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According to Lord Stern, the Paris Agreement could also be nullified unless ‘incremental improvements’ to economic models are introduced

Lord Stern: Flawed economic models underestimate climate risk

Flawed climate economic modelling is underestimating the damage that climate change is causing as well as underestimating the potential of technology to remedy these damages, Lord Nicholas Stern has claimed.

Around a third of the renewable liquid transport fuels used in the UK comes from UK feedstocks

New emissions figures give boost to UK renewable fuel industry

Emissions from arable land in the UK could be 15% lower than previously thought, according to new estimates, marking a potential boost in the amount of crops grown specifically for use in renewable fuels.

Tropical forests occupy 7% of the Earth's surface, but absorb nearly a fifth of man-made carbon emissions

Twice the size of Wales: ambitious plans for rainforest protection

Environmental charity Size of Wales intends to double the area of tropical rainforest it helps protect as its contribution to tackling climate change. Here, the charity's Peter Davies explains the role of business in tackling deforestation.

P&G said it chose its 30% target after consultation with WWF and based on the science presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

P&G makes bold energy and clean water pledges

Consumer goods firm Procter & Gamble (P&G) has announced two ambitious new sustainability targets for 2020; cutting emissions by 30% and providing 15 billion litres of clean drinking water by 2020.

None of the 28 energy companies responded

Shell and Gazprom among companies backing 2C limit

More than a third of the world's largest listed companies, including major fossil fuel producers, say they would support an international deal limiting global warming to 2 degrees, according to research by CDP.

General Mills made a commitment to sustainability, in 2013, to source its 10 priority ingredients from sustainable sources

Food giant General Mills announces 10-year plan to slash emissions by 28%

US food producer General Mills has announced that it aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 28% across the entirety of its value chain in the next 10 years.

Campaigners caller for mass mobilisation on the scale of the slavery abolition and anti-apartheid movements to trigger

Top campaigners call for mass climate action ahead of Paris conference

Desmond Tutu, Vivienne Westwood, Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky are among a group of prolific figures who will issue a mass call to action on Thursday ahead of the UN's crunch climate change conference in Paris in December.

Earth Overshoot Day has moved from early October in 2000 to August 13th this year

Overshoot Day: Humans burn through year's worth of natural resources by mid-August

Humanity has used up a full year's supply of ecological resources by the middle of August, according to an international NGO.

Lord Stern's new paper says the economic case for halting climate change is stronger than ever

Lord Stern: 10 years on from the Stern Review

Ten years after the infamous Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change was commissioned, Lord Nicholas Stern has warned the risks of global warming are even greater now than ever before.

Clean energy investment offers clear net employment gains compared to fossil fuel spending, according to the report

Report: Clean energy investment creates more jobs than fossil fuels

The global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and energy efficiency will be a net creator of jobs, a new UN report has claimed.

The three include establishing a carbon price, providing support for those most affected by climate change, and setting defined targets

World Bank releases decarbonisation guide

Countries could reduce the cost of decarbonisation by a third by enacting green policies immediately, according to a new report from the World Bank.

The B Team letter comes just days before world leaders meet in Geneva to make progress on a draft agreement for Paris

Branson's B Team demands zero net emissions by mid-century

Governments and businesses should commit to zero-net emissions by 2050 according to the 'B Team' - a group of 16 renowned CEO's and policymakers headed up by mogul Richard Branson.

The Pope said his encyclical on the environment would be released in June or July 2015

Climate change: Pope says man is 'slapping nature in the face'

Pope Francis has issued his clearest statement yet on climate change, claiming that human activity is primarily responsible for global warming.

UK military admits climate change is global security risk

The changing climate poses a serious risk to geopolitical stability and could result in more British troops being deployed around the world, according to the former commander of UK maritime forces.

Biggest brown coal power plant of Europe in Belchatow coal power station, Poland

Poland rejects IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100

IPCC recommendation to phase out fossil fuels by end of century to avoid dangerous global warming is categorically rejected by Poland and other eastern European countries.

UKGBC firms warned the businesses warn that

UKGBC: Businesses need better support from Government to tackle climate change

The Climate Change Act is a boon rather than a burden for companies looking to tackle climate change, argues a coalition of leading construction and property firms backed by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC)

The IPCC report was unveiled after a week of intense debate between scientists and government officials in Copenhagen

IPCC: Fossil fuels 'must be phased out by 2100' to limit climate change

"Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side."

Two academics in the prestigious journal Nature now argue that the 2C target has outlived its usefulness

Could the 2C climate target be completely wrong?

The global warming goal that nearly 200 governments have agreed on should be ditched, say scientists writing in Nature.

Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have been at record levels unseen in over 800,000 years

10 reasons to be hopeful that we will overcome climate change

From action in China and the US to falling solar costs and rising electric car sales, there is cause to be hopeful...

The two organisations are seeking to address fears that future water shortages could lead growing to local and regional tensions

'It is our duty to act now': WWC and FAO unite to combat water and food security

The World Water Council (WWC) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) have agreed to increase their collaboration amidst growing concerns about global water and food security.

Europe is among the regions using more coal, with imports from the US topping up local production

Coal's share of energy market at highest level since 1970

Use of coal for power generation and other purposes grew by 3% in 2013 - faster than any other fossil fuel.

Almost half of senior executives are calling for 'urgent and immediate' action on the effects of climate change

Senior executives call for 'urgent and immediate' action on climate change

Senior executives are calling for urgent and immediate action on climate change by leaders in government, business and civil society, according to a new poll.

Businesses are demanding a proactive policy response to climate change risk

Businesses urge policy makers to heed IPCC report warnings

A coalition of companies from around the globe is urging policy makers to take a number of actions in line with the science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The cheapest and least risky route to dealing with global warming is to abandon all dirty fossil fuels in coming decades, the IPCC report finds

IPCC climate change report: averting catastrophe is eminently affordable

Landmark UN analysis concludes global roll-out of clean energy would shave only a tiny fraction off economic growth

The IPCC report says climate change impacts are occurring from the tropics to the poles, from small islands to large continents, and from the wealthiest countries to the poorest

IPCC report: Climate change impacts occurring from the tropics to the poles

The effects of climate change are already occurring on all continents and across the oceans, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) latest report.

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