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Climate change minister, Greg Barker

Greg Barker announces 'go-to' guide for PV installers

Climate change minister Greg Barker has unveiled a new guide for solar PV installers that will ensure grid-connected PV systems meet current UK standards and best practice.

New national body and DECC to pool Green Deal expertise

A new national body has been launched to provide industry with Green Deal expertise and identify energy efficiency opportunities in the UK through collaboration with DECC.

First two successful applicants of delayed RHI revealed

The first recipients of the criticised and delayed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) are an umbrella maker and holiday cottage rental business.

Reactions to proposed Green Deal scheme mixed

The Government's energy efficiency Green Deal scheme has received a mixed reaction from industry experts and businesses, after the Treasury reveals plans to commit £200m in incentives.

Business put off renewable energy by lack of government clarity

British business realises the need for energy efficiency and renewable microgeneration but a lack of clarity from government on how to tackle it is holding them back, according to a new report.

Scotland tops microgeneration league for now

Scotland is leading Britain in microgeneration but the south west is hot on its heels, according to the latest figures from AEA.

'We create innovation - and when it works big guys do the same'

'We create innovation - and when it works big guys do the same'

As the chief executive of Good Energy, the UK's only supplier of electricity solely from 100% renewable sources, Juliet Davenport is on a mission. She tells Erik Jaques why she's frustrated by government policy - and how she hopes the company can play a major role in moving the nation towards its targets

Small businesses not involved in microgeneration drive

A Government drive on microgeneration is not helping small business who are crucial to its success, according to a campaign aimed at changing it.

Green business on US trade mission

British businesses will visit the US this week on a five-day green trade mission.

Microgeneration consultation launches formally

The government launched a formal consultation into the Microgeneration Strategy today (December 22).

Economies of Scale

In 12 years, the UK will have to generate seven times more energy from renewables than it does now. Microgeneration schemes offer a solution, and one that could prove lucrative for businesses and households. Ken Whittaker reports

How the budget will impact on environmental sector

The Environmental Industries Commission has compiled a thorough analysis of how member companies are likely to be affected by Alistair Darling's first budget.

Material gains

The 2016 carbon-neutral challenge set by the government is a significant one for business. But, with the public becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues, it is also a financial opportunity for construction firms, merchants and manufacturers, writes Kevin Stanley

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary February 2008

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month sees rules which force all but the smallest energy suppliers to make obligatory carbon emissions reductions, new restrictions on hazardous materials used in the manufacture of electronics and clarification of regulations covering the export of waste.

The Future for Energy is diverse, local and reliable, says Tim Yeo MP, Conservative Shadow Environment Secretary.

It is now becoming common practice amongst well-meaning politicians to wring their hands with despair over global climate change - "the single most important issue that we face as a global community", to quote the Prime Minister.

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