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The four reports layout how cities, storage and transport form fundamental pillars to drive innovation and sustainable growth

What will the green economy look like in 10 years' time? Experts predict cleantech trends...

By 2026, the global adoption of a low-carbon economy will have taken huge strides, with smart city revenues and energy storage deployment skyrocketing, and the number of low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles on the roads also increasing at impressive rates.

The funding forms part of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) support scheme, which aims to ‘green’ fleets by introducing hydrogen models

UK Government aims to triple hydrogen vehicle numbers with £2m funding pot

The UK Government's vision to ensure that almost all cars on the roads by 2050 are zero-emission reached another milestone on Tuesday (10 May), after a £2m funding pot aimed at tripling the number of hydrogen vehicles in the UK was revealed.

Hydrogen cars could share the future automotive market with electric vehicles (EV) by optimising a sharing economy policy

How a sharing economy could catapult hydrogen vehicles into the mainstream

EXCLUSIVE: Embracing a sharing economy could allow hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to carve out a niche route to accelerate into the mainstream vehicle mix, but only if efforts to boost infrastructure productions are increased.

GM’s Global Propulsion Systems division is placing an increased focus on the development of fuel cells and electric battery systems

General Motors re-brands engineering arm to reflect era of EVs

General Motors (GM) is dedicating more than 4,000 employees to the development of new fuel cell and battery technologies as part of a manufacturing shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs).

NATO’s efficiency focus is reflective of a growing trend among military forces

Energy efficiency can save soldiers' lives, says NATO

Reducing the energy consumption of the military is 'an operational imperative' and can save soldier lives, according to military alliance NATO.

Intelligent Energy has developed the non-intrusive cells to enable consumers to become 'producers of energy'

Modular hydrogen fuel cells could provide week-long battery life for smartphones

A UK energy technology company has used the spotlight of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas to unveil a number of prototype mobile devices with extended battery life through hydrogen-powered modular fuel cells.

The firm is targeting a 15% cut in carbon efficiency and a 20% cut in water consumption by 2020 compared to 2014

Whitbread continues slashing emissions and water use

The UK's largest hospitality company has released its 2015 corporate responsibility report, detailing continued progress in water, energy and waste.

The project will latch on to existing national plans for large-scale hydrogen refuelling infrastructure as Europe aims to remove emissions from transport

Hydrogen coalition launches EU-wide EV project

Hydrogen mobility innovators from across Europe have formed a new coalition to deploy 200 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV); 125 extended-range electric vans and 29 Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) in 10 EU countries.

Scotland has pumped hydro storage facilities which optimise Scotland's power network system

Scotland unveils Storage Network to harness power of renewables

Industry body Scottish Renewables has taken steps to complement and improve the country's growing renewables sector by launching a new Storage Network.

The first Toyota Mirai arrived in Bristol earlier this week

First hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai arrive in Europe

Toyota has introduced its first production-grade hydrogen-powered Mirai sedans to Europe this week.

The study claims to be the 'missing piece' for securing future low-carbon transport

£10bn investment needed to drive low-carbon transport industry

More than £10bn will need to be invested in low-carbon transport if the UK is to meet its carbon emission reduction targets by 2050.

Surplus electricity is used to electrolyse water, splitting it into its constituent parts of oxygen and hydrogen. Photo courtesy of the Universita di Corsica

New team of scientists formed to develop hydrogen storage technology

How to store surplus energy from renewables? That's the billion-dollar question that a new international collaboration of European and Japanese scientists is trying to solve.

Research is underway to evaluate the viability for commercial operation and developing a take-back system for end-of-life fuel cells

Project underway to develop fuel-cell recycling process

Work has begun on the development of a new recycling process to recover and re-use high-value materials from waste fuel-cells.

Developing low-carbon vehicles has long been a Government goal

Government gives way to greener emergency vehicles

More than 1,000 local authority vehicles including buses, taxis, vans, fire engines and ambulances are going to be made greener thanks to £5m of Government funding.

Sales figures from 2013 suggest that almost 50,000 electric vehicles were sold in the EU

Electric vehicle sales double in Europe as new models drive growth

New models of electric vehicles (EVs) have helped industry sales double annually in Europe since they were first marketed in 2010, according to a new report released today (July 30) by Transport & Environment.

Intelligent Energy will launch the Upp device in Africa where demand for mobile technology has significantly increased over the last few years but powering options are still limited

New fuel cell technology puts an end to wall socket charging

A global power technology company has developed a new fuel cell device that could end the need to charge and power smartphones through the wall socket.

Urgency needed to develop fuel cell industry

The Deputy Mayor of London and the Energy Minister attempted to give some impetus to the UK’s fuel cell programme in their addresses to the eighth Grove Fuel Cell Conference, this week. The Deputy Mayor said the UK must approach fuel cell development with urgency if it is to maximise the economic competitiveness of the technology.

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