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The past few months have seen a number of firms within the construction industry adopting a demand-response approach to energy management

Demand response offers 'positive PR' for business energy management

The author of a new report which investigates the benefits of using demand-response measures to strengthen Britain's energy system has told edie that businesses can "quite easily" use the technology to reduce energy bills and improve green credentials.

Unlike the smart meters being rolled out by the UK government, the new system is anonymous, with no data on household energy use being collected, avoiding concerns about privacy

An energy first as UK successfully transmits data via national electricity grid

Data has been transmitted across a national electricity grid for the first time, in what could be a significant step towards the creation of virtual power stations, where many thousands of homes and businesses combine to manage electricity use more smartly.

Smart Energy GB, which runs the national advertising campaign for the rollout, responded saying that the IoD statement contains “inaccuracies and misrepresentation of facts”

IoD attacks 'complex and costly' smart meter rollout

The Institute of Directors has attacked the smart meter rollout for being too complex and costly, insisting the government "urgently review" the benefits of going ahead with the rollout which looks "very unlikely" to meet its 2020 target.

EDF’s new nuclear power station, Hinkley Point C, got the go-ahead from the supplier at the end of July but the Government then delayed its confirmation

'State of flux': Hinkley alternatives would be cheaper and simpler, ECIU finds

The UK could meet its future energy and climate change targets without constructing the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, and the continued development of renewables and energy efficiency measures would in fact work out cheaper, a major new report has found.

The Palace of Westminster, London. Labour, Coalition and Conservative administrations have all failed to make energy available at a reasonable cost, business leaders say

UK Governments have succeeded on renewables but failed on energy security, say business leaders

British energy policy since the turn of the century has been successful in increasing the use of renewables and reducing carbon, but has failed on delivering secure and competitively-priced energy, a poll of nearly 1,000 business directors has found.

Our older homes are among the most energy-wasting the world and can be expensive to keep warm in winter

UK mortgaging the future by scrapping zero-carbon homes, says ECCC chair Angus MacNeil

The chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECCC) has warned that the UK government's failure to build new homes that are energy efficient will see future generations dealing with our costly mistakes.

While the Government achieved its target to improve one million energy-poor homes through the Green Deal, only 1% of households actually applied for loans

'Neglected' Green Deal failed on energy savings, report finds

The UK Government's recently-folded Green Deal scheme to insulate and provide on-site renewable generation to homes delivered just 30% of what predecessor schemes achieved in terms of carbon reductions, a new report has found.

Rudd warned that a potential Brexit would hit working people through higher energy costs and job losses

Brexit would cause 'electric shock' for energy costs, warns Amber Rudd

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has today (24 March) warned that leaving the European Union would see energy costs 'rocket' by £500m as well as depleting investor confidence.

Efficiency studies estimate that misleading energy claims by product manufacturers could cost consumers around €10.5bn (£8bn) in extra bills

Nearly 1 in 5 home appliances uses more energy than advertised, survey finds

Nearly one in five fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and other household gadgets guzzle more energy than advertised according to a three-year survey of Europe's home appliance industry.

The Green Alliance urged the chancellor to lift restrictions on new renewable generation, arguing this would be cheaper for the UK’s future energy supply

Chancellor urged to invest public money in renewable energy

Building more renewable energy capacity with public money would cost less than the current subsidy regime in the UK, a new analysis has found, despite government claims that subsidies are too expensive.

The Zero Bills home could provide enough energy to cover annual household bills as well as covering annual fuel costs for travel

Could this 'Zero Bills' home galvanise a troubled housing sector?

An innovative new housing prototype that incorporates roof-integrated solar photovoltaics and air-source heat pumps as an energy storage system has been unveiled, with the designers claiming that the building will make domestic energy bills 'obsolete'.

Up to 10% of Europe’s expected energy savings by 2020 could be lost as a result of non-compliant products

Most electrical goods bought online have misleading energy labels, study finds

Most electrical goods bought online have either been given a misleading energy label or none at all, according to a three-year survey across eleven European countries.

UK government moves to ease energy supply fears

The UK government has moved to allay fears of a coming electricity supply crunch by unexpectedly bringing forward key reforms to the energy market.

Edinburgh's Royal Mile at night. Scotland is currently lit by more than 900,000 street lights, costing local authorities £41m a year in electricity bills

Scotland spends to save with LED streets funding boost

Nearly one-third of Scotland's streets will be LED-lit by April 2017 as local councils have announced that a further £56m will be invested in a nationwide lighting replacement programme over the next 12 months.

Dale Vince, founcer of Ecotricity, which has reduced gas bills by 7%

Energy firms slash green gas prices

Green energy providers Ecotricity and Good Energy have cut their gas bills by 7% and 7.2% respectively in the wake of falling wholesale prices.

The STA said new build installations were an ideal way to continue the deployment of solar technology

Government must replace zero carbon homes standard, warns STA

The Government urgently needs to replace the scrapped Zero Carbon Homes policy to avoid locking in higher carbon emissions and higher energy bills for occupants for decades to come, the Solar Trade Association warned today.

George Osborne has asked the Commission to report on three initial projects by Budget 2016, one of which is energy infrastructure

National Infrastructure Commission sees energy storage as 'key part' of UK energy future

The head of the newly-established National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has revealed he considers energy storage a key part of Britain's future energy network.

Initially, members of the project will test the use of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in estimating energy costs in individual homes

Include energy efficiency ratings in mortgage calculations, urges UKGBC

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a new project aiming to encourage mortgage lenders to include energy efficiency ratings in their calculations.

The report claims the UK provides $9bn in national subsidies and $5.5bn in public finance to fossil fuel projects

Fossil fuels receive four times as many subsidies as renewables, report finds

G20 Governments collectively handed out $452bn in subsidies for fossil fuels in both 2013 and 2014 - four times the amount allocated globally for renewables.

Britain's household energy efficiency is among the worst anywhere in Europe

British public eager for Green Deal replacement

Up to 84% of the British public would like to see subsidies given to programmes that reduce energy waste, according to a new poll by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU).

The STA is calling for £95m in subsidies over the next three years

£1 solar rescue plan gets cross-party backing

A plan to 'save the solar industry' by adding £1 on to consumer bills has received support from a cross-party coalition of 30 MPs.

£369m of total capital investment is at risk thanks to the FIT review

Subsidy cuts threaten £369m of community energy projects

Up to 90% of community energy developers across the UK say that proposed cuts to the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) would put their current projects at risk.

The Tate building used to house Bankside power station, which last generated electricity in 1981

Tate goes modern with rooftop solar system

The Tate Modern art gallery has unveiled a brand new rooftop solar array that will start generating power next week.

Current will essentially act as an energy consultancy,  beginning with more than $1bn of revenue

GE to 'transform energy sector' with $1bn cleantech start-up

American conglomerate General Electric (GE) has launched a new clean energy start-up, grouping together its LED, solar, energy storage and electric vehicle businesses.

The report outlines three main recommendations that could save the UK over £3bn a year in energy costs

Majority of UK electricity wasted before reaching households, report finds

The UK loses 54% of its electric energy - worth £9.5bn and enough to cover half of every household's annual electricity bill - before it even reaches end users, according to a new report.

The new solar array will power up to 80% of GreenWood Forest Park on a daily basis

Wales welcomes UK's first solar-powered theme park

GreenWood Forest Park in North Wales is set to save over £1m on its energy bills thanks to a newly installed ground-mounted solar array system.

The survey forms a campaign between Glynn Purnell and E.ON to help small business save energy and money

Restaurateurs 'lack tools and knowledge to save energy', survey reveals

Three-quarters of restaurant owners, managers and chefs claim they do not have the tools and knowledge to implement green initiatives at their establishments, despite 80% considering sustainability when making business decisions.

The new scheme will make it easier and cheaper for Scots to heat their homes

Scotland begins national drive to tackle fuel poverty

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today (15 September) announced the launch of a £224m energy efficiency scheme to tackle the growing issue of fuel poverty across the country.

During the initial upgrade, annual savings reached £500,000, but since the completion of the project the council estimates savings of £1m a year

Bristol saves £1m a year from 20,000 upgraded streetlights

A change of bulbs in 20,000 streetlamps in Bristol has seen the council save £1m a year on energy bills, reducing C02 emissions by 4,000 tonnes in the process.

Gaming computers currently represent 2.5% of the global PC base, yet they are responsible for 20% of the energy output

More efficient gaming PC's could save $18bn

Simply upgrading a few core components in gaming PCs could save enough energy to stop the construction of 40 500MW power plants, a new study has claimed.

Current approaches for estimating energy costs can be out by up to £45,000 over the course of a 25-year mortgage

Energy-efficient homes undervalued by mortgage lenders

Energy-efficient homes could increase in value if banks and building societies used more accurate estimates of household energy bills in their mortgage calculations, a new report has found.

James Wyse says on-site solutions offer a triple win of lower energy bills, increased energy security and lower waste disposal costs

On-site solutions will help manufacturers weather energy-price storm, says EEF

EXCLUSIVE: On-site solutions such as rooftop solar panels and anaerobic digestion (AD) will be vital tools for businesses looking to secure future energy supply and lower energy bills.

The Home Quality Mark has been designed to empower and enrich the quality of new residential properties

Sustainability rating scheme to promote 'healthier' UK homes

A new 5-star rating scheme is being introduced by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to help house-buyers make informed decisions about the green credentials of their homes.

Residents and the wider community will be able to invest in Energise Barnsley, through a community share offer which is likely to give an annual return of 5%

Barnsley launches UK's largest community rooftop solar scheme

Barnsley residents are being invited to invest in a £10m solar rooftop community energy scheme - the largest of its kind in the UK.

Subsidy cuts could reportedly threaten Scotland's small-scale renewable projects

Scotland now home to 660,000 solar panels

New figures have revealed the massive amount of small-scale renewable projects deployed in Scotland, but industry figures warned that further development could be crippled by recent subsidy cuts.

Sheffield City Council says it plans to deploy the heat meters to 6,000 homes on its district heating network

Sheffield heat meter pilot saves locals £238 on heating bills

A trial of heat meters in 227 council homes in Sheffield has cut heating bills by approximately £238 per house.

Scotland Energy Minister Fergus Ewing and Wales Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant have written to Rudd urging her to support community schemes

Community energy will take brunt of subsidy cuts, warn Scotland and Wales

Community energy schemes will be hit hardest by Amber Rudd's recent energy subsidy shake-up, ministers from Scotland and Wales have warned.

Businesses will be challenged by the Mayor's office to make big emissions savings

London hosts energy efficiency challenge for businesses

The London Mayor's office has launched its second Business Energy Challenge to encourage corporations to step up to meeting city-wide emissions targets.

Obama's Clean Power Plan will carbon emissions from power plants by almost a third

Obama launches Clean Power Plan to slash power plant emissions

President Obama is set to launch the final version of America's Clean Power Plan today (3 August) to tackle carbon emissions from power plants.

Lord Nick Bourne is DECC's newest ministerial recruit, having joined the Department a week after the election

Lord Bourne: Green policy shake-up necessary to curb energy bills

EXCLUSIVE: After a flurry of shock green policy announcements, the Under Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) says such drastic changes were needed to drive down consumer bills.

246 business leaders have called on the Chancellor to rethink the policy u-turn

Business leaders unite against Tories' zero-carbon homes U-turn

More than 200 businesses have put their names to a letter today (20 July) calling on Chancellor George Osborne to reconsider ending the Government's plans for zero-carbon homes.

Catherine Mitchell, who was a lead author on the IPCC's Fith Synthesis report, urged the Government to find ways to optimise the renewables system

Energy storage and interconnectors offer best route to decabarbonisation, says policy expert

Britain should drop its focus on nuclear power and carbon capture and storage (CCS) and refocus spending on optimising renewables and energy efficiency, a leading academic has urged.

Friday to Saturday (3-4 July) mark celebrations of Solar Independence Day

Solar Independence Day: Six ways solar is revolutionising sustainability

As Britain enjoys a bout of summer sun, solar farms are preparing to open up to the public for Solar Independence Day.

DECC have awarded £6m to stimulate growth in heat network innovation

DECC awards £6m to heat network innovators

Nine heat network projects from across the UK will receive a share of £6m as part of a competition run by the Government's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The solar array on the roof of F1's Leicestershire factory

Metal manufacturer targets £170,000 solar savings

A UK metalwork manufacturer expects to save £170,000 on its energy bills after installing a 28.5kWp solar PV array on the roof of its Leicestershire factory.

The 24kwh Nissan Leaf battery can reportedly retain up to 80% of its power for its commercial afterlife.

VIDEO: Nissan converts Leaf batteries into commercial energy storage

Used Nissan Leaf batteries will form the basis of commercial energy storage systems, under a new deal between the Japanese carmaker and energy storage provider Green Charge Networks.

The IPPR report looks at who is paying the most to fund the green and social policies that are wrapped up in our energy bills

Green policy costs hitting poorest households hardest

The cost of green energy and low-carbon policies are hitting low-income groups hardest, according to a new report from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR)

Energy used in the construction and operation of homes and buildings accounts for over a third of the UK's total emissions

Construction leaders urge Osborne to see business case for cutting emissions

More than 50 business leaders from the construction industry have written an open letter to Chancellor George Osborne, highlighting the 'major economic opportunity' offered by cutting emissions from the built environment.

Just one in five businesses said they will implement the recommended energy savings measures regardless

Half of businesses expect ESOS to cost more than it saves

Almost half the businesses covered by the Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) expect the scheme to cost them more money than they will save on energy bills, according to a new survey.

Currently, the cost of wholesale electricity currently makes up 65% of an energy bill, but this will drop to 49% by 2050

Environmental taxes will make up a third of business energy bills by 2050

EXCLUSIVE: The proportion of a business' energy bill that comes from the energy itself will drop below 50% by 2050, according to an expert speaker at Sustanability Live.

Edie explains: Electricity Market Reform

The cost of the Government's Electricity Market Reform (EMR) landed on some electricity bills for the first time in April, undoubtedly prompting surprise for some, as around 15% of business weren't aware of the policy at all.

While 26% of decision makers said they have planned cuts to employment, 16% had also considered moving their production offshore.

Government's low-carbon policies pose jobs threat for food and drink sector

More than a quarter of UK food and drink manufacturers could cut jobs and freeze recruitment thanks to rising energy costs, according to an Npower poll.

The biomass facility is expected to save around 10,000 tonnes of CO2 annually

St Andrews targets carbon neutrality with £25m biomass facility

St Andrews University has secured funding for a new £25 million biomass plant and heat distribution network in Guardbridge, Fife.

The increased flexibility will make solar PV a much more attractive investment for businesses, says Decc.

Government announces 'roaming' solar Feed-in Tariff

Businesses will soon be able to take solar panels with them when they relocate without losing subsidies, the Government has announced today.

UK company's efficiency gains have

Failing energy policy costing UK firms millions, says TUC

The government has not done enough to help UK businesses improve their energy efficiency, claims a new report released Friday by the Trade Unions Congress (TUC).

Straw panels have been used to build seven eco homes in a first for a low-cost and fuel efficient building material which promises to reduce heating bills by 90%

Straw houses could unlock potential for ultra-low-carbon homes

Straw panels have been used to build seven eco-homes in Bristol in a first for a low-cost and fuel efficient building material which promises to reduce heating bills by 90% over that of brick-built housing.

Auction winners must offer a minimum reduction of 100kW between the peak hours of 4-8pm

Winning bidders announced for Britain's first 'energy efficiency auction'

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has today (4 February) awarded 18 organisations £1.28m to help them reduce peak electricity demand, as part of the UK's first ever Energy Demand Reduction (EDR) auction.

Business leaders are more concerned about road and rail infrastructure than waste management services, according to a new report from FCC.

Business leaders 'value' transport infrastructure more than waste

Business executives and urban policymakers across the world place more value on transport infrastructure than waste management services, according to a new report from FCC.

The proposed amendment would commit the UK to zero-carbon new-builds after 2016

MPs urged to back Zero Carbon Homes

MPs have been urged to back new amendments to the Infrastructure Bill which would beef up carbon emissions standards for newly built homes.

Decc estimates businesses could save more than £250m if they reduce energy consumption by less than 1% as a result of energy audits

Majority of businesses now aware of ESOS, says Decc

The Department for Energy & Climate Change (Decc) has insisted it is doing all it can to raise awareness of the impending Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), despite more industry research suggesting businesses are still not informed enough.

Reduced energy intensity has eliminated 462 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year

30 years of energy efficiency, 14 fewer power stations for UK

Improved energy efficiency has helped the UK avoid building 14 new power stations according to a new report from the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE).

The REA has launched UK Solar in a bid to become

REA champions solar and storage with two new trade bodies

The Renewable Energy Assocation (REA) has launched two new industry bodies - UK Solar and UK Energy Storage - to support the growth and integration of both sectors across the country.

According to EU figures, by 2020 consumers using energy efficient products in their homes could save more than £300 per year

EU agrees new energy measures for household appliances

New energy efficiency measures have been brought in by the European Union (EU) with the aim of helping reduce energy consumption in 2015.

Consumer electronics are currently the biggest contributor to electricity consumption in the UK

£393m: B&Q reveals the true cost of Christmas

The festive season could see the nation's annual energy bill rise by nearly £393m, according to new research from B&Q and the Energy Saving Trust.

Up to £30m in vouchers will be available - £24m for solid wall insulation and £6m for two additional measures

Government revives Green Deal Home Improvement Fund with £30m investment

Today (10 December), the Government has re-opened its flagship Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), with up to £5,600 available to households in England and Wales to help with the cost of installing energy saving measures.

Commercial sector energy bills will increase by 31% and industrial sector bills by 26% to 2030 due to low-carbon policies.

Energy efficiency 'vital' in offsetting rise in business energy costs

The industrial and commercial sectors could see a 30-45% increase on energy bills to 2030, according to latest projections from the independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

Former energy secretary Chris Huhne says that AD is a dispatchable source of renewable energy

AD will help keep the UK's lights on, says Huhne

Anaerobic digestion (AD) will help the UK to keep its lights on and provide energy security because it has the ability to supply power that can be easily switched on and off, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne.

Community renewables are gathering support because they are more easily realized than large-scale projects

Crowdfunding platform to energise community renewables

UK ethical investment platform Abundance has launched a new service to encourage communities to invest in local renewable energy projects.

Efficiency measures could save more than 2.4m tonnes of CO2

EDF installs efficiency measures in 144,000 UK homes

Big six energy giant EDF Energy has achieved government efficiency targets three months ahead of schedule by successfully implementing energy saving measures in 144,000 UK homes.

78% of UK SMEs are keen to be supplied with renewable energy

UK SMEs 'missing out' on big energy bill savings

Time-pressured SMEs across the UK might be missing out on potential savings on their energy bills, even though cost of energy is the most important consideration for them when choosing a supplier.

The FIT rates vary depending on the technology, but on average a business or home can expect an annual ROI between 5-8 %

Edie explains: Feed-in Tariffs

In this week's 'edie explains' we take a look at the renewables subsidy Feed in Tariffs (FiTs). Although the small-scale focus of the scheme means it's very popular for domestic buildings, it can also benefit many SMEs.

The Oakapple Berwickshire plan will seek £3.1m in order to install 749 solar PV panels on social housing

Opening bell for Europe's largest crowd-funded solar project

Ethical investment platform Abundance is offering businesses and individuals the opportunity to invest in what would be Europe's largest crowd-funded solar project to date.

The EU has allocated £40m to improve the UK's electricity interconnection

EU investment will connect UK to European energy grids

The EU has invested €75m in the UK energy infrastructure, including €40m to help secure the UK's energy supply by connecting it to other European grids.

Businesses' websites will be updated to encourage consumers to 'use less, waste less and pay less'. (Image shown is a mock-up version).

Big Energy Vision: Nationwide campaign launched to encourage greener thinking

Kingfisher, Global Action Plan and the National Trust are among a host of big businesses and charities that have united to launch a major campaign which encourages UK households to control rising energy bills and reduce emissions.

The CHP plant will capture heat produced in the process of electricity generation and use it to warm city centre buildings

New Street station keeps Birmingham on track with CO2 reduction targets

Network Rail is embarking upon a joint project to install 1.5km district heating pipe-work to supply excess heat from Birmingham New Street station to offices and other buildings in the city.

Dutch energiesprong ('Energy Leap') pilot project in Tilburg in the Netherlands. Photograph: Rogier Bos/Energiesprong

Ikea kitchens help sell insulation to Dutch - and UK could be next

Dutch consortia Energiesprong could give zero carbon retrofits to social homes across England, using innovative wrap-around insulated panels, if EU funding is approved.

Ed Davey pledged a

Ed Davey gives Green Deal £100m cash injection

Household energy efficiency has been given a £100m boost with a funding add-on for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

73% of businesses are concerned about the cost of CfD

Energy report: Business wants affordability over sustainability

Four out of five business leaders say energy affordability is important to their company, nearly twice the amount that prioritised a low-carbon economy.

Heat networks generate thermal energy at a central source and disperse it

£9.4m on offer for green heat technologies

The Government has launched two new low-carbon heating schemes for developers and local councils in a bid to reduce dependency on costly, imported gas.

Solar is already cheaper than offshore wind and is on track to out-compete onshore wind

Solar industry calls for decisive Government action to unlock 60GW potential

New data released by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) shows that backing British solar power will boost jobs, drive economic growth and dramatically reduce the UK's overall energy bill.

Ed Miliband gave an impassioned speech to Labour Party activists before the 2015 General Election

Labour Conference: Miliband prioritises green economy in 10-year plan

Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged to create one million green jobs as part of a 10-year plan to make Britain a global leader in clean technology and renewable energy.

Mark Group had bolstered its workforce to meet the expected demand for insulation

'Hasty politics' forces insulation firm to axe 670 jobs

One of the UK's largest insulation installers, Mark Group, has confirmed that it is to cut up to a quarter of its UK staff, prompting calls for political parties to put their differences aside and focus on stabilising the energy industry.

The Government proposals offer support for up to 85% of added clean energy costs

Government launches consultation to compensate heavy industry for green energy costs

The Government has launched a 12-week consultation to work out which energy intensive industries (EIIs) will receive compensation to help with the financial costs of renewables policies.

The poll found 48% of voters see investing in renewables as the number one priority for addressing Britain's energy security

Investing in renewables 'top priority' for improving energy security

New polling data reveals that almost half of UK voters see investing in renewables as a priority over any other form of energy when it comes to ensuring the nation's energy security.

Bristol is planning to install 1GW of solar capacity by 2020; IPPR says cities should challenge energy producers on renewables

UK cities offer renewable alternative to Big Six

Cities and local authorities across Britain can provide alternatives to the 'big six' by creating affordable renewable energy, according to a new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

10 things you need to know about ESOS

ESOS is the new government policy which calls for mandatory energy audits in the UK. Here are the 10 things you need to know.

Developing carbon capture for power plants could create 6,000 jobs across Yorkshire and Humber

Carbon capture benefits made clear for Yorkshire & Humber

Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) would add as much as £245m to the regional economy of Yorkshire, Humber and the Tees Valley, according to the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Chris Huhne says there is no political consensus on tackling climate change

Political outlook on green issues is fractured, says Huhne

The political outlook on green issues for the UK is substantially more fractured now than it was in 2010, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne.

The Carbon Trust believes the financial benefits of Esos will be two or three times higher than estimates suggest

New energy regulations provide 'much-needed wake-up call' for British business

The business benefits of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) have been massively underestimated according to the Carbon Trust, which believes firms could be in line to save billions on their energy bills.

The £2m investment will go towards ReEnergise Finance's Smart Energy Finance vehicle

GIB backs £2m investment in SME energy savings fund

The Green Investment Bank has today (25 June) announced a £2m investment to help SMEs make improvements in energy efficiency.

Stuart Stones is a founding partner of business lawa firm Ratio Law

How would the UK's renewable energy market fair if Scotland goes independent?

On 18 September, Scots will vote on whether they want to stay united with the rest of Britain or become an independent nation. But with the countdown to vote day well underway, there are questions arising around what will happen to the UK's renewable sector if Scotland does go independent. Ratio Law's Stuart Stones investigates.

SC Johnson's Pledge and Pronto bottles now use compressed air rather than LPGs in the aerosols

Making the Pledge: SC Johnson charts sustainability over time

On the 50th anniversary of SC Johnson's Europlant factory, the group's senior director for manufacturing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Clint Filipowicz, discusses how sustainable business practices have developed to now underpin the company.

Lightbulb moment: Behavioural energy efficiency remains 'largely untapped by much of Europe'

Time for behaviour change: UK wasting £500m on annual energy bills

The UK has the potential to save up to 2.2TWh of energy every year - representing almost £500m in utility bills - through simple behavioural change adopted by businesses and consumers across the country.

Kingfisher launched Net positive in October 2012 with an ambition to drive greater sustainability around timber, energy, innovation and communities

Kingfisher's Net Positive approach stimulates circular economy transition

DIY giant Kingfisher has made 'exciting progress' in the first year of its Net Positive plan; helping customers reduce energy usage by over 5TWh and cutting its own energy intensity by 10%.

Which? has questioned whether green energy subsidies for projects such as offshore wind farms will be value for money

Consumer group Which? questions virtue of green energy subsidies

Which? warns planned green energy subsidies may not be value for money, as more cost effective options may be overlooked.

Energy Performance Certificates became mandatory in 2008 and are required whenever a property is built, sold or rented

Government must end uncertainty on energy standards in buildings

Business leaders from some of the UK's largest property owners, developers and occupiers are urging the Government to end the 'prevarication' around the introduction of mandatory energy efficiency standards for privately rented commercial buildings.

The UK Green Investment Bank funding will be made available to a number of energy efficiency projects at various Scottish distilleries

Scottish distilleries in good spirits with new energy efficiency fund

A Bacardi distillery in Scotland is set to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 90% with an energy efficiency project it is able to bring to life with new funding from the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB).

Utilyx argues that 'hidden charges' could be costing businesses as much as £100m per year

'Hidden fees' add £100m to business energy bills

With energy regulator Ofgem set to provide a review of policy tomorrow (13 May), one of the UK's biggest energy buyers is calling for an end to businesses being 'kept in the dark' on up to £100m-worth of hidden fees.

The new Scheme has been set up to help the EU meet its target of reducing energy consumption by 20% by 2020

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme: Is your business ready?

Companies across the UK are being urged to 'prepare now and get ahead of the game' before a new EU directive comes into force which will require larger firms to undertake mandatory energy-efficiency assessments.

Energy efficient appliances could save same amount of power generated by 1,500 wind turbines

Report reveals 'policy blackhole' on energy efficient goods

The Government is being urged to incentivise consumers by introducing a scrappage scheme for energy-wasting domestic appliances after a new report identified a significant overspend on energy-inefficient appliances.

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