Nitrates Directive

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England amongst the worst for nitrate pollution

Nitrate pollution is down across the European Union showing new legislation is 'proving effective', according to the European Commission.

Action programme to tackle nitrate pollution from farmers

Farmers are being invited to contribute to the development of new Action Programme measures to tackle nitrate pollution.

Belgium fail to control Walloon and Flemish livestock in NVZs

Belgium has been found guilty of failing to protect water against agricultural nitrates in vulnerable parts of two major regions.

Case C-221/03 Commission v Belgium: Belgium found to be in breach of Nitrates Directive

Advocate General Geelhoed for the European Court of Justice has recommended that Belgium be condemned for comprehensively failing to comply with the Nitrates Directive (Directive 91/676/EEC).

Edie environmental case law update (April 2005)

In this month's Semple Fraser and Edie News update of legal cases to impact the environmental industry sector in the UK, Europe and Internationally: France breaks international waste laws; Belgium fails the Nitrates Directive; Turkey's human rights record is questioned after an explosion at a rubbish tip; and the US flaunts international waste laws and exports ghost ships to the UK.

Challenges and opportunities

Dr Tom Arnot of Bath University looks at the current situation regarding industrial effluent, likely changes to existing legislation and the implications to developing future technology

The science of selling science

Southern Water is expanding its laboratory services by re-entering the commercial market. New technology is being used to meet the legistlative demands on its growing client base

Scotland moves to cut coastal pollution

Scotland’s estuaries, beaches and coastal waters will benefit from new sewage treatment measures, according to the Scottish Environment Minister.

News in Brief: European Commission environmental enforcement action

The European Commission has begun the new century with a series of warnings and announcements of imminent court action relating to environmental legislation. Water quality in member states is most frequently at issue.

UK research shows that even approved use of phosphate fertilisers pollutes watercourses

The amount of phosphate fertiliser residues that leach from grassland into watercourses could be far greater than previously thought, according to UK research.

Yorkshire Water tests 'revolutionary' nitrate removal system

Hopes have been raised that a technological breakthrough in nitrate removal from drinking water may be close at hand.

Commission acts against UK over nitrates pollution

The European Commission is applying to the European Court of Justice against the UK for failing to comply with the EU Nitrates Directive.

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