Climate Change Bill

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Getting commitment on carbon

After 12 years, the Environment Industry Commission's message on climate change finally seems to be getting through, writes the organisation's director, Merlin Hyman. But there is still a lack of ambition

Cracking the zero carbon code

The building industry has an integral role to play in enabling the country to move to a sustainable future. Ensuring the code guiding this transition evolves in a consistent and responsive manner will be key to meeting government's target of zero carbon homes by 2016, writes Paul King

Carbon accounting: The new bottom line

Legislation combined with pressure from investors and consumers means companies not yet addressing their carbon emissions are risking their long-term futures
Justin Strutt

Carbon commitment 'lacks ambition'

The government's new Carbon Reduction Commitment aims to cut emissions from large non-energy-intensive organisations such as water companies. Merlin Hyman of the EIC analyses the scheme, which starts in 2010, and questions its efficacy.

Renewing energy policy

A recent speech highlighted how migrating to a low-carbon economy will involve concerted policy initiatives from across all government departments, says John Hutton MP

Climate change bill: A closer look

The government's draft climate change bill was well received but has since been more critically scrutinised. Barrie Clarke of Water UK looks at its six main policy changes

Rules 'must change' on energy from sludge

Water UK's Steve Ntifo, environment and science adviser, and Bruce Horton, policy development adviser, discuss the role of energy from sludge in cutting carbon emissions

Climate Change Bill: An opportunity missed?

The government's proposed Climate Change Bill promises great things but may lack real legal muscle. Peter McMaster reports

Tomorrow's home today

The government's proposal that all new homes should be zero-carbon rated by
2016 has set a tough target for housebuilders in terms of design, delivery and affordability. Gary Mills reports on a new development which addresses these issues

The market rules, okay?

Climate change solutions, says Ciwem executive director, Nick Reeves, cannot be left to the market nor to personal conduct alone

Turning up the heat on British business

Achieving environmental best practice in a company's supply chain can have a very positive impact on profits, says Caroline Brown

Buildings likely to push UK above carbon targets

The targets set out by the Climate Change Act will not be met without a major overhaul of the energy consumption of existing buildings.

British carbon cutting efforts 'meaningless'

The British government is 'falling down' when it comes to delivering effective carbon budgets, an influential group of MPs believe.

Marchers on Piccadilly in central London

Thousands march against climate change

Thousands marched across London to drive home the message of stopping climate change the weekend before crucial climate change talks start in Copenhagen.

Schwarzenegger to attend COP15

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he will attend the Copenhagen climate change talks.

London emissions are double what was thought

A new report claims London's carbon footprint is twice as high as previously estimated.

Professor behind leaked climate change emails steps down

University of East Anglia professor Phil Jones is to stand aside as director of the Climatic Research Unit while a review into leaked emails takes place.

British National Party leader Nick Griffin

Controversial BNP leader to attend COP15

The British National Party leader Nick Griffin has said he will go the Copenhagen climate talks in his role as a Member of the European Parliament.

University to publish all climate data

The University of East Anglia has vowed to publish all its climate change information following an email leak.

China announces emissions cuts and will attend COP15

China's state council has boosted hopes of successful Copenhagen climate change talks by announcing emissions cuts and promising to attend the event.

Simon Hughes

UK officials flying to COP15 'extraordinary'

The Liberal Democrats shadow energy and climate change secretary has attacked ministers and Government officials for flying to environmental talks in Copenhagen.

Queen's Speech boost for UK low carbon economy

The Queen's Speech this month included the latest energy bill designed to move the UK to a lower carbon economy.

Engineers claim war footing needed to combat climate change

We need to go to war on climate change and the UK should be in the vanguard of the battle, say British engineers.

Gordon Brown

Europe still dragging its feet ahead of Copenhagen

European leaders agree to give €100 billion annually by 2020 to the developing world to fund climate change fighting initiatives but remain deadlocked over who should pay what.

British children most energy wasteful

Britons know more about climate change than their European counterparts according to new research launched today (October 19) to mark the beginning of Energy Saving Week.

Climate swoop hailed 'massive success' despite arrests

Green activists have called this weekend's climate swoop a 'massive success' after breaking into and spending 24 hours outside Ratcliffe coal-fired power station.

Final details of CRC announced

The Government has this morning announced the final details of the Carbon Reduction Commitment due to start next year.

New report details impacts of climate change on Ireland

A new report highlighting potential problems and solutions of climate change has been published by the Irish government.

Government helps businesses size up their carbon footprint

Businesses can now size up their contribution to climate change with new UK government guidelines for measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Emissions from aviation industry must be cut ahead of Copenhagen

Goverment must work towards capping global airline emissions, according to an influential lobbying group.

Climate camp protesters swoop on London

Protesters will gather in a number of locations in central London today for the 2009 Camp for Climate Action.

Ireland plans climate change bill

The Irish government has said it will draw up a law tying the country to carbon cuts in what is being seen as a concession to Greens in parliament.

Prepare for rule by regulation

The planet is hotting up. And so is regulation aimed at getting companies to cut carbon emissions. But, Mike Scott discovers, many of the new rules can also lead to intriguing business opportunities

UNICEF: Poorest children hit by climate change

The world's poorest and most vulnerable children are being hit hardest by the impact of climate change, according to a new report from UNICEF UK.

Environmental industry examines Climate Change Bill

The Climate Change Bill will give businesses the framework they are asking for to reduce their carbon emissions, the Environment Secretary has told industry.

Ireland's greenhouse emissions challenge

Ireland is facing a challenge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with European Union mandatory caps on the agriculture, household and transport sectors, an expert has warned.

Bill amendment could force business GHG disclosure

All companies would have to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions under legislation passed by the House of Lords.

How the budget will impact on environmental sector

The Environmental Industries Commission has compiled a thorough analysis of how member companies are likely to be affected by Alistair Darling's first budget.

An unhealthy scepticism

Those who scaremonger on the costs of fighting climate change are not just jeopardising the environment, they are in fact ignoring a raft of financial opportunities, writes Merlin Hyman, director of the Environmental Industries Commission

Start legally binding CO2 cuts, campaigners tell EU

A campaign to persuade the European Union to commit to legally binding annual emissions cuts will be launched on Wednesday.

New climate committee to size up 60% target

Economists and scientists have become the first members of an independent committee being established to provide advice on how the UK can meet its climate change goals.

MPs slam pay-as-you-throw pilots

Government plans for pilot pay-as-you-throw schemes are a "messy compromise" made in the face of media opposition, a group of MPs have said.

Political visit to plastic film recycling facility by Ed Davey (pictured above).

Energy Secretary visits UK's first plastic film recycling facility

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has paid a visit to the UK's first shopping bag and plastic film recycling facility in London.

Ireland draft Climate Change Bill due early 2013

Ireland's long-awaited draft Climate Change Bill is at "an advanced stage" and set to be published in the first quarter of this year, following a series of delays.

Northern Ireland aims to be world leader in carbon reduction

Northern Ireland's Environment Minister Alex Attwood has called on the country to step up to the challenge of becoming a world leader in carbon reduction.

Emissions from aviation are continuing to rise in contrast to other sectors

UK emissions continue to fall

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK fell slightly in 2006 but Government ministers admitted much more should be done.

2007 was a big year for climate change campaigner Al Gore

Climate Change & Energy - Review of the Year 2007

Carbon offsetting came under fire in 2007 as questions were raised over the validity of unregulated credits, leading reputable offsetting companies to seek CDM-registered credits for private markets.

New homes in the private sector are not green enough, according to the NHF

Developers 'falling short' on green homes

Private developers are lagging far behind housing associations when it comes to building sustainable new homes.

'Simplest' of actions could have saved 800 lowest ranked CRC performers

Simple energy saving or regulating measures could have seen some of the 800 organisations making up the foot of the CRC league table improve their position.

Brown reveals climate change plans

Gordon Brown has laid out his plans to reduce the effects of climate change in his first major speech on the environment since taking over from Tony Blair earlier this year.

Climate Bill published

Legislation which will set legally binding targets for the reduction of Britain's greenhouse gas emissions was published in Parliament this week.

Political heavyweights put spotlight on climate change

Listen to live audio on from the Environment Minister and Shadow Environment Minister, as they set out their respective climate stalls at the EIC National Conference 2007.

CRC league table worth £734m from 2106 businesses

After a stuttering start the long awaited CRC league table was published for the first time today (November 8).

Climate Change Bill 'strengthened'

The Government's Climate Change Bill will be amended to increase transparency and accountability, ministers have announced.

Scotland mulls aviation and shipping emissions.

Scottish Ministers have made an order considering the emissions from planes and ships linked to the country.

Good start, long way to go - expert sums up UK's carbon progress

The UK has made a good start on its aspirations to become a low carbon society, but there is a long way to go until it is on track to meet its goals.

60% emissions cuts by 2050 not enough, says environmental group

The government's draft Climate Change Bill is 'too myopic to be effective,' warned environmental group Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in response to a new review of the Bill by a joint committee last week.

Are we on track for a low carbon revolution?

Environmental pressure group WWF has spelled out what it believes is required if the UK is to meet its own carbon targets and lead the global low carbon revolution.

Binding emissions targets are needed if we are to avoid a surge in extreme weather events

Climate Change Committee needs teeth

The committee which would oversee and administer the proposed Climate Change Bill needs to have real powers, including the ability to set binding emission reduction targets.

Fundamental shift needed to meet UK climate targets

The UK has set itself some of the toughest carbon reduction targets in the world, but we must make fundamental changes if those aspirations are going to be anything more than hot air.

Home-buyers go for green

The majority of Britons will opt for green homes if given the choice, a survey has found - a tendency that is soon likely to translate into house prices.

The Government will be exposed to annual scrutiny on its progress towards carbon cut goals

UK to write carbon cuts into law

Britain became the first country to put forward legally binding national carbon cut targets in the draft climate change bill this week.

Climate Change Bill should go further

Enshrining a national commitment to reduce carbon emissions in law is a good start but does not go far enough, according to London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone.

Norton Rose election briefing: climate change and energy

The law firm looks at how the way we vote could impact on policy and regulation.

Government pledges to put its own house in order in climate fight

The British government has published plans outlining how each of its departments will take steps to tackle climate change, including improving energy efficiency in their own estates.

Climate law to set carbon cut targets for 2050

A climate change bill will legally bind the Government to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 - but with no mention of annual targets to mark progress.

Microgeneration gets a boost in the Bill

Act to aid home-grown green power

The Climate Change Bill, approved by Parliament on Wednesday, will make it easier for small-scale producers of renewable electricity to sell their excess energy to their power supplier.

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