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Javid deferred a decision on the second site, at Roseacre Wood, to give Cuadrilla more time to provide evidence on road traffic issues

Fracking in UK given go-ahead as Lancashire council rejection overturned

Communities secretary, Sajid Javid has overturned Lancashire county council's rejection of a fracking site, paving the way for shale company Cuadrilla to drill in the county next year and drawing outrage from local groups, environmentalists and politicians.

While Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to “protect the future of our planet”, green groups and organisations have questioned the Labour leader’s ability to bring about dramatic change

Jeremy Corbyn's energy manifesto: 'wishful thinking' or a welcome change from 'incompatible' climate commitments?

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has unveiled his Party's energy and environment manifesto that aims to accelerate renewables generation, ban fracking and end fossil fuel reliance. But would a Labour Government really strengthen EU-driven policies or instead become a naive and short-sighted regime?

The Palace of Westminster, London. Labour, Coalition and Conservative administrations have all failed to make energy available at a reasonable cost, business leaders say

UK Governments have succeeded on renewables but failed on energy security, say business leaders

British energy policy since the turn of the century has been successful in increasing the use of renewables and reducing carbon, but has failed on delivering secure and competitively-priced energy, a poll of nearly 1,000 business directors has found.

The Crown Estate’s energy, minerals and infrastructure director has put forward a strong case for offshore wind to act as an alternative, affordable provider of clean and reliable energy

Could public support for renewables derail UK fracking and nuclear projects?

Amid a wave of discontent over the controversial fracking and Hinkley Point nuclear plant projects, recent developments suggest the general public are vying for low-carbon technologies to form the focal point of the UK Government's clean energy mix.

The Government’s plans to give households cash payments have been criticised by environmental groups as a bribe to diminish community hostility to the technology

New shale consultation deepens fracking controversy

Payments for communities near fracking wells will not be circulated until a new well site begins operating and producing gas, the Government has confirmed in a consultation published on the shale wealth fund.

Regardless of who wins the election, the global environment is acting as an enabler for the low-carbon movement

Trump and Clinton: the stage is set for America's climate aspirations

As the UK's commitment to battling climate change takes a departmental twist, the two US presidential candidates are leading campaigns that sit on very different ends of the climate policy scale.

As part of its enquiry the ECC is inviting responses about implications of the UK’s exit from the EU on the both the UK’s and the EU’s COP21 pledges

Fracking and CCS hit the spotlight as MPs launch inquiry into Brexit implications

The Environment and Climate Change Committee (ECCC) of MPs has launched an inquiry to explore the implications for UK climate policy of leaving the European Union (EU), amid major concerns over the uncertain futures of shale gas exploration and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Anti-fracking campaigners may seek a judicial review if they do not get a satisfactory response from the council

Campaigners threaten legal action over fracking decision

Campaigners have written to North Yorkshire County Council, threatening to take legal action over its decision to approve Third Energy's plans for fracking near the village of Kirby Misperton.

Achim Steiner, executive director of UN Environment Programme. Photo: UNEP

UK renewables cuts 'risk slowing shift to clean energy'

The UK government risks slowing the shift to clean energy sources by cutting support for renewable energy and strongly backing gas as a transitional fuel, according to the UN's environment chief.

Anti-fracking protesters gathered outside North Yorkshire County Council earlier today. Photo: Friends of the Earth UK

Landmark North Yorkshire fracking approval leaves green groups up in arms

Shale development company Third Energy has been given the go-ahead by North Yorkshire County Council to hydraulically fracture an existing well near the village of Kirby Misperton - a decision labelled as "bitterly disappointing" and "an absolute travesty" by campaign groups and environmentalists.

Solar installations remain the popular choice for renewables among the public, while support for biomass has wavered slightly

Six charts that show how public support for UK renewables has reached record levels

Public support for the UK's renewables revolution has reached an all-time high, with the latest Public Attitudes survey from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) revealing that eight in 10 Brits support the uptake of clean technology.

The UK is already legally bound by the Climate Change Act to reduce emissions 80% by 2050

Zero carbon emissions target to be enshrined in UK law

The UK will enshrine in law a long-term goal of reducing its carbon emissions to zero, as called for in last year's historic Paris climate deal.

Sadiq Khan at Islington Bunhill Energy Centre

Sadiq Kahn unveils plan for London 'clean energy revolution'

Labour's London Mayor candidate Sadiq Khan has outlined his ambition to ignite a 'clean energy revolution' in the capital, pledging to be the 'greenest mayor ever'.

Mark Ruffalo took time out of his hectic film promotion schedule to urge the UK Government to rethink its energy strategy

VIDEO: "Mr Cameron, you're making an enormous mistake" - Mark Ruffalo slams PM over UK fracking plans

Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo has sent a passionate plea to UK Prime Minister David Cameron to stop fracking in the UK and instead embrace the global renewable energy revolution.

The DECC survey introduced questions about fracking opposition for the first time

DECC survey: The more people know about fracking, the less they support it

The more people know about fracking, the less they support it, new Government research has found.

Former Labour leader looks to build 'high-ambition coalition' to persuade government to change tack on environment

Ed Miliband aims for cross-party coalition on climate change

Ed Miliband has vowed to build a "high-ambition coalition" of UK businesses, trade unions and civic society to challenge the government's "backward" environmental policies.

MPs have voted to allow fracking for shale gas 1,200m below national parks and other protected sites

MPs vote to approve fracking under national parks

MPs have voted by 298 to 261 to allow fracking to take place under national parks, despite the government previously pledging an outright ban on fracking in protected areas.

The UK is moving backwards on renewables while accelerating on fracking, says Lord Chris Smith

UK is going into reverse on clean energy, says former Environment Agency head

The UK is going into reverse on renewable energy while pressing the accelerator on fracking, according to former Environment Agency chairman Lord Chris Smith.

The report points out that 88% of the studies on air quality around fracking sites have shown increased levels of on-site air pollutants

Report: EU fracking guidelines fail to protect environment & citizens

Non-binding EU guidelines on shale gas exploration are "weak" and fail to protect the environment and health of citizens, a new report has claimed today (8 October).

Sparsholt College's Green Gas Mills will convert locally-harvested grass into biomethane gas

'Grass to gas' AD plant planned for Hampshire college

Sparsholt College has teamed up with energy supplier Ecotricity to build a Green Gas Mill which will convert locally-harvested grass into carbon-neutral biomethane.

The first 27 blocks are located mainly in the North East, North West and East Midlands

27 fracking blocks offered to energy companies

Twenty seven blocks of land across the UK have been formally offered to energy companies by the UK Government for the extraction of onshore oil and gas.

Protesters from Don't Frack Lancashire. Photo: Friends of the Earth

Government could push through fracking applications if councils delay

Fracking planing applications that are being held up by local councils could be fast-tracked by Government, following new measures announced today by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd and Communities Secretary Greg Clark.

In her column, Rudd claimed shale could create 60,000 new jobs in the UK and generate billions of pounds for the economy

Rudd warns councils to speed up fracking decisions

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd has announced the Government will be writing to local councils to urge them to speed up planning decisions on fracking.

Jeremy Corbyn's ambitious environmental strategy comes after a number of cuts to renewable energy

Labour frontrunner launches ambitious environmental manifesto

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn has announced a far-reaching green vision for his environmental policy in an announcement today (7 August).

Only 8% of those polled by Good Energy opposed onshore wind farms

Only 8% oppose onshore wind, finds new Good Energy poll

A new survey has found overwhelming support for renewable energy coming just days after a Government poll suggested a fall in support for shale gas.

Just 21% of 2,118 UK households supported fracking

One fifth of Brits back fracking, Government survey reveals

Public support for fracking has dropped to an all-time low, as new Government figures show a clear link between education about fracking and opposition to the technology.

July has seen spending cuts and, well, more spending cuts

GALLERY: Top 10 sustainability stories in July 2015

The story of July has been cuts and lots off them.

The appeal by Cuadrilla was widely expected after the rejection by Lancashire county council

Cuadrilla to appeal against fracking refusal by Lancashire county council

Lancashire county council faces an appeal by a leading UK shale gas company after refusing its applications to frack for shale gas in the county.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd took part in her first Select Committee hearing earlier today

Amber Rudd lays out DECC's priorities for 2015 and beyond

UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has answered crucial questions on the Government's approach to energy efficiency, fracking, renewable energy subsidies and climate change.

The Task Force calls for greater regulation but also for easing of planning regulations to allow onsite monitoring

'Rigorous regulation' needed to make fracking safe, says Task Force

The Task Force on Shale Gas has called on the Government to allow the drilling of boreholes without full planning consent, in a report released today (15 July).

Image via

Fracking could hurt house prices, health and environment, official report says

Fracking operations to extract shale gas in Britain could cause nearby house prices to fall by up to 7% and create a risk of environmental damage, according to a government report that has been published in full for the first time.

June saw major policy decisions, big green investmenta and significant green pledges from retailers

GALLERY: Top 10 sustainability stories in June 2015

June has been a month of major investments, policy change and landmark decisions. Take a look back at the month's major stories with edie's gallery round up.

Councillors have voted to reject Cuadrilla's application. Photo: Friends of the Earth

Lancashire Council rejects Cuadrilla fracking application

BREAKING: Lancashire County Council has rejected Cuadrilla's second fracking planning application at a meeting this morning (29 June).

Lancashire council has turned down the first of two applications for fracking by Cuadrilla

First Cuadrilla fracking bid rejected by Lancashire council

Lancashire County Council has turned down Cuardrilla's planning application for fracking at Roseacre Wood.

Cuadrilla is awaiting approval for two test shale gas drilling sites in Lancashire

Protesters gather as Lancashire considers fracking application

Lancashire County Council will meet later today (June 23) to consider the first bid for a UK fracking operation in four years, amid protests from green groups and campaigners.

Photo courtesy of Nation of Change

Thousands march on Westminster in climate change protest

Thousands of people from across the UK are expected to gather outside Parliament today as part of a mass lobbying of MPs.

Decc said the idea that fracking applications would receive less environmental scrutiny from the public was “simply untrue”.

Government defends plans to cut fracking red tape

The Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has dismissed claims that it intends to "fast-track fracking without public consent".

The World Conference Centre in Bonn

Bonn climate conference: 5 changes that could make a real difference

The journey to Paris stops in Bonn for the next 10 days, as officials from around the world gather to work on the text of a global climate deal.

The Conservatives claim onshore wind farms fail to win public support and are unable to provide a stable energy capacity

Amber Rudd confirms plans to ban onshore wind subsidies

New UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has confirmed the Conservative Party's controversial plans to stop subsidies for onshore wind farms, claiming it is top of her agenda at the Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC).

The campaign group Divest London described Johnson's decision as a

Boris rejects City Hall fossil fuel divestment

Boris Johnson has rejected a motion from the London assembly calling for City Hall's £4.8bn pension fund to be divested from fossil fuels.

Amber Rudd replaces Ed Davey as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change under the new Tory Government

Rudd receives warm welcome from green groups

Amber Rudd's appointment as the UK's new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change is a "hopeful sign" that the new Tory Government is committed to accelerating the nation's transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Conservative manifesto claims the party has stayed true to it promise to be the 'greenest government ever'

Conservative manifesto: "We have been the greenest government ever"

Prime Minister David Cameron outlined the Conservative party's election pledges in a manifesto document which was immediately slammed by green groups as "anti-green growth" and "a recipe for higher energy bills".

The REA's James Court said the UK's focus should be on moving away from fossil fuels

Gatwick oil must stay in the ground, say green groups

An oil well containing up to 100 billion barrels of oil has been discovered under West Sussex, but environmental groups have warned that the oil should stay in the ground in favour of the UK's clean energy transition.

Fracking opponents argue that high-pressure fracturing of rocks to release gas risks health and environmental impacts and will undermine the country's climate change goals

Doctors diagnose 'serious health risks' of fracking

Doctors and other health professionals have added their weight to the campaign for an immediate moratorium on fracking in the UK as a new report from health charity Medact warns that exploratory drilling for shale gas poses a serious risk to public health.

The company is accused of 'fearing a non-existent conspiracy to bring about its own sudden death'

Shell cynically blocking action on climate change, says ex-diplomat

Shell and its oil and gas peers are narcissistic, paranoid and psychopathic, and engaged in a cynical attempt to block action on global warming, according to the UK's former climate change envoy.

Chris Smith chairs the taskforce on shale gas, an independent group funded by fracking companies to examine how shale gas exploration should be overseen in the UK

Lord Smith 'hugely sceptical' of fracking for shale oil in the UK

The former chief of the Environment Agency is "hugely sceptical" on the prospects of fracking for shale oil in the UK, saying it is far from clear that the process should be used to extract quantities of oil from downlands in the south-east of England.

What sustainability professionals want from George Osbrone and what they get, could be two very different things

Budget 2015: 10 hopes for energy & environment

Elections are not won on environmental policy. That is the accepted wisdom. But sustainability professionals are, by their nature, an optimistic bunch, and have been vocal in laying out their demands for Wednesday's budget - the last of the current Parliament.

Tim Yeo says people who think fracking is an environmental problem are mistaken

Shale gas should be at centre of next government's energy policy - Tim Yeo

Shale gas exploration can be environmentally sound, and should be the centrepiece of the next government's energy policy, the Conservative's most senior green-leaning MP has urged.

public engagement in infrastructure planning will lead to more informed decisions of higher quality, with improved legitimacy, especially in sectors urgently needing new infrastructure such as energy and transport.

Green Alliance calls for 'Citizen Voice' on UK infrastructure planning

Environmental think tank Green Alliance is calling for a new body to engage the UK public on proposed infrastructure and improve the current 'failing' infrastructure planning system.

South Downs National Park. Horizontal drilling for shale gas will now be allowed if the well pad is outside of the park

Fracking will be allowed under national parks, MPs decide

Fracking companies will be allowed to drill horizontally under national parks and other protected areas if the wells start just outside their boundaries, after the government rowed back on its earlier acceptance of new environmental protections.

The Welsh government has indicated that it will try to block fracking anywhere in Wales until its safety is proven. Photo: FrackFree Wales

Wales joins Scotland with freeze on fracking

Fracking will not be carried out in Wales until its safety is proven, under a new motion proposed by Plaid Cymru and supported by the Welsh Assembly.

Guardian data analysis has revealed that 39.7% of England would be affected by the new bans

Fracking set to be banned from 40% of England's shale areas

Fracking is set to be banned on two-fifths of the land in England being offered for shale gas exploration by the government, according to a Guardian analysis.

The announcement was welcomed by campaigners as

Scotland announces moratorium on fracking for shale gas

The Scottish government has announced a moratorium on all planning consents for unconventional oil and gas extraction, including fracking.

Anti-fracking protesters brought tractors to the Lancashire County Council building ahead of the announcement. Photo: Frack Off

Lancashire council defers Cuadrilla fracking decision

Lancashire Council has postponed it's decision on whether to allow fracking in the county after Cuadrilla wrote to the council requesting more time to consult on 'noise and traffic concerns'.

The focus of the debate will now switch to Cuadrilla and Lancashire County Council

Infrastructure Bill: What it means and what they said

The recent debate and vote on the Infrastructure Bill - the first such vote for MPs on fracking - had major ramifications for the environment and the UK energy mix.

An anti-fracking protest outside parliament on Monday. The Tories were forced into a U-turn on fast-track fracking

Fracking u-turn: Banned in national parks, moratorium rejected

Fracking for shale gas will NOT be fast-tracked in the UK after the Government accepted Labour proposals close a number of environmental loopholes in a spectacular last-minute u-turn.

A 267,933-strong petition urging the Prime Minister to reconsider his 'all-out' support for fracking was handed in to Downing Street. Photo: Dalziel/Greenpeace

Fracking fracas: Campaigners and MPs urge Cameron to reconsider

A mass anti-fracking petition has been delivered to Downing Street and a new survey revealing the widespread condemnation of the Government's 'all-out' support for shale has been released, ahead of the first Commons vote on fracking legislation.

Renewables create over six times as many jobs as gas per unit of power generated or saved, and around three times as many jobs per pound of investment

Fracking job claims hugely exaggerated, says Friends of the Earth

Renewable energy generates six times as many jobs as gas, says a new Friends of the Earth (FoE) report which rubbishes claims from shale-exploration firm Cuadrilla that each fracking wellpad will support 1,100 jobs.

The push to exploit shale gas in the UK has received strong backing from David Cameron and George Osborne

UK's shale gas revolution falls flat with just 11 new wells planned for 2015

The UK government's planned shale gas revolution has barely got out of the starting blocks with just 11 new exploratory wells for shale gas and oil due to be drilled this year even before the impact of plunging oil prices has fully begun to impact on the industry.

The new funding seeks to curb the environmental impact of controversial fracking technology

Government commits to 'greener' fracking with £2m fund

The Government has unveiled a new £2m fund for 19 companies across the UK to develop innovative ideas that improve the sustainability and safety of shale oil and gas.

Labour proposed a ban on fracking near groundwater aquifers

Labour's proposed fracking restrictions welcomed by green groups

Friends of the Earth have welcomed a new Labour proposal to ban fracking near vital underground water stores.

More than 120 towns across the state of New York have outlawed fracking

New York state to ban fracking over 'red flags' to public health

The state of New York said it would ban the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing on Wednesday because of "red flags" about its risks to public health.

Experts disagree about the potential impact of fracking on the water supply

Report: Businesses 'surprisingly relaxed' about water impacts of fracking

Key stakeholders in the use and procurement of shale gas appear unconcerned about the potential impacts of fracking on water pollution and water resources, according to a new report from a sustainability consultancy firm.

Osborne's Statement was poorly received by environmental activists and the renewables industry

Autumn Statement: Key points and industry reaction

George Osborne delivered his mini-Budget today as sustainability professionals called for rapid decarbonisation, a move towards a fully circular economy and a better long-term strategy for sustainability.

The plans were released on the five-year anniversary of President Obama's executive order on Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance

US Government steps up climate change action

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released two new plans to reduce its emissions and prepare for the extreme-weather impacts of climate change.

Lord Chris Smith, former chair of the Environment Agency, is to lead a task force assessing the impacts of fracking in the UK

Former Environment Agency head to lead industry-funded fracking task force

The risks and benefits of fracking for the UK are to be examined by a "independent" task force, led by the former head of the Environment Agency, Lord Chris Smith, and funded by shale gas companies.

The 'Divest!' campaign will take the form of an online letter to Britain's 'Big Five' banks

Britain's 'Big Five' banks urged to divest from fossil fuels

A new campaign calling for banks to stop funding fossil fuels and climate change has been launched as part of Good Money Week today (20 October).

A working circular economy could be a practical solution to the planet's emerging resource problems

UK energy policy 'vital' to circular economy success, report argues

A new report which warns that current energy policies are stifling the UK's transition to a circular economy has been welcomed by the renewables industry, with calls for the Government to do more to realise the green potential of waste.

Fracking uses large volumes of water for short periods of time and as such could have negative effects on water security

Global water availability 'could limit fracking developments'

A new report that looks into the potential environmental effects of fracking has revealed that drilling and fracturing shale gas wells poses a 'significant risk' to freshwater supplies across the globe.

The survey revealed that more than 40% of people have never heard of carbon capture storage

Lack of awareness 'undermining' CCS use for tackling carbon emissions

A lack of public awareness about carbon capture and storage (CCS) is threatening to undermine the UK's efforts to use the new technology for cutting carbon emissions, a new leading academic survey has found.

The several hundred-strong "No Dash for Gas - Reclaim The Power" camp has positioned itself close to one of two planned drill sites by energy firm Cuadrilla and is expected to remain for six days. File photo

Protesters occupy field near Cuadrilla's proposed fracking site in Blackpool

Protest camp set up in Fylde area as locals and campaigning groups prepare for mass action on Sunday.

Is fracking for shale gas key for the UK's long term energy mix, or is it a recipe for environmental disaster?

Will shale gas ever find its place in today's broad energy mix?

Many decades ago, Albert Einstein said that 'Everything is Energy and Energy is everything". This claim is still very true as we look at the impact of energy as a source on our modern society today.

The new round of licencing opens up around half of the UK to shale gas exploration

Government opens bidding for fracking licences while 'protecting' National Parks

The government has today (July 28) opened the bidding process for companies seeking exploration licences to extract shale oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

The study reveals that fracking in the UK will pose a much lower risk to water supplies than it has in parts of North America

Study reveals fracking risk to drinking water

New underground maps from the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the Environment Agency (EA) have discovered that many shale gas deposits overlap with major water aquifers.

Chris Huhne says there is no political consensus on tackling climate change

Political outlook on green issues is fractured, says Huhne

The political outlook on green issues for the UK is substantially more fractured now than it was in 2010, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne.

Shale gas and oil have become accessible in the last decade because of advances in the technology of fracking

Scotland shale gas and oil reserves 'modest' compared with England

Midland Valley of Scotland has up to 134.6 trillion cubic feet of shale gas below ground, according to British Geological Survey.

One major issue for public debate is the future of agriculture, which causes 9% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions

UK chief scientist calls for urgent debate on climate change mitigation

It's time to move on from the basics of whether global warming is happening to how best to respond, says chief science adviser

The announcements in the Queen's speech this morning leave the gate open to developers to offset less stringent energy efficiency measures in new homes. Image: IR Stone /

Queen's speech: win on plastic bags, lose on zero-carbon homes

Despite affirming "My ministers champion efforts to secure a global agreement on climate change", the final Queen's speech before the next general election was decidedly thin when it came to action on sustainability and the environment.

The development followed a 'legal blockade' by the local landowners around the site

Energy company abandons South Downs fracking plans

Campaigners claim victory after Celtique Energy tells residents it will not drill horizontally under their land.

Shale gas is drilled out of rocks in a process known as 'fracking'

Shale gas review: Energy efficiency remains 'national priority', experts argue

The Government is being urged to remain focused on the task of moving the UK to an efficient and low-carbon energy system following the release of a new report from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee about the potential of using more shale gas.

George Osborne wants climate change tackled as cheaply as possible

Chancellor calls on environmentalists to drop opposition to nuclear power and shale gas as they can be inexpensive

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has awarded three licences to Nebula Resources to begin fracking in the Irish Sea

'Fracking' for offshore shale gains traction with plans to drill Irish sea

The co-founder of shale gas firm Caudrilla is aiming to drill the world's first offshore shale gas wells.

Fracking opponents are being irrational, says David Cameron

Prime minister questioned by House of Commons liaison committee about shale gas, environment and women's issues

Fracking in the UK: 'We're going all out for shale,' admits Cameron

Environmentalists say prime minister's plan to grant councils 100% of business rates from fracking amounts to a bribe

Credit: Randi Sokoloff /

Safeguarding water supplies - a frack too far?

Water is the latest natural resource under threat from fracking and unless the risks are properly assessed, certain areas could face real shortfalls in supply. Maxine Perella reports

Opposition to nuclear power in Britain has fallen since 2005, despite the Fukushima accident in 2011

British public divided on nuclear power

The amount of people now supporting the use of nuclear power in the UK is roughly the same as those opposed, according to research published today by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).

Dieter Helm: EMR will need full review to address issues

The Government's Energy Market Reform (EMR) is supposed to "solve our energy problems" but is it a solution for the next 25 years and is it going to make sure that we achieve our low-carbon transition, keep the lights on and ensure prices are affordable? Leigh Stringer talks to professor of energy policy at Oxford University Dieter Helm

Ed Davey (pictured) said that

Ed Davey: Britain can't bank on shale gas to solve energy challenges

Ed Davey has backed the exploration of shale gas but expressed caution, claiming it will not "come close to solving even our basic energy resource security challenge".

Osborne paid tribute to the oil and gas industry but said renewables play a big part in the UK's energy mix

Osborne: 'Oil and gas vital but so too are renewables and nuclear'

Chancellor George Osborne today highlighted the important role of renewables and nuclear, while commending the oil and gas industry for its continued contribution to the British economy.

David Cameron says without fracking technology, the UK could

David Cameron: 'Back fracking or miss opportunities'

Prime Minister David Cameron has today urged the UK to back the controversial practice of 'fracking' or risk missing out on the opportunities associated with shale gas.

Shale gas well

Shale gas industry told water quality 'cannot be compromised'

Water companies have called on the shale gas industry to ensure that water quality in the UK is protected "at all costs".

Lush Cosmetics fights fracking as Government cuts shale gas tax

UK company Lush Cosmetics has begun an anti-fracking campaign as the Government announces tax breaks to companies involved in the UK's shale gas industry.

Centrica agrees Northern England fracking deal with Cuadrilla

The British Gas owner, Centrica, has bought a 25% stake in a venture license to drill for shale gas in Northern England from fracking firm Cuadrilla.

Do not underestimate 'massive' water consumption in fracking process warns expert

The excessive use of water in the process of hydraulic fracturing must not be underestimated given the unpredictable nature of water in the UK, according to head of climate resilience and adaption at civil engineering firm Jacobs, Steve Thompsett.

Credit: Glynnis Jones /

Protest over Obama fracking wastewater plan

Fears have been raised over a US proposal to transport fracking wastewater by barge as energy analysts claim it will pose a serious health risk to drinking water.

'Eureka' moment for solution to water contamination

A scientific breakthrough might have provided a solution to the issue of water contamination, say researchers at Houston Rice University and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Locals welcome shale exploration

A survey commissioned by the British drilling company, Cuadrilla Resources, suggests that residents in Lancashire are beginning to support the continued exploration of shale gas in their local area.

Coal due to make a global comeback

The era of coal consumption is far from over and by 2017 it will come close to surpassing oil as the world's top energy source, according to a report published today.

Fracking potential risk to 'fragile' UK water supply

The water industry has expressed its concerns over the Government's announcement that fracking for shale gas will resume in the UK.

Fracking gets green light as shale makes comeback in the UK

Hydraulic fracturing for shale gas will resume after the Government today lifted a ban on the practice, known as fracking.

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