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UK tidies up WEEE reporting rules

An amendment has been made to the UK's Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) regulations regarding the frequency at which producers must report progress.

WEEE regs streamlined

Amendments aimed at reducing the administrative burden of the Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) regulations are now in effect in the UK.

Medical equipment gets thorough physical

Designers of electrical medical equipment now must adhere to a new standard, ensuring eco-design principles are maintained. Where did it come from and what will it demand of the medical industry?
Dr Aidan Turnbull

10 steps to a greener IT strategy

IT puts as much carbon into the atmosphere as the aviation industry.
Whether you are the IT manager in a small firm or are responsible for thousands of users' computing needs, there are simple steps you can take to make your IT greener. Graeme Pitts-Drake lists ten top tips

The hidden cost of Weee

Poor auditing could cause confusion when it comes time to work out exactly who should dispose of Weee - which in turn could lead to fines for those not taking responsibility, warns Keith Dolby

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary October 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month legislation covering the accelerated phase out of ozone-depleting chemicals, banning toxic chemicals from paint on ship hulls and guidance on corporate reporting of GHG emissions are among the updates discussed.

Retail breaks the rules on waste

In the North-west, 15% of retail businesses admit to taking their waste home to dispose of it - which is against the Duty of Care rules. Here we look at the reasons, and what can be done to educate
Dan Clayton

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, April 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month we see new regulations giving financial incentives for energy saving devices and a law obliging producers to recover and recycle packaging waste, while English and Welsh water undertakers are told in more detail how to prepare and publish water resources management plans.

Environmental Case Law Summary, March 2007

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. This month Welsh developers are frustrated by mushrooms, the Netherlands ask if scraps of cabling count as electrical equipment and questions are raised over the legality of shipping bonemeal to be burned in Bulgaria.

Is cable scrap WEEE?

A Dutch court has asked the ECJ for clarification on exactly what does, and does not, qualify as electronic and electrical equipment.

UK slack on WEEE

The UK has admitted to being slow on implementing WEEE laws but has told the ECJ the situation is in hand.

Chemical countdown

New regulation about chemicals, called Reach, is about to come into force - and it's going to affect almost every business in Europe, writes Tim Jessel

Securing your data

The Weee directive will see an increase in the collection of discarded computers. But what about the data stored on them? Graham Davy examines the implications

Councils get free seminars

The complexity of the electronic and electrical industry, and the number of stakeholders affected by the new legislation, has prompted many delays in implementation, and round after round of consultations with the DTI.

Producer beware

There is still some confusion about the role of producer compliance schemes. Vic Clements explains what you need to be aware of come July

Are you ready for Weee?

On New Year's Day, environmental managers across the country may well have woken up with a headache - but not for the reasons you might expect. The Weee directive finally arrived. Tom Idle reports.

" It's not enough just to be compliant"

In a new feature, Hewlett Packard's environmental manager Bruno Zago and WEEE programme manager Kirsty McIntyre act as a mouthpiece for the manufacturing industry, and reveal how their firm is leading the way. Interviews by Tom Idle

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (January 2007)

Changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new laws and policies. The publication of the REACH chemicals regulation in the EU's official journal tops this month's legislative highlights, with the commission setting out the next steps for the regulation. REACH is to apply directly to European states from 1st June 2008 and will replace over 40 chemical laws, making it the biggest piece of legislation ever produced by the Union.

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (December 06)

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see changes to international rules on the storage of carbon under the seabed, a new EU directive on radioactive waste shipping come into force, while Scotland sees new regulations on home energy efficiency that will provide grants for insulation and energy efficiency works.

ECJ rules on political grey area in Finnish islands

Confusion over Finland's environmental responsibilities towards self-governing islands off its coast have been cleared up by a court ruling.

WEEE: Time to take action

The WEEE Directive will make UK manufacturers responsible for the 1M tonnes of electrical waste produced every year. Delays in its implementation have made businesses complacent - but now it is just around the corner. James Skidmore reports

Destructive tendencies

A new weapon is being developed to help in waste management. It is designed into a product from the start but not called on until its dying moments. Eric Russell discusses active disassembly

On Boro time

Despite the delay of the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, a new plant in Middlesbrough is ready to meet its requirements. Tom Idle paid a visit

On Boro time

Despite the delay of the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, a new plant in Middlesbrough is ready to meet its requirements. Tom Idle paid a visit

No more dig and dump

The pressure is mounting to cut landfill and treat contaminated land. The ICU 2006 exhibition highlights the latest legislation and technologies involved, writes John Haven

Edie environmental case law summary March 06

This month Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK, Europe and further afield. This month a Danish company was in the dock over WEEE exports, the WWF fights an Italian region over bird protection, Portugal is rapped by the EU for failing to fully define nature reserves and FoE fights Irish authorities over inadequate sewers.

Danish firm in court over WEEE wrangle

The complicated legislation over the authorisation of the export of electronic waste has landed a Danish firm in court.

The hazardous Waste Disposal site - 170m below the ground

With UK landfill sites at saturation, and the Landfill Directive creating more problems, hazardous waste disposal is increasingly challenging. Tom Idle found a solution 170m below ground

Lack of direction

The Institute of Directors has done a survey of its members' environmental policies and their awareness of new legislation. The results are of some concern, according to Geraint Day

Listen up. What we've got here is a failure to communicate

Statistics often baffle me. When I hear facts quoted such as 70% of Institute of Directors (IoD) members feel they are "in the dark" when it comes to environmental regulation, I'm shocked. Either the Government, the regulators or the press (ourselves included, of course) aren't doing enough to disseminate messages effectively, or the members in question just aren't listening. Either way, there is no doubt that the wheels have well and truly fallen off of the wagon of communication.

Bottles, cans, unwanted presents - we're running out of room

Did you know that following our festive celebrations, around 3 million tonnes of unwanted Christmas presents were dumped in the bin. That's a hell of a lot of cardigans, socks and jumpers rudely disregarded as rubbish - and plenty of aunties and grannies left none-the-wiser.

Survival of the conformist

Are you ready for RoHS and WEEE? Paul James outlines the current state of legislation and the problems companies may face as a result of the new environmental regime

Brother, where art thou?

With Chinese manufacturing blossoming, four new major EU directives present an opportunity for UK business in the global marketplace. Stephen Kimber discusses one company's approach

How to comply

Under the WEEE Directive, local authorities will not pay to recycle electrical equipment, and will get additional funding from retailers. Steve Gough outlines the implications

Cut your losses

Shaun Ashmead, Managing Director of electronics manufacturer Axiom, reveals the benefits and savings the company has achieved by improving its energy efficiency

A double whammy

Dr Chris Emslie explains how organisations can go green and saved money, with the instigation of an Environmental Management System

China in hand

China's WEEE regulation is designed to resolve the country's rapidly growing domestic e-waste problem. However, neither this directive nor the EU law on which it is modelled are adequately prepared, as Elius Levin reports

Desire for the latest technology is creating value from older items

Consumers sitting on e-waste cash mountain

British households are individually throwing away £800 worth of electrical appliances every year that could be reused or recycled according to new research.

Waste acquisitions hit record high in 2011

Last year saw a record number of merger and acquisition deals in the waste sector despite a 15% fall in material arisings and continuing concerns around access to finance.

EnvironCom clinches Travis Perkins WEEE deal

Travis Perkins Group has appointed EnvironCom to manage its waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recovery operations.

Waste authorities must grasp the resource nettle

Local authorities have a vital role to play in ensuring that mitigation measures outlined in the Government's Resource Security Action Plan become a reality, says Adam Read

Digital switchover sparks 'TV mountain' dumping fears

The public is being urged not to throw away their old analogue television sets as switch to digital transmission completes this week.

Consumer incentives could help in boosting recovery levels

Resource security ambitions hinge on WEEE success

Tighter controls on e-waste are urgently required if the Government's Resource Action Plan is to deliver on its ambitions, industry leaders have said.

Woking rolls out kerbside WEEE collection service

A waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) kerbside service has made an immediate impact in Woking, Surrey, diverting around 10 tonnes of waste from landfill since early December.

A worker at the Cumbernauld anaerobic digestion plant

Waste shows its potential

SMEs can benefit both economically and environmentally from waste. Ian Goodfellow explains how the waste management industry, the Responsibility Deal and new regulation are all making a difference

HP is well known for its printers, and wants to see fairer charges placed upon producers for WEEE

HP hits out at 'unfair' WEEE producer compliance costs

HP is calling for compliance costs under the WEEE Directive to be reduced, arguing that producers are now being overcharged due to the rising value of e-waste.

Consumers will be able to drop off their used e-goods at larger retail stores

WEEE overhaul forces more takeback requirements on large retailers

Retailers will have to extend their takeback schemes for e-waste under new rules governing the WEEE Directive which have effectively strengthened producer responsibility requirements.

Deal shaker: Mitsubishi's Martin Fahey (left) with Overton Recycling MD Dean Overton

M&S first to benefit from Mitsubishi Electric recycling scheme

Marks & Spencer and the National Grid are among the first benefactors of Mitsubishi Electric's free national takeback scheme for used industrial air conditioning units.

Partners in recovery: Dean Overton (left) and Martin Fahey examine the metals stream coming out of the optical sorter at Overton's reprocessing plant in Stourbridge

Mitsubishi gives producer responsibility the cool factor

Mitsubishi Electric has joined forces with a leading reprocessor to recover end-of-life air conditioning units in a unique takeback scheme, as Maxine Perella discovers

More WEEE being recovered than previously thought

Thousands of tonnes of 'extra' WEEE is finding its way back into the recycling market according to the latest modelling research.

Potential reuse value of WEEE could top £220m

More than £220m could be generated from almost a quarter of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) thrown out each year, according to a report from WRAP.

Small items of WEEE such as electric toothbrushes will be collected under Biffa's new service

Biffa to roll out household collections for small WEEE

Biffa is to introduce kerbside collections for small items of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for three of its local authority clients.

Reuse 'way forward' as resource security fears grow

Product reuse will grow in importance as the issue of resource security becomes more critical, according to WRAP's chief executive Liz Goodwin.

Electronic waste recycling advert inspires local authorities

67 local authorities from across the country have expressed an interest in running a TV ad campaign that advocates electronic waste recycling in the lead up to Christmas.

NEC chooses local reprocessor for fridge and WEEE recycling

Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre (NEC) is now sending its end-of-life fridges and other electrical equipment to a local specialist centre to be recycled.

Ireland's first WEEE 'rehab' centre opens its doors

Ireland's first dedicated electrical reuse facility has opened, which will have the capacity to process 10,000 tonnes of WEEE a year.

WEEE reuse protocols aim to reduce amount of e-waste

A set of reuse protocols has been launched by WRAP to help reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) thrown away each year.

Ireland targets battery recycling with national campaign

Ireland has launched a nationwide initiative to encourage more battery recycling following a survey that found 90% of Irish people were aware that irresponsible disposal of batteries may have negative environmental consequences.

WEEE 5% reuse target is 'pathetic' says industry chief

A leading IT expert has slammed the EU's proposed 5% reuse target for waste electrical and electronic equipment as "pathetic", arguing that it will do little to curb the environmental impact of e-waste.

Amica offers free WEEE collection service for retailers

Electrical retailers and distributors can save hundreds of pounds a year by taking advantage of a new free WEEE collection scheme, set up by kitchen appliance manufacturer Amica.

WEEE recycling target poised to hike up to 85%

The European Parliament has voted to raise the collection target for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) from 65% to 85% in Brussels today (October 4).

Driving down energy costs

Staff training and drive optimisation and replacement have saved Anglian Water £2.7M in energy costs. ABB Drives explains the scope of the project

IT bosses failing to ensure proper e-waste disposal

A fifth of senior IT decision makers in the UK are not confident that all of their company's redundant computer equipment is being diverted from landfill, according to new research.

Scottish Executive considers tougher measures for producer responsibility

Questions have been raised over whether companies are doing enough in relation to their producer responsibility obligations, in a new study from the Scottish Executive.

Concerns raised over 'confusing and complex' waste legislation

The quality of waste legislation has been called into question as new research indicates certain policies are too complex, making them difficult to access, understand and apply.

WEEE Ireland CEO Leo Donovan, model Nadia Forde and WEEE Ireland's Elizabeth O’ Reilly

Irish jewellers call for old watches

Jewellers in Ireland are hoping to turn back time on old watches this month, after declaring August to be National Watch Scrappage and Recycling Month.

WEEE Ireland rolls out recycling scheme with retail chain

WEEE Ireland, the waste electrical and electronic equipment compliance scheme, has teamed up with Expert Hardware stores to launch a consumer-facing recycling initiative.

Recycling rates risk falling under Scotland's carbon metric

Household recycling rates across Scotland could plummet in the short-term once the country's new carbon metric comes into force in 2013, research has shown.

Waste lamp recycling made easier for SMEs

Recolight has expanded its collection scheme out to SMEs, offering businesses recycling access points for smaller quantities of waste lamps.

More enforcement is needed to stop illegal exports of e-waste

Compliance scheme battles 'at root' of illegal WEEE exports

Fierce competition between producer compliance schemes for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is at the core of the illegal e-waste exports scandal, according to a leading WEEE recycler.

WEEE reuse standard could generate thousands of new jobs

Up to 10,000 jobs could be created in the reuse sector for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) once organisations start adopting the new PAS 141 standard, the man behind developing the specification claimed today (24 May).

British recycling firms too reliant on exports

Recycling companies need to stop depending on exports and start reprocessing more materials within the UK, a leading plastics recycler has claimed.

UK turns in average performance for WEEE recycling

The UK is falling behind five other countries in Europe when it comes to recycling waste electrical and electronic items, according to a survey.


New funding available to boost WEEE recycling

Special project funding of approximately £650,000 is now available to local authorities to support recycling and reuse initiatives for unwanted household electricals.

Charity attacks EU's 'tepid' WEEE approach

Recycling charity Computer Aid has attacked European ministers for a 'softly-softly' approach to waste electronics regulations.

Member states should collect 85% of the e-waste they produce from 2016 under the new proposals

Europe calls for stricter management of e-waste

MEPs have voted in favour of tighter rules for managing the EU's increasing WEEE output.


Valpak met obligations for 2010

Valpak says that it has successfully met its customers' 2010 packaging waste obligations.

Biggest criminal probe into electrical waste exports goes to trial

Eleven defendants will stand trial in what is the biggest investigation ever into the illegal export of electrical waste from the UK to developing countries.

Jamie McBride, Scottish glass recycling manager, at Viridor's Bonnyrigg site

Viridor recycles more in Scotland

Viridor says 2010 was a record year for recycling in Scotland, with 428.5M glass bottles and 350,000 televisions recovered.

Valpak: working to recycle more WEEE and batteries in the North East

Valpak extends WEEE and battery scheme in North East

Valpak has won a tender to provide WEEE and battery recycling solutions with 10 local authorities in the North East of England: Stockton on Tees, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Redcar & Cleveland, Darlington, Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Gateshead and Sunderland.

Cllr Brown: excellent site management has helped Angus Council to achieve awards

Angus wins recognition for WEEE recycling

Angus Council has collected eight awards from REPIC this year in recognition of the high levels of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) that it has collected.

WEEE regulations recast

Nigel Harvey, chief executive of Recolight, a not-for-profit company looks at the future for WEEE regulations.


Environment Agency faces major shake-up

The Government has announced today that 192 quangos will be scrapped, while the Environment Agency faces a substantial shake-up.

Two year investigation sees nine charged over international WEEE dumping

Nine people have been charged today (October 14) in what the Environment Agency is saying is biggest investigation ever into illegal electrical waste exports from the UK to West Africa.

ERP reaches one million tonne WEEE milestone

Compliance scheme, ERP (the European Recycling Platform), has now recycled one million tonnes of WEEE across Europe - the equivalent of removing 3.5M cars from the road for a year.

Volunteer low energy light-bulb recycling scheme launches

Reading is to become the first place in the country to start a new community recycling initiative which will see volunteers collecting low-energy light bulbs.

US to ban E-waste from being dumped in the developing world

America has announced this morning (October 1) details of legislation aimed at banning export of potentially hazardous electronic waste to the developing world.

11 tonnes of e-waste were collected in Spelthorne

Spelthorne locals offload electrical items

Spelthorne Borough Council residents collected 11 tonnes of e-waste in just three days last week (22nd-24th September).

EA calls for European cooperation on e-waste

Britain yesterday (September 15) called on Europe to work together to fight the 'toxic trade' in e-waste shipped to Africa.

First UK prosecution under both packaging and WEEE laws

A hairdresser supplier has the dubious honour of becoming the first firm to fall foul of two new waste laws, according to the Environment Agency (EA).

Launch of UK's first website to pay cash for electrical waste

A website claiming to be the first in the UK to offer cash for all types of electrical waste is due to launch today (August 16)

The new TV ad aims to raise awareness of electronic recycling

TV ad to push WEEE message

A TV advertising campaign is being launched by major players in the WEEE recycling sector to help boost awareness of electronic recycling.

A WEEELLY Happy Birthday

1st July 2010 saw the WEEE Directive celebrate its third birthday. It shares this event with the smoking ban, but if we consider the impact these legislations have had on the public psyche, it's clear that while few would consider lighting up in a shopping centre, most wouldn't think anything of putting their dud hairdryer out with the household waste.

Walsh: taking the disposal of WEEE seriously

Plymouth rapped for using unregistered firm

Plymouth City Council was ordered to pay £11,742 in fines and costs in court last week, after it allowed waste electrical goods to go to an unregistered company.

Cllr Phil Filmer (R) with Medway's waste team

Medway Council hits the streets

Medway residents will be able to meet members of the council's waste minimisation team this week, who will be visiting the high street and shopping centres, to offer advice about recycling.

Council fined for poor recycling of electrical goods

A council has been hit with a fine after admitting letting waste electrical goods go to unregistered firms for 'recycling'.

Government must raise WEEE awareness: Justin Greenaway

Time for WEEE to take centre stage

The WEEE Directive remains in the shadows, argues Justin Greenaway, but a changing of the guard at Defra might boost its standing

The Wye Valley Eastside recycling facility team

Wye Valley Group awarded ISO 14001

Wye Valley Group's Eastside recycling facility in Rotherwas, Hereford, has achieved the ISO 14001 environmental standard for all of its activities and is one of the UK's first dedicated recycling facilities to do so.

Householders get their WEEE collected for free with Midex

Free doorstep collection service boosts WEEE recycling

WEEE recycler Midex has increased recycling rates by over 40% by offering a doorstep amnesty collection service. The WeeeCollect service has been running for just over a year and offers householders a free collection of all types of WEEE.

Europe's largest WEEE processing facility opens

A WEEE recycling centre has opened and according to the owners it's got the biggest capacity for waste in Europe.

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