies on energy prices. Photograph: Stephen Hird/Reuters

Energy price rise: David Cameron defends green subsidies

PM says green levies necessary to fund wind and nuclear power after energy giant SSE partly blames 8.2% price hike on state-imposed subsidies

The new report says there is no consistent public leadership on the environment from any of the party leaders

David Cameron has 'failed to address growing scepticism on climate change' report claims

Seven leading charities have assessed the green performance of coalition ministers and Labour shadow ministers since the last general election, in a new report published today.

David Cameron leans towards plastic-bag charging scheme

The Prime Minister David Cameron has implied that shoppers could soon be charged for plastic bags in an attempt to reduce their use.

David Cameron says without fracking technology, the UK could

David Cameron: 'Back fracking or miss opportunities'

Prime Minister David Cameron has today urged the UK to back the controversial practice of 'fracking' or risk missing out on the opportunities associated with shale gas.

The London Array, which will be superseded in size by Triton Knoll

World's largest wind farm gets planning consent

Planning consent has been granted for what will be the world's largest wind farm off the Lincolnshire and Norfolk coast.

Ditching low carbon investment could drag UK back into recession

Infrastructure investment worth £180bn and equating to 12% of GDP is at risk because of the Government's unclear commitment to a low- carbon economy, according to a report released today.

Gov's 'confusing' approach to renewables putting offshore wind sector at risk

The UK is not yet fully embracing the opportunities associated with an expanding offshore wind industry, according to a new report.

London Array's final turbine being installed in April

Prime Minister opens world's largest offshore wind farm the London Array

The World's largest offshore wind farm, The London Array, has been officially opened today by the Prime Minister, Secretary of State Edward Davey and Minister Greg Barker.

G8 leaders in Northern Ireland

G8 summit agenda incites anger from green groups

This week's G8 summit will not involve discussions on climate change but will focus on the economy with talks on trade, tax compliance and transparency.

Ex-energy Minister John Hayes

Breaking: Hayes replaced by Fallon as Energy Minister

After less than seven months as energy Minster, John Hayes has been replaced by Michael Fallon in a mini reshuffle, announced this morning by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Osborne urged to 'end dithering' on green construction

The Chancellor George Osborne must use the 2013 budget to end the uncertainty over zero carbon homes and commit to boosting the Green Deal, the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) has warned.

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