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Davis said investors simply want clarity about where the energy market is headed

Has Britain thrown away its chance to be the world centre of green finance?

EXCLUSIVE: There is a real opportunity for Britain to establish itself as the global centre of green investment, but the Government's 'confused' energy policy risks driving investors to Paris or other financial centres.

Currently, the cost of wholesale electricity currently makes up 65% of an energy bill, but this will drop to 49% by 2050

Environmental taxes will make up a third of business energy bills by 2050

EXCLUSIVE: The proportion of a business' energy bill that comes from the energy itself will drop below 50% by 2050, according to an expert speaker at Sustanability Live.

Edie explains: Electricity Market Reform

The cost of the Government's Electricity Market Reform (EMR) landed on some electricity bills for the first time in April, undoubtedly prompting surprise for some, as around 15% of business weren't aware of the policy at all.

While 26% of decision makers said they have planned cuts to employment, 16% had also considered moving their production offshore.

Government's low-carbon policies pose jobs threat for food and drink sector

More than a quarter of UK food and drink manufacturers could cut jobs and freeze recruitment thanks to rising energy costs, according to an Npower poll.

The Government proposals offer support for up to 85% of added clean energy costs

Government launches consultation to compensate heavy industry for green energy costs

The Government has launched a 12-week consultation to work out which energy intensive industries (EIIs) will receive compensation to help with the financial costs of renewables policies.

Energy Bill receives Royal approval

The Energy Bill has received approval from the Queen today completing the Bill's passage through Parliament and establishing it as an act of law.

Secretary of State for Wales David Jones: Jones said:

Energy investment central to UK's plans for growth

The scale of investment needed in energy infrastructure "dwarfs" that needed for the transport, water, and communications sectors, says the Secretary of State for Wales.

Dieter Helm: EMR will need full review to address issues

The Government's Energy Market Reform (EMR) is supposed to "solve our energy problems" but is it a solution for the next 25 years and is it going to make sure that we achieve our low-carbon transition, keep the lights on and ensure prices are affordable? Leigh Stringer talks to professor of energy policy at Oxford University Dieter Helm

Electricity Market Reform plan attacked for 'lack of vision' beyond 2020

Campaign groups have warned that the Government's Electricity Market Reform (EMR) delivery plan lack's "a clear picture" for investors beyond 2020.

Energy intensive industries to retain competitive edge with CfD exemption

Energy intensive businesses are to be made exempt from the costs of Contracts for Differences (CfDs), under plans published by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

UK businesses call for clarity on Electricity Market Reform

UK businesses are "confused by the complex nature" of the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) and are concerned about the impact on competitiveness, according to a new report.

Lord Deben: UK must commit to low carbon technology to achieve 2050 emissions target

Investing in a portfolio of low-carbon technologies between 2020 and 2030 rather than gas-fired generation will offer "significant economic benefits", new analysis from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) shows.

British scientists get to the heart of sustainability with Kenyan roses

Valentine's romancers across the country could benefit from trials taking place in Kent to improve the sustainable production of Kenyan roses.

Meeting 2050 carbon target needs energy 'portfolio approach'

Achieving the UK's carbon reduction targets will require heavy investment in and continued development of the portfolio of low-carbon technologies, says David Kennedy.

Steven Fawkes

Electricity Market Reform and the Demand Side - an update

In 2011 and in response to the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) White Paper, Steven Fawkes and others argued that Demand Management, Demand Response and Distributed Generation (summarised as D3) should be at the heart of the reform of the electricity market.

UK urged to build up biogas supplies to avert blackouts

The Government is being called upon to utilise biogas generated from anaerobic digestion to tackle possible blackouts in the future.

ANALYSIS: Electricity market reforms fail to ignite EfW

Fears are growing that the Government's proposed electricity market reforms (EMR) could have an adverse impact on the development of future energy-from-waste (EfW) infrastructure.

IEA applaud UK's low-carbon vision but also voice concerns

The UK is "leading by example" on low-carbon issues but will need huge private-sector investments in energy infrastructure if future development reality is to match the country's climate policy ambitions.

Call for draft Energy Bill to maintain momentum

Businesses have broadly welcomed the release of the long-awaited draft Energy Bill, although warned that government must maintain momentum to ensure green energy growth and security of supply.

EfW great 'guinea pig' for electricity market reforms

Energy-from-waste firms could act as "guinea pigs" to test out electricity market reforms (EMRs) set to be introduced under the Government's forthcoming Energy Bill.

The landfill challenge: changing our wasteful ways

Recycling is a word that many people outside of the industry have long found disengaging. Peter Jones, Director of external affairs at Biffa looks at what is being done to revitalise the challenge to reduce the UK's reliance on landfill.

A modern day waste transformation

Three companies from the logistics, waste and recycling industries have joined forces to develop an innovative national scheme for redundant electrical appliances.

The AMR system. CCU: Cell Control Unit. GMM:Genesis Meter Module. GMM/Repeater. IHP: Itron Host Processor.

The future of AMR in France

Robert Frati, VP, European Operations at Itron examines the prospects for automatic meter reading in the French water industry.

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