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The new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre could be the site of the geothermal well which would increase Scotland's progress on renewable heat

Could geothermal energy solve Scotland's renewable heat dilemma?

Plans to drill a deep geothermal well beneath the city of Aberdeen could deliver heating to thousands of nearby homes and an exhibition centre as Scotland looks to accelerate progress towards its goal of 11% non-electrical heat demand coming from renewable sources by 2020.

Energy would be generated by pumping heated water up from granite hot rocks three miles underground through 25cm-wide bore holes

Eden Project bids to power homes and 'biomes' with geothermal power

A tropical fish farm, medical facility and computer servers could be powered by "hot rocks" underneath the Eden project if plans to create one of the UK's only geothermal plants get underway.

Pacific islands such as Fiji could provide 100% of their energy from renewable sources

IRENA: Pacific islands should embrace natural renewables resources

Small island nations can secure substantial economic benefits by developing renewable energy sources, according to a series of new reports.

A geothermal power station in New Zealand

DECC urged to follow Scotland's lead on geothermal exploration

The renewables industry has urged the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to investigate the potential of geothermal energy, after the Scottish Government green-lit five feasibility studies north of the border.

Scotlands plans to have 40,000 homes connected to district heating by 2020

Scotland plots path to low-carbon heat

The Scottish Government has released a new policy roadmap, setting out its approach to decarbonising the heat system.

More than 20,000 domestic installations have now benefited from the RHI

Renewable heat installations warm up with Government incentives

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has subsidised more than 6,000 renewable heat installations in UK homes since opening in April 2014.

Onshore wind is currently the industry leader, consistently delivering electricity for USD 0.05/kWh

Report: Renewable energy now price-competitive with fossil fuels

New research has found that renewable energy systems can now compete with fossil fuels on price, thanks to falling installation costs and maturing technology.

Vermilion reveals that it spent $37m on environmental initiatives in 2013.

Oil and gas giant launches its first sustainability report

Vermilion Energy, an international oil and gas producer, has launched its first sustainability report which lays out details of the company's plans to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and lower the amount of water and energy it uses.

Support for solar water heating has increased to 10p per kWh

Green heat technologies more affordable with RHI upgrade

Businesses across the country are being offered 'greater choice than ever before' on how to sustainably meet their heating requirements as long-awaited improvements to the world's first Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme come into force today (28 May).

DECC confirms domestic RHI tariffs

Householders could be paid hundreds of pounds a year for generating renewable heat, after tariff levels for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) were published today.

Glasgow investigates geothermal potential of sub-city mines

Water in a network of abandoned mines underneath Glasgow could be used to generate up to 40% of the city's heat.

Onshore wind sector will continue to grow, despite 10% support cut

Wind sector breathes sigh of relief over Renewables Obligation (RO) banding review

The onshore wind sector has expressed relief following the government's Renewables Obligation (RO) banding review, cutting the sector's support by 10% compared to the 25% previously expected.

The plant will tap into the Cheshire Basin, which has the energy potential equivalent to heating 7m homes

GT Energy to develop UK's largest geothermal heating plant

GT Energy will build the UK's largest geothermal heating plant in Manchester to support the development of a low carbon economic zone.

Sainsbury's is rolling out its renewables initiative to 100 stores

Sainsbury's renewables initiative to reduce energy consumption by 30%

Sainsbury's will reduce energy consumption by up to 30% in 100 stores through generating renewable energy to provide heating, hot water and cooling.

Partnership deal targets geothermal energy development

A partnership agreement to develop five deep-geothermal heat and distribution systems has been signed by GT Energy and E.ON UK, with the first project starting later this year.

A geothermal plant in New Zealand

Deep geothermal can provide 20% of UK electricity needs

The UK's deep geothermal resources could provide 9.5GW of baseload renewable electricity, equivalent to nearly nine nuclear power stations, according to a new report.

UK to import Icelandic deep geothermal energy

The UK has signed an energy agreement with Iceland, which will enable Iceland's volcanoes to supply deep geothermal energy to the UK.

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