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WRAP's new Recycling Guidelines clarify the “what, why and how” of the recyclability of items such as paper, card, cartons, metal, plastic and glass packaging

Waste management industry unites to develop 'first ever' National Recycling Guidelines

Britain's rising recycling contamination levels could be pulled back on track thanks to a new set of guidelines developed by the waste management industry which detail exactly what can and cannot be accepted for recycling at the kerbside.

Several industry bodies join forces to write letter to Dan Rogerson

Waste heavyweights extend olive branch to Defra

Resource management and waste industry leaders have sought to defuse tensions with Defra over its plans to cut back involvement in the sector by offering to work closely with the government.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has labelled Lord de Mauley's letter on waste management

Mixed reaction to Lord de Mauley's letter on waste regulations

Lord de Mauley's letter to councils about the impact of amended waste regulations on their collection arrangements has brought a mixed reaction from industry.

Value of recycling reward schemes to be investigated

The role that recycling incentive schemes can play in delivering more cost-effective waste services is to be explored in a new piece of research that will help inform government strategy going forward.

Incineration must be challenged to avoid 'environmental vandalism'

The waste industry is at risk of "walking blindly" into a "resource wasting trap" by relying too much on incineration as a disposal option, a leading authority has warned.

Councils set to be rewarded for beverage carton recycling

A benefits package designed to support and encourage local authorities to increase beverage carton recycling has been launched by the Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment (ACE) UK.

Scotland set to apply scrutiny to recycling contamination

Zero Waste Scotland has commissioned a study into the levels of contamination in recycling which has been separated and sorted at the kerbside.

Targeted approach needed to motivate higher recycling levels

Councils and waste disposal authorities need to use different tactics and messages to encourage residents to do better on recycling, according to research published by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA).

LGA calls for government reforms to unlock £1bn 'waste goldmine'

If market reforms were pushed through in the municipal recycling sector, it could result in a one billion pound windfall for local authorities and householders, new research suggests.

Wales helps tips UK beverage carton recycling rate over 50% mark

Ceredigion County Council's decision to collect beverage cartons from households has helped push the coverage of kerbside collections by local authorities to over 50% in the UK.

London council sees surge in mixed plastics recycling at kerbside

The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames has seen a 43% increase in the amount of plastic recycled after the council widened the range of materials that could be collected at the kerbside last October.

Cllr Mike Priestly and Claire McCallum

NI social enterprise takes first step into UK market

Bryson Recycling has announced plans to expand its social enterprise business model across the UK mainland after its first contract with Conwy County Borough Council started on 1 April.

UK tucks in to first food waste recycling reward scheme

Residents in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead that recycle their food waste will be able to earn points which can be exchanged for vouchers and spent in local shops.

Is the great British public being conned on recycling?

Recent headlines in the Daily Mail which claimed millions of tonnes of household waste were being dumped abroad in foreign landfill sites may be scaremongering, but the industry isn't helping itself, argues Chris Dow

Incentive scheme boosts kerbside recycling rates in Wokingham

Recyclebank's rewards scheme with Wokingham Borough Council has helped drive up recycling rates over the past 11 months.

Judicial Review rules in favour of commingled waste collections

Recycling campaigners were dealt a blow today when a judge ruled in favour of Defra and the Welsh Assembly that commingled collections would be permissable in England and Wales under EU law.

Waste industry awaits verdict of Judicial Review hearing

The future of commingled recycled collections could be decided in the next few weeks after the judge overseeing the Judicial Review ended the hearing in Cardiff on Tuesday (26 February) to consider his verdict.

Recycling campaign boosts kerbside metals capture rate

An industry-backed programme has helped drive up metals collections at the kerbside over the past year according to latest figures.

England shows slowdown in recycling rate

Fears have been raised that national recycling rates in England may be flatlining following the release of latest figures from Defra.

Eric Pickles faces rising backlash for his arguments against alternate weekly waste collections

Eric Pickles' weekly waste claims 'thrown in the bin'

Adoption of fortnightly waste collections has a positive impact on recycling rates and household behaviour, new research has shown.

Commingled claims deliver 'killer blow' for kerbside sort

A leading reprocessor has backed commingled waste collections, arguing that the economics stack up far better due to the high volumes that can be achieved compared to kerbside sorting.

NI kerbside trials look to maximise recycling rates

Councils in Northern Ireland are exploring new ways to drive up household recycling rates in a cost-effective manner through kerbside pilots.

Greater collaboration will hike up value of textile recycling

Closer partnerships between textile recyclers, local authorities and waste management companies are needed if greater volumes of household textiles are to be diverted from landfill.

 BBC The One Show presenter Tony Livesey with some of the Biffa crew

BBC One Show highlights violent attacks on bin men

Violent assaults against bin men are on the increase and tough measures must be taken to curb this worrying trend, waste leaders have warned.

Councils need clear policy steer on recycling

Ongoing tensions over local authority collection methods and frequency must be resolved as a matter of urgency, according to the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

Defra clarifies stance on separate recycling collections

Amended regulations which seek to impose a legal duty on waste companies and local authorities to separately collect paper, metal, plastic and glass by 2015 have been laid before Parliament today.

Recycling charter seeks to win trust of public

A new industry charter launched today (June 6) aims to boost public confidence in recycling by allowing people to find out where their household waste ends up.

Co-mingled winning formula for top council recyclers

Two-thirds of the top performing councils that operate a dry recycling household collection service in Britain are adopting a co-mingled approach.

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