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The fund will see a crack down on environmental crime and target companies who are not compliant with various regulations

Environment Agency secures €640,000 to tackle waste crime

The Environment Agency will use €640,000 in funds from the European Union to develop a network aimed at stopping the illegal international shipping of waste.

Green dreams: 10 inspirational climate change quotes

In order to assist our political party leaders in broaching the subject of renewable energy and waste, edie has compiled a list of 10 inspirational quotes which have prompted previous generations to act against climate change.

Vivienne Westwood is calling for severe cases of environmental destruction to be recognised as crime. Image credit: Shutterstock/360b

Vivienne Westwood: Business playing giant game of monopoly with world's resources

UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has criticised business leaders and politicians for large-scale environmental damage, which she says is the result of an "exaggerated focus on profits rather than nature".

Major crimes stopped by the EA this year include illegal exports, serious dumping incidents and illegal waste sites

25 illegal waste sites closed every week

The Environment Agency (EA) has claimed that its two-year crusade to identify and shut down illegal waste sites is paying off.

Welsh resource body sets out stall with 'fresh approach' to environment

The future direction of new Welsh environment body Natural Resources Wales was outlined yesterday by Resources Minister Alun Davies during its official launch in Treherbert.

New sentencing proposals crack down on waste criminals

Fly-tippers and other serious waste offenders could be slapped with larger fines after new environmental sentencing proposals were launched yesterday (14 March).

Scotland to crack down on environmental crime

Industry and environmental bodies in Scotland have shown support for new proposals to ensure environmental regulations are enforced.

Lord De Mauley took time out to listen to waste industry concerns

Resource minister holds 'constructive talks' with waste industry

Waste leaders united to voice their concerns in person to Defra's new resources and waste minister Lord De Mauley last week, in what was said to be an "open and productive" meeting.

Environmental forums for businesses set to launch

A number of free regional forums for UK businesses have been launched to keep organisations up-to-speed with the latest environmental legislation and offer useful advice.

Lord Henley at the pilot€™s launch with representatives from the ACPO and BMRA

Pilot gives police new powers to crack down on metal theft

Scrap metal recyclers throughout the North East are to take part in a six-month pilot scheme to tackle the growing problem of metal theft.

No hiding place

A landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice on environmental lapses could profoundly affect business throughout the EU. Chris Webb reports

Locking up the polluters

European law has been proposed which will eradicate safe havens for environmental crime, and send the criminals to prison. Ian Wilson reports

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, April 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month we see new regulations giving financial incentives for energy saving devices and a law obliging producers to recover and recycle packaging waste, while English and Welsh water undertakers are told in more detail how to prepare and publish water resources management plans.

Edie environmental legislation summary (May 2005)

In this month's Semple Fraser round-up of new policies and recent changes to legislation that will impact the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally: POPs, EU membership, greenhouse gas emissions trading, clean neighbourhoods, hazardous waste regulations, and much more.

The green vote

So just how green are the main political parties? In this election special, Claire Monkhouse finds out

How has business behaved?

Darcy Products' John Proctor on environmental performance in 2002

NSCA calls for rethink on air quality

Environmental protection organisation NSCA is calling for a fundamental rethink of the system of air quality management in the UK and Europe. Speaking at NSCA's annual meeting, the Environmental Review of the Year, held in December, Secretary General Richard Mills said: "The basis for air quality policy and legislation has undergone a major shift since the early nineties, when current measures were developed. There has been a step change in the understanding of the effects and behaviour of pollutants, and issues such as chronic personal exposure and the lack of effects thresholds have come to prominence. Air quality policy and regulation needs to reflect these changes and new approaches will need to be developed."

Council adopts environmental crime law

Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission

Environmental crime to be punished severely

Maria Cull, from law firm Herbert Smith, analyses recent court rulings relating to industry and the environment

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