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Influential environmental mind: Terry Tamminen

Interview: Terry Tamminen

Terry Tamminen is recalling the day after Arnold Schwarzenegger swept to victory in California's 2003 gubernatorial elections.

The flow must go on

Hydraulics - often disregarded in the industry - can play a key role in ensuring effective water management. Dr Vasilios Samaras outlines the importance of hydraulics in the ongoing plastic versus concrete and clay debate.

Is bio-methane the greenest?

In the ongoing debate about the suitability and sustainability of biofuels for vehicle transport in the UK, the potential of bio-methane is often forgotten

Clay beats PVC for green drainage

The use of clay pipes for drainage systems has many advantages for sustainable construction, says Edward Naylor, chief executive of clay products manufacturer Naylor Drainage

Saving the earth

One way of cleaning up contaminated land is to stabilise and solidify pollutants. Simon Tillotson reports on his company's solution

Giving leaks the boot

Manchester City Football Club needed help in detecting leaks in its six miles of under-pitch heating pipes. So it overcame cross-Pennines rivalries to form a winning team with Yorkshire Water

Keeping an eye on oxygen

Around 60-70% of a WwTW's energy costs can stem from the aeration of activated sludge. Graham Meller reports on Hach Lange's LDO - a dissolved oxygen sensor that helps eliminate excessive aeration

UVPS spells the end for chlorine

Water treatment is undergoing a major change with ever more stringent regulations on drinking water, discharge consent levels, water quality as examples. There are also regulations being driven by the EC to phase out the use of chlorine. This, coupled with increased public awareness, represents a major opportunity for UVPS, which offers a low-energy, non-toxic and sustainable water treatment technology. Professor Peter Robertson explains.

A model of accuracy

With the number of complaints about odour from WwTWs increasing, Water Innovate has released software that predicts how odours will be formed and emitted. Pascal Harper reports

Elgressy reduces the Legionella factor

With 30 years of experience, Elgressy is a world leader in this highly controlled means of treating water without the need to transport, store and handle chemicals. Mark Eyre looks at the process benefits of Elgressy systems and draws on the experiences of the Bioma Foundation in Spain and other organisations involved in the independent testing and proving of the technology.

A new dawn for nuclear

Nuclear power is becoming increasingly safe and attractive, writes Eric Russell. Here he outlines the advances in the technology and its likely future

As new technology makes nuclear power plants much safer, could atomic energy have a bright future?

Nuclear power is becoming increasingly safe and attractive, writes Eric Russell. Here he outlines the advances in the technology and its likely future

Leakage-driven mains renewal

Frank Rogalla of Black & Veatch, Caroline Scruggs and Gary Hunter discuss endochrine-disrupting chemicals, and methods of their removal

Award nomination for thermal treatment

An innovative gasification process from German manufacturer, Kopf, has won a nomination for the European Environmental Press (EEP) Awards for technology at Pollutec in Paris in November. Kopf executive Eberhard Kipp describes how sewage sludge is converted into energy, pollutants are eliminated and a reusable by-product produced at a pilot plant at Balingen, Germany.

Monitoring for certainty

The water industry faces uncertainty in a changing legislative climate. Only the right monitoring systems can ensure that its operations comply with any future requirements.

Biofilters - the next generation

Biofilters have long been established as an odour control technology within the wastewater sector. The technology, however, has a mixed reputation for system efficiency and operational maintenance.

Carefully screened

Frank Rogalla, Jim Welp and John Keller of Black & Veach discuss developments in wastewater screening

Will high oil price see the return of coal as a mainstream fuel?

Nuclear power is currently the hot topic, but the continuing high oil price could bring clean coal into contention as a mainstream fuel. Eric Russell reports

Concrete ideas

Makers UK has developed a solution to aggressive acid attack on WwTW assets

Some like it hot

Adapting temperature-phased anaerobic digestion is being seen as a way to upgrade plant to achieve a Class A sludge product. Frank Rogalla reports

Fuel of the future

Camilla Anderson talks to James Beal of Renewables East, a company at the forefront of the drive to convert motorists to the cause of biodiesels

ETI states that many of the 30 salt caverns constructed deep underground in the UK could potentially be re-used for hydrogen storage

Investigation begins for pioneering salt cavern CCS projects

Engineering company Atkins has been selected by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to examine the potential for British salt caverns to store hydrogen to be used in power generation.

The fresh funding commitment will see thousands more electric vehicle chargepoints installed on streets and at workplaces across the UK

Government provides £35m funding boost for ultra-low emission vehicles

A £35m funding package to increase the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) has been announced by Transport Minister John Hayes.

The first Toyota Mirai arrived in Bristol earlier this week

First hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai arrive in Europe

Toyota has introduced its first production-grade hydrogen-powered Mirai sedans to Europe this week.

The recent addition to London's skyline produces its own electricity through solar panels and hydrogen fuel

London's 'Walkie Talkie' skyscraper achieves top sustainability rating

One the most recent additions to the London skyline has achieved BREEAM Excellent rating, making it one of the most sustainable buildings in the city.

The study claims to be the 'missing piece' for securing future low-carbon transport

£10bn investment needed to drive low-carbon transport industry

More than £10bn will need to be invested in low-carbon transport if the UK is to meet its carbon emission reduction targets by 2050.

A record 9,000 new ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) were registered in the UK in the first quarter of 2015.

Electric car sales accelerate by 366%

A record 9,000 new ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) were registered in the UK in the first quarter of 2015.

The new technique converts 100% of corn sugars into hydrogen fuel - nearly tripling the efficiency of currently available systems.

Hydrogen fuel from corn husks could displace petrol

Scientists from Virginia Tech University have found a cheap, efficient way to produce hydrogen fuel using corn waste which could revolutionise law-carbon transport.

Including electric motorbikes in Government subsidies will help mainstream the technology, said Baroness Kramer

Government knocks £1500 off cost of electric motorbikes

The Government could subsidise up to £1,500 of the cost of electric motorbikes and scooters as part of a plan to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream.

The UK will be less impacted by the eclipse than other EU countries, because solar power only accounts for around 2% of installed capacity compared to 7% for Germany.

Solar eclipse illuminates importance of energy storage

Friday's solar eclipse highlights the importance of energy storage to the continued growth of solar, experts have claimed.

Surplus electricity is used to electrolyse water, splitting it into its constituent parts of oxygen and hydrogen. Photo courtesy of the Universita di Corsica

New team of scientists formed to develop hydrogen storage technology

How to store surplus energy from renewables? That's the billion-dollar question that a new international collaboration of European and Japanese scientists is trying to solve.

£3.5m has been earmarked for the development of up to seven new fully functional hydrogen refuelling stations

New hydrogen refuelling stations to compete for Government grant

The Government's grant scheme supporting the roll out of a UK hydrogen fuel network is now accepting infrastructure proposals for seven new hydrogen refuelling stations.

Sainsbury's has teamed up with Tesla to open new Supercharger stations at three of its stores

Supercharge at Sainsbury's: Supermarket joins Tesla network

Sainsbury's has teamed up with Tesla to open new Supercharger stations at three Sainsbury's stores in the South of England to enable Tesla Model S owners to charge while they shop.

Research is underway to evaluate the viability for commercial operation and developing a take-back system for end-of-life fuel cells

Project underway to develop fuel-cell recycling process

Work has begun on the development of a new recycling process to recover and re-use high-value materials from waste fuel-cells.

Toyota will share 5680 fuel-cell related patents, including key components of the hydrogen-powered Mirai (pictured)

Toyota to share fuel cell technology with auto industry

Japanese carmaker Toyota has announced it will freely share all of its hydrogen fuel cell technology in order to spur development of low-emission cars around the world.

Helios headphones also feature a USB charging port, for when the sun goes down

Solar-powered headphones take off on Kickstarter

A crowd-funding campaign has been launched for the 'world's first wireless solar-powered headphones'.

The Honda facility is the UK's first to use solar power to produce hydrogen

Honda opens UK's first commercial-scale hydrogen fuel facility

A group of businesses including Honda, Commercial Group and Fuel Cell Systems, today launched the UK's first commercial-scale hydrogen refueling facility at a Honda site in Swindon.

The 700-bar 'SmartFuel' station will open at Sainbury's Hendon store later this year

Sainsbury's breaks new ground with UK's first supermarket hydrogen filling station

Sainsbury's is driving the UK's uptake of greener fuels with the launch of the nation's first forecourt hydrogen dispenser in London.

Hyundai will send 110 hydrogen vehicles to various European locations as part of the HyFive scheme

Government grant jolts plug-in car sales to life

Sales of plug-in cars have spiked over the last three months with the Government issuing 5,000 grants for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), doubling sales of the previous three months.

Government invests £11m in hydrogen fuel infrastructure

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has announced an £11m investment as part of an ongoing effort to expand the range of low-emission vehicles available in the UK.

Ford's portfolio includes five electric vehicles; two plug-in hybrids, two hybrids and one all-electric

Ford ranked top global green brand for 2014 as carmakers race ahead

Ford has taken the top spot from Toyota as the number one global green brand this year - with car makers claiming all top four positions - according to Interbrand's latest annual ranking table.

Hyundai tasked the students with creating a 'mobile marketing campaign' for its zero-emissions vehicle

GALLERY: Hyundai and students make a fuel cell fashion statement

Students from the London College of Fashion (LCF) have revealed their winning designs in the LCFxHyundai 'Fashioned Fuel Cell' competition. The collaboration aimed to promote the world's first production fuel cell car.

Commercial Group will have six hydrogen vans operating across the Capital within the next six months

Commercial Group launches London's first hydrogen-hybrid van fleet

Office supplies and IT services firm Commercial Group has today (15 May) announced the launch of the first London-based fleet of hydrogen hybrid delivery vans.

The bottled water is the only exhaust emission from Honda's hydrogen-powered car and is so clean it is drinkable. It will be available in selected Australian Honda dealerships.

Honda creates own bottled water brand using hydrogen car exhaust emissions

Honda has launched its own water brand to demonstrate the purity of emissions released from its FCX car range, which utilises hydrogen fuel technology.

Waitrose aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by producing renewable fertiliser

Waitrose teams up with ITM Power to produce renewable fertiliser

Supermarket chain Waitrose is stepping up its sustainability drive by joining forces with the Technology Strategy Board and ITM Power to develop a system for the production of renewable fertiliser.

Sustainable nuclear fusion breakthrough raises hopes for ultimate green energy

US researchers have achieved a world first in an ambitious experiment that aims to recreate the conditions at the heart of the sun and pave the way for nuclear fusion reactors.

Impetus will supply waste for a new gasification plant

Private equity firm backs Impetus Waste Management MBO

Private equity specialist Agilitas has announced that it has invested in the management buyout of Impetus Waste Management.

London trials first electric buses

Electric buses are being trialled for the first time in London today in an effort to cut emissions from the Capital's bus fleet.

Intelligent Energy will launch the Upp device in Africa where demand for mobile technology has significantly increased over the last few years but powering options are still limited

New fuel cell technology puts an end to wall socket charging

A global power technology company has developed a new fuel cell device that could end the need to charge and power smartphones through the wall socket.

Hugo Spowers

Hugo Spowers - the new face of the car industry?

As the need to find alternative, cleaner and more sustainable sources to power the cars on our roads becomes an imperative, one pioneering company is going back to the drawing board and redesigning the car around the fuel cell rather than the other way around. Peter McManners finds out more from Riversimple founding director Hugo Spowers

Ex-energy Minister John Hayes

Breaking: Hayes replaced by Fallon as Energy Minister

After less than seven months as energy Minster, John Hayes has been replaced by Michael Fallon in a mini reshuffle, announced this morning by Prime Minister David Cameron.

ETI investigates potential of hydrogen storage technology

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has launched a £300,000 project to investigate the economics and potential use of energy systems involving low carbon hydrogen production, storage and flexible turbine technology.

University to set up energy harvesting and generation centre

The University of Bath has received a €2.27m (£1.92m) grant to set up a new world-leading Centre for energy harvesting and generation.

The new technology harnesses the power of bacteria

New technology generates clean energy from dirty water

A new technology that harnesses the power of bacteria could transform wastewater from an "expensive problem" to a sustainable source of hydrogen and valuable chemicals, according to a new report.

UK's first integrated hydrogen transport system to be built

A consortium of companies will begin work on a three year project to create the UK's first hydrogen powered transport system across London and the South East.

Hydrogen and fuel cell sector to grow 26% annually to 2023

The global fuel cell and hydrogen energy market is projected to be worth over $180m (£114m) in 2050 while revenues in the fuel cell sector are expected to grow by 26% per year over the next decade, according to a report.

European Commission at 'full throttle' for clean fuel targets

The European Commission has today proposed a package of binding targets on Member States to invest in infrastructure for alternative fuels such as electric charging points for road transport and liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuelling points for ships.

Abramovich becomes the latest billionaire to support clean-tech energy

Chelsea FC boss Abramovich backs investment in EfW

Ervington Investments, which is backed by Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, has acquired a 10% stake in UK energy-from-waste firm Waste2Tricity.

British engineers create petrol out of thin air

A British firm has become the first in the world to demonstrate CO2 air capture technology as a viable industrial project.

One of the taxis at a Heathrow airport hydrogen fuelling station.

Schwarzenegger helps terminate London's CO2 emissions

Arnold Schwarzenegger was among the celebrities to ride in London's new fleet of hydrogen fuel cell powered taxis during the Olympic and Paralympic games.

If increased Aircraft Traffic Management systems optimisation was integrated into aircrafts, savings of around 9 million tonnes of excess fuel could be made each year

Aviation needs innovative ideas to take off for sustainable future

The future of aviation will see a significant drop in carbon emissions, despite an increase in flights, if the industry takes on innovative ideas to reduce its impact on the environment, according to aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Air Products is exploring the feasbility of generating hydrogen from waste

Major retailer set to power up with clean-tech EfW

Air Products has secured its first power offtake agreement with a high street retail chain for electricity generated by its advanced gasification facility when it goes live in 2014.

The stored hydrogen for the bus fleet will be converted back into electricity

Scotland to see first hydrogen buses by 2014

A project which aims to have a fleet of 10 hydrogen fuelled buses operating in Aberdeen by early 2014 has been launched by the Scottish Government.

Technology Innovation Needs Assessments (TINAs) examine the potential for innovation of low carbon technologies

New analysis spurs innovation of CCS technology

The Government has introduced new analysis to examine the potential for innovation of low carbon technologies, while assessing their economic benefits to the UK.

The Loughborough University design.                         Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Michael Hanson

Bill Gates spends his pennies on sustainable toilets

Bill Gates has awarded Loughborough University $60,000 for developing a toilet that produces biological charcoal, minerals and clean water.

Artist's impression of the Teeside gasification plant

Teeside set to host world's largest gasification facility

Air Products will build and operate a 50MW advanced gasification plant making it the most powerful energy-from-waste facility of its type in the world, the company claims.

Questions raised over China's shale gas potential

China's ability to deliver on its shale gas production target of 6.5 billion cubic meters a year by 2015 has been called into question by global business analysts GlobalData.

Call for EU to be 'bolder' on car emissions target

The EU risks losing its leadership position on fuel efficient cars beyond 2020, according to a leading environmental NGO.

Choose your exit markets carefully: Peter Jones

Keeping up with Jones

He's one of the waste industry's brightest sparks - and usually streets ahead in his thinking around modern resource management. Maxine Perella finally catches up with Peter Jones

Natural gas: a viable low-carbon solution?

According to the gas industry, natural gas is the perfect bridge fuel to civilisation's sustainable future - solving peak oil and helping the battle against climate change. David Strahan weighs up the evidence

M&S trials hydrogen fuel powered vehicles

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has signed a pilot agreement with energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power to deliver what it claims is the UK's first hydrogen fuel powered vehicles.

Office supply firm claims hydrogen delivery first

An office supply company claims it will become the first business of its kind in the UK to use hydrogen delivery vehicles when it begins a trial scheme next week.

The wastewater recovery

After 10 dedicated years, Frank Rogalla of Aqualia hangs up his hat on Technically Speaking and looks to the future potential of energy and nutrient recovery in wastewater.

UK's first hydrogen fuelling network set to open in London

Commuters in London will soon be able to travel using a greater range of zero emission vehicles as the UK's first network of hydrogen fuelling stations prepares to open.

Innovation harnessed in Dutch water treatment

A utility in the Netherlands has taken an innovative approach to making treatment more effective and more sustainable at a number of its sites. Aqualia's Frank Rogalla finds out what has been achieved

Rise of more efficient combustion engine 'biggest threat' to electric vehicle market

Costs associated with running an electric car are currently much higher than conventional vehicles but that could be set to change, according to new research.

Business anger as government drags its feet on ACT funding

Writing exclusively for edie a senior member of Air Products has spoken of the frustration of being held back by the lack of clarity around government subsidies for renewables.

An artist's impression of the plant

Air Products wins approval for first EfW

Potentially one of the largest gasification based Energy from Waste (EfW) plants in the UK moved a step closer today.

MP Penny Mordaunt

Construction firm trials hydrogen vehicles

A construction firm is running a week-long trial of two hydrogen powered transits in an effort to cuts its carbon footprint.

New for the family market: the five-seater Toyota Prius V

Toyota drives forward with greener models

Car manufacturer Toyota has achieved record sales of its hybrid vehicles, which it sees as crucial to the company's future

The four reports layout how cities, storage and transport form fundamental pillars to drive innovation and sustainable growth

What will the green economy look like in 10 years' time? Experts predict cleantech trends...

By 2026, the global adoption of a low-carbon economy will have taken huge strides, with smart city revenues and energy storage deployment skyrocketing, and the number of low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles on the roads also increasing at impressive rates.

From enfant terrible to environmental catalyst: Frederic Hauge

'This is a game where we have to find the solutions together'

Erik Jaques meets Frederic Hauge, founder of Bellona

Eco-car show hits the road

Pull over gas guzzlers and super cars; this weekend is all about the eco-friendly vehicle.

Bill Gates reinvents the toilet

A project to 'Reinvent the toilet' to process human waste without water, energy or sewer lines has been awarded a grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

London recycling board invites bids for waste infrastructure grants

London-based waste projects seeking funding are invited to apply for the second round of funding from the London Waste & Recycling Board's £16M waste infrastructure fund.

Sulphide monitoring gets a makeover

New technology is making the continuous monitoring of sulphides in wastewater effective and desirable, says Michael Strahand, general manager of Analytical Technology (UK)

London Recycling Board reveals funding priorities for next four years

Waste infrastructure projects and innovative treatment technologies have been earmarked for priority funding by the London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB).

Biofuels over claims CCC chief executive

The chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) put the boot into the UK's rapidly collapsing biofuels industry.

Three-stage system scrubs the nasty smells away

When Wessex Water wanted to expand the sludge treatment plant at Avonmouth WwTW, it needed improved odour control measures. A wet scrubber package provided by Parsons Engineering proved to be the perfect solution.

Belgium landfill to be mined in pioneering venture

The world's first hi-tech landfill mining project has been given the go-ahead in Belgium where gasification and plasma technology will be combined to extract materials and energy from buried waste.

The Powercube's innovation wins award

Diverse Energy, a company that provides mobile phone solutions in the developing world, has won the Rushlight Awards 2010.

Lining up for the future

Climate change has brought more and more heavy rainfall events and flooding across the nation. The maintenance of culverts beneath vital infrastructure has never been so important.

Hydrogen power tops the bill at SB

Recent advances in hydrogen fuel cells have brought the technology back to the forefront of environmental thinking.

UK's biggest fuel cell shows tech no longer Sci-Fi

A hydrogen fuel cell powering a London office block is a real reminder that the emissions-saving technology not only works, but cuts costs too.

Hydrogen highway to boost green transport

Green funding could see the M4 corridor become a 'hydrogen highway' with millions of pounds of investment poured into the region.

Spray coat comes to rescue

Sewer and pipeline rehabilitation specialist Ferro Monk Systems, part of the Clugston Group, has completed major projects with its revolutionary, spray-applied, environmentally friendly, 100% epoxy resin coating system Ultracoat. Two of the projects took place at Spalding in Lincolnshire and Canvey Island in Essex on behalf of Anglian Water.

Sentinel keeps tabs on methane

The advance of methane recovery monitoring equipment technology is helping industry to safely capture methane for energy conversion and generate new revenue. Phil McLean at gas sensing specialist Trolex highlights the opportunities.

Optimising ventilation and covers for controlling odour

It's a fine balance between not enough air and not enough cover when it comes to fugitive odours, but WRc has come up with software that can make the calculation for you explains consultant engineer David Sivil

Thistle Water is ScotWat's preferred bidder

Scottish Water said Thistle Water is the preferred bidder in its negotiations to select a joint venture partner for delivering a substantial proportion of its Capital Investment Programme for 2010 onwards.

Membrane bioreactors

The Dutch have been managing water ever since the first polder dam back in the 9th century. Frank Rogalla looks at one of that country's latest innovations

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