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As climate change causes temperatures to rise even higher in the second half of the century, even more serious food shocks - where production drops by up to 10% - are also likely to occur much more often by 2070

Food production shocks 'will happen more often because of extreme weather'

Major "shocks" to global food production will be three times more likely within 25 years because of an increase in extreme weather brought about by global warming, warns a new report.

All business leaders need to explore our relationship with the rest of the living world, writes Chris Nichols

Ecology: Time to go deeper...

For the third part of our series with Ashridge Business School, Chris Nichols delves into 'Deep Ecology'; what it is and why it matters, explaining why the MSc in Sustainability & Responsibility course spends a week at Devon's Schumacher College with resident ecologist Stephan Harding.

New, sustainable business models are growing rapidly and changing the way we think about money

Towards earth-smart economics: what's wrong with economics as usual?

In the second of our feature series with Ashridge Business School, faculty members Tim Malnick and Stefan Cousquer explore the ever-changing relationship between sustainability and economics.

Ashridge Business School in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. The School launches the MSc in Sustainability in October

edie partners with Ashridge Business School for new feature series

edie has partnered with one of the world's leading business schools and leadership development providers for a series of articles focused on growing international debate and best practice around sustainability.

The Oakapple Berwickshire project will put £3.1m of solar panels on some 749 roofs, helping local social housing tenants in the process

Green investment specialists unite for social housing solar scheme

Ecology Building Society has invested £250,000 into crowdfunding site Abundance as part of a new partnership to extend support for UK renewable energy projects.

Helios headphones also feature a USB charging port, for when the sun goes down

Solar-powered headphones take off on Kickstarter

A crowd-funding campaign has been launched for the 'world's first wireless solar-powered headphones'.

Volkswagen Group aims to be the worlds most sustainable automobile manufacturer by 2018

Volkswagen Group focuses on resource efficiency to help meet sustainability goals

Car manufacturer Volkswagen Group has announced that it will adopt a resource efficient approach over the next few years to help it achieve its sustainability goals.

Natural Capital - the missing piece of the economic jigsaw

There is a growing realisation among some businesses and policy makers that economics has failed to take account of a third form of capital, natural capital, says Claire Wansbury and Rupert Haines.

EXCLUSIVE: Humans steadily 'unplugging' own life support systems

Humans have been steadily unplugging our own life support systems, many of which are provided free-of-charge by ecological systems, according to Autodesk's head of sustainable solutions.

Gov housing proposals 'exclude key sustainability requirements'

The Government's proposals to simplify and streamline housing standards for the construction sector "fail to present a vision for sustainable homes", the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) has warned.

EU ETS faces 'severe crisis' if backloading gets no vote

A group of prominent environment ministers, including Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey, have called on the European Parliament to support the implementation of backloading for the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Bombay Sapphire distillery world's first to achieve highest level of sustainable construction

A Bombay Sapphire gin distillery at Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire has become the first distillery to achieve the highest level of sustainable construction under the BREEAM accreditation.

The Commission's blueprint has called for the EU to step up its efforts to deal with old and emerging challenges

European Commission launches water efficiency blueprint

The European Commission has launched a blueprint to ensure enough quality water is available to meet the needs of people, the economy and the environment.

Stepping into an ethical future

Social and environmental responsibility is the foundation upon which French shoe and accessory manufacturer Veja built its business from the outset - with considerable success, going from manufacturing 5,000 pairs of shoes to 125,000 pairs in just six years.

Europe's lakes need to improve to meet 2015 environmental target

Water bodies must improve to hit 2015 ecological target

Water pollution affecting the ecology of many of Europe's lakes, rivers, and coastal waters is likely to prevent the water bodies reaching 'good' status by 2015, a target set by the EU's Water Framework Directive (WFD), according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The installation of a wetland plant

VIDEO: The river's edge - a journey of transformation

The team working on the rivers and wetlands of the Olympic Park, one of Europe's biggest greening projects, faced numerous challenges, explains Ruth Boyle of engineering consultancy Atkins

Wiki-style river restoration website launched

A website that enables the collation and sharing of information on river restoration projects across Europe was launched yesterday.

EA asks Thames Water for cuts in untreated sewage entering the Thames

An Environment Agency official has publicly stated the Agency's desire to see reductions in the frequency and scale of storm overflow use within Greater London.

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