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Flanders is a great model that other nations should aspire to

Flanders: a society built on recycling

With its popular recycling parks, fashionable reuse shops and tiny landfill rates for household waste, Flanders in Belgium looks like an unqualified waste management success story. David Gilliver investigates

Severnside: recycling old Christmas cards

Severnside partners Woodland Trust in card scheme

Severnside Recycling has linked up with the Woodland Trust for the fourth consecutive year to launch a Christmas card recycling scheme.

Perco applies pressure to CIPP

Cured-in-place pipe lining is no longer unusual, but employing the technique in the remediation of a pressurised main posed some interesting challenges, writes Nick Sheehan, engineering director of Perco

Demanding role for diaphragm pumps

Energy Pumps has just been awarded single source framework supplier status for diaphragm pumps for Scottish Water. Sales manager Heath Waring looks at some of the issues facing the utilities in selecting the correct pumping solution

Lining: The objective cure

CIPP is the most popular method of sewer renovation in the UK, but liner quality can vary considerably. Nick Sheehan, engineering director of Perco, explains how the findings of independent tests in Germany are especially pertinent to UK contractors

New waste rules come into force

At the end of the month, amendments to the Landfill Directive will require changes to the way in which you dispose of your waste. Do you understand your obligations?
Tom Idle

How to get the most from waste-to-energy

Generating energy from waste is attracting increasing attention. But incineration causes concerns. Andrew Hamilton says his company has a technology that bypasses the issue

One green bottle

Adnams prides itself on being one of the most eco-efficient brewery companies in Europe. John Haven investigates

A case for glass

Recycled glass represents a growing, and as yet largely untapped, market in the UK. Mark Lowe of Aqua Enviro and Dr Nigel Horan of the University of Leeds look at its applications in the water industry

Is the glass always greener?

Yorkshire Water is trialling crushed glass as a filter medium in place of sand. And early signs show that both the financial and the environmental benefits are significant.

Overlooking the obvious

Rainwater harvesting can drastically cut water demand - yet it is being grossly underestimated, writes Chris Williams.

Bringing European harmony to wastewater treatment

A new European standard comes into force from July 2008 which will harmonise individual countries' testing for small wastewater treatment systems. Alison Anderson, a member of the team that developed the new standard, explains why it will bring clarity to the industry.

Keeping flamingos in the pink

With tens of thousands of visitors flocking to see its flamingos and their other water companions, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust must try to keep the ponds clean and odour-free. Is using recycled glass for filtration the answer?

Property pioneers

Developers have been dabbling with green construction methods for a while now, but none has captured eco design quite like South West Eco Homes. Tom Idle paid a visit to the Great Bow Yard project in Somerset and spoke to regional co-ordinator, Cara Naden

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, July 06

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we look at the second reading of the EU's Groundwater Directive, the introduction of RoHS regulations, restrictions on ozone depleting substances and new rules for waste management in Northern Ireland.

Environmental Case Law Summary, July 06

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. Amongst the updates on offer in this month's roundup the EU ruffles feathers over firm approach to bird law, shipping companies put the UK in the dock over new pollution laws and a piggery accused of illegally dumping waste into public sewers saves its bacon by recalling a verbal agreement.

Glass firm's hopes shattered

A rival firm has persuaded the courts to revoke a pollution permit incorrectly issued to a glass manufacturer in Chester - meaning production cannot begin until the matter is cleared up.

Glass shows promise as filtration medium

Trials taking place at Europe's largest integrated turkey producer show that an innovative reed-bed design, using recycled glass in place of quarried gravel, is successful at treating effluent.

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, June 06

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see the EC consulting on waste incineration and amending its position on the import and export of hazardous chemicals. In the UK contaminated land law gets an overhaul and a raft of new regulations covering pollution from shipping are introduced. Regulations to protect watercourses from agricultural pollution are amended and local authorities in Scotland are given greater powers to ensure water supplies are up to standard.

Making wind work

The soon-to-be-built World Trade Centre in Bahrain will showcase the first large-scale integration of wind turbines in a building. John Haven describes the design evolution.

Responsible shopping

A new Tesco store in Norfolk is the first of its kind, and one of the most energy-efficient superstores in the country. Tom Idle had a browse around

The tank under construction - simultaneously pouring the floor, walls, column and roof sections.

San Diego's mega-tank reaches completion

Increasing demands on both quality and capacity at the Alvarado Water Filtration Plant in the US city of San Diego, California, meant constructing the world's largest circular, prestressed concrete storage tank. Judy Horning of US tank manufacturer, DYK, describes the challenge of meeting not only the highest standards for potable water storage but also of making the tank earthquake resistant.

Education counters contamination in Bangladesh

Rainwater harvesting projects in Bangladesh, combined with education programmes, may be key to addressing the critical water supply issues facing the country. Freelance journalist Rachel King recently toured numerous projects with Mohammed Azahar Ali, executive director and founder of the non-governmental Society for People's Actions in Change and Equity (SPACE). In an exclusive for World Water, she reports on the progress being made.

Responsible shopping

A new Tesco store in Norfolk is the first of its kind, and one of the most energy-efficient superstores in the country. Tom Idle had a browse around or the past four months, staff at the Tesco store in Diss, Norfolk, have had to come to terms with their new place of work. The energy-efficient superstore, which has received a lot of interest from energy champions and interested retailers, is certainly not your average place to shop.

Encouraging innovation in the water sector

Steve Kaye, Anglian's head of R&D and a visiting professor at Imperial College, discusses the increasing importance of research and development in the water industry

Clear benefits

Groundbreaking trials show that recycled glass is not only a highly effective filtration medium but also better for the environment

Record-breaking pipe bursting by K'nex

Welsh Water had to move fast when a sewage main burst at seaside resort during a summer bank holiday.

Glass war

There are pitfalls for manufacturers and local authorities if a plant is built without consent. Nina Benson reports on a glass factory that stands to be shut down at the cost of 220 jobs

Bottles, cans, unwanted presents - we're running out of room

Did you know that following our festive celebrations, around 3 million tonnes of unwanted Christmas presents were dumped in the bin. That's a hell of a lot of cardigans, socks and jumpers rudely disregarded as rubbish - and plenty of aunties and grannies left none-the-wiser.

The glass is greener

Recycled glass in wastewater treatment shows promise as a sustainable alternative to sand. Dr Nigel Horan of the University of Leeds and Mark Lowe of Aqua Enviro report

Innovative storage

Gary Little discusses some of the issues surrounding tank selection and installation

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (September 2005)

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the changes this month we see the ratification of a pan-European protocol on water and health, the introduction of new packaging waste recycling targets, the EC gives GM animal feed the green light, combined heat and power stations get climate change tax cut in the UK, new regulations for offshore oil discharge and an overhaul of health and safety regulations for animal by-products in England and Wales.

China in hand

China's WEEE regulation is designed to resolve the country's rapidly growing domestic e-waste problem. However, neither this directive nor the EU law on which it is modelled are adequately prepared, as Elius Levin reports

Within REACH

Anna Latham, environmental advisor to the manufacturers' organisation EEF, argues that the REACH regulation will impact far beyond the world of the chemical sector

UK PRN trading site launched

On the 25th of November, Europe's first environment trading floor, The OM Environment Exchange, went on-line.

The Cumbrian MRF breaks new ground

Cumbrian MRF breaks new ground by recovering waste locally

Cumbrian Waste Management has started work on a new £1m materials recovery facility (MRF), which will allow waste materials generated in the county to be recycled locally.

Scrutiny applied to glass packaging ahead of recycling target proposals

An investigation has been launched into the UK glass packaging supply chain to gain a deeper insight into the potential impacts of introducing split recycling targets for this material stream.

Sustainable filtration technology has 'wider implications for UK water industry'

Affinity Water is demonstrating its sustainability credentials with the installation of filtration technology derived from recycled glass, at its Egham water treatment works.

ValeStock /

Stella Artois and Beck's brewer demonstrates environmental credentials

The brewer of beers such as Stella Artois, Beck's and Budweiser has achieved its three year global environmental goals on water, energy, carbon emissions and recycling.

2012 was the third year in which Carlsberg Polska cooperated with major retailers in Poland to set up a waste collection scheme

Carlsberg demonstrates CSR credentials with reduced energy consumption

Global brewer Carlsberg has reduced its energy consumption and agreed a new strategy for sustainable packaging, according to its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report released today.

Greg Barker (second from left) visiting NSG Group's glass coating facility

Energy efficient glass production will help drive Green Deal says Barker

The Minister of State for Climate Change, Greg Barker, has visited a new glass coating facility that is being hailed as a pioneering advanced method of making energy-efficient glass.

New £2.8m works secure water for Scotland's remotest community

Work has been completed on an innovative £2.8m replacement water treatment plant which will serve Scotland's most northerly inhabited island in the Shetlands.

Brand leaders sign up to accelerate circular economy innovation

A new global alliance will launch next month to accelerate business innovation towards a circular economy as new research identifies a $700bn economic opportunity for the consumer goods sector in this transition.

Glass packaging demand set to make way for cheaper plastics

The global glass packaging market will reach a value of $36.8bn in 2013, but its growth will be limited in the next 10 years as it loses out to competition from plastics.

Christmas recycling could save London 'millions of pounds'

London Mayor Boris Johnson has called on the nation's capital to recycle this Christmas and save £3.5m in the process.

Heineken shows Shanks plenty of bottle

Heineken is set to recycle all of its remaining brown bottles as it looks to become the 'greenest' brewer in the world.

(L-R) Professor Dave Worsley, research director at SPECIFIC; Business Secretary, Vince Cable and First Minister, Carwyn Jones.

Buildings to become 'power stations' under renewable energy project

The launch of a new building improvement project aims to 'revolutionise' the UK's renewable energy industry by turning buildings into 'power stations' capable of generating, storing and releasing their own energy.

King's Cross £1.3m solar project comes alive

A central solar panel installation on the main roof at King's Cross station has been officially turned on today.

Recycling rates up in Ireland but experts warn more support needed

Household packaging recovered in 2011 was up by almost 10% to 208,000 tonnes compared with 2010, according to the latest figures released by Repak, Ireland's packaging recovery organisation.

Kerbside sort is councils' choice for waste collection

Source-segregation is the favoured household waste collection method among local authorities according to latest research.

Beauty salons guilty of poor recycling practices

Many health and beauty clubs are not interested in recycling their waste - even if a service is provided, according to regional research.

Henkel aims to triple business efficiency by 2030

Technologies business Henkel has identified sustainability as a key driver behind its pledge to improve the efficiency of its business and supply chain three-fold by 2030.

IKEA is looking to work with suppliers to reduce water-intensive practices

IKEA draws up global water strategy for supply chain

IKEA is finalising details on a water strategy that will be rolled out across its home furnishing supply chain later this year in a bid to reduce water use and improve wastewater quality.

Wales gets a cash injection from Europe to boost recycling

EU awards £8m to Wales for landfill diversion drive

Wales has received a £8m funding boost from the EU to reduce and recycle waste across two of its southwest counties.

Casepak opens MRF in Leicester

A pioneering £21m materials recycling facility (MRF) has opened in Leicester to handle municipal and commercial waste, with the aim of recovering 95% of material as a resource.

Boris urges Londoners to recycle Christmas waste

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is calling on Londoners to recycle their Christmas waste in a bid to save the capital £2.7m.

Paper wine bottle inventor Martin Myerscough with the product

Carbon cutting paper wine bottle unveiled

Supermarkets are in talks with a small British business over using what it claims is the world's first paper wine bottle.

Improved machine cycles have enhanced glass production and durability to the point where Encirc no longer needs to use the plastic shrouds that prevent bottles being damaged

How Encirc is smashing the glass ceiling of supply chain sustainability

As businesses begin to look beyond the 'low-hanging fruit' of on-site sustainability solutions, a growing number of firms are turning their attentions to supply chain management as a way of reducing emissions and environmental footprints even further.

South East Water builds river walkway for eels

South East Water (SEW) has fitted a special 'eel pass' on a river weir in East Sussex, in a bid to help the creatures migrate more easily from the sea and thrive.

Edrington's Mike Rose showcases his innovation

Famous Grouse whisky toasts packaging breakthrough

Famous Grouse scotch whisky is set to be sold in lighter packaging weighing only 340g - a 14% weight reduction previously not thought possible in the production of premium spirit bottles.

Hertfordshire Waste Partnership set to generate over £3m cost savings

Hertfordshire Waste Partnership (HWP) has predicted that its collaborative approach will create cost savings of £3.68m for the county's 11 local authorities in 2011-12.

Competition to find best CO2 reduction technology launches

A major new competition has launched in a bid to encourage the development of carbon reduction technologies, with a grant fund of up to £4.5M available.

The new facility will have a working capacity of 150,000 tonnes per annum

Casepak set to double reprocessing capacity as MRF nears completion

Casepak's new £21M materials recycling facility (MRF) in Leicester is now in its final stages of construction, and is due to become fully operational next month.

Riot clean-up helpers praised for fast response

Local authority crews, waste contractors and the general public have been praised by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) for their support in clean-up operations, following four nights of riots in London and across the country.

A burnt out police car in Tottenham after the first night of rioting

Police attacked with wheelie bin 'weapons' as London riots ignite

Wheelie bins, bottle banks and their trashy contents are being used by rioters as lethal weapons against the police as London's violent uprisings spread like wildfire across the capital.

Nestlé develops smartphone app to help shoppers recycle better

Nestlé has developed what it claims is the world's first free smartphone app to encourage consumers to recycle their packaging waste more effectively.

Kevin Surace: a big thinker who is intent on shaking up the building materials industry

'We're going to try to be disruptive in everything we do'

Erik Jaques meets Kevin Surace, founder, Serious Materials

WEEE Ireland CEO Leo Donovan, model Nadia Forde and WEEE Ireland's Elizabeth O’ Reilly

Irish jewellers call for old watches

Jewellers in Ireland are hoping to turn back time on old watches this month, after declaring August to be National Watch Scrappage and Recycling Month.

Scouts extend good deeds to water sustainability

The Scouts are learning about sustainable water use with a new rainwater system at a Scout Activity Centre in the New Forest.

Bringing together procurement: representatives from the councils involved

Teeside councils club together for bring bank recycling service

A single waste operator has been appointed to deliver recycling services for bring bank sites across the Tees Valley in a bid to drive efficiency savings for five councils.

SWR revs up to clinch automotive recycling deal

Automotive waste management specialist SWR has won a contract to manage all the waste generated at AW Repair Group's three bodyshop sites.

Chilean wine maker leads on water footprint

Chilean wine maker Concha y Toro has joined forces with the Water Footprint Network to measure its water footprint in a push to use resources sustainably.

Hospitality waste report outlines opportunity to save millions

The UK hospitality sector could save up to £724M a year by tackling food waste, according to a report published by the Waste Resources & Action Programme (WRAP).

J&B’s Vikki Jackson-Smith at one of the new sites in Hartlepool

J&B Recycling secures Teeside bring bank contract

J&B Recycling has secured a contract from Darlington Borough Council to collect household waste from bring banks across Teesside.

Getting to the gritty part

As water companies prepare to increase the opportunities for beneficial recycling of sewer grits, best practice guidance is being prepared for the water industry write Kathy Lewin, Tony Dee and James Peacock of WRc

One of the smashed windscreens in the aftermath of the attack

Biffa's blitz spirit keeps bin collections going after vehicle vandalism

Norwich City Council's refuse collection service was temporarily disrupted last month when a disgruntled former employee of the council's waste contractor, Biffa Municipal, smashed up a fleet of trucks in a fit of rage.

Conjet cleans up at Glenlee power station

The refurbishment of a giant penstock at the Glenlee hydro power station required specialist technology from Sweden. Lars-Göran Nilsson, executive vice president of Conjet tells the story

World first for sewer rehabilitation in Dorset

The first installation of a new MIPP system for pipe lining has taken place in Dorset. On behalf of Aqualiner, Ian Clarke reports

SWR revs up with automotive recycling deal

Specialist automotive recycling company SWR Waste Management has won the waste contract for leading dealership group Ridgeway.

Wearing it well

Wear protection can help optimise sludge-to-energy plants, says Julian Brindley, sales & marketing director, Kingfisher Industrial

Caroline Spelman and Lord Henley talk to the press at Defra's offices in London

WASTE REVIEW: Councils urged to commit to better collection services

Local authorities across England will be encouraged to sign up to a new waste and recycling services commitment to ensure they are delivering collection services that householders are happy with.

Inside Biffa's Edmonton MRF

Biffa wins processing contract for Basildon's recyclables

Biffa Recycling has been awarded a contract to process Basildon Council's household recyclable materials.

In-house water sampling? - It keeps the costs down

Water analysis is about more than health and safety or regulatory compliance. Matthew Smith, an area sales manager for Lovibond Tintometer, explains how regular monitoring contributes to a healthier cost balance

BIffa builds on its presence in Hampshire

Biffa secures second Hampshire refuse contract

Biffa has been awarded a joint recycling and refuse collection contract for East Hampshire District Council and Winchester City Council, as the two authorities look to save £2 million in annual costs by merging their services.

St Germans pumping station keeps fens flood-free

The 100m3/s capacity pumping station at Wiggenhall St Germans in Norfolk has now been formally opened by Lord James Russell, marking the culmination of this huge construction and flood defence project. Atkins’ John Sheppard explains.

Pharoah away from home

Silotank has recently delivered a range of tanks to a factory in Egypt – and continues to build on its export success

Sealing sock makes the right connections

Two industry giants have joined forces to bring a new lateral connection sealing system to the global market. And the signs are very positive that Interflow’s Interfit, with Fluvius’s help, will make a difference all around the world.

Europe's steel packaging recycling rate reaches 72%

European recycling rates for steel packaging reached a record-breaking 72% in 2009, making it the most successful recyclate.

Only 35% of C&I waste is recycled in the region

Study maps C&I waste arisings for the north east

Over two million tonnes of waste from commercial and industrial businesses is generated each year across the north east of England, according to a recent report.

Recresco's Karl Fenton outside the new site

Recresco opens Welsh glass reprocessing facility

Glass reprocessor Recresco has opened a plant in South Wales to boost recycling in the area.

L to R: Mark Boden, Wiltshire Council; Cllr Sturgis; Mike Hill; Tracy Carter, Wiltshire Council; and Cllr Linda Conley, Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire opens its 11th hrc

Wiltshire Council has opened a new, purpose-built, household recycling centre (hrc) in Marlborough - its 11th in the county - as part of its plans to boost its recycling levels and cut the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

Kier's Pure Recycling mrf in Ettington

Processing gets underway at Kier's Warwickshire mrf

Kier Group has taken delivery of five new plant machines for its Pure Recycling materials recycling facility (mrf) in Ettington, Warwickshire, as processing has begun ahead of schedule.

Gillmoss mrf: the jewel in Merseyside's recycling crown

Merseyside set to open £20M mrf in August

A new £20M materials recovery facility (mrf) in Gillmoss, Liverpool, is on schedule to open in August this year.

Palm's new dual stream recycling service in operation in Hinckley

Hinckley and Bosworth launches dual stream recycling scheme

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council has agreed a seven-year extension to its kerbside collection contract with Palm Recycling.

Construction on the new MRF is already underway

Casepak builds new £21M MRF in Leicester

Casepak is investing £21M to build a new materials recovery facility (MRF) on the Braunstone Frith Industrial Estate, near the M1 in Leicester.

Characters created from recyclable items appear in the campaign

Mobile web app aims to boost Scottish recycling

A new mobile phone web app has been launched by the Scottish Government to make it easier for people to recycle more items, more often.


Valpak met obligations for 2010

Valpak says that it has successfully met its customers' 2010 packaging waste obligations.

Olympian effort flows through

The site for the London Olympics 2012 includes a brand new deep water pumping station - and the UK's biggest municipal water recycling project ever. But, as Claire Smith reports, the capital's impressive engineering history is not being forgotten

Newcastle-under-Lyme: kerbside recycling rates have more than doubled

Partnership helps Newcastle-under-Lyme to double recycling rates

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council agreed a seven-year partnership with Acumen Distribution in February 2010 and has seen its kerbside recycling rates increase from 26% to 55% in just eight months.

Jamie McBride, Scottish glass recycling manager, at Viridor's Bonnyrigg site

Viridor recycles more in Scotland

Viridor says 2010 was a record year for recycling in Scotland, with 428.5M glass bottles and 350,000 televisions recovered.

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