light pollution

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The project – named Mission Zero Corridor - takes its name from Interface’s Mission Zero initiative

Driving change: What will the planet's roads look like in 2050?

From algae refuelling stations to wildlife bridges, the roads of the future will not just be inanimate slugs of concrete, but an important part of an emissions-free planet. How will we get there? Brad Allen finds out.

Clapham Junction station will automatically be able to dim the lights down to a minimum value when the station is not in operation

Clapham Junction to cut energy consumption with 'intelligent' lighting

The UK's busiest train station, Clapham Junction, is cutting energy consumption through the implementation of lighting efficiencies.

VW's solar PV array is the largest of any car manufacturer in the US

Why being green means thinking blue for Volkswagen

Waterless technology, rainwater harvesting, Platinum LEED certification and the largest solar PV array of any car manufacturer in the US, Rob Bell finds out what's driving VW's 'Think Blue.Factory' strategy at its Chattanooga facility stateside

The NTA has been protesting against a proposed wind farm in Tiree for the past two years

Wind farm in Scotland could put marine life at risk - campaign group

Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) may have its plans to install Scotland's largest offshore wind farm dismissed because of its potential impact on the areas marine life.

European 100w and frosted bulb phase out

The phase out of 100w and frosted lightbulbs gets underway next week in an effort to drive down emissions in Europe.

Light pollution in Ireland has increased 'dramatically'

The issue of light pollution was the subject of a lecture at the Astro Expo 2007 astronomy event, which took place in Dublin on November 25.

The orange glow from Las Vegas can be seen over 150km away in the Nevada Desert

Reducing light pollution isn't rocket science

Despite being easy to address we continue to allow light pollution to keep us awake, block out the night skies and confuse wildlife.

Light pollution will soon be a criminal activity in the UK

Light pollution soon to be criminal

Stargazers are celebrating victory as new rules to curb light pollution come into play.

Automatic catchment rainfall information

Partner charter under pins giant Sydney project

A joint venture to rehabilitate Sydney's major sewer outfall is a model for successful partnering on a major project, reports Hugh McGinley, Business Development Manager at Earth Tech

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