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The technology will be used on future projects and the company hopes that other developers will follow in striving for carbon neutral projects

Hemel Hempstead set to welcome 'world's most sustainable residential tower'

The town of Hemel Hempstead is poised to welcome the world's "most sustainable residential tower" to its ranks in 2018, after Lumiere Developments unveiled the range of technologies it has turned to in order to create The Beacon.

John Lewis's Birmingham branch is designed to be the company's most efficient full-line department store, utilising LEDs, heat pumps and combined cooling, heating and power

10 top tips to deliver a sustainable built environment

Continuing edie's 'green buildings month' of editorial content, John Lewis's sustainable development manager Phil Birch offers up 10 tips to successfully accelerate sustainable development within the built environment, despite an ongoing period of "political uncertainty".

Employees in high-performing, green-certified buildings had 26% higher cognitive function test scores than those in similarly high-performing buildings that were not green-certified

Green buildings deliver better thinking and better health, study finds

Employees working in certified 'green' buildings are likely to have better cognitive abilities, fewer 'sick building' symptoms and higher sleep quality scores than those working in non-certified buildings, according to a new study conducted in the US.

Toyota of Corvallis will generate around 300,000kWh of renewable electricity annually through solar photovoltaics, and also return unused energy back to a local power grid

Toyota set to unveil 'world's first' net zero energy automotive dealership

Motor giant Toyota is "on schedule" to unveil the world's first certified net-zero energy automotive dealership, after striking a deal with the architects of the building to collect data to ensure that the facility is producing more energy than it uses.

The average green building uses 25% less energy and 11% less water than a traditional structure

Laying the foundations for a more sustainable built environment

Kicking off edie's 'green buildings month' of editorial content, World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) chief executive Terri Wills argues it is time to change our perspectives on the buildings we use every day, and start seeing them as an integral part of the solution to global warming.

edie has rounded-up some exemplary examples of companies embracing the green building concept, and placing it at the heart of headquarters and facilities alike

Leading by design: 7 of the world's most eye-catching green building innovations

Ahead of edie's special 'green buildings month' of editorial content, we round up the latest green innovations and low-carbon technologies being deployed on buildings by companies across the world in an effort to drive energy efficiency and engage with employees on sustainability.

CWG’s latest CSR report details a series of energy-efficient, low-carbon innovations established by the developer to improve sustainability in the Canary Wharf area

Canary Wharf Group slashes emissions through technology and ISO frameworks

Canary Wharf Group (CWG) has boosted its energy efficiency credentials during the past year through improved building energy performance and the implementation of an energy management system to help measure, monitor and improve efficiency across the business.

The coalition suggests that a clear 2050 vision must be aligned with the EU’s 2030 energy and climate objectives

Building industry calls for EU-wide 2050 energy efficiency vision

A coalition of industry-leading businesses from the building sector including AkzoNobel, Philips Lighting and Siemens have urged the European Commission (EC) to implement continent-wide action to improve the energy efficiency of Europe's building stock.

Rio's 2016 Summer Games plays host to 42 Olympic sports from 5-21 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics: How sustainable is the greatest show on Earth?

It was dubbed a "green games for a blue planet" during the bidding process, but the event has since become shrouded in controversy, with venues contaminated with waste, waters infected with superbugs, and the host city's air quality remaining at deadly levels. So, just how 'sustainable' is the Rio 2016 Olympics?

The report revealed that domestic electricity demand will increase by at least 30% in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Bristol by 2035

UK's smart city transition 'essential' to combating rising energy demand

A surge in urban expansion, economic growth and the integration of new technology will lead to UK cities embracing renewable energy sources as part of a transition to smart cities, in order to cope with growing energy demand.

The building, which opened in June 2015, consists of a 432 solar roof array that generates 20% of BAR’s energy needs ©Shaun Roster

Land Rover BAR becomes first British sports team to operate BREEAM Excellent building

Sailing team Land Rover BAR has raced ahead in its quest to become the UK's most sustainable professional sports team, after becoming the first British team to operate from a BREEAM Excellent building.

Participating Green Building Councils will be invited to develop action plans, with an aim to launch a net zero certification within their respective countries

Ground-breaking 'net zero' buildings project launched by WorldGBC

All of the world's buildings will be 'net zero' emissions by 2050, under a bold, pioneering plan unveiled today (28 June) by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

Buildings in London are currently emitting 32m metric tonnes of CO2 annually, compared to the two million emitted by building in Paris

London's green building sector threatened by quantity over quality approach

The global rise in green buildings is providing proof that cites shouldn't be "trapped and weighed down by aging infrastructure", with a new whitepaper suggesting that London should mirror Paris's strategies in order to become the global leader on green buildings.

While the Government achieved its target to improve one million energy-poor homes through the Green Deal, only 1% of households actually applied for loans

'Neglected' Green Deal failed on energy savings, report finds

The UK Government's recently-folded Green Deal scheme to insulate and provide on-site renewable generation to homes delivered just 30% of what predecessor schemes achieved in terms of carbon reductions, a new report has found.

The now-closed Zero Carbon Hub was influential in supporting housebuilders deliver higher energy efficiency standards

Zero Carbon Hub closes following green building policy changes

An influential public-private body tasked with transitioning all new homes to be built under zero-carbon regulations has today (31 March) confirmed it has ceased operations following the Government's controversial decision to stop pursuing zero-homes targets.

A panoramic view of Valencia, Spain - one of the countries that will see existing buildings renovated and retrofitted to improve energy efficiency

World's largest retrofit project launched to slash building emissions

The world's largest collaborative project on existing buildings has been launched across Europe as nations attempt to implement 'renovation strategies' in an effort to lower emissions in existing buildings across the continent.

The report calls on the Government to reverse its decision to scrap the zero-carbon homes requirement

Government urged to steer green housing policy 'away from future misery'

The Government will create 'future misery' for homeowners if it doesn't reverse its decision to scrap the zero-carbon homes requirement and Code for Sustainable Homes, the National Policy for the Built Environment Committee has said.

The World Green Building Trends study reveals that global green building continues to double every three years

Global green buildings 'to double by 2018', study finds

The number of companies that have more than 60% of their building projects certified 'green' is expected to more than double over the next two years, according to a new study.

The new website incorporates data from various fields such as smart home implementation, the Internet of Things, renewables, energy systems and wearable tech

Data exchange platform launched to stimulate green building construction

The UK Government has established a new online platform aimed at stimulating innovation and informing construction companies of best practice when it comes to developing greener buildings.

The M&S eco-store in Newcastle

Greener shops could boost profits, says Green Building Council

Retailers can boost their profits by providing greener, 'healthier' stores, a major new report from the World Green Building Council (WGBC) has claimed.

Furrows features a combination of 64 solar PV and solar thermal panels

Groundbreaking house can power itself and two neighbours

A new contender for Britain's greenest home has been unveiled in North Yorkshire.

Passive ventilation and innovative construction techniques minimise the energy required to heat and cool the building

Costa opens first 'zero-energy' coffee shop

Coffee shop chain Costa has launched a new 'Eco Pod' cafe concept, incorporating an array of innovative energy-saving technologies that could have a huge impact on the future of sustainable building design in the hospitality sector.

The study found that achieveing higher BREEAM ratings, and more challenging levels of sustainability, incurs some additional cost, but this is typically less than 2%

Study challenges belief that green buildings carry high cost premium

Perceptions that sustainable buildings are more expensive to construct have been challenged by new research, which has found that achieving lower BREEAM ratings can incur little or no additional cost.

Rolling out energy efficiency measures would equate to a saving of £189 per year per every person in the UK

Greener buildings could save UK £12bn a year says SEA energy manifesto

INFOGRAPHIC: A new manifesto published today (7 July) by the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) has calculated that the UK could save £12.1billion per year by 2050 by focusing energy policy on greener buildings.

The LED lighting initiative is expected to save 11,000 tonnes of CO2 per year

50,000 LEDs installed in National Car Parks estate

National Car Parks (NCP) has installed its 50,000th LED luminaire, completing the first phase of planned installations ahead of schedule.

Mauro Montello of climate control systems provider Climaveneta

Greener buildings: Bringing low-carbon construction into the mainstream

How far has sustainable construction come in the past decade? With exemplar buildings like the WWF's Living Planet Centre taking centre-stage in the current sustainable construction hall of fame, how well are eco-innovations trickling down to more 'everyday' developments? Mauro Montello investigates.

Up to £7600 will be available to homeowners that install energy-saving measures such as insulation

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund launched to incentivise homeowners

The Government is set to breathe new life into its ailing Green Deal with the launch of a new Home Improvement Fund that will offer thousands of pounds to homeowners implementing energy efficiency improvements.

The WorldGBC found that up to 11% gains could be made in productivity from improved ventilation

Workforce productivity improves with green buildings, says WorldGBC

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) is today launching a major global project which aims to help define the health and productivity benefits of green office buildings.

The 400,000sqft development is recognisable by its multi-coloured citrus thermal-efficient façade

St Giles looks to next stage of building sustainability

Central St Giles, a former Ministry of Defence building near Tottenham Court Road and New Oxford Street, London has undergone a complete transformation to become an exemplar for sustainable and holistic development.

Studies suggest that greener buildings attract potential tenants and command higher rents and sale prices in the market

Business case for green buildings evolving as markets mature

Properties with enhanced green credentials will have increased marketability, as property investors and businesses become increasingly more knowledgeable about the environmental and social impacts of the built environment, according to a new report.

Sustainability failing in retail sector due to 'landlord mistrust'

Most shopping centre retailers are not buying into the sustainability agenda due to mistrust issues around leasing arrangements, according to new research.

UK ranked in top six for using tax as green policy tool

The UK is one of the top six active countries to successfully use tax as a tool to drive sustainable corporate behaviour and achieving green policy goals.

Sustainability big 'turn on' for employees but corporate desire is lacking

Business has a clear role to play in encouraging staff to adopt more sustainable lifestyles as office-based green actions are shown to be highly influential on a wider level.

Sustainable building makes 'clear business sense'

Green buildings can be delivered at increasingly competitive prices compared with conventional construction, investments can be recouped through operational cost savings, and command higher rents and sale prices, according to a report.

Green construction presents global profit opportunity

Business strategy around the world is shifting its focus to sustainable building as firms seek to profit from innovation in the built environment.

Ireland faces uphill struggle to meet EU energy targets

One million Irish buildings need to undergo energy upgrades by 2020 in order to meet EU legal requirements, according to a survey.

RBS sets new environmental targets

Banking group RBS has unveiled plans to reduce energy, water and waste in its operations by around 15% by 2014 as part of its wider ambition of saving £200m by 2020.

An artist's impression of the new store

M&S set to launch flagship eco-store

Marks & Spencer has unveiled plans for its largest sustainable store yet as part of its Plan A commitment in Cheshire Oaks near Ellesmere Port.

The new Clugston SES office block in Sunderland

Shipping containers provide office space for start-ups

A pioneering initiative to create a commercial building using old shipping containers has been completed as part of a £1.2m sustainable project in Sunderland.

Wales commits to a low carbon economy

The Welsh Government has unveiled plans to utilise tidal energy in a bid to help businesses benefit from energy efficiency opportunities and stimulate Wales' job market.

Pooling knowledge and expertise will be vital if the industry is to reduce its carbon footprint

Whitbread focuses on energy efficiency

Armed with a new list of expert recommendations, Whitbread is aiming to lead the hospitality sector towards sustainability

Richard Branson credit: Helga Esteb /

Virgin boss says 'screw business as usual'

Business superstar Richard Branson is calling on entrepreneurs to put environmental and social issues at the core of their business models and take part in a global competition to become a "force for good".

Future vision: an artist's impression of how the library will look

Green construction in action: Library of Birmingham

It has been hailed as a people's palace - and one of the most significant cultural projects undertaken in the UK for years that is set to transform the lives of millions. As the striking new Library of Birmingham takes shape, Simon Dingle explains how a clear sustainability plan was the key to Carillion's successful bid to become Birmingham City Council's construction partner on the project

LEED vs BREEAM: What's best?

The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system is starting to gain ground in the UK, but can it challenge the dominance of BREEAM, the UK's design and assessment method for sustainable buildings? Dave Cheshire reports

What about this lot?

While the new-build sector gears up for the 2016 zero-carbon challenge, it is the other 95% of buildings that already exist that will prove a much tougher nut to crack. Tom Idle met with Land Securities Trillium, the UK's largest property manager, to find out what can be done. "There's nothing complicated in managing buildings properly," he is told

Architects gear up for broader challenge

The built environment accounts for nearly half of the UK's carbon emissions - yet we need three million more homes by 2020. Mark Lupton looks at the widening role of the architect in a sector that is becoming increasingly complex

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