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Ford earned an “A” grade for its water conservation commitments from global environmental disclosure agency CDP in 2015.

Ford drives forward with water stewardship goals

Ford has reinforced its sustainability commitments with a new target to reduce its water use by nearly three-quarters since the turn of the millennium, as the US automotive firm moves towards using zero potable water for vehicle manufacturing processes.

Ford found that a single vehicle can produce more than 64 ounces of water each hour, which is enough to produce around four bottles of water

On-the-go H2O spearheads Ford's company-wide innovation drive at 'record pace'

Motor giant Ford's recent innovation push is being driven by employees across all areas of the business at "record pace", with a prototype that turns condensation from air conditioners into drinking water just one of the 3,500 innovations submitted this year.

Ford’s newly established City Solutions team will aim to expand these services worldwide as part of the Ford Smart Mobility initiative

Ford launches new shuttle and bike-sharing services as part of City Solutions initiative

Motor company Ford has created a new City Solutions team, which will seek to solve congestion issues in the world's busiest cities, starting in San Francisco where the acquisition of a crowd-sourced shuttle service will streamline transportation in the area.

Ford aims to triple its current autonomous vehicle fleet this year in a push to provide self-driving vehicles by 2021

Ford gears-up for fully-autonomous, ride sharing fleet by 2021

Automotive giant Ford have announced plans to roll-out fully autonomous vehicles, in high volumes, by 2021 as part of a collaborative commercial mobility service that ventures into the sharing economy market.

The 2.0 litre Ford EcoBlue engine – which utilises a clean-burning combustion system - is expected to reduce water and energy consumption by 50%

Ford's Dagenham facilities expected to halve energy and water consumption

Ford's new diesel engine production line is expected to cut energy and water use by 50% for each engine built at the company's Dagenham diesel centre in the UK.

Ford hopes that the research project will streamline the production of reduced-weight vehicles which would also lower energy consumption

Ford turns to tequila to explore new bio-materials

Automotive giant Ford Motor Company has announced a new collaborative research approach with the world's biggest tequila producer Jose Cuervo, that will explore the potential of bio-materials made from the by-products of tequila production.

Mars has achieved zero-waste-to-landfill status at all of its factories around the world, while Ford is now zero-waste-to-landfill at all of its manufacturing plants in Europe

Mars and Ford hit big zero-waste-to-landfill milestones

Multinational corporations Mars and Ford have announced zero-waste-to-landfill achievements across their respective factories in their latest sustainability reports.

An ongoing commitment to lowering water consumption has seen Ford earn an “A” grade for water stewardship from global environmental disclosure agency CDP

Ford focuses on innovation as energy use and emissions tumble

US car manufacturer Ford has unveiled the results of its ongoing sustainability push, with reductions in water and energy use and carbon emissions highlighted in its 17th annual Sustainability Report, which was largely focused on a renewed innovation drive.

Ford researchers have been working for nearly two decades to implement a successful biomaterial into production

Ford aims to implement carbon-based foam products by 2021

American car giant Ford has set itself a five year window to introduce new foam and plastic components made from carbon dioxide feedstock, as the carmaker becomes the first in its industry to test the viability of CO2-based materials.

According to the report, both General Motors and Ford are at ‘notable risk’ of incurring emissions penalties in both the UK and the US

Emission impossible: Ford and General Motors 'at risk of losing billions in emissions penalties'

US car giants Ford and General Motors are at risk of losing $1.8bn for non-compliance on their fleet emissions after regulations were tightened in the wake of the Volkswagen (VW) diesel scandal.

The new Focus can deliver an 80% battery charge in around 30 minutes

Ford accelerates EV transition with $4.5bn investment

Ford is ploughing $4.5bn into electric vehicle (EV) solutions and extensions through to 2020, in an enhanced investment programme that will see 13 new EV models added to the US carmaker's portfolio.

Energy generation accounts for two thirds of global emissions

COP21 Monday review: Energy pledges hit the headlines

A packed first day of week two at COP21 saw businesses, nations and organisations take aim at the cause of two thirds of global emissions - energy generation.

Each of the nine LCTPis presents an action plan that focuses on

153 corporations unveil new low-carbon action plans

More than 150 companies have unveiled low-carbon plans which they say can collectively deliver 65% of the emissions reduction needed to limit global warming to two degrees.

When car engines fail they are typically just taken out and replaced because traditional engine remanufacturing techniques can be prohibitively expensive

Ford: New remanufacturing method could cut emissions by 50%

Ford has developed an innovative recycling technique that aims to give a new lease of life to old engines that would otherwise be scrapped.

The renewables plan aims to deploy 1.5 TW of additional renewable energy capacity by 2025

Global business coalition could get us two thirds of the way to 2C target

The collective action plans of more than 140 major businesses could deliver two thirds of the carbon reductions need to limit global warming to two degrees, according to new analysis from PWC.

A gecko's pads can reportedly support 132 kilograms

Ford to boost recycling by mimicking gecko 'stickiness'

American car company Ford has announced plans to mimic the sticky toe pads of geckos to help it boost the recyclability of its car parts.

Ford expects to save 800GWh of energy a year from 2016

Ford factories save enough energy 'to power Oxford for a year'

US carmaker Ford has announced its European factories will have cut energy consumption by 25% in 2016 compared with 2011, saving around 800GWh a year.

Ford has already introduced six-speed gearboxes as standard, but says the ten-speed options will be deployed worldwide within the next few years.

Ford's 10-speed gearbox could cut fuel consumption by 5%

The Ford Motor Company has claimed that the nine and 10-speed gearboxes it is developing could cut fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Nissan was the best performer in improving fuel efficiency since 2008, cutting emissions by an average of 5.5% per year

Nissan drives progress towards EU vehicle emissions targets

Nissan has accelerated cleaning up CO2 emissions from its European fleet with a reduction of 12.1% in 2014.

The app has taken inspiration from gaming and fitness apps by offering badges, pop-ups and alerts to also let drivers know when they have reached certain zero-emission benchmarks

Zen or zippy? Ford launches new app to help electric car owners drive efficiently

Car manufacturer Ford has launched a free gaming-style app that lets drivers use their smartphone to remotely manage their electric vehicles.

Dexter Galvin says there is still

Information black hole suppresses supply chain sustainability, says CDP

EXCLUSIVE: A lack of information is hindering companies' attempts to make sustainable decisions in their supply chains, according to the head of Supply Chain at the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

In 2011, Ford began an intensive programme to decrease its energy use by 25% per vehicle produced at its factories

Ford uses LED lighting to improve energy efficiency

Ford Motoring Company has begun the process of installing over 25,000 LED lights at its manufacturing facilities across the globe, which will cut its energy consumption by around 70%.

Virgin Media gave a 'thumbs down' for its total direct and indirect emissions in 2013

Virgin Media falling short of carbon reduction target

Virgin Media's total carbon emissions have risen by 2.6% since 2007, leaving the communications giant a long way from reaching its 2015 goal of a 15% reduction.

UK car manufacturers have reduced landfill waste by 91.3% over the past 15 years

Slow progress on water and energy usage for carmakers

Despite car manufacturers 'racing ahead' in a recent global green brands ranking, the latest industry-wide sustainability report reveals that energy efficiency has slowed, while water consumption has increased over the past year.

Top 50 global green brands - the full list

Interbrand has named the top 50 'Best Global Green Brands' for 2014. We give you the run down below, and links to the latest sustainability activity that helped the leaders make the list.

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