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ANALYSIS: Circular and sharing, when two become one?

If there is one thing the sustainability movement appears to want ownership of, it is the word 'economy'. A circular version has been doing the rounds for some time, but it could be under threat from a new kid on the block, equally as caring, but perhaps, well, more sharing.

ANALYSIS: Energy powers up as circular economy bottleneck

Questions are being asked over whether there is a valid role for energy-from-waste in the emerging circular economy as design principles underpinning goods and services start to be realigned with material optimisation.

ANALYSIS: Labouring over the birth of a circular economy

The complexities of delivering a circular economy are starting to reveal themselves as moves to translate the ideology into practice get underway.

Much discussion centred around navigating new models of circularity at WRAP's annual conference in London

ANALYSIS: Time for a reality check on closing the loop

Debate around the circular economy may have moved on significantly over the past 12 months, but for many it's still stuck in the realms of high level thinking with little counsel on how might it work in practice.

ANALYSIS: 'I want to be sustainable, but life gets in the way'

As sustainability managers increasingly focus their efforts upstream of the value chain, unlocking the answers to consumer behavioural change is proving a tough nut to crack.

ANALYSIS: Electricity market reforms fail to ignite EfW

Fears are growing that the Government's proposed electricity market reforms (EMR) could have an adverse impact on the development of future energy-from-waste (EfW) infrastructure.

ANALYSIS: Has the waste industry finally found its voice?

As waste and resource efficiency professionals gather in Birmingham this week, evidence that this sector is growing in stature and confidence is clear to see.

ANALYSIS: Has reshuffle dealt Defra a poor hand?

The exit of Caroline Spelman from Defra's secretarial post yesterday was one of the first predicted in the hours leading up to Cameron's first major cabinet reshuffle since the coalition took office. That in itself is significant.

ANALYSIS: The great e-waste exorcism experiment

The launch of a washable keyboard is the latest sign that electronic equipment manufacturers are looking to stretch their producer responsibility obligations out towards the conceptual end of product design.

ANALYSIS: Designs on waste in a durable world

Moves are being made to forge greater alliances between reprocessors and product designers which could see material optimisation prioritised over waste minimisation.

The appliance of science is fast becoming a game-changer for greener packaging drives

ANALYSIS: Sustainable packaging no longer smart enough

Sustainable packaging is fast becoming a redundant term, superseded by lifecycle thinking and considerations around efficiencies and applied science.

ANALYSIS: Are we facing a waste identity crisis?

Fears are mounting that the waste industry could be left behind in the race towards a circular economy as it struggles to get to grips with better resource management.

ANALYSIS: Profit big by thinking small on food waste

Councils and waste contractors who look to supplement their existing food waste collection schemes with volumes from small catering and food service outlets could be sitting on a lucrative new business model.

The latest packaging innovation adopted by Tesco could 'double' best before dates on fresh fruit and veg

ANALYSIS: Packaging, the new food waste saviour?

Tesco has raised the stakes on the supermarket food waste front by announcing its second wave of packaging designed to keep produce fresher for longer.

ANALYSIS: Waste financiers not yet fired up by GIB

News this week that the waste sector is one of the first beneficiaries of Green Investment Bank funding has been welcomed, but equity alone will not be a silver bullet in delivering the scale of infrastructure required.

Consumers are sitting up and taking notice when it comes to more sustainable packaging

ANALYSIS: Sustainable packaging begins to catch the eye

Consumer perceptions around packaging are improving with a significant majority noticing greener solutions hitting the shelves.

The devil is in the detail, but many felt George Osborne didn't deliver on it

ANALYSIS: George, why didn't you Budget for PRNs?

The Budget this week held few surprises for resource management professionals. Save for the announcement of higher packaging targets, there was little to excite or instil confidence regarding the specifics relating to waste management.

Does ultimate responsibility for food waste lie with the consumer?

ANALYSIS: Bringing the food waste debate to the boil

The ethics surrounding food waste are back on the menu today (March 14) as MPs prepare to debate a new bill which would force supermarkets and manufacturers to donate much of their surplus stock to charity.

The jury is still out on whether PRNs have had their day

ANALYSIS: Is it time for the axe to fall on PRNs?

While businesses remain divided over the prospect of higher packaging targets most agree that some degree of producer responsibility reform is needed, specifically around packaging waste recovery notes (PRNs).

Suppliers are the weak link in retail waste reduction (Credit: Chanclos /

ANALYSIS: Retailers fall short in tackling supply chain waste

Retailers are still finding their supply chains a challenge when it comes to reducing waste, despite making good progress within their own internal operations.

Major drinks brands like Innocent are constantly looking to innovate on the packaging front

ANALYSIS: Zero waste presents drinks packaging dilemma

Soft drink manufacturers are on track to reach zero waste to landfill by 2015 - however, maintaining product quality remains a key challenge.

Sony's aggressive policy on waste reduction is already bearing fruit (Credit: Tupungato /

ANALYSIS: Sony on track to eliminate waste by 2050

Sony Corporation has exceeded its waste minimisation targets across all of its global business sites, achieving a 54% reduction rate in 2010 set against a 40% objective.

Marks & Spencer are leading the way on innovative packaging for its products

ANALYSIS: Retailers must promote consumer choice in sustainability

A growing acceptance of green issues among consumers suggests retailers should spend less effort on convincing customers to make sustainable purchasing decisions and more on supporting them with those choices.

ANALYSIS: British soft drink sector tackles water wastage

Reducing water use by 20% by 2020, compared with a 2007 baseline, in the production chain is the second key area flagged up in the British Soft Drinks Association's (BSDA) Sustainability Progress report.

Issues around feedstock and digestate are key hurdles for the AD sector

ANALYSIS: AD sector forecast to flatline as competition bites

Despite strong government support, the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry's momentum appears to be on the wane. Issues around feedstock security and digestate markets are hampering progress and many now forecast the sector to flatline from 2012 onwards.

ANALYSIS: Courtauld 2 throws up supply chain waste and end-market concerns

The grocery retail and manufacturing sector is making significant progress towards cutting food and packaging waste - despite supply chain challenges and the loss of end-market materials.

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