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Kim Marotta is the director of sustainability at brewing company MillerCoors

In Conversation with MillerCoors' Kim Marotta

Great Beer, Great Responsibility is the sustainability spirit of MillerCoors. America's second-largest beer company reached record lows for its water and energy consumption last year, and it has already surpassed all of the environmental stewardship goals it set out to achieve by 2015.

Joe Franses is director of corporate responsibility and sustainability at Coca-Cola Enterprises

In Conversation with Coca-Cola's Joe Franses

From recycling commitments to revamped water strategies, Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) is putting sustainability firmly in the spotlight. Edie talks with director of corporate responsibility and sustainability, Joe Franses, to find out more about the group's various green initiatives.

In conversation with Autodesk's Emma Stewart

In this week's 'In conversation', edie speaks to one of the company's leading innovation in 3D design, engineering and software. Autodesk's head of sustainability solutions, Emma Stewart, talks about the next steps in sustainable innovation.

"Technology plus people is a powerful force for change", O2 head of sustainability Bill Eyres

Interconnectivity will enable smarter systems for energy and transport

The 'internet of things' and the roll-out of the 4G network is enabling businesses to create smarter systems for energy, transport and food, says O2's head of sustainability.

In conversation with O2's Bill Eyres

From rolling out smart meters across the UK to developing technology that changes consumer behaviour, O2 is looking to push sustainability out to the masses. edie talks to head of sustainability, Bill Eyres.

SC Johnson chief sustainability officer Kelly M. Semrau:

In Conversation with SC Johnson's Kelly M. Semrau

SC Johnson, the global manufacturer of household cleaning supplies, is carrying out a five year study into consumer choices - chief sustainability officer Kelly M. Semrau tells edie why encouraging sustainable decisions is imperative to how businesses work in the future.

In conversation with Bupa's Andrew Smith

Taking note of the health impacts of climate change and environmental destruction, this week edie talks to Bupa's head of sustainability strategy Andrew Smith, who explains that the current economic situation is offering businesses a great opportunity to provide solutions that deliver resource and monetary savings.

In conversation with Bloomberg's Lee Ballin

This week edie talks to Bloomberg's sustainability manager, Lee Ballin, on the evolution of sustainability standards and what he thinks is "on the cusp" of being the next big sustainability issue.

In conversation with UPS' Peter Harris

In this week's 'In conversation' edie talks to UPS' director of sustainability for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Peter Harris, on why there isn't enough long-term thinking when it comes to sustainability and how electric vehicles could be the technology to revolutionise the economy.

Whitbread owns Premier Inn, the UK's largest hotel brand

In conversation with Whitbread's Chris George

Chris George, head of energy and environment at UK hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator, Whitbread, tells edie that the biggest 'green innovation' isn't green at all and why he'd like to have a beer and talk science with Einstein.

In conversation with TUI Travel's James Whittingham

This week, TUI Travel's group environment manager James Whittingham talks to edie about the increasing popularity of sustainable holidays and why he thinks the human race can overcome environmental challenges.

In conversation with the Institute for Sustainability's Terry McGivern

Looking at sustainability in the building sector this week, edie talks to Terry McGivern, head of resource efficient building at the Institute for Sustainability, on why the sustainability agenda is starting to drive up building performance standards and client requirements.

In conversation with HW Fisher's Jae Mather

This week we talk to HW Fisher's director of sustainability, Jae Mather, who explains that many people in environmental and sustainability fields may have gained "lofty degrees" but often lack the fundamental practical skills that contribute to a sustainable society.

Smirnoff owner Diageo is examining ways to tackle resource scarcity

In conversation with Diageo's Michael Alexander

Diageo's head of environment, Michael Alexander, talks to edie about how the major beverage company is focusing on water efficiency and how collaborating is a growing trend within sectors when tackling resource scarcity.

In conversation with Carillion's Tom Robinson

This week edie talks to Carillion's Tom Robinson about the transition towards local solutions in the construction and infrastructure sector and the challenges of being a sustainability professional.

In conversation with Aviva's Zelda Bentham

Aviva's Zelda Bentham talks to edie about what areas of sustainability the insurance company is focusing on and why climate change sceptics are "brave".

In conversation with Reckitt Benckiser's Dave Challis

This week Reckitt Benckiser's Dave Challis tells edie why water, supply chains and revenue growth are top priorities for the the global health and hygiene consumer products company.

In conversation with AkzoNobel's Chris Cook

AkzoNobel's Chris Cook tells edie how the difficult economic climate is actually driving better use of resources and that innovation on its own isn't enough to revolutionise the economy "we also need to create a mindset change".

In conversation with Anglo American's Samantha Hoe-Richardson

edie talks to mining giant Anglo-American's head of sustainable development & energy Samantha Hoe-Richardson on the importance of demonstrating that "green equals efficient and resilient" and that sustainability professionals must get connected with the commercial challenges facing a business and the people dealing with them.

In conversation with Legal & General's Debbie Hobbs

Legal & General's sustainability manager, Debbie Hobbs tells edie about the challenges of embedding sustainability across an entire supply chain and how sustainability professionals need to "educate, support, encourage and monitor".

In conversation with Eurostar's Peter Bragg

This week we catch-up with Eurostar's head of environment and energy, Peter Bragg, on why we should all take European high-speed rail instead of short-haul flights and why consumer engagement in environmental issues has declined.

In conversation with M&S' Mike Barry and Adam Elman

Marks & Spencer's Mike Barry and Adam Elman reveal why they are looking to internationalise the retailer's Plan A strategy and how the circular economy is set to revolutionise the economy.

In conversation: Talking Resource Revolution with the creatives

Two leading systems thinkers discussed how best businesses can break out of their linear mindset and work towards greater lifecycle thinking at a recent Sustainable Business resource scarcity conference. Maxine Perella chaired the session

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