Future proofing

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Renewable energy sources, electrified markets and improvements to transport and connectivity are vital to the UK's future

CBI: Infrastructure Commission needs 'strong teeth' to deliver low-carbon future

The long-term future of the UK is at risk of being "way-laid by politics" if the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) doesn't deliver a fully integrated, low-carbon future that mitigates the impact of climate change, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has warned.

Natural capital refers to the elements of the natural environment that provide valuable goods and functions

Blue chips begin live testing natural capital processes

More than 40 of the world's biggest businesses have been given access to the new draft of a new Protocol which enables business to effectively gauge environmental impacts and develop natural capital business models.

Green thinking can bring huge benefits in reducing bottom lines costs and increasing employee engagement

Why the time is NOW for sustainable business practice

James Deacon, head of corporate responsibility at technology company Ricoh UK, offers his advice for businesses looking to become more sustainable in 2015 and beyond

The new plant is now fully operational and will enable Wyke Farms to recover up to 95% of its factory wastewater

Wyke Farms goes 100% Green with £1m water recovery plant

The UK's largest independent cheese producer and milk processor has today (2 July) officially opened a new water recovery plant which effectively closes the loop on its wastewater.

Left to Right Axion director Keith Freegard with engineers Richard McKinlay and Sam Haig

Managers need to 'future proof' MRF design to maximise plant efficiency

Operators of materials recycling facilities (MRFs) need to incorporate 'future-proof' design concepts into the layout and operating principles of new plants if they are to improve quality and maximise profits from their investments, according to an industry expert.

International data 'proving relationship' between sustainability and performance

Sustainability is now arguably one of the most critical agents of change in real estate ownership, says Legal & General's Debbie Hobbs.

In conversation with Legal & General's Debbie Hobbs

Legal & General's sustainability manager, Debbie Hobbs tells edie about the challenges of embedding sustainability across an entire supply chain and how sustainability professionals need to "educate, support, encourage and monitor".

Sustainable procurement and future-proofing supply chains

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in the news today, but the concept is not new to procurement and supply management professionals, says Paula Gildert.

Visions of the future

What will the future be like in terms of consumer lifestyles in 2025? And how will these be affected by sustainability issues? The FutureScapes project aims to find out. Chris Clifton reports

How to attract investment

The UK water and wastewater industry is struggling to attract private investors because of concerns over security of supply and the need for increasingly efficient wastewater treatment. Phil Bolton of Watson-Marlow reports.

Southern upgrades mapping system

Southern Water has upgraded its mapping data to a full corporate geographical information system using a single repository of spatial data. This has allowed it to take advantage of Ordnance Survey's (OS) flagship, MasterMap. Paul Beauchamp of OS reports

Efficiency is key

Phil Bolton, water industry specialist at Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps, explains how peristaltic pumps can deliver reduced cost of ownership

UVPS spells the end for chlorine

Water treatment is undergoing a major change with ever more stringent regulations on drinking water, discharge consent levels, water quality as examples. There are also regulations being driven by the EC to phase out the use of chlorine. This, coupled with increased public awareness, represents a major opportunity for UVPS, which offers a low-energy, non-toxic and sustainable water treatment technology. Professor Peter Robertson explains.

Driving forces

Disposal route protection, bioenergy production and increased volatile matter conversion are the new market drivers for sludge treatment in the UK. Aidan Cumiskey and Dorian Harrison of Monsal explore some of the issues when considering investment in the new generation of technologies

How conquering Europe can drive sustainability and business

Simon Fordham looks at the value of European awards in driving sustainable manufacturing

Talking leakage with Thames Water

Thames Water loses more than a third of its water through leaks. WWT talks to leakage strategy manager Mark Simister about how the company is aiming to cut these losses

Future proofing

The upcoming Water Framework Directive is forcing

Flying by wireless - is it safe?

Steve Russell, WRc's senior instrument engineer, looks at the future of wireless devices in the field of telemetry

Addressing our changing climate

Elaine Coles looks at how the water industry is handling the impact of climate change

Strategic energy options

Ewan Group considers efficiency savings through pump optimisation

Feel free to try Gusto's system

The supply and disposal of water is becoming increasingly important for developers. Award winner Gusto Construction divulges the secrets surrounding its successful Freerain system

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