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The Bristol Whales aim to highlight the levels of waste from single use plastic bottles

VIDEO: Bristol's giant whale lights up Green Capital

A spectacular LED-lit monument made of recycled plastic bottles has been unveiled in Bristol to commemorate the city's year as European Green Capital.

P&G takes previously non-recyclable plastic away from landfill

Procter & Gamble's air freshener brand Febreze has partnered with international upcycling and recycling firm TerraCycle for a new recycling scheme to enable previously non-recyclable air and home care products to be recycled for the first time.

Diageo's environmental plan aims to reduce carbon emissions, water and waste

Diageo highlights water achievements as it moves towards integrated reporting

Premium drinks firm Diageo has made its first step towards integrated reporting by disclosing sustainability and responsibility performance alongside financial reporting.

The new plastics recycling facility will be capable of processing 75,000 tonnes of mixed plastics each year

Viridor breaks ground at £12.5m Kent recycling plant

Waste management and recycling firm Viridor has started work on a new Plastics Recycling Facility (PRF) in Rochester, which will boost the region's plastic recycling capacity by 75,000 tonnes a year.

Fossil-derived materials, such as polymers, could soon be replaced  with exclusively natural materials

Ecomaterial to replace plastic composites in 'next three years' say scientists

Materials made of natural textiles, partially-bio resin and bio-additives and enzymes could soon replace fossil-derived materials, according to scientists.

London council sees surge in mixed plastics recycling at kerbside

The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames has seen a 43% increase in the amount of plastic recycled after the council widened the range of materials that could be collected at the kerbside last October.

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Mixed plastics waste proves hardy material for flood defence

Markets for mixed polymer waste may be opening up as a pan-European consortium proposes to manufacture high value products such as flood defences from these materials.

World's largest plastics plant hits recycling milestone

Coca Cola Enterprises' (CCE) joint venture with recycling firm ECO Plastics, called Continuum Recycling, has ramped up its capacity to 100% and has now sorted a quarter of a billion bottles.

Veolia wins £460m PFI waste deal as it goes plastic fantastic

Veolia has secured a 25-year PFI contract worth £460m with Leeds City Council for residual municipal waste treatment and energy recovery.

Black tray recycling now possible with packaging breakthrough

Black plastic trays that can be detected in mixed waste streams and separated by reprocessing machinery may soon be a reality, thanks to a Danish packaging firm.

AD not 'absolute solution' for food waste in cities

Anaerobic digestion is not a silver bullet for dealing with urban food waste and must form part of a wider treatment strategy in the context of smarter city thinking.

The big bottleneck on plastics packaging

Brand leaders are demanding more recycled content in their packaging than reprocessors can deliver on, so what is causing this market failure? Chris Cullen attempts to find out

Nestle is working to recover more challenging materials, such as its dolce gusto pods

Nestlé pushes for EfW debate on mixed plastics

Nestlé has called for more lifecycle assessment around post-consumer mixed plastics, arguing that a there may be greater role for energy recovery in dealing with this waste stream.

McVitie's takes the biscuit with wrapper recycling

United Biscuits has launched the UK's first biscuit wrapper recycling scheme which consumers can directly participate in.

MRF code of practice must be far-reaching - WRAP

There is growing expectation that the Government's forthcoming code of practice for materials recovery facilities (MRFs) will address poor quality levels - but it must be embraced by the whole supply chain, WRAP has warned.

PG Tips maker Unilever puts kettle on for teabag recycling

Unilever has entered into a cross-industry partnership pilot to boost teabag recycling in the UK in a bid to recover energy from the nation's favourite hot drink.

Only about 10% of rigid plastic packaging, such as margarine tubs, is currently recycled from household collections

WRAP guide targets household rigid plastics

New guidance launched by WRAP yesterday (10 May) provides local authorities with practical advice on how best to collect non-bottle rigid plastics in a drive to push up recycling and reduce contamination at reprocessing plants.

Eco Plastic claims it now has the largest plastics bottle recovery facility in the world

Plastics recovery hit by rising contamination levels

The quality of plastic bottles sent for reprocessing in recent years has deteriorated due to the "rampant" rise of mixed plastics in the waste stream, according to an industry expert.

WRAP targets plastic packaging as priority

Plastic packaging waste was singled out as a priority area for action by WRAP at an Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group meeting in London last week (March 7).

If packaging targets are to increase, the PRN system must be fit-for-purpose

VIDEO: Packaging targets 'must coincide' with PRN overhaul

Reform of the PRN system for packaging waste recovery notes is urgently required if the Government is to push ahead with higher packaging targets, industry figures have warned.

Bioplastics packaging proving 'too costly' to recover

The growth of plant-based plastics in packaging is causing problems when it comes to their end-of-life recovery, a waste management expert has warned.

Mixed plastics are causing problems when it comes to recovery purity levels of plastic bottles

Coca-Cola lends weight to recycling concerns over mixed plastics

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has welcomed calls from waste industry leaders to improve reprocessing quality for used plastic bottles.

Quality levels of recovered plastic bottles are suffering to a rise in mixed plastics collections

Reprocessors struggling with surge in mixed plastics recycling

The rise of mixed plastics collections in the UK is starting to pose serious material quality problems for reprocessors, according to new research out today (January 30).

Less than 5% of mixed packaging plastics is currently recycled

UK needs to expand capacity for plastics reprocessing

Despite extensive investment in plastics reprocessing capacity, the UK still exports a significant proportion of the plastics it collects for recycling, according to a new market report from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme).

Culture shock

European business has a lot to learn from the way the Japanese manage their environmental impacts. Environment Business talks to electronics manufacturer Brother about the company's approach

Recycling sectors focus on boosting performance

WRAP's major role in promoting markets for recyclable materials continues to be reinforced with targets being laid down across eight programmes: five material streams ( paper, plastics, glass, wood and aggregates) and three generic areas (procurement, financial mechanisms and standards and specifications). LAWE Editor Alexander Catto reviews recent developments under the WRAP aegis and reports on progress among industry sector organisations which are driving ahead to hit the UK's formidable recycling and waste minimisation targets

Power partnering drives innovation

Power partnering can be defined as ‘a long term, mutually beneficial agreement between partners, in which resources, knowledge and capabilities are shared with the objective of enhancing each partner’s competitive position’. Barbara Hutton, Cleanaway’s waste & recycling manager at BASF, Seal Sands, explains how the two companies worked together to achieve total waste management.

Plastics scene

Matt MacAllan reports on a new initiative geared towards heightening competition and innovation in the UK's plastics reprocessing sector.

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