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B&Q will replace all polystyrene packaging across its range of bedding plants with a new teabag technology that is 100% recyclable and up to 95% peat-free

B&Q reduces polystyrene packaging with new 'teabag technology'

B&Q is harnessing teabag technology to help increase peat-free gardening products and remove 15 million polystyrene trays from a range of plant products.

The term waste could change to resource

Landfill ban on valuable commodities would save £1bn, say Tory MPs

A ban on sending plastics, wood, textiles and food to landfill could help councils save £1bn a year, Conservative MPs have said.

McVitie's unveils 'Wrappers to Riches' recycling competition

Recycling specialist TerraCycle and McVitie's have launched a new recycling fundraising competition which encourages people across the UK to collect and send in waste biscuit wrappers, otherwise destined for landfill, to be recycled into new products.

Sir David Attenborough hails Cory's landfill transformation

Sir David Attenborough hails Cory's landfill transformation

Sir David Attenborough has officially opened a nature park on a former landfill site in Essex, hailing it a "new chapter" for the region's landscape.

Ireland at risk of failing on waste targets due to landfill reliance

Municipal waste arisings continue to fall in Ireland despite the majority of it still being sent to landfill, latest figures show.

Biffa found guilty in landfill site pollution case

Biffa has been fined £105,000 for failing to manage pollution from its Tyne and Wear landfill site in line with environmental legislation.

Landfill gas guidance set to boost energy production

A new code of practice to help increase gas capture and maximise renewable electricity generation at landfill sites has been issued.

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