Water Supply Regulations

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Local community involvement 'key' to water resource management and security

Water resource management and water security could be "dramatically improved" through local community involvement, according to a new report.

Heineken owned drinks firm fined £36,000 for river pollution

Universal Beverages, a subsidiary of Heineken UK, has been fined for polluting a river and breaching the conditions of its environmental permit.

Scottish company fined £30,000 for illegal water work

Inverness-shire engineering company S D Cameron has been fined £30,000 for illegal water work carried out on a burn.

Water supply regs published in Northern Ireland

Regulations covering the supply of domestic water in Northern Ireland have been passed.

Fresh take on an old idea

There is nothing new about rainwater harvesting - it has been with us for centuries. Dr Ian Pallett looks at the need to take this old concept into the future - for the sake of sustainability - and at the regulations and technologies involved.

Fluorescent dyes detect individual microbial cells

Results are a matter of time

Timothy Whitmore of WRc looks at rapid microbiological monitoring

St. Andrew's new STW at Kinkell Ness

There is plenty in the pipe

An assessment of the works in progress Scottish Water has taken on

A drop in the ocean

Water: an odourless, tasteless, transparent liquid that is colourless in small amounts; the most abundant liquid on the planet covering 70 per cent of the Earth's surface; essential for life; consumption rising; recycling essential. Lora Lee Brown, marketing manager of Water Dynamics, reveals how grey water recycling and simple conservation techniques can save companies more than just the odd drop.

Looking after the grey matter

Supplier of grey and rainwater-recycling systems Water Dynamics looks into the problem of overcoming resistance to grey-water use and alternative methods of water conservation

Fitting regulations for backflow technology

Danfoss' product manager Ian Ward describes an alternative to the type A air gap system for backflow prevention, the RPZ valve, which is now legal in the UK following changes to the water supply regulations.

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