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BEIS Secretary Greg Clark hopes that extending the scheme will not only increase demand for electric fleets, but also encourage new entrants into the commercial EV market

BEIS adds £4m to Plug-In Van grant to encourage electric fleets

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark has announced that the Government has opened up a £4m avenue for businesses to switch their large trucks and vans to electric models through the Plug-In Van grant.

As a generation, millennials are willing to try new things, challenge processes, and think differently about the future, Nissan's survey shows

Millennials are on-board with the EV transition, survey finds

The majority (53%) of millennials would consider buying an electric vehicle (EV) within the next 10 years, or already own one, whilst three-quarters see switching to an eco-friendly car as the single best action to drive a more sustainable future.

All of the largest car manufacturers currently exceed pollution limits for diesel models, but these brands are increasingly embracing EVs as part of a low-carbon transition

One year on from Dieselgate: Has anything changed?

On the one-year anniversary of Volkswagen's corporate abasement (VW) for cheating emissions tests, a damning report has revealed that the German carmaker is in fact selling the least-polluting diesel models among all major manufacturers.

GM's 2.2MW solar array at its Lordstown complex will soon be accompanied by a host of array-fitted facilities

General Motors joins RE100 pledge to source 100% renewables

Automotive giant General Motors (GM) has established new sustainability commitments to source all electricity across its global operations from 100% renewable sources by 2050, and will join the RE100 to mobilise the transition.

Tesla Motors has unveiled a new battery pack for the performance versions of its Model S and X cars that extends the range ramps up acceleration speeds

Tesla wins approval to buy SolarCity, unveils high-energy model S battery

It's been a good week for Tesla chief executive Elon Musk after the electric vehicle (EV) giant's merger with SolarCity was approved and the firm unveiled a new EV battery which makes the Model one of the fastest production cars in the world.

Look, no hands: 34% of 18 to 24-year-olds would join a driverless car membership scheme, but just 18% of 35 to 44-year-olds would be receptive to the idea. Photo: Volvo

One in four Brits would sign up to a driverless car membership scheme, survey finds

With the phenomenon of the semi-autonomous vehicle steadily growing in popularity, a new survey has found that a quarter of UK citizens would sell their vehicle in favour of signing up to a driverless car subscription.

BT Group's head of sustainability Niall Dunne told delegates at the Business and Climate Summit that disruptive business models will help to decentralise the world's energy systems

Internet of Things paves way for connected cars of the future, says BT's sustainability chief

The automotive industry has the power to become a lynchpin of the 'Internet of things' (IoT) phenomenon, connecting cars with homes and transforming the way we use and store energy, BT Group's head of sustainability Niall Dunne has said.

Westminster City Council has installed new charging infrastructure to supplement the increase in EVs, which are available to Zipcar members for a £7 hourly rate

Westminster set for electric vehicle boon with new car sharing scheme

Westminster City Council has today (7 June) unveiled a new car sharing scheme that will offer 40 hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) to car club members at a cost-competitive price, with new charging infrastructure also added to boost the initiative.

(L-R): London Mayoral candidates Zac Goldsmith (Conservatives); Sadiq Khan (Labour); Sian Berry (Green Party); Peter Whittle (UKIP); and Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrat)

London mayoral election: The green policy showdown

With the race to enter City Hall drawing to a conclusion on Thursday (5 May), edie rounds up the environmental credentials and ambitions of the five main candidates bidding to be the next Mayor of London.

Volvo last year announced a new strategy which aims for electrified vehicles to account for 10% of its total car sales by 2019

Volvo targets a million EV cars by 2025

Swedish carmaker Volvo Cars has announced a commitment to sell a total of one million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2020 through the introduction of a new range of plug-in hybrids and its first all-electric model.

James Dyson, pictured here in a deconstructed Mini, was linked to the development of an electric car

UK Government deletes reference to Dyson electric car plans

The government appears to have deleted a reference in an official document to plans by the vacuum-maker Dyson to develop an electric car.

The Volvo XC90 - one of the Group's range of plug-in hybrid cars

Volvo joins carmakers' call to standardise electric car charging

A global standard for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is "sorely needed" as the last piece in the jigsaw to cement the rising popularity of EVs, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has claimed.

Honda aims to up the percentage of its electric vehicle production from 5% to 65%

Honda to electrify two-thirds of its vehicle portfolio by 2030

Honda has responded to increasingly rigid emissions regulations by pledging to make 'new-energy' and electric vehicles account for two-thirds of its portfolio by 2030.

The winning cities will deliver the rollout of a variety of cutting edge technologies to support the growth of plug-in cars

London and Bristol make the cut for £40m 'green car revolution'

The cities of Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London are set to welcome an array of green vehicle technologies and innovations after winning a share of a new £40m fund from the Government to support the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) across the UK.

Tesla said the feature will also eliminate the burden of having to squeeze in and out of tight parking spots

VIDEO: Tesla cars could be driving themselves in just two years

Pioneering electric car manufacturer Tesla has unveiled a new software upgrade that could soon see Tesla cars driving around automatically to meet their owners.

The plug-in car grant could encourage more than 100,000 UK motorists to buy greener vehicles

Nissan and Renault back UK electric vehicle policy shift

Two of the world's largest manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles have backed the Department for Transport's plans to extend the plug-in car grant by at least two years.

Vehicles with a zero-emission range of more than 70 miles, including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, will get a full £4,500 grant, but hybrids costing under £60,000 will receive £2,500

Plug-in car grant extended to 2018

Grants to subsidise the purchase of electric and other low-emission cars are to be extended by at least two years, to encourage more than 100,000 UK motorists to buy greener vehicles.

Formula E is seen as a fertile breeding ground for innovation and technology development, as teams are given relative carte blanche to try out new ideas

Jaguar to enter world of electric motorsport

Jaguar has announced that it will contest the next season of Formula E, as the race to develop more efficient and affordable electric cars gears up.

The new Focus can deliver an 80% battery charge in around 30 minutes

Ford accelerates EV transition with $4.5bn investment

Ford is ploughing $4.5bn into electric vehicle (EV) solutions and extensions through to 2020, in an enhanced investment programme that will see 13 new EV models added to the US carmaker's portfolio.

Innovator tells Sorbonne students that failing to price in damage done by carbon pollution is a $5.3tn a year subsidy for the fossil fuel industry

Elon Musk says robust carbon tax would speed global clean energy transition

Elon Musk, the renowned innovator, believes the widespread introduction of a carbon price could halve the time it takes the world to transition to clean energy and make a huge difference to the impact of climate change.

Outside of technology, the EIC report also calls for the establishment of a statutory Air Quality Committee

EV's 'too expensive' to tackle air pollution alone, says EIC

Electric cars could be up to five times more expensive than other methods of tackling air pollution on our roads, a new report from the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has found.

Volvo will introduce a new range of smaller 40 series cars that will be designed from the outset for electrification

Volvo announces range-wide electrification plan

Swedish carmaker Volvo has announced a comprehensive electrification strategy which will see plug-in hybrids introduced across its entire range and a fully electric car on sale by 2019.

The sixty mile round trip cost drivers around £1.50 compared to £9 for a petrol-powered journey.

Scotland hosts first electric car rally

Sixty electric cars took part in a rally between Stirling and Glasgow over the weekend to celebrate the launch of a new electric vehicle (EV) subsidy.

Audi's concept SUV is planned for a production run in 2018

Audi unveils first all-electric SUV concept car

Audi has unveiled concept designs for its first all-electric SUV, with a full reveal expected at the International Motor Show 2015 in Frankfurt next month.

Electric cars cost around 3p per mile to run, compared with around 15p per mile for the average petrol car

£100,000 electric-car loans on offer for Scottish businesses

A new £2.5 million fund will give Scottish businesses access to an interest-free loan of up to £100,000 for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Electric vehicles are increasingly used as the main vehicle by drivers

Electric cars fast becoming households' primary vehicle

Ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) are increasingly being used like 'normal' cars, a new Government study has found.

The first Toyota Mirai arrived in Bristol earlier this week

First hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai arrive in Europe

Toyota has introduced its first production-grade hydrogen-powered Mirai sedans to Europe this week.

The smart roads could be used to charge electric vehicles while driving

Highways England tests wireless charging for UK's motorways

Britain's roads could soon be fitted with wireless charging technology for electric cars following a new pilot scheme announced Tuesday.

Renault deployed a fleet of Twizy's to help stranded Londoners in the tube strike

Renault's tiny Twizys come to the rescue during London tube strike

As Londoners grapple with the tube strike, Renault has set up a free shuttle service using its tiny 'Twizy' electric cars.

Alejandro Agag in London's Battersea park

Can Formula E electrify mainstream motoring?

Formula E will close it out its 10-race season this weekend in London's iconic Battersea Park, in front of 60,000 cheering petrolheads.

The study claims to be the 'missing piece' for securing future low-carbon transport

£10bn investment needed to drive low-carbon transport industry

More than £10bn will need to be invested in low-carbon transport if the UK is to meet its carbon emission reduction targets by 2050.

Telsa's electric cars are just one of its sustainable innovations

5 ways Tesla is leading the sustainability charge

Tesla and its founder Elon Musk have been paving the way for sustainable innovation in the automotive industry, renewable energy generation and beyond.

The 'Powerwall' system stores surplus energy from renewable sources and then releases it when necessary

Tesla's foray into energy storage could 'revolutionise energy system'

The news that Tesla is launching a battery energy storage pack is 'another nail in the coffin of conventional utilities', according to a professor of energy policy at the University of Exeter.

Thanks to low running costs, electric cars could soon overtake diesel cars in the second-hand market

Resale value of electric cars on the rise

The resale value of electric cars will soon match their diesel counterparts, making them a more attractive proposition, experts have claimed.

China saw a 120% rise in the number of electric vehicles on the road

Global electric car sales boom in 2014

Around 320,000 new electric vehicles were registered around the world in 2014, accounting for 43% of all electric vehicles currently on the road.

Nottingham was selected thanks to its track-record in delivering green initiatives

Nottingham chosen to be smart city trailblazer

Nottingham has been selected as one of three European cities that will act as pioneers (or guinea pigs) as part of a new EU project to encourage a shift towards smart, green cities.

Low-carbon vehicles include cars powered by hyrdogen and biofuels as well as electricity

ETI launches project to upgrade UK's EV charging infrastructure

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners to assist in a new project aimed at developing a refuelling infrastructure for low-carbon vehicles across the UK.

The app has taken inspiration from gaming and fitness apps by offering badges, pop-ups and alerts to also let drivers know when they have reached certain zero-emission benchmarks

Zen or zippy? Ford launches new app to help electric car owners drive efficiently

Car manufacturer Ford has launched a free gaming-style app that lets drivers use their smartphone to remotely manage their electric vehicles.

A wave of new charge points will be rolled out across the UK to support the fast-growing popularity of plug-in vehicles

Electric cars: £43m boost for infrastructure and innovation

Hospitals, train stations and A-roads are among the locations set to benefit from new electric car charge points thanks to a new £43m green vehicle commitment from the Department for Transport (DfT).

The competition to develop a commercially-viable battery pack for electric cars will open for bids in April

£10m prize for electric car battery innovation

The UK Government is putting £10m towards innovation in battery design to fund the development of a new high-voltage battery pack for the next generation of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs).

The Nissan Leaf has seen a 33% increase in European sales over the past year

Nissan Leaf sales surge 33% in 2014

The all-electric Nissan Leaf has topped the zero-emissions car sales chart in Europe for the fourth year in a row with a 26% market share.

More than 150 submissions were whittled down to 50 examples, spanning 23 countries and six continents

Leading the charge: New report maps out global EV innovations

Micro-cars, wireless-charging bus routes and electric vehicle (EV) vending machines, are just some of the ideas outlined in the EV Casebook, released by the Urban Foresight think-tank.

The route-planner was launched in Belfast at BATTERIE - a conference which explores alternative fuels and smart technologies

Pioneering green transport planner launched in Northern Ireland

The world's first journey planner for electric cars - egomap - is being piloted in Northern Ireland. The system allows drivers to plot their journey, taking into account battery life and recharge options en-route.

Formula E is focused on 'the three E's': Energy, Environment and Entertainment

Formula E: Six sustainability facts about all-electric motorsport

The world's first fully-electric race series - Formula E- got underway this weekend in Beijiing. But just how 'sustainable' has the sport become?

Boris Johnson's scrappage scheme would mean taking more than 150,000 polluting models off London's roads

Boris Johnson's diesel car scrappage scheme could cost £300m

Paying owners £2,000 to switch to cleaner models could take more than 150,000 polluting cars off London's roads, mayor says.

Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have been at record levels unseen in over 800,000 years

10 reasons to be hopeful that we will overcome climate change

From action in China and the US to falling solar costs and rising electric car sales, there is cause to be hopeful...

Elon Musk said Tesla's technology would be free for anyone to use 'in good faith'

Tesla shares technology secrets to stimulate electric car market

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors is opening up its technology patents for others to use in a bid to accelerate the development of zero-emissions vehicles across the globe.

To encourage more people to use ULEVs, car grants of £5,000 off the upfront cost will be extended, which amounts to around £200m of the £500m investment.

Government invests £500m to accelerate uptake of electric vehicles

The Government is investing £500m in the ultra-low emissions vehicle (ULEV) industry in an attempt to boost uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles across Britain.

British Gas piloted 28 Nissan electric vans throughout the winter

British Gas orders 100 electric vans

The UK's largest electric commercial vehicle trial has reached a successful conclusion, with British Gas committing to take on 100 all-electric Nissan vans on a permanent basis.

The RAC's first mobile EV charging unit

RAC launches mobile electric vehicle charging unit

Breakdown service provider RAC is launching its first mobile electric charging system which can provide a stranded electric vehicle (EV) with enough power to travel 15 miles in less than half an hour of charging.

Clegg says investment in electrical vehicle infrastructure will help lower UK emissions and create high-tech engineering and manufacturing jobs.

UK electric vehicle network to be 'one of Europe's best' says Nick Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced that the UK Government will invest more than £9m to boost the number of charging points for electric cars.

Leonardo Dicaprio (second from left) will join Richard Branson as a high-profile ambassador for the new racing series, Formula E

Leonardo Dicaprio and Venturi Automobiles launch final Formula E team

Film star and environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio has teamed up with Venturi Automobiles to complete the 10 team line-up of next year's first all-electric vehicle racing championship.

The nationwide pilot will run from November 2013 to April 2014 to assess how the electric vans perform in winter conditions

British Gas runs UK's largest electric commercial vehicle trial

British Gas is piloting 28 Nissan electric vans throughout the winter to determine the future viability of 100% electric vehicle technology as part of its 13,000 home service vans fleet.

IKEA to install EV chargers at all UK stores

IKEA is installing electric vehicle fast charging points across all 18 of its store's car parks by December 2013.

Launching next year, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile's (FIA) Formula E series has, in part, been designed to promote the use of electric vehicles and to appeal to a new generation of motorsport fans

Formula E to fuel electric vehicle sales says new report

New zero emissions race series Formula E will help contribute to the additional sale of 77 million Electric Vehicles (EV) worldwide over the next 25 years (2015-2040), according to a new report.

According to the scheme each E-Car will achieve a 50-75kg reduction in nitrous oxide emissions per year. Pic: mattphoto.co.uk

Government backs green car club

The new transport minister has reiterated the government's "unwavering, long-term commitment" to decarbonising road transport.

Any colour as long as it's green... the promotion is

VW drives customers to use green energy

Volkswagen and Ecotricity have come together to offer what they claim is truly green motoring.

Switching to electric vehicles could save London businesses £200m

London based businesses could save £200m if 10% of their vans registered in the capital were replaced with electric models, according to new figures from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Businesses offered pedalling option to power meetings

Hotel group QHotels is providing conference, training and event delegates the option to generate electricity for their meetings through pedal power.

New rapid charger at South Mimms Welcome Break service station

Nissan and Ecotricity expand UK electric vehicle charging network

Nissan and green energy company Ecotricity have together installed 13 new electric vehicle (EV) rapid chargers, increasing the total number of chargers in the UK to 97.

Transport Minister Norman Baker

Government 'technology neutral' in drive to cut transport emissions says Norman Baker

The Government stands firm as "technology neutral" when it comes to reducing emissions from domestic transport, and does not favour electric vehicle technology over others, says Transport Minister Norman Baker.

Nissan carbon emissions up by 5.5%

Nissan's CO2 emissions increased by 5.5% in the fiscal year 2012, compared with the previous year, according to its sustainability report released today.

Cheese delivery to The Goring Hotel with a Nissan LEAF

Cheesemakers use EVs to achieve UK's first carbon neutral cheese

Winterdale Cheesemakers is now producing the UK's first carbon neutral cheese after the company chose to deliver its products using 100% electric vehicles.

Businesses offered free advice on converting to cost-cutting electric fleets

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) is to offer 100 businesses in England free analysis of their fleets to establish how electrical vehicles could reduce costs.

One of the wind turbines at Michelin's Ballymena factory

Michelin cuts Irish energy bill with Ecotricity wind park

Michelin is expected to save 4,146 tonnes of CO2 per year and cut its energy bills with two new wind turbines at its factory in Ballymena, Ireland.

Switching fleets to EVs could cut company fuel costs by 75%

Businesses that switch to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles could reduce their fleet fuel costs by 75%, according to a new report.

Solutions needed as EVs put pressure on electricity grids

The rising number of electric vehicles (EVs) entering the European market is putting pressure on electricity infrastructure capacity, raising concerns over its ability to accommodate demand.

Chancellor George Osborne

UK scientific community must lead world in energy storage technology

Chancellor George Osborne said today that urgent action is needed to ensure the UK establishes itself as an international focus for energy storage research and innovation.

How the buses will look next year. Source: Conductix-Wampfler

'Wireless' electric buses will drive down fleet costs

The introduction of wirelessly charged electric buses in Milton Keynes could cut 500 tonnes of tailpipe CO2 emissions and reduce bus running costs by £12-15k a year.

M&S' store in Cheshire Oaks has been built with the latest in sustainable building technologies and practices

M&S' greenest store to use 30% less water

Marks and Spencer's recently opened Cheshire Oaks store will use 30% less mains water through sustainable practices, compared with a conventional same sized store, says the company.

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