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Organisations are establishing overlapping and duplicate schemes within the energy efficiency sector. KPMG claims that this is having a detrimental effect on businesses

Streamlining energy schemes would boost economy and incentivise businesses, says KPMG

The UK Government could achieve savings of £100m and improve private sector growth over the next 20 years if efforts are made to streamline administrative mechanics of energy schemes such as feed-in tariffs (FiT) and capacity markets, a new report has found.

UK government moves to ease energy supply fears

The UK government has moved to allay fears of a coming electricity supply crunch by unexpectedly bringing forward key reforms to the energy market.

Sales of plug-in cars have increased by 716% over the past two years

1/3 of Britain's power networks could be overloaded by electric vehicle charging

Almost one third of UK local power networks could be overloaded if electric vehicles (EVs) become a mainstream motoring choice, a new study has found.

Eon has funded and delivered efficiency measures across 181,000 homes

Eon calls for policy clarity on energy efficiency

Big six supplier Eon has called on the government for policy clarity on energy efficiency as Ofgem figures reveal the first target for the current Energy Company Obligation (ECO) period have been hit more than a year early.

The removal of coal from Ovo's energy mix has cut its carbon emissions by 34%

Ovo Energy shuns coal and nuclear

Independent energy supplier Ovo Energy has announced it has removed coal and nuclear generation from its entire fuel mix.

Conservative MP Lauren Sandys:

Defra not taking advantage of waste opportunities, says Tory MP

Defra is still not looking at waste as an opportunity and should hand over full policy control to the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation (BIS), according to Conservative MP Laura Sandys.

Network costs currently make up around 23% of an energy bill

Manufacturers support calls for better energy network regulation

The manufacturers' organisation EEF has welcomed a parliamentary report which criticises Ofgem for allowing the operators of Britain energy networks to make "greater than expected profit".

Energy Minister Amber Rudd with UK Power Networks' director of asset management Barry Hatton outside the new Smarter Network Storage facility

Europe's 'giant battery': Energy storage project buzzes into life

Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire is the location of Europe's largest battery storage project which has been switched on as part of an extensive trial to assess the role of energy storage in delivering the UK's Carbon Plan.

 British Gas' senior management failed to take appropriate action to ensure it delivered energy efficiency measures on time

British Gas charged £11.1m for missing energy efficiency targets

British Gas has been hit with an £11.1m fine for failing to meet binding targets for delivering domestic energy-efficiency upgrades by an agreed deadline.

Any large-scale renewable electricity generator with a capacity larger than 5MW can apply for accreditation under RO.

Edie explains: Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

The Renewables Obligation (RO) is the main support system for renewable electricity projects across the country. In this week's 'edie explains,' we bring you everything you need to know about Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

The wind-farm will produce enough electricity to power 200,000 homes

New transmission link to connect 75 wind turbines to UK grid

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will invest £168m in a new high-voltage transmission link between an offshore Lincolnshire wind-farm and the main UK grid.

Ofgem cut £174m from the original proposal from SSE

Ofgem greenlights Scottish subsea energy link

Ofgem has given the go-ahead to a £1.1bn funding package for an undersea transmission link in northern Scotland which would connect 1.2GW of renewable energy to the mainland grid.

Scottish Renewables' five-point plan explains how UK policy-makers should deal with Scotland's post-referendum energy sector

Scotland demands more strategic UK energy policy in wake of no-vote

Scottish Renewables has set out the nation's renewable energy industry's asks ahead of devolution discussions, in a report entitled 'Harnessing Scotland's Energy'.

A lack of spare infrastructure capacity could lead to short-term growth being constrained, according to EEF

UK manufacturers call for independent body to drive infrastructure projects

Manufacturers have called for the creation of an independent authority to address Britain's long-term strategic infrastructure requirements and encourage investment in energy and roads.

The triggering of a 10% FiT cut in October for hydro follows a 5% cut in April this year, and precedes another 10% cut planned for next April

FiT cut will cost 500kW hydro schemes £250,000

The latest Feed in Tariff (FiT) reduction for the hydro sector, due in October this year, will cut returns for a typical 500kW hydro development by £13,000 a year, adding up to a lifetime earnings loss in excess of £250,000.

Ed Davey wants to 'unlock the untapped potential of better efficiency in electricity use'

Government launches £20m Energy Reduction Fund for businesses

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has unveiled details of a new £20m fund to incentivise businesses, industry and other organisations to improve energy efficiency.

Which? has questioned whether green energy subsidies for projects such as offshore wind farms will be value for money

Consumer group Which? questions virtue of green energy subsidies

Which? warns planned green energy subsidies may not be value for money, as more cost effective options may be overlooked.

Utilyx argues that 'hidden charges' could be costing businesses as much as £100m per year

'Hidden fees' add £100m to business energy bills

With energy regulator Ofgem set to provide a review of policy tomorrow (13 May), one of the UK's biggest energy buyers is calling for an end to businesses being 'kept in the dark' on up to £100m-worth of hidden fees.

Businesses to be offered cash for reducing electricity use

Regulator Ofgem is to offer businesses the opportunity to reduce their electricity use during times of high demand in return for payment.

Dieter Helm: EMR will need full review to address issues

The Government's Energy Market Reform (EMR) is supposed to "solve our energy problems" but is it a solution for the next 25 years and is it going to make sure that we achieve our low-carbon transition, keep the lights on and ensure prices are affordable? Leigh Stringer talks to professor of energy policy at Oxford University Dieter Helm

Ofgem chair-in-waiting vows to build low carbon UK

David Gray has been named as the preferred candidate to become the next chair of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA), and has pledged to help build a low carbon energy sector in the UK.

SSE has been fined for its misleading sales activities

Ofgem imposes 'largest ever fine' on SSE for misselling

Ofgem has today said it will fine SSE £10.5m, the largest ever imposed on an energy supplier, for numerous breaches of its obligations relating to telephone, instore and doorstep sales activities.

Wind power record demonstrates 'triumph of fact over fiction'

Wind power in the UK generated more than 5 gigawatts of electricity over a 24 hour period for the first time at the end of last week.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson bids to boost market for London's small energy producers

Boris Johnson is bidding to enable the capital's small electricity producers to sell power to the market at a better rate.

Offshore wind to add £17bn to energy bills warn MPs

The new licensing system for bringing electricity from offshore wind farms onto the national grid could add £17bn to household energy bills, warns the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Steven Fawkes

Electricity Market Reform and the Demand Side - an update

In 2011 and in response to the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) White Paper, Steven Fawkes and others argued that Demand Management, Demand Response and Distributed Generation (summarised as D3) should be at the heart of the reform of the electricity market.

Ofgem invests £45m in low carbon networks

Gas and electricity regulator Ofgem has released £45.5m of funding for five low carbon electricity distribution projects.

Renewables subsidies not to blame for hike in energy prices

Renewable energy support schemes comprise only 2% of energy increases over the past two years according to the Renewable Energy Association (REA).

Energy revolution to have 'greater impact' than industrial

The Energy Solutions exhibition kicked off this morning with the Renewable Energy Association's vice chair of the onsite renewables sector, David Hunt, claiming that the coming energy revolution will be the most important to date.

UK urged to build up biogas supplies to avert blackouts

The Government is being called upon to utilise biogas generated from anaerobic digestion to tackle possible blackouts in the future.

EU environmental laws pose risk to British energy security

Britain could run out of energy generating capacity in the winter of 2015-16 as a result of EU environmental laws and coal plant closures, according to Ofgem.

Biomass investors given fresh incentive

Investors in biomass facilities heard today that they would not face mandatory price control reporting in order to qualify for subsidies.

The proposed renewable energy centre that Viridor plans to build

In brief: Energy-from-waste contract news

Lots to report on the energy-from-waste (EfW) front this week, with major infrastructure due to come on-stream across England, Scotland and Wales over the next three years.

European Smart Grids forum chair David Smith

European Smart Grid forum appoints chair

The European Smart Grids forum has appointed Energy Networks Association chief executive David Smith as chair.

Ofgem launches smart grid framework

Energy regulator Ofgem has unveiled its first Smart Grid Evaluation Framework in a bid to boost the rollout of smart grids by the energy industry.

University of Bath secures £1m Ofgem funding

A trio of low-carbon technology projects run by the University of Bath (UoB) to integrate renewable sources with the electricity grid have secured more than £1m of Ofgem funding.

UK must not be at 'mercy' of international gas market

Energy watchdog Ofgem has revealed that despite opposition to onshore wind power it added less to energy bills than imported gas last year - which critics argue "dominates" the UK energy market.

Updated: Ofgem rolls out plans to tackle Big Six market dominance

Energy watchdog Ofgem has unveiled a new 'roadmap' of reforms as part of a drive to increase competition and tackle the electricity market dominance held by the Big Six.

UK energy bills could fund independent Scotland's £7bn energy overhaul

Whether it remains part of Great Britain is up for grabs but Scotland's future as a green energy centre has taken a giant leap forward.

First two successful applicants of delayed RHI revealed

The first recipients of the criticised and delayed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) are an umbrella maker and holiday cottage rental business.

Energy giant pledges £5m for mis-sold customers

'Big Six' energy giant SSE has set aside £5m for customers who were mis-sold energy deals.

Artist's impression of the EnergyPark site

EfW biomass plant gains double ROCs approval

An energy-from-waste facility in Peterborough has received renewable obligation certificate (ROCs) pre-accreditation approval from Ofgem.

Ofgem provides £9.2m for smart grid trial

Energy watchdog Ofgem gas has agreed to part fund an "ambitious" £10.7m smart grid trial in the North West which could double the capacity of power networks - without installing new cables or overhead lines.

Renewable Heat Incentive to finally launch next week

Businesses will be able to apply for heat tariff payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) from Monday next week (November 28), DECC has announced.

British Gas pledges to simplify energy tariffs

British Gas has revealed it is planning to simplify energy tariffs and provide greater transparency in its billing system, in a bid to regain public trust in the energy sector.

Ofgem unveils plans to crackdown on energy suppliers

Energy watchdog Ofgem has unveiled plans to reform the UK's energy market, in a bid provide businesses with provide greater protection and help them change supplier more easily.

CRC league table winners celebrate

Twenty five businesses and organisations topped the first ever CRC league table released this morning (November 8).

Npower's chief executive operating officer, Kevin McCullough:

Npower 'hangs head' in shame as it is hit with £2m fine

Industry watchdog Ofgem has hit 'Big Six' energy giant Npower with a huge £2m fine.

Fuel poverty to cause 2,700 deaths in the UK this winter

An interim report into fuel poverty has revealed that at least 2,700 people are at risk of death this winter as they struggle to cope with rising fuel prices.

Energy Summit's suggestion of £200 saving an insult to consumers

The government, big energy firms and consumer groups have agreed to a very voter friendly drive aimed at reducing power bills at least in the short term.

Mr Cameron and Mr Huhne prepare for the meeting

Government to meet 'Big Six' in energy summit

The government will hold an energy summit today (October 17) aimed at bringing down prices for this winter and beyond.

Energy companies' profits soar as watchdog reveals plans for tariff simplification

Ofgem revealed a series of measures designed to encourage more competition in the industry and simplify bills while also releasing details of soaring profits for power companies.

'Big Six' giving wrong energy advice to a third of customers

Energy companies are still not giving people the cheapest tariff, according to the results of an investigation into sales.

Government changes pose potential 'challenge' to Feed-in Tariffs

Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) have been too successful and future reviews will be 'crucial' to its future success.

Biomass and biogas Carbon Calculator unveiled

A new tool claims to be first to allow UK bioenergy producers to 'fairly and consistently' report emissions.

European offshore grid could save billions claim EWEA

Billions of pounds could be saved through building a European offshore grid, according to new research published in Brussels.

Which? is tackling energy tariff complexity

VIDEO: Which? calls for simplified energy tariffs

The consumer watchdog title Which? is calling on Ofgem to simplify energy tariffs after its investigation found they are so complicated even accountants struggle to make sense of them.

Huhne to beef up Ofgem to fight energy price rises

A standing ovation followed energy secretary, Chris Huhne's, announcement of energy price reforms at the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham.

Grid connection charges jeopardising Scottish renewables

Renewable energy projects in Scotland are in 'jeopardy' because of charges they have to pay to connect to the grid.

Ofgem to probe energy prices

Energy watchdog Ofgem will scrutinise the books of power companies to check whether recent price hikes are justifiable.

Electricity North West bids for £10M of government funding

Electricity North West (ENW) has bid for £10M of government funding to help increase its regional network capacity and meet UK low carbon targets.

npower raises energy prices, but at a lower rate than 'Big Six'

npower has become the fifth member of the 'Big Six' to announce energy prices rises, with just EDF Energy yet to release price changes.

Fuelled for renewables: Tesco's Cheetham Hill store

Tesco first UK retailer to receive OFGEM certification for biofuel

Tesco has become the UK's first retailer to receive certification from OFGEM following two years of research and development to produce a biofuel generated from waste products.

'We create innovation - and when it works big guys do the same'

'We create innovation - and when it works big guys do the same'

As the chief executive of Good Energy, the UK's only supplier of electricity solely from 100% renewable sources, Juliet Davenport is on a mission. She tells Erik Jaques why she's frustrated by government policy - and how she hopes the company can play a major role in moving the nation towards its targets

British Gas fined £2.5M for failing small businesses

Failing to deal with complaints - particularly from small business - has cost energy giant British Gas £2.5million.

'Big Six' energy firms must ditch Del Boy sales tricks

Britain's top six energy companies are under fire again for misleading with door-step sales and told to repay ripped off customers.

SSE third member of 'Big Six' to raise energy prices

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has become the third member of the 'Big Six' to announce price rises.

Carbon dating technology spells ROCs breakthrough for EfW

Energy-from-waste operators have received a significant boost with the approval of a new analysis technology that can determine the renewable fraction of mixed waste treated by energy recovery.

£1M fine for British Gas mistake

British Gas has been fined £1million after it was ruled the company had lied about the amount of renewable energy it was using.

EU 2020 renewable energy target 'should go' say think tank

Influential think tank Policy Exchange says it's time to scrap European renewable energy generation targets.

Doubts hitting energy super-grid plans

Doubts are holding back investment in the planned European supergrid, according to industry experts.

Consumer Focus says energy industry 'bafflingly'

Ofgem must 'stick to it guns' over energy market reforms

The UK's energy market has 'serious flaws' and consumers are paying the cost, according to Consumer Focus.

Ofgem 'insufficient' for changing energy markets

A Government review of energy market regulator Ofgem found its current 'broadly scoped duties and weak guidance' were insufficient for the transforming energy sector.

Big six energy firms deny Ofwat price fix claim

The big six energy firms denied claims made by industry regulator Ofgem that they didn't reduce prices to reflect the wholesale market.

Co-op calls for energy bills fairness as it enters market

The Co-operative has launched its own energy supply with a call to stamp out 'sharp practice' in the industry.

Wind power under fire as UK misses renewables target

The UK is missing renewable energy generations targets by a 'large margin', according to a new report.

Inside the Isle of Wight facility

Gasification plant first to receive ROCs

A gasification plant that operates on municipal waste has become the first of its type to receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

Ofgem confirms 30 day notice for price hikes

Energy market regulator Ofgem has confirmed plans to force energy firms to give 30-days-notice before introducing price increases.

Will regulation threaten future investment?

The withdrawal of a big player from the regulated UK market and warnings by analysts of the negative effect on investment of over-regulation have added to the uncertainty within the UK water industry. Dean Stiles reports.

DECC and TSB: measuring energy output

DECC and TSB launch competition

DECC and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) are launching a competition for the development of methods to measure the energy yield from the bio-based fraction of mixed waste, as accurately as possible, on a basis acceptable to Ofgem.

Huhne backs nuclear sites following energy consultation

A wave of new nuclear power stations moved a step closer today with the ending of a Government consultation into the UK's energy future.

Ofgem inquiry into energy prices

Ofgem is to begin an investigation into energy companies after a 38% increase in prices since September.

Council leader attacks 'disgraceful' Ofgem ruling

A council leader has condemned Ofgem as 'disgraceful' after it ruled residents left without power for up to four days didn't deserve compensation.

Ofgem announce plans for price-hike sea-change

Energy companies may be forced to give consumers 30 days notice before increasing energy costs, if new proposals by Ofgem are approved.

Ofgem to investigate four major power firms over 'misleading' sales techniques

Sales techniques used by major energy suppliers are set to be investigated by the energy watchdog it was announced today (September 2).

A question of finance, risk – and regulation

The financial crisis demonstrated the speed at which conditions can change. Derek Holt and Suzanne Rab reflect on how the UK water sector's long-term financial viability may be best secured in the challenging years ahead.

Norton Rose election briefing: climate change and energy

The law firm looks at how the way we vote could impact on policy and regulation.

How green was the budget? What industry says

The Green Investment Bank dominated budget responses from the business community but there was concern about how far £2bn would stretch and exactly who would get what.

Scotland introduces new renewables banding system

Scotland gives a shot in the arm to renewables generators with new banding for ROCs.

Edie Legislation Summary December 2008

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy.

Regulatory cycle is out of step

The five year regulatory cycle is failing the water industry and its customers, writes Chris Hoggart, chair of the EIC's Water Pollution Control Group - which is lobbying the government for change

The boom and bust effect

The five-year regulatory cycle does not work, writes Chris Hoggart of the EIC. Why not simply have staggered investment programmes so that water companies are not all running to the same cycle?

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary February 2008

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month sees rules which force all but the smallest energy suppliers to make obligatory carbon emissions reductions, new restrictions on hazardous materials used in the manufacture of electronics and clarification of regulations covering the export of waste.

Renewing energy policy

A recent speech highlighted how migrating to a low-carbon economy will involve concerted policy initiatives from across all government departments, says John Hutton MP

Making the intelligent choice

Compulsory metering looks likely to become a reality in areas of serious water stress. David Ballard analyses the implications for water companies and the consumer, and argues that basic mechanical meters could prove a false economy.

How long is long enough?

AMP5 is already making its presence felt but by the time it starts, 20 years will have passed since the industry in England and Wales was privatised. Major efficiency savings have been made since then but Paul Mullord says these could lessen.

In the mix

Electricity companies now have to tell their customers exactly where their power is coming from, and the carbon dioxide and nuclear waste produced, writes John Haven

Electric avenues

Steve Fitzsimons, sales manager at npower business, looks at the changes in the electricity market and how these will impact on businesses wanting a cheaper or greener supplier

Political electricity

Environmental campaigner Angela Kelly attacks proposals to increase the number of wind farms in the UK

It's time to renew our obligations towards heat.

Gaynor Hartnell of the Renewable Power Association outlines the benefits of a renewable heat obligation.

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