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The partnership will seek to introduce “data translators” that act as decision-support tools to inform communities and businesses who are inexperienced in interacting with data

Tech giants join NASA and the White House to enhance data-driven climate resiliency

The White House and NASA have partnered with a host of technology giants including Google, Amazon and Microsoft to "harness the data revolution" as a means to develop climate resilience alongside the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Google hopes that the data collection will identify suspicious vessel activity and inform new sustainable policies

Google makes waves with new sustainable fishing data platform

Google has unveiled a new beta technology platform that utilises enhanced data collection and transparency to promote and improve policies and provide the "world's first global view" of sustainable fishing practices.

Google's circular approach to waste management, as outlined in one of the firm's blog posts this week. Photo: Google

Google steps up circular economy ambitions with zero-waste data centre pledge

Multinational tech giant Google has made a commitment to achieve zero waste to landfill status across all of its global data centres, accelerating its efforts to transition to a closed-loop business model.

Google has been able to achieve 3.5 times more computing power from the same amount of energy compared to five years ago

Google trains artificial intelligence to slash data centre energy by 40%

Tech giant Google has taken a "phenomenal step forward" in its efforts to drive energy efficiency, after developing artificial intelligence (AI) that has reduced energy consumption at its data centres by 40%.

The new mapping system could provide researchers with an effective platform to differentiate between forest destruction caused by climate change and deforestation

UN and Google forge 'eye-in-the-sky' forest mapping partnership

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has turned to tech giant Google to implement a high-resolution satellite-based data mapping system which could usher in an "unprecedented level of environmental literacy" for the forestry sector.

Apple was the only company to receive an A+ grade from analyst InfluenceMap

Apple ranked as highest scoring corporation for climate influence

Tech giant Apple's continuous drive to champion renewable energy has seen it top a list of more than 150 companies - including rivals Microsoft and Google - to receive the first 'A+ grade' from a sustainability analysis group.

Christiana Figueres’ optimistic predictions about the Paris Agreement follows a series of positive announcements on climate change made by national governments and big businesses

Christiana Figueres expects Paris Agreement to take effect in 2018

The UN's soon-to-depart climate chief has said that the Paris climate change pact agreed last December could come into force two years earlier than the originally planned date of 2020.

The Tech Amici – collectively worth more than $1.7trn – have lobbied to support the plan, after implementing an array of low-carbon initiatives themselves

Google and Apple among tech giants backing Clean Power Plan

The four largest tech giants Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have collectively warned that any attempts to block a low-carbon transition in the US would prove 'costly' to both the global economy and human wellbeing.

Tesla are offering free charging appliances for car owners, while Google begin tests on wireless charging EVs

Tesla and Google lead the way in electric vehicle infrastructure push

Global innovators Tesla and Google have announced plans to accelerate the growth of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) by launching new schemes aimed at increasing the infrastructure options available to consumers.

Google is testing a variety of drones to assist with the rollout of 5G wireless internet

Google and Ministry of Defence testing solar-powered drones

The world's skylines could soon be littered with high-altitude, autonomous, solar-powered drones after it was revealed that tech giant Google and the UK Ministry of Defence have acquired drones in efforts to boost communication methods.

RE100 projects that the current group of 53 signatories will reach an average of 80% renewable electricity by 2020

RE100 companies halfway to 100% renewable target

The 53 companies that have signed up to the RE100 pledge to source 100% renewable energy are on average, halfway to their goals, a new report by The Climate Group and CDP shows.

The report highlights how company CEOs such as Unilever’s Paul Polman and Apple's Tim Cook have driven the attitude change from within the private sector

Unilever and National Grid labelled 'true leaders' in post-Paris policy push

Unilever and National Grid are among the select few companies to be heralded as 'true leaders' for their support of the policies set in place in Paris last month, according to corporate analysts InfluenceMap.

RE100 has released estimations claiming that when the 53 companies are operating with 100% renewable energy they will create demand for 90.1TWh of renewable electricity

BMW and Coca-Cola join latest wave of RE100 pledges

Carmaker BMW and soft drinks producer Coca Cola Enterprises are among the latest companies pledging to source all of their electricity from renewable energy sources as they join The Climate Group's RE100 initiative.

The new projects will power Google's data centres and brings the company's renewable energy capacity to 2 gigawatts

Google looks to triple renewable capacity through RE100

Google has upped its already ambitious green energy procurement programme, adding 842MW of renewable energy capacity and joining the RE100 initiative with a new target to triple its purchase of renewable energy by 2025.

Google's North Carolina data centre will receive renewable energy from Duke Energy's Green Source Rider programme

Google pilots new renewables programme

Google has announced that it will be the first customer of Duke Energy's renewable programme, in a move that will see Google's North Carolina data centre receive clean energy from a local 61 MW solar project.

Initiatives that receive funding will be eligible to test prototypes in the Galway Bay Ocean Energy Test Site

Apple invests in Ireland's ocean energy industry

Continuing its investment in renewable energy, technology giant Apple has agreed a new £1m R&D fund to support a wave energy project off the coast of Ireland.

The project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 11,600 tonne

Bloomberg to save $2m with solar-powered data centre

US financial services firm Bloomberg has announced a deal to power 5% of its main New York data centre through a 2.9MW solar plant.

The 310MW project will feature 365 wind turbines and provide almost a fifth of Kenya's installed capacity.

Google backs Africa's largest wind farm

Google has announced plans to buy a 12.5% stake in the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Northern Kenya - Africa's largest wind farm.

Google said the tool should help more homeowners take advantage of the record-low prices of solar energy

Google could tell you how much solar power your roof can generate

Google can now tell you how much solar energy you could generate by installing solar panels on your house - if you live in the right place.

Millions of shade balls are released into an LA reservoir to combat water loss

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

This week edie reported plenty of tech news from Silicon Valley, UK food waste figures and developments from our very own foreign correspondent in Indonesia.

The Nebia claims to be 70% more water efficient than regular showers

Water-saving shower crowdfunds almost $1m in less than 2 days

A new shower that is 70% more water-efficient than regular models is nearing $1m of funding in its Kickstarter campaign less than 48 hours after launch.

Facebook has set itself a long term goal of sourcing 100% renewable energy

Green giant: 5 ways Facebook is embracing digital sustainability

The tech giants of Silicon Valley were slow out of the gate with sustainability, frequently coming under fire at the start of the decade for their energy and water-hungry ways.

Aclima and Google are working together using Street View to monitor air pollution

Google Street View to map urban air quality and pollution

Environmental monitoring company Aclima has announced a new partnership with Google Earth Outreach to map urban air quality and pollution.

The announcement from the White House represents $140bn in planned low-carbon investment

American firms pledge $140bn to support Obama's climate action

Apple, Coca-Cola and Walmart are among 13 American multinationals that have put forward $140bn of new low-carbon investment in an announcement at the White House today (27 July).

Friday to Saturday (3-4 July) mark celebrations of Solar Independence Day

Solar Independence Day: Six ways solar is revolutionising sustainability

As Britain enjoys a bout of summer sun, solar farms are preparing to open up to the public for Solar Independence Day.

 Google is building a data centre on the grounds of the Widows Creek coal power plant in Jackson County, which has been scheduled for shutdown

Google to convert Alabama coal plant into renewable-powered data centre

Google will convert an old coal-fired power plant in rural Alabama into a data centre powered by renewable power, expanding the company's move into the energy world.

Anthesis analysed the usage of 4,000 US servers, and by extrapolating the findings, estimated there are approximately 10 million comatose servers worldwide

10 million 'comatose' IT servers wasting electricity

Almost one third of the servers in power-hungry data centres are 'comatose', i.e. still using electricity but not delivering any useful IT service.

Greenpeace analysed the transparency, efficiency and renewable energy commitments of 17 tech giants, including Google, Facebook Amazon, IBM and Yahoo

Amazon locks horns with Greenpeace over energy commitment

Greenpeace and Amazon have become embroiled in a public spat after the charity claimed the online retailer's renewable energy commitments "lacked basic transparency".

A single data-centre can consume up to 20,000 litres of water an hour

California drought: Water use in Silicon Valley 'insane'

California Governor Jerry Brown ordered business and residents to cut water use by 25% last week, but tech-giants in Silicon Valley need to do even more, according to one expert.

IT giant Google's latest renewable energy investment will be providing almost half of a new $750m fund by SolarCity Corp to finance 25,000 residential solar projects

Google announces $300m investment in rooftop solar

Google's latest renewable energy investment will be providing almost half of a new $750m fund by SolarCity Corp to finance 25,000 residential solar projects, marking the technology giant's largest renewable energy investment to date.

The Rocky Mountain Institute has launched the Business Renewables Centre (BRC) Institute in response to growing demand for renewables

Collaborative corporate project launched to support 'watershed decade' for renewables

Wind and Solar capacity in the United States could double by 2025 as demand increases from corporations seeking to fulfil commitments to shift to renewables.

Help and advice on going green will be available at the touch of a smart-phone button for retailers

Green Retail app helps small firms save big on energy and waste

Zero Waste Scotland has unveiled a new app for iOS to help small businesses save money on their energy, water and waste bills.

The study considers downloads, stickability and environmental impact

Ebay, Kindle and Skype are 'greenest' apps going

Ebay has been named the best app for encouraging sustainable behaviour with Kindle, Skype, and Google Maps also making it into the top ten.

More than 25 leading multinational companies are supporting the Collectively sustainability platform

Global brands unite for digital sustainability platform

Coca-Cola, Google and Nike are among a coalition of some of the world's biggest companies that are sponsoring a global digital platform which aims to drive behaviour change among millennials by making more sustainable living 'the new normal'.

The ever-growing solar industry has seen a number of major projects open across the globe over the past year

Interactive Map: The world's most remarkable solar farms

In light of the growing number new solar projects across the world, edie has mapped out 14 of the largest and most interesting installations from every continent in the world.

The 82MW Regulus project will be SunEdison's largest solar project in North America

Google's green credentials boosted with giant solar project

Google has announced it is putting forward $145m to fund a new 82MW solar power plant in California, marking the IT giant's 17th investment in renewable energy projects since 2010.

Green sky thinking: Six truly amazing renewable ideas

From the weird to the wonderful, the space age to the bizarre, green innovators are coming up with amazing inventions to create a more sustainable future.

The tool gives practical help on using up ingredients that often lay forgotten at the back of the fridge

Sainsbury's partners with Google for new food waste-reduction app

Sainsbury's has teamed up with Google to launch a new mobile and online tool that the supermarket giant hopes will help to reduce food waste in households across Britain.

Google's Iowa data centre

Google agrees green energy supply deal for US data centre

Google has announced a deal that will see its data centre in Iowa, US supplied with up to 407MW of energy generated by wind.

The Global Forest Watch system uses the latest satellite technology to provide access to

New monitoring platform to 'fundamentally change' how businesses manage forests

A new online monitoring and alert system that encourages better forest management will help tackle deforestation - an issue that poses a "material risk to businesses".

Microsoft: Innovation in energy consistent with IT industry's personality

IT companies cannot "sit on the side-lines and be a laggard" when it comes to tackling energy supply issues, particularly those associated with data centres, says Microsoft's Rob Bernard.

Google invests $75m in second Texan wind farm

Google has committed to invest $75m in a 182 megawatt (MW) wind farm in Carson County, Texas.

The CDP states that

CDP: Carbon pricing now standard operating practice in business planning

Google, Walt Disney Company, Walmart and Microsoft are amongst a group of major US companies incorporating 'internal carbon prices' into their business strategies.

Google's new solar project in California and Arizona will generate enough electricity to power more than 17,000 US homes

Google expands renewable energy portfolio with $80m solar investment

Tech giant Google has announced an $80m (£50m) investment in six utility-scale solar facilities in California and Arizona.

CO2 neutral search engine green 'alternative to Google'

Berlin-based search engine Ecosia aims to turn green niche products into a mass phenomenon by providing users with green information when entering search terms.

The world's Information Communications Technologies (ICT) ecosystem uses about 1,500 TWh of electricity annually, equal to all the electricity generated in Japan and Germany combined

Digital economy using almost 10% of the world's electricity

Due to the increasing use of mobile data the digital economy is now approaching a tenth of the world's electricity use, according to a new report.

Google measures carbon footprint 'per user' for greater transparency

Google has estimated its carbon footprint per user and says it is equivalent, on a monthly basis, to driving a car for one mile.

Eric Schmidt is pushing for more inventive thinking on circularity

Google's Eric Schmidt: 'Circular economy ideas still not good enough'

Not enough innovation is being applied to scale up regenerative strategies that could power the circular economy on a global level, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has stressed.

Education around the circular economy is a central theme of Ellen MacArthur's work

Ellen MacArthur hosts first circular economy business summit

The world's leading circular economy experts are convening in London today for the first annual Circular Economy 100 Summit, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Motorola achieves 66% electricity from wind power

Global consumer brand Motorola Mobility has been recognised for obtaining 66% of its electricity used in its US operations from wind power.

Apple and Google expand renewable energy use

Technology giants Apple and Google have both announced investments in renewable energy projects, focusing largely on wind energy.

Total annual carbon footprint per monthly active Facebook user was just 269 grams - the equivalent of three bananas.
Pic: Pan Xunbin /

Facebook reveals carbon emissions and targets greener profile

For the first time, social media giant Facebook has disclosed its annual carbon emissions and energy consumption.

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