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An existing Green Highlands hydro project in Wester Ross

£13.5m hydro project underway in the Highlands

Scottish renewable energy company Green Highland Renewables has started work on a £13.5m hydropower scheme in the Scottish Highlands.

Hydropower accounts for more than two thirds of the capacity produced by renewable energy, but currently just 7% of European institutional investors have any exposure to it

Hydropower on verge of investment boom

European hydropower projects are on the brink of a flood of investment from institutional investors, according to new research from asset manager Aquila Capital.

The community energy fund launch came as M&S Energy announced it would source 100% of its electricity from renewables

M&S Energy launches £400,000 fund for community energy projects

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Energy will offer up to £400,000 for community energy projects with the launch of the M&S Community Energy Fund today (1 July).

The finance will provide equity funding of between £1m and £10m to up to 30 new renewables projects, generating around 24,000MW of energy

GIB announces £60m for 2.4GW of community renewables

The Government's Green Investment Bank (GIB) has announced a new £60m investment to fund up to 30 community-scale renewable projects across the UK.

Hydropower currently accounts for 80% all renewable energy capacity

Planned dams to double hydropower output

An unprecedented boom in hydropower dam construction is underway, with 3,700 major dams expected to be built in the next twenty years, doubling hydropower electric capacity to 1,700 GW.

Scottish Renewables' five-point plan explains how UK policy-makers should deal with Scotland's post-referendum energy sector

Scotland demands more strategic UK energy policy in wake of no-vote

Scottish Renewables has set out the nation's renewable energy industry's asks ahead of devolution discussions, in a report entitled 'Harnessing Scotland's Energy'.

SEP managing partner Calum Paterson says the market opportunity for energy infrastructure finance is 'very attractive'

New £135m fund launched for UK energy projects

UK venture capital firm Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) has today (2 September) announced it has raised £135m for a new infrastructure fund to invest in a diversified portfolio of UK-based clean energy projects.

The new turbine recalls when the property became the world's first house powered by hydroelectricity in 1878

Hydropower returns to National Trust property which pioneered turbine technology

The National Trust is set to harness hydropower at Cragside in Northumberland more than a century after it became the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity.

The triggering of a 10% FiT cut in October for hydro follows a 5% cut in April this year, and precedes another 10% cut planned for next April

FiT cut will cost 500kW hydro schemes £250,000

The latest Feed in Tariff (FiT) reduction for the hydro sector, due in October this year, will cut returns for a typical 500kW hydro development by £13,000 a year, adding up to a lifetime earnings loss in excess of £250,000.

Hydropower schemes can cause lower water levels in rivers between the points where the water is taken out and where it is put back after passing through a turbine

Wales takes new approach to hydropower

Natural Resource Wales has announced a new approach to protecting water supplies when assessing the amount of water taken from Welsh rivers for electricity generation.

Micro hydro is set to play a

Historic estate adds hydropower to become one of Britain's 'greenest palaces'

World heritage site Blenheim Palace has announced that it will install a £180,000 micro hydropower scheme on the River Glyme in order to cut the estate's co2 emissions and to become one of Britain's greenest palaces.

Businesses showing more interest in renewable energy generation

UK businesses are showing an increased level of interest in generating renewable energy from their own premises compared to 2011, according to new research.

Consumers support expansion of renewables

Consumers believe energy companies should invest their profits in renewable energy, according to new research.

Siemens has made significant losses in its solar power division recently

Siemens to pull the plug on solar power business

Siemens announced yesterday that it was pulling out of the solar business and is currently holding talks with potential buyers.

Renewables industry assured by Government's U-turn on support

British businesses have applauded the government's decision to continue providing support to medium scale renewables schemes under the Renewable Obligation (RO).

Afon Cadair River where the hydro scheme is to be built

Private investment funds farm-based hydro project

Venture capitalist Albion Ventures has invested £1.3m in a 300kW hydropower scheme in rural Wales that has won support from local farmers.

UK and Norway agree energy partnership

A pioneering energy partnership between the UK and Norway, which aims to secure affordable and sustainable long term energy supplies for the two countries, has been unveiled.

NW team leader David Pattinson, project manager David McDermott and works manager Emma Jennings

Water treatment works set to run on hydro power

Northumbrian Water (NW) is commissioning a new £1.3m hydro power plant at its water treatment works in County Durham.

M&S trials hydrogen fuel powered vehicles

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has signed a pilot agreement with energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power to deliver what it claims is the UK's first hydrogen fuel powered vehicles.

Scottish Water unveils £20m to double hydro power plan

Scottish Water (SW) is looking to launch a £20m hydro power scheme, in a bid protect its water treatment plants from power failures.

Strategic energy options

Ewan Group considers efficiency savings through pump optimisation

Renewables and sustainables

Last month, Dr Mark Everard, Director of Science at the UK office of The Natural Step (TNS), described how the TNS framework had been used to evaluate the sustainable development implications of PVC. Here he describes a smaller study, again in association with the Environment Agency, applying the TNS framework to the sustainability implications of the renewable energy sources being considered for exemption from the Climate Change Levy.

Renewable enthusiasm

The Climate Change Levy has re-awakened interest in energy issues in the UK, turning political will into economic incentive. Energy efficiency will once again ascend the agenda on the boards of most companies. Tony Duffin, AEAT Environment, on the rise of renewables.

Europe's environmental trends are pointing in the wrong direction

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published its first annual report of environmental indicators used to assess European progress towards sustainable development. Presented as a 'draft' version whose structure will be amended and re-visited in the coming years, the report makes gloomy reading.

Kyoto Protocol may fail but some actions already underway

With crucial hurdles still to be overcome, there is a good chance that the Kyoto Protocol climate change negotiations may fail to bring the agreement into force. Even then, according to Greenpeace, proposals currently on the negotiating table could "completely undermine the Protocol's already limited environmental effectiveness". The good news though, is that a few countries and companies are taking the initiative and already committing to voluntary greenhouse gas reductions.

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