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Democratic candidate Clinton repeated her desire to turn the US into a “21st century renewable energy superpower”, while Trump claimed the US needed to look beyond renewables

Coal would last 'a thousand years' in Trump's US

With polling day just one month away, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton offered two very different glimpses into the future of US energy policy.

Going into last night’s presidential debate, the US public was greeted with two vastly different outlooks on climate change and clean energy

Next President unlikely to meet US emissions targets set in Paris

As Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton placed climate change in the spotlight during Monday night's (26 September) presidential debate with Republican nominee Donald Trump, new research has suggested that the US looks set to miss its 2025 emissions reduction pledge.

Obama will reach out through partnerships with Canada and Mexico to achieve a 50% clean power target across North America

President Obama 'not done yet' with climate change commitment

Despite entering his last term, President Obama has revealed that there is "still much more to do" in his effort to combat climate change, as new plans to release a second round of fuel efficiency standards and reach 50% clean energy targets across the US were announced.

Trump had plans to stop the construction rejected by Britain's Supreme Court judges last year

Vattenfall delivers £300m investment for Scotland's largest offshore wind farm

Plans to build Scotland's largest offshore wind farm near US presidential hopeful Donald Trump's Menie Estate golf resort in Aberdeenshire received a major boost this week after Swedish energy company Vattenfall pledged £300m towards the project.

Regardless of who wins the election, the global environment is acting as an enabler for the low-carbon movement

Trump and Clinton: the stage is set for America's climate aspirations

As the UK's commitment to battling climate change takes a departmental twist, the two US presidential candidates are leading campaigns that sit on very different ends of the climate policy scale.

The presidential frontrunner’s determination to tear down the groundwork established by President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, creates further question marks over the potential 2C goal

Trump vows to 'cancel' the Paris Agreement and 'save' the coal industry

Just hours after clinching the necessary number of delegates to become the Republican nominee, Donald Trump unveiled new energy plans that would see the US overhaul "draconian climate rules" in order to stimulate job growth in the oil and gas sector.

Donald Trump is a known for his sceptical views on climate change

Trump won't be able to derail Paris climate deal, says senior US official

The US would still meet its obligations under the Paris accord on climate change if Donald Trump were elected president, a senior US administration official has told the Guardian.

Donald Trump has previously tweeted that the concept of global warming was “created” by the Chinese to gain economic advantages over the US. Credit: Gage Skidmore

Could Donald Trump 'dramatically threaten' the Paris climate deal?

Former COP21 president Laurent Fabius has warned that having a "climate change denier" as US president could "dramatically" threaten global action on climate change agreed upon as part of the historic Paris accord.

Donald Trump faces a £1,610 penalty due to flights to the UK in a plane from DJT Operations I LLC

Donald Trump hit with aviation emissions fine for UK flights

US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been fined for the carbon pollution caused by part of his aircraft real estate, joining the Bahrain royal family and Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox America in breaching EU emissions trading schemes.

This week the Republican frontrunner's appeal was dismissed by judges in London

Donald Trump loses legal case to block Scottish windfarm

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has had plans to stop the construction of a wind farm near his golf resort in Aberdeen rejected by Britain's Supreme Court judges, an outcome that the Trump Organisation has branded as "small-minded and parochial".

The wind farm will provide 30MW energy capacity to the state of Rhode Island

US begins construction of landmark offshore wind farm on Atlantic coast

The US has put steel in the water for what will be the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island.

Clinton called for the US to increase its solar capacity by 700%. Photo: Marc Nozell

Hillary Clinton pledges to build half a billion solar panels in first term as US President

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has promised to build more than 500 million solar panels by the end of her first term has US President.

Donald Trump has lost his legal challenge against the Aberdeenshire offshore wind farm

Donald Trump loses legal battle against offshore wind project

The Scottish Government has defeated Donald Trump in a legal battle that has involved the tycoon challenge plans for a new offshore wind farm in Aberdeenshire.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's wind farm hearing begins

American tycoon Donald Trump's legal challenge against a wind farm project in Aberdeen Bay is set to begin today at the Court of Session.

Donald Trump (pictured) launched legal proceedings against the offshore wind turbine test facility off Aberdeenshire in May

Donald Trump wind farm hearing set for November

American tycoon Donald Trump's legal hearing against the development of an offshore wind turbine test facility off Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has been set for November 12.

Donald Trump turns to legal action as wind farm work marches on

American tycoon Donald Trump has launched a legal case against plans to build an offshore wind turbine test facility off Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Donald Trump 'bluster' ignored as work starts on controversial wind farm

Investigation work will start today at the site of a proposed wind farm off the coast of Aberdeenshire, which is staunchly opposed by American tycoon Donald Trump.

Scottish offshore wind investment climbs to £165m

Scotland's offshore wind developers have invested almost £165m in the Scottish economy to date, according to figures published by industry body Scottish Renewables.

Donald Trump

Trump's 'sick' windfarm advert reported to watchdog

Scottish Greens have lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after Donald Trump placed adverts in two newspapers linking windfarms with the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Apprentice hosts Trump and Lord Sugar in dispute over wind farms

Lord Sugar has been engaged in a bitter spat with Donald Trump after the American billionaire derided the UK Government for its expansion of wind farms in Scotland.

lev radin /

Trump seeks alliance with MOD on war over wind turbines

Donald Trump has reached out for an alliance with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in an attempt to quash plans for the construction of an offshore wind farm close to his golf course.

An artist's impression of the wind farm

UPDATED: Turbine extensions put the wind up Trump

The companies behind a controversial wind farm planned off the Aberdeenshire coast have submitted proposals to increase the size of the turbines.

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