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Why FITs cuts are good for the solar industry

There's been a lot of discussion FITs cuts and the potential impact on consumers, but Sunny Britain chief executive, Barak Goldstein explains why he believes this is actually a good thing for his business.

As with the rest of his tenure, Cameron's Government took

David Cameron's legacy: 'greenest government ever' or 'lukewarm at best'?

One of the most seismic political upheavals in modern British political history takes yet another twist today (13 July) as Prime Minister David Cameron steps down after six years in power. As he prepares to take part in his final Prime Minister's Questions this lunchtime, edie takes a look at his environmental legacy and the green outlook for his successor Theresa May.

The report cites the UK’s slide out of the top 10 of analysts EY’s respected international league table on renewable energy as a cause for concern

MPs warn of 'dented' investor confidence over UK energy policy

The Government is risking higher energy prices and stalling new investment through 'sudden and numerous' energy policy changes that are denting investor confidence in the UK energy market, MPs have warned today (2 March).

Solar companies have gone bust, community projects have closed and some energy experts are now predicting the end of the UK solar industry

Updated Feed-in Tariff timeline: The rise and fall of solar subsidies

With the Government's decision on major cuts to solar subsidies finally revealed, edie charts the rise and fall of the successful feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme which have been slashed by 64%.

A diverse range of companies have urged the government to 'support a thriving local renewables industry in the UK'

Power to the people: Big businesses back calls for feed-in-tariff rethink

Ikea, Panasonic and DuPont are among a wave of businesses have thrown their weight behind calls for the UK Government to reconsider the "extreme" and "damaging" proposals to cut the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme.

The Government's decision appears to go against both public opinion and the advice of the industry

Government axes renewable feed-in tariff pre-accreditation

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has confirmed plans to remove a key part of the feed-in tariff for renewable energy schemes, despite vast opposition to the proposals.

DECC said that technology deployment costs had fallen by more than 50% in some bands, leading to an installation boom which had created

Feed-in Tariff could be closed to new applicants by January 2016

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, which offers subsidy support to small scale renewables, could be closed to new applicants by January 2016, the Government announced today.

Decc said the idea that fracking applications would receive less environmental scrutiny from the public was “simply untrue”.

Government defends plans to cut fracking red tape

The Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has dismissed claims that it intends to "fast-track fracking without public consent".

The large-scale solar subsidy cuts were a mistake and could prevent it from competing with fossil fuels, Leonie Greene says

Why solar needs a serious strategy from the new Government

The treatment of non-domestic solar is illogical and leaves this star industry bewildered, writes Leonie Greene, head of external affairs at the Solar Trade Association (STA).

Any large-scale renewable electricity generator with a capacity larger than 5MW can apply for accreditation under RO.

Edie explains: Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

The Renewables Obligation (RO) is the main support system for renewable electricity projects across the country. In this week's 'edie explains,' we bring you everything you need to know about Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

Installing solar panels on local buildings can save whole communities money.

£10m boost for community renewables

Ed Davey today announced a £10m funding injection for community-owned renewable energy projects.

The FIT rates vary depending on the technology, but on average a business or home can expect an annual ROI between 5-8 %

Edie explains: Feed-in Tariffs

In this week's 'edie explains' we take a look at the renewables subsidy Feed in Tariffs (FiTs). Although the small-scale focus of the scheme means it's very popular for domestic buildings, it can also benefit many SMEs.

National Farmers Union of Scotland chief executive Scott Walker is hoping for business as usual following the NO vote

No vote by Scots could still be a 'no-but' decision for business

The hope for a rapid return to business as usual in Scotland following the 55% - 44% vote in favour of the nation remaining within the UK has already been thrown into doubt.

Latest polls suggested the result remained too close to call, with a slender lead for a 'NO' vote

Scottish independence: Kill or cure for future renewable developments?

Ahead of the vote to decide Scotland's future as part of - or apart from - the United Kingdom, edie investigates what might happen to the nation's renewable sector if it does strike out as an independent country.

Extracting the value of sustainability can be a real toothache for businesses

Businesses failing to extract best value from sustainability

As corporate sustainability becomes a core business issue companies are struggling to maximise its value, particularly around reputational and performance management.

The triggering of a 10% FiT cut in October for hydro follows a 5% cut in April this year, and precedes another 10% cut planned for next April

FiT cut will cost 500kW hydro schemes £250,000

The latest Feed in Tariff (FiT) reduction for the hydro sector, due in October this year, will cut returns for a typical 500kW hydro development by £13,000 a year, adding up to a lifetime earnings loss in excess of £250,000.

Advice and guidance on resource efficiency, the circular economy and closing the loop: Wrap chief executive Liz Goodwin on the Resource Revolution panel at Sustainability Live.

VIDEO: WRAP chief issues stark warning to businesses over pursuing 'throwaway linear models'

EXCLUSIVE The "throwaway linear economic model" that businesses currently subscribe to will become a millstone around the necks of firms if they do not quickly adopt a circular approach, WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin has warned. Scroll down for full video

Resource potential, a question of assets?

Barriers to investment continue to present hurdles that the UK's resource infrastructure is struggling to overcome, suggests Neil Jefferies. But does asset-based lending hold the answer?

Empowering a franchise - engaging sustainable practices at IHG

Of the 4,600 hotels owned by the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), 3,934 operate under franchise agreements. This makes engaging staff in sustainability a monumental challenge, IHG's Paul Snyder tells Leigh Stringer

Kingfisher CEO Ian Cheshire:

EXCLUSIVE: Effective partnerships key to bringing sustainable products to fruition

Manufacturers, installers and retailers must come together effectively to drive consumer up-take of sustainable products and services, says Kingfisher CEO Ian Cheshire.

Medium sized installations, such as solar arrays, could provide benefits to

MPs urge Government to support medium-sized renewables projects

Financial support should be made available for businesses, cooperatives, local authorities, schools and housing associations to install medium-sized renewable energy generating systems, MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee have said.

Companies facing mandatory energy-efficiency audits under Government proposals

The Government has today published proposals which will require all large companies in the UK to undertake mandatory energy-efficiency assessments.

Backloading still on the cards as ENVI votes 'yes'

The Parliament Environment Committee (ENVI) today voted in favour of the Commission's proposal to allow backloading in the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Tim Yeo

Energy Bill is 'fundamentally flawed' says Tim Yeo

Tim Yeo slammed the Government today for its lengthy development of the Energy Bill and labelled it "fundamentally flawed" by the weakness of its demand side measures.

Future of solar power looking bright for UK

UK solar PV installations are set to jump from one gigawatt (GW) up to eight in the next five years, according to electrical distributor Rexel.

'Potential opportunity missed' as Government neglects distributed generation

Distributed generation is crucial in addressing the sustainability, security and affordability of energy in the UK but the Government has failed to ensure its implementation, according to a report.

UK energy sector must be 'more like China'

The UK Government must provide consistent messaging and 'fully align' energy and economic policy if it is to encourage investment and strengthen the renewables sector, says BDO's Tomas Freyman.

Leading by legislation: Big Yellow goes green

From the green deal to carbon reporting, legislation is a double edged sword that can make or break a company's business model. Paul Donnelly tells Leigh Stringer why leading by legislation is a sensible step towards a sustainable and successful future in business.

CEO of the World Economic Forum José María Figueres

Statesman on a mission to save the planet

Former president of Costa Rica and CEO of the World Economic Forum, José María Figueres has turned his full attention to climate change as president of the Carbon War Room and tells Rob Bell why business is key to winning the battle.

Companies have claimed that cuts to the feed-in tariff announced by DECC last year caused damage to solar installation businesses

DECC called to pay £50m in solar damages claim

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has been issued a damages claim from five solar installation and construction companies over the Government's illegal cuts to feed-in tariffs last year.

Renewables industry assured by Government's U-turn on support

British businesses have applauded the government's decision to continue providing support to medium scale renewables schemes under the Renewable Obligation (RO).

Afon Cadair River where the hydro scheme is to be built

Private investment funds farm-based hydro project

Venture capitalist Albion Ventures has invested £1.3m in a 300kW hydropower scheme in rural Wales that has won support from local farmers.

Sustainable Business and edie announce Corporate Water Risk 2012

Registration is now open for Corporate Water Risk 2012, an event organised by Sustainable Business and edie for organisations from all sectors to gain practical and up-to-date guidance of the risks, responses and opportunities of water management in business.

Innovation needs to be nurtured and barriers to energy efficiency removed if the UK is to compete

Small companies 'kicked in teeth' by UK energy policy

A lack of investment in new generating capacity could leave UK businesses at a competitive disadvantage as energy prices rise beyond those in competing economies.

Solar companies seek compensation over FiT cuts

Three solar photovoltaic (PV) installation companies are claiming £2.2m in compensation from DECC for losses incurred on the back of the "unlawful cuts" to Feed-in tariffs (FiTs) last year.

When complete, the installation, comprising 4,400 panels, will generate up to 50% of the station's energy requirements

Time for PV panic is passed says Panasonic

It's time to move on from the "chaos and panic" created by the Government around feed-in tariffs (FiTs) and show just how efficient solar power can be, says Panasonic Europe business development manager for photovoltaics (PV) Christian Comes.

Business welcomes Green Deal 'progress'

Business leaders have welcomed clarification from government on the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), but warned that there is "still plenty of work to do".

Solar industry welcomes clarity on FITs

Businesses have largely welcomed government plans to cut the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) rates from August 1 - rather than July 1 as previously proposed.

Delay to Solar tariff cut is confirmed

DECC confirmed today that the next round of cuts to the Feed-in Tariff for solar PV has been 'delayed'.

Keep wind FIT cuts 'bite-sized' says industry

The need to persuade Government not to impose large Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) cuts on the wind power sector, but to keep such action bite-sized, emerged as a major concern during this week's RenewableUK conference in Glasgow.

UK clean energy investment springs back - after sluggish 2010

Investment in the UK's clean energy sector made a strong comeback last year - growing by 35% after struggling in 2010 - with offshore wind "poised" to create significant future investments.

Council beats FITs deadline

Carlisle City Council has announced that its new solar panel system has gone live - with the work completed before the feed-in tariff (FIT) subsidy reduction came into force last month.

Supreme Court throws out Government's FITs appeal

The long-standing feed-in tariff (FIT) saga has at last reached conclusion - with the Supreme Court throwing out the Government's appeal against a ruling that its actions on the subsidies were "unlawful".

Westminster Abbey, London

Westminster Abbey prays for energy saving

Westminster Abbey has responded to the Church of England (CoE) carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050 by installing voltage power optimisation (VOI) units on site.

Government extends green incentives eligibility

The Government has backtracked on plans to only allow households with an energy efficiency rating of C or above to apply for green incentives.

UPDATED: Government appeals Supreme Court FITs decision

Decc has submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court opposing a ruling which found its proposed plans to cut Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) subsides were unlawful.

Industry divided over solar subsidies announcement

'Shambolic', says Green MP Caroline Lucas 'Blown it', says Solarcentury chairman Jeremy Leggett 'Greater certainty', says Good Energy ceo Juliet Davenport

Energy secretary Ed Davey outside DECC

Government announces plans to 'improve' solar subsidies

New energy secretary Ed Davey has pledged to make improvements to the Feed-in tariff (FITs) scheme as the results of a public consultation into government plans to reform solar subsidies were unveiled today (February 9).

Business reaction to Chris Huhne's departure

Former energy secretary Chris Huhne leaves office as a man who has taken environmental issues to the forefront of politics, but will be forever tainted by solar subsidies changes and a failure to tackle rising energy bills.

DECC ponders staggered FITs reduction option

Plans for introducing a staged reduction to Feed-In Tariff (FITs) as an attempt to sort out confusion engulfing the solar industry are due to be announced next week.

War of words between BPVA and Solarcentury escalates

A war of words has escalated today (January 30) as Solarcentury and PV trade association the BPVA trade blows over FITs.

Panels newly installed in Lewisham south east London

Met police PV panels set to cut 90 tonnes of carbon a year

London's police force has begun installing solar PV on its buildings as part of carbon cutting drive.

BPVA FITs appeal 'not in the long term interests' of solar industry

A solar trade association criticised for 'supporting' the Government over cuts to subsidies has hit back at critics.

Solarcentury quits PV association over FITs cut 'support'

Solarcentury has quit the British Photovoltaic Association after accusing it and its chairman of backing the Government over cuts to solar subsidies.

Huhne given rough ride in Parliament over FITs

Under pressure energy secretary, Chris Huhne, was jeered as he battled through a tough session on solar subsidies in the House of Commons today (January 26).

A question mark hangs over the future of UK solar power

Business fear 'boom and bust' for solar following FITs ruling

Businesses are worried a mini solar 'gold rush' and continued uncertainty in the market will damage the renewables sector in the long-term.

National Trust Solar PV Scheme

National Trust commits to solar power

The National Trust has demonstrated its support for the UK solar power industry by commissioning renewable energy consultants Dulas to deliver its biggest solar panel installation yet.

Judges rule in favour of campaigners in FITs fight

UPDATED: Energy secretary, Chris Huhne, says he will take FITs fight to the Supreme Court after losing appeal today (January 25).

Judgement on DECC's FITs appeal due today

The next stage in the fight over cuts to solar subsidies is due to take place today (January 25) at London's High Court.

Protesters make a point at an earlier FITs court hearing

Parliamentary statement on new FITs levels welcomed by industry

Energy minister Chris Huhne has alleviated some strain on the solar PV sector but not addressed the 'elephant in the room', according to the industry.

Solarcentury's Derry Newman: "Why I'm leaving my dream job."

Solarcentury chief executive, Derry Newman, explains why he made one of the hardest decisions of his career by announcing plans to step down last week.

FITs appeal decision delayed for at least a week

The solar industry remains in 'limbo' this week as the latest installment of the Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) court fight ended without a decision.

Solarcentury chief executive steps down

The man who led one of the country's biggest solar firms through some of the most turbulent times the industry has seen has stepped down.

FITs fight back in court again

Uncertainty continues to dog the solar industry as the Government drags the fights over subsidy cuts back to court today (January 13).

Six waste water sites add solar power

Portsmouth Water has turned unused industrial land into solar power hubs at six sites in southern England.

Potential buyers 'confused and unconvinced' by renewable energy

Only 20% of homeowners would invest spare cash in solar panels, according to new research.

FITs appeal date set for January 13

An appeal date for the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme has been scheduled for January 13 by the Court of Appeal.

Virgin founder Richard Branson wades into FITs debate

Billionaire Virgin founder Richard Branson has backed campaigners fighting the Government over cuts to renewable subsidies.

Solar firm Homesun cleared in ad dispute

A press ad and marketing information from a leading solar company has been cleared after an investigation by the advertising watchdog.

Baking giant Warburtons looking to renewable energy

Bakers Warburtons has announced plans to potentially install renewables on its properties around the UK.

UPDATED: Government in court for FITs appeal

A court victory allowing a judicial review into cuts to solar subsidies will be appealed by the Government today (January 4).

Renewables boosted the UK economy by £2.5bn

Government figures have revealed billions of pounds and thousands of jobs have been created by renewable energy.

Report into FITs cuts finds 'justification' for subsidies

A new report looking at the "reasons and justifications" of government cuts to Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) has been welcomed by the solar industry, after it finds justification for subsidies to continue.

FITs campaigners jubilant after green light for judicial review

Campaigners have won the right to challenge to the Government over the way its carried out cuts to solar subsidies.

Energy minister heckled as FITs fight goes back to court

Energy minister Greg Barker was heckled as he spoke at the Micropower Council's Christmas drinks in Westminster last night (December 19).

Campaigners make their point before the court hearing

FITs campaigners celebrate as judge orders hearing

A challenge into making a judicial review of the Government's plans to cuts renewables subsidies has been allowed by a High Court judge.

UK solar market will continue to attract investors

Solar energy in the UK will continue to be a "viable financial venture for investors", according to one of the largest international manufacturers of solar modules, which unveiled investment plans.

FITs campaigners call on Cameron to secure future of UK solar

Solar industry campaigners are set to deliver a letter to Downing Street later today (December 13) calling on David Cameron and Nick Clegg to secure the future of the UK solar industry and save thousands of jobs.

Consumer confidence in solar 'key' to FITs survival

Government is wrong to cut the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) in the way it did but bad practice in the solar industry needs addressing, according to a new report.

Final day for former FITs levels

Controversial changes to subsidy levels for renewable energy generators come into force today (December 12).

Voltage optimisation: an overview

New to voltage optimisation? EMSc (UK) managing director, Dr Alex Mardapittas, designer of the voltage optimisation system Powerstar, gives edie users an overview of the technology.

Mr Kosnik speaking to edie at the Sarnia solar farm in Canada

FITs shambles forced developer behind world's largest solar farm out of the UK

The company behind the world's largest solar PV farm looked at expanding into the UK before changes to renewable energy subsidies forced it to abandon the project.

High Court agrees to hear FITs legal challenge

A legal challenge against changes to subsidies for renewable energy will be heard in court next week.

1000s of staff face anxious Christmas as FITs forces cuts

Cuts to Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) have forced Carillion to consider redundancies in its renewable energy arm.

Industry calls for FITs boost for home heat and power

Green jobs could be safeguarded if the Government boosted subsidies for renewable energy generation, according to three trade associations representing the micro-CHP industry.

Our Solar Future / Andy Bodycombe.

Solar industry protestors march on government over FITs cut

Hundreds of campaigners backing the UK's solar industry have taken part in a protest over government plans to cut the Feed-in-Tariff' (FIT) scheme by marching to the House of Commons to question their MP.

CanSIA's chairman backs Ontario's FITs review

Ontario's position as a North American test bed for subsidised solar power is overcoming early hurdles and heading in the right direction, according to leading industry figure.

Ed Miliband backs anti FITs cut march

Opposition leader Ed Miliband has backed protesters who will today (November 22) march on Parliament against the strength of cuts to renewable subsidies.

Sustainability Leaders Forum energy podcast goes live

An impassioned defence of the solar industry by two of its leading lights and a look to the future of renewable energy can now be listened to again.

VIDEO: David Cameron mocked in pro PV parody video

Supportive comments for the solar PV industry made before he became prime minister have been parodied in a video.

B&Q turns old terraced home into a concept 'eco house'

edie's sister publication DIY Week reporter, Rachel Hunter, takes a look at B&Q's house of the future.

Cuts to green schemes are an 'own goal' - CBI

CBI wades into FITs fight branding cuts an 'own goal'

Powerful business lobby group the CBI last night branded cuts to the Feed-In Tariff (FITs) subsides the 'latest in a string of government own goals'.

DECC to fight FITs judicial review

Plans for a judicial review of cuts to the Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) scheme will be fought by the Government.

Details of second FITs legal challenge revealed

One of the UK's largest solar businesses has revealed it is behind a second legal challenge on cuts to Feed-In Tariffs (FITs).

Greg Barker MP

FoE promises legal action over FITs

Environmental charity Friends of the Earth has given the Government seven days to reverse cuts to renewables subsidies otherwise it will launch legal action.

Community scheme fast tracked to beat FITs deadline

A solar scheme planned for early next year is to be sped through to beat the looming Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) deadline.

Solar industry considering legal action over FITs

Solar industry leaders gave an impassioned defence of the sector following news of massive cuts in subsidies at edie's Sustainable Leaders Forum.

The analysis highlighted that the Renewables Obligation – which closed to solar in 2015 – and the delayed Contract for Difference auctions are increasing frustration in the sector

'Damaged' solar sector hit by job losses and deployment slowdown

Solar deployment for 2016 is expected to shrink from the 1GW UK average of the last five years to less than 300MW, as firms within the industry reveal that employment levels have fallen by 32%.

Mr Barker takes an axe to FITs levels again

'Unsustainable' FITs scheme cut again

Fears of 'boom and bust' in the solar industry have seen the government drastically cut back the Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs).

Welsh borough aims to cut emissions by 50% with PV installation

Installing solar panels on 3,000 council owned homes will help a borough cut its emissions by 50%, a Welsh council has claimed.

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