Carbon Reduction Commitment

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CRC registrations looms: manage your carbon or face the consequences

By 30 September 2010, the registration deadline for the CRC scheme will have closed and an estimated 2,800 companies that fall under the CRC 'cap and trade' regulation will probably have failed to meet the registration deadline. By: Travis Miller and Graham Margetson of

Environment Agency's CRC FAQs

The Environment Agency has published a brief guide to the CRC explaining how it works and outlining the time table. These concise notes are well worth a look if you are in the dark about the scheme or want to refresh your memory fast.

Data is the key to the CRC - by EDF Energy

Businesses involved in the CRC will soon be asked to look at their environmental impact in a way they have never done before. Laurent Mineau of EDF Energy says that gathering the data will be the toughest, and most important, part of the process

Top Ten Tips to Carbon Accounting - by Parsons Brinckerhoff

Abigail Frost suggests ten measures for achieving carbon reductions in line with the incoming Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme

The Carbon Reduction Commitment - Friend or Foe? By Hyder Consulting

The CRC sets business a very clear challenge - to start caring about carbon. But it doesn't have to be a burden, says Paul Maryan. In fact, good monitoring, metering and targeting activity could see your company make a profit from the system

CRC simplification will more than 'half administrative costs' for participants

Simplifications to the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) will save participants £272m by 2030, says the Government.

Update: Mixed messages in CRC league table highlight schemes 'failings'

The final Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Performance League Table (PLT) has highlighted some of the legislations failings and raised concerns over data accuracy issues.

While companies will still be required to report as part of the CRC scheme, an end to publishing the PLT is likely to remove most of the reputational benefit in being involved in the scheme.

Manchester United loses premier position in CRC league table

Premiership football team Manchester United has fallen a massive 487 places from top of the table to 488th place in the latest (and last) Carbon Reduction Commitment Performance League Table, published today.

Environment Agency to publish delayed CRC league table next week

The Environment Agency (EA) has confirmed that the delayed Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) performance league table will be published on the 26th February following a five month delay.

Boarding a fuel efficient future

With six airlines and 150 aircrafts, TUI Travel has a significant environmental impact, but as the aviation sector looks to a sustainable future the travel company is aiming to operate the most carbon efficient airlines in Europe, according to Jane Ashton.

One of Center Parc's village squares at Elveden Forest

Center Parcs engages employees in energy efficiency

Family holiday company Center Parcs has launched a UK-wide scheme encouraging employees to engage with energy saving away from the workplace.

The Chancellor George Osborne

Osborne slammed for 'gas obsession'

The Chancellor has received heavy criticism from environmental organisations following his autumn statement where he outlined plans to allow a new fleet of gas-fired power stations to be built across the UK.

Landfill tax 'successor' needed to push waste up hierarchy

A new tranche of green tax measures has been called for to stimulate sustainable investment at the top end of the waste hierarchy.

Industry has 'overwhelming desire to see CRC work'

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has published a report that calls on the Government to address issues confronting the flagship environmental policy, the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Leading by legislation: Big Yellow goes green

From the green deal to carbon reporting, legislation is a double edged sword that can make or break a company's business model. Paul Donnelly tells Leigh Stringer why leading by legislation is a sensible step towards a sustainable and successful future in business.

Some of the biggest brands in the hospitality sector have reported significant energy savings over the past few years

Hospitality sector: fighting the downturn through energy efficiency

With the introduction of the government's Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme this summer, the hospitality sector has had to work hard to become a more energy efficient industry. Leigh Stringer looks at how businesses in this struggling sector are dealing with new government legislation and how they attempt to stabilise and improve profits through staff engagement and energy efficiency.

MRH installs LED lights to its forecourts to improve efficiency

Fuel distributor to reduce energy costs by 90% with LED

Fuel distributor MRH says it can reduce energy costs by almost 90% after replacing the lights at its 350 petrol station forecourts.

UK has potential to be global leader in shift to low-carbon

The UK has the potential to be a global front-runner in the shift to low carbon but only if the Government adopts a smarter approach to energy and climate change policy, says the CBI.

The environmental industry must

UK's environment industry must unite to protect future

The UK's environmental industry must match the lobbying firepower of opposing industries to strengthen government policy on environmental protection, says the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC).

Long-term green tax plan needed to change behaviour

The Government needs to give people confidence that environmental tax incentives will be in place for a long time, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has said.

John Cridland: green will be new colour of economy

Economic growth 'no choice' but to be green - CBI

CBI director general John Cridland has said that the choice between going green and economic growth is a "false" one.

New carbon 'tax' will push electricity costs 3% higher

Carbon floor price support will effectively act as a third carbon tax when it's introduced in April next year claims environmental consultant WSP Environment & Energy.

CRC 'stealth tax' damaging attempts to cut carbon

New research being presented to Parliament today (May 17) indicates that attempts to encourage some of the UK's largest organisations to cut carbon have been hit by a change in government policy.

IEMA executive director of policy Martin Baxter

GHG Reporting and Rio+20 - an international context

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) executive director of policy, Martin Baxter, considers how delaying the decision on mandatory carbon reporting will impact on international sustainability commitments.

Carbon reporting delay 'costly and bureaucratic', say businesses

A move by government to delay mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting is proving costly and bureaucratic for businesses, an edie poll has revealed.

UPDATED: Davey attempts to save CRC with 12-week consultation

Energy secretary Ed Davey has claimed that new proposals to simplify the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and cut red tape will save businesses millions - as he tries to save the unpopular scheme.

UPDATED: Government fails to reach decision on carbon reporting

UK businesses have slammed the Government's lack of decision in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mandatory reporting as "unacceptable" and "deplorable".

Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne

Budget 2012: Businesses call for government to commit to green economy

Businesses have called on the Government to commit to the green economy and clarify how it intends to drive its growth ambitions with its long-term climate change objectives in tomorrow's (March 21) budget announcement.

David Lloyd Leisure raises the bar in energy saving

Health and fitness group David Lloyd Leisure (DLL) has unveiled plans to boost energy and carbon savings at its gym facilities by signing up to a pioneering 'pay-as-you-save' energy funding deal.

CBI calls for green tax reform and CRC to be scrapped

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is calling on the chancellor George Osborne to reduce the burden on businesses by reforming the UK's environmental taxes and ditching the carbon reduction commitment (CRC).

Welsh Government beats 10:10 reduction target

The Welsh Government has reduced its carbon emissions by 11% since last year beating its commitment to the 10:10 campaign.

'Simplest' of actions could have saved 800 lowest ranked CRC performers

Simple energy saving or regulating measures could have seen some of the 800 organisations making up the foot of the CRC league table improve their position.

CRC league table winners celebrate

Twenty five businesses and organisations topped the first ever CRC league table released this morning (November 8).

CRC league table worth £734m from 2106 businesses

After a stuttering start the long awaited CRC league table was published for the first time today (November 8).

The site greeting many people trying to view the PLT this morning

More delays as long awaited CRC league table is 'launched'

The Environment Agency's website struggled to cope this morning as it ranked business energy efficiency in the first CRC league table.

New Carbon Management Association set to tackle CRC challenges

A new Carbon Management Association will be launched to help businesses and organisations manage their carbon more effectively. The announcement was made by Lord Redesdale, chairman of the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ABDA), at the Sustainability Leaders Forum in London yesterday (November 3).

Councils don't need to become Scrooges on Christmas lights

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for adults and children alike, with the Christmas Lights switch on usually the clearest sign that the festive period is upon us. Energy reducing initiatives however and the worsening economic climate are causing some Councils to consider becoming 'Scrooges' over their Christmas lighting arrangements, according to Harvard Engineering sales and marketing director, Michael McDonnell.

DECC's Paul Wilson

VIDEO: Not all CRC costs can be simplified claim DECC

Some calls for simplifying the financial admin around the CRC have gone too far, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

CRC changes hit business energy efficiency plans

New research around the CRC has claimed energy efficiency is being hit by the removal of funding incentives from the scheme.

Government 'tinkers' with CRC

Simplifying measures for the CRC have been criticised as 'tinkering around the edges' by business.

Barker 'guilty as charged' over CRC

Climate change secretary, Greg Barker, has held his hands up to an accusation that the Government has ruined the CRC.

Call for 'systematic' approach to workplace carbon

Building a 'systematic' framework is the key to delivering significant workplace carbon reductions at low cost, according to a new report.

Investment uncertainty devastating low carbon economy

A lack of certainty is crippling the UK's renewable energy industry, according to the latest research by the CBI.

DECC admit road to CRC 'painful'

A senior policy advisor for DECC has admitted the road to the CRC has been a 'painful' one.

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg berated over energy markets

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg was given a rough ride on the perceived lack of reforms to energy markets when he attended a gala dinner last night (May 18).

11% hike in energy bills for wrong CRC reports

Business wrongly filling out CRC reports could face extra costs of up to 11% on their current energy bills according to new research.

Europe's top 300 emitters ranked for the first time

UK financial giant Aviva is the best performer in a European list of the top 300 carbon emitters, according to a new ranking system.

Industry attacks plans for Australian carbon tax

Australian business chiefs have thrown their combined weight behind a campaign to stop the country introducing a carbon tax.

Webinar: Achieving energy and carbon reduction targets

edie hosted a second webinar with energy giant EDF Energy aimed at pleasing the bean counters around the CRC.

Scrap 'untenable' CRC says business group

Prominent business group the CBI has called for the scrapping of the UK's flagship carbon cutting system the CRC.

UK's top 100 emitters ranked for first time

Insurers and BskyB were among the best performers in the first chart of 100 of the UK's biggest emitters.

Sustainable future that’s becoming reality

The water industry has to embrace green solutions to improve energy efficiency and cut emissions. Barry Oliver explains the best approaches

Edie users endorse first live webinar with massive attendance and lively Q&A

Almost 300 people signed up to the first ever live webinar hosted by which saw experts from EDF Energy giving the latest information on the CRC.

ManageCO2 MD Mr Fleming

UK's first 'all-in-one' carbon management software launches

An Irish firm has launched what it claims is the UK's first 'all-in-one' carbon management software.

Edie TV News launches today launches the first broadcast of its edie TV News bringing users the latest green information in even more accessible formats.

CRC incentive dropped in Spending Review

Businesses will be taking in the news that the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme cash-back incentive has been removed in the government's spending cuts.

Mr Huhne at the Carbon Show

Huhne promises UK will be 'fastest improving' renewable nation by 2015

The UK's place in the relegation zone of Europe's renewable power generators is to be tackled by the Government.

One in five businesses may have got CRC wrong

One in five businesses registered for the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme may have given the wrong information, according to research.

'Complex' CRC putting off business

With only days remaining until the CRC scheme comes into force it is still to 'complex' for a lot of firms to get to grips with.

Whitbread aims to be premier low carbon hotelier

Budget hotel chain Premier Inn is close to completing what it hopes will become a template for its future green builds.

Ed Davey gave the keynote speech at the ESOS South East Roadshow in London

Ed Davey: ESOS regulation will accelerate UK's green growth

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has fended off criticism of the Government's impending Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), insisting that a regulatory approach to improving the nation's energy efficiency is the right one.

CRC will cost more than you think says carbon reporting expert

Fines and costs from the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) deadline will hit sooner than expected according to leading accountants.

People don't appear to have faith in the CRC scheme

CRC scheme not working say edie readers

A poll of's readers has shown the vast majority feel the Government's much-hyped Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is not working.

Less than half of organisations signed up for CRC

Figures released today (August 11) by the Environment Agency show just 1200 organisations have registered for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Business fears over impending CRC scheme

Businesses say mapping energy use is their biggest concern when it comes to a new government scheme to tackle carbon emissions.

Make the most of the CRC - Sainsbury's

Organisations covered by the Carbon Reduction Commitment should embrace the opportunities it creates, since as there's no avoiding it they may as well reap what benefits it brings.

Benchmarking tool makes councils comfortable with CRC

Those local authorities that have chosen to measure their emissions using a tool provided by Defra feel better equipped to deal with the Carbon Reduction Commitment, which took effect this week.

Unlocking CRC financial rewards at NEMEX

Energy company npower will roll out the big guns at NEMEX as it explains the financial benefits for firms under the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) energy efficient scheme.

Uncertainty and lack of understanding greet official launch of CRC scheme

Business does not 'understand' and is 'unprepared' for today's (April 1) launch of Britain's much hyped carbon trading scheme.

Those that take proactive approach to CRC will profit

Business consultants Hurleypalmerflatt have looked at the costs and benefits of the Carbon Reduction Commitment - and argue that going for best practice is going to be more profitable than basic compliance.

CRC transforms cutting carbon from worthy cause to sound business proposition

Guy Battle, Deloitte LLP sustainability partner, comments the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

Energy sapping buildings targeted under CRC

Greening energy sapping buildings will be key to meeting carbon reduction targets, the Environment Agency said today (March 24).

British business counting pennies, not carbon

It seems that the carbon-conscious consumer really began to make a difference to the products and services sold in the UK last year, says Cisco's green ambassador Richard Roberts.

EA claims CRC will change the look of the high street

An optimistic Environment Agency believes that a piece of legislation that will name and shame businesses that are wasting energy could change the face of our town centres.

Gov's energy audit proposal risks becoming inneffective 'cost burden' for business

The Government's proposed Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) will end up a "major cost burden for business" if key lessons from the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme are not taken into account, says Ricardo-AEA's Christine St John Cox.

CRC on DVD - six experts, one disk

Wondering what the Carbon Reduction Commitment means for your business? We've got the complete update on the latest developments, direct from the head of CRC at DECC, Carbon Trust, ERM and leading industry and legal experts.

British carbon cutting efforts 'meaningless'

The British government is 'falling down' when it comes to delivering effective carbon budgets, an influential group of MPs believe.

Energy efficiency remains focus of CRC

The Government is unlikely to curb other greenhouse gas emissions as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) legislation evolves - and will stick to just tackling energy efficiency for now.

Edie's CRC clinic talks online

Edie's Carbon Reduction Commitment clinic gave delegates the most up-to-the-minute information on the biggest change to green business in recent memory.

London mayor launches energy makeover scheme

An environmental makeover scheme unveiled this month could see up to 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide cut from London homes by 2015.

Easing the transition to a low carbon economy

Helping business move to a low carbon economy could be easier after the Government announced plans for a Forum for a Just Transition.

CRC clinic - Carbon Trust joins line-up to explain how early action can still count in your favour

John Newton, from the Carbon Trust Standard, joins the speaker line-up on November 12th, to explain how voluntary certification and recognition of an organisation's climate credentials, can be an approved early action metric in the CRC.

Business still 'unprepared' for CRC

New research has revealed the majority of organisations affected by the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) will struggle with the burden created by the scheme.

Energy and climate change secretary, Ed Miliband.

Green groups attack planning reforms to fast track plants

The Government is due today (November 9) to publish six draft national policy statements designed to fast-track the building of 'clean' coal, renewable energy and nuclear power stations.

Environment Agency to outline emission cuts

The Environment Agency will today (November 9) give details of greenhouse gas emission reduction it believes will cut climate change over the next two decades.

Edie helps schools do their homework

The value of teaching students and pupils about the importance of environmental issues has long been recognised but addressing the impact of our schools and colleges is a more recent development.

CRC's chief architect to address edie event

The Department of Energy & Climate Change's head of CRC has been confirmed as keynote speaker for edie's CRC clinic later this month.

Equipment that's built to last - and low on energy use

Landia's mixers can offer 20 years of reliable service - with basic maintenance. No wonder then, with the CRC looming, that the company is concerned about manufacturers which mislead on lifetime costs.

Consultants outline CRC changes

The Impact of the October changes to the Carbon Reduction Commitment and Energy Efficiency scheme came under the spotlight at a breakfast briefing in London this week.

Joan Ruddock MP

Climate change minister backs boiler scrappage scheme

The minister tasked with battling climate change has backed calls for the government to create a boiler scrappage scheme.

Government rolls out start of carbon cutting measures

The Government has put £20m towards 'energy efficiency measures' aimed at cutting emissions and energy bills in its central departments.

Confusion remains over CRC

Many industry and public sector bodies set to be affected by a new government energy efficiency scheme next year are still confused about the details.

Tickets available for CRC clinic

Edie is hosting a meeting of leading environmental policy makers looking at the likely impacts of the Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment.

CRC under the spotlight

Just hours after Government announced the latest revisions to its Carbon Reduction Commitment and Energy Efficiency scheme, delegates at a major trade show were treated to a presentation outlining the changes and measures organisations should be taking in the run up to its launch.

Energy efficiency call from Climate Change Committee

The influential Climate Change Committee has today (October 12) outlined plans for a greener Britain.

Final details of CRC announced

The Government has this morning announced the final details of the Carbon Reduction Commitment due to start next year.

Pub saves energy to safeguard future

Pubs are among the worst hit businesses in the recession with as many as six closing a day.

What gets inspected gets done

There is now a bewildering variety of government schemes to encourage business to be friendlier to the environment. Catherine Golds says the way out of the maze is through an environmental management system

Government fine-tuning CRC

Business leaders got a sneak peak of how the Government's finalised Carbon Reduction Commitment regulations might look this week.

An artist impression of the new look Big Wood School

Nottingham schools 'biggest ever' carbon emissions cut

Two Nottingham schools have achieved the biggest ever carbon emissions cuts through renewable integration ever, according to the firm carrying out improvements on campus.

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