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The new law, which comes into force this spring, will allow states to cultivate GM crops that have already been approved by the EU

GM crops to be fast-tracked in UK following EU vote

GM crops look set to be brought to the UK market speedily after MEPs approve new legislation allowing countries to choose whether to grow the crops, in a rubber-stamping vote on Tuesday (13 January).

Truss said that Britain should retain the power to decide on GM crops

Truss backs GM crops despite strong opposition

Environment Secretary Liz Truss has thrown her weight behind genetically modified (GM) food, saying the technology can have a positive environmental impact.

Plant scientists accuse the EU of preventing GM experiments for political reasons.

Plant scientists urge Europe to stop blocking GM trials on 'political' grounds

Twenty-one of Europe's most prominent plant scientists have signed an open letter warning that Europe may lose its prime research position unless field trials are allowed of genetically modified (GM) plant varieties that have been judged safe.

Monsanto stung with highest ever civil penalty for GM misbranding

Agribusiness giant Monsanto is to pay a multi-million dollar penalty for misbranding violations relating to genetically engineered pesticides.

Feed the world

Climate change is posing a serious threat to our food supply. CIWEM executive director, Nick Reeves, calls for a revolution in farming and consumer attitudes

Edie environmental case law summary November 2005

This month Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK, Europe and further afield. Updates covered include GM crops, waste frameworks, emissions trading, and failure to implement EU laws.

Land Oberosterreich v Commission. GM Crops

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave its judgement in the case of Land Oberösterreich v Commission (Case T-366/03) on 5 October 2005. The case concerned an application by the Republic of Austria for annulment of Commission Decision 2003/653/EC of 2 September 2003 relating to national provisions on banning the use of genetically modified organisms in the region of Upper Austria.

Hard talk

When it comes to saving the planet, says CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves, tough decisions need not always be bad ones.

Hard talk

When it comes to saving the planet, says CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves, tough decisions need not always be bad ones.

Edie environmental legislation summary (July 2005)

In this month's Semple Fraser and Edie News round-up of new policies and recent changes to legislation that will impact the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally: EU bans phthalates in toys, 13 alien invaders added to list of plants banned from Scottish wilds, Northern Ireland gets new powers to designate and protect environmentally sensitive areas, UK public sector document to become more public and much more.

Environment sidelined as election race begins

The general election race has now officially started and the date for going to the polls announced, to nobody's surprise, as May 5th.

Allowing the commercialisation of GM crops across Europe could threaten organic and specialist farmers, but Monsanto claims most farmers are now in favour of GMOs

Commercialising GMOs threatens EU farming, MP warns

Great caution should be taken towards the consideration of unrestricted commercialisation of GM products throughout the EU, according to MPs.

Scientists meet to advise EC on Biosciences Summit

A group of scientists from EU member states met for the first time on 27 April to begin work on assessing the European public's level of biosciences knowledge and how the EC should communicate information regarding such topics as GM crops and human cloning.

OECD report admits not enough is known about GM crops in tropical climates

Reports published by the chairman and the rapporteurs of a recent conference on GM food safety organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) include a call for an international forum on GM foods, similar to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

MEPs vote against specific liability scheme for GMOs

A European Parliament vote on the release of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) into the environment has pleased the biotechnology industry. Environmentalists have given the vote a mixed report card.

SCOTLAND: Report on GM food released in time for OECD conference

The first report looking at how Scotland should approach the issue of GM foods has been published by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

GM committee publishes rules for next year's UK trials

The committee in charge of the UK's trials of GM crops has reviewed the 1999 trials and issued recommendations for next year. These include allowing for some sites to be trashed by GM protesters without invalidating the trials as a whole.

Renewed attack on GM crops as UK extends trials

The UK Environment Minister has extended the country's voluntary ban on the commercial growing of GM crops for three more years. Environmentalists denounced the trials, seizing on the admission that biotech companies may be able to secure licences to sell the trial crops to animal feed producers before three years are up.

Channel Island goes GM free

The island of Jersey has decided to maintain itself as an area free from GM crops. The decision includes outlawing the growth of any GM potato varieties that may be developed in future.

Liberal Democrats vote for 5-year halt to GM crops

Members of the UK Liberal Democrats have voted in favour of a 5-year moratorium on the commercial growing of GM crops.

GM trials delayed as UK Government is taken to court

Court action by environmental group, Friends of the Earth (FoE), may result in a year-long delay of the UK government's Farm Scale GM trails. FoE alleges that the Government has "bent its own rules" with the expansion of the trials.

EU: Bio-techs seek earlier GM crop approvals as threat of trade war looms

Monsanto and AgrEvo have offered to improve crop monitoring and provide information that will allow GM food labelling in Europe in an effort to get EU approval for new GM crop varieties. The offer coincided with reports that the US Ambassador to the EU has raised the spectre of a trade war if the EU continues to block sales in Euroland of US-grown GM crops.

Lord Melchett (left)

Head of Greenpeace UK released from custody

Lord Melchett, head of Greenpeace UK, was released on Wednesday 28 July after being remanded in custody on Monday. Melchett and 27 other environmental activists attacked a genetically-modified maize field in Norfolk on Monday.

EU: Environment Ministers Freeze GMO authorisations

Environment Ministers from five EU states have signed a written declaration that they will not allow any new authorisations for the release of genetically modified organisms, until new regulations are adopted to ensure labelling and traceability of GMOs and their derivatives.

Membership of GM scientific committee announced

The UK Government announced membership of a new scientific steering committee to oversee the ecological studies on farmscale evaluations of genetically modified (GM) crops on May 25.

BMA calls for open-ended moratorium on commercial GM planting

The British Medical Association (BMA) has said there should be a moratorium on the commercial planting of genetically modified (GM) crops until there is a scientific consensus on their long term environmental effects.

Farmscale GM crop studies announced

Three contracts to study the effects on wildlife of Genetically Modified (GM) crops have been announced by UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher.

New report challenges Government advice on GM crop contamination

Evidence that pollen from genetically modified crops can cause cross-fertilisation over distances considerably greater than the Government's advised 200m separation zone has emerged in a new report commissioned by the Soil Association.

GM moratorium could be legal

A freeze on GM crops could be perfectly legal, according to a legal opinion obtained by FoE

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