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Heat networks can deliver significant carbon savings, but just 2% of the UK's heat is currently supplied by such systems, leaving the nation far behind other European countries

BEIS compromises on renewable heat support, announces new heat network funding

The UK Government is seemingly beginning to take heed of advice to focus on delivering low-carbon heating systems, with two new announcements which could effectively reduce emissions from heating demand in towns and cities and begin to restore investor confidence in the neglected sector.

The new online platform reveals inefficiencies that occur within buildings and heat networks

Open data provides £400m opportunity for UK heat networks

The UK energy market could save £400m and reduce emissions by 800,000 tonnes over the next decade by using open and transparent data to reveal energy generation, consumption and distribution inefficiencies, new analysis has revealed.

By generating its own low-carbon supply of power and heat using CHP, Newcastle United is now reducing its carbon emissions by a further 390 tonnes per year

Newcastle United scores big energy savings with new CHP system

Newcastle United Football Club has continued its 'carbon positive' crusade by installing a combined heat and power (CHP) system at its own St James Park Stadium, just before the new Championship season kicks off.

The projects are designed to provide more efficient heat to buildings and potentially lower heating bills in local areas while helping to cut carbon emissions, tackle fuel poverty and boost local jobs

Davey drives heat network uptake with £3m extra funding

The UK Government has increased its support of renewable heat networks by awarding an extra £3m of funding to local authorities to set up heat networks across England and Wales.

Fuel poverty to cause 2,700 deaths in the UK this winter

An interim report into fuel poverty has revealed that at least 2,700 people are at risk of death this winter as they struggle to cope with rising fuel prices.

DECC launch renewable heating scheme

A renewable heat scheme has been launched today (15 August) by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to improve heating in social houses and reduce energy costs.

Expert to help on fuel poverty

The government has appointed a social policy expert to lead an independent fuel poverty review.

Green energy training centre opens its doors

The Green Energy Training Centre (GETC) in Wirral opened its doors in November last year and has begun its training courses in renewable energy technologies.

UK facing drought and heat-wave warning

Warnings over droughts and a heat-wave were issued this morning (July 9) as hot weather continues across the UK.

Small scale boiler scrappage scheme launches

More than 100,000 householders are now able to apply for a grant of £400 off a new boiler.

Sainsbury's chief executive Justin King

Sainsbury CEO demands new focus on green economy

The chief executive of a leading supermarket has demanded the Government tackles a lack of trained workers with green skills.

Cold War nuclear bunker converted into green data centre

A nuclear bunker in Stockholm has been transformed into a data storage centre which boasts a range of green credentials.

Cash back for Australian fire victims who rebuild green

Australians who lost their homes to bush fires are being offered cash incentives to install micro-renewables when they rebuild.

Schools get free advice on carbon cutting

When the Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in next year an estimated 5,000 organisations will have to report on their emissions and take steps to reduce them or face a hefty bill.

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