Ivory Coast

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Orange opens its fifth mobile collection facility in Africa to promote recycling

Orange opens mobile phone collection facility in Ivory Coast

Telecommunications giant Orange has teamed up with charity Emmaüs International to open a mobile phone collection facility in Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Amsterdam Port from where the waste sailed to Africa

Trafigura guilty of illegal toxic waste transport to Africa

Multi-national business Trafigura has been found guilty of illegally transporting toxic waste to be dumped in Africa by a Dutch court.

No hiding place

A landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice on environmental lapses could profoundly affect business throughout the EU. Chris Webb reports

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, November 06

This month sees changes to pollution rules across the UK and the EU, with asbestos regulations tightening up in Britain as new additions are made to the list of information, training and protection companies are required to provide asbestos workers with.

French nationals arrested as Ivory Coast clean-up begins

The clean-up of a toxic spill that left seven dead and thousands in need of medical treatment began this week in the Ivory Coast while two Frenchmen from the company which chartered the ship from which the waste originated were arrested as they tried to leave the country.

Can Africa, India and Asia Relieve the EU’s Biofuel Famine?

D1 Oils, a new bio diesel company, certainly thinks so. Rather than rely on subsidised rapeseed and sunflower oil to meet the EU’s rapidly growing demand for biodiesel, D1 says the fuel should be sourced from the developing world. This will mean low carbon transport for the EU and jobs in the developing world’s agricultural sectors currently unable to sell to the EU because of tariffs. Sounds too good to be true? D1’s chairman, Karl Watkin, sets out his case.

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