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Five trillion pieces of plastic are now floating in the world’s oceans, which is frequently mistaken for food by fish and birds

Plastic waste dumped in UK seas 'carried to Arctic within two years'

Plastic dumped into the seas around the UK is carried to the Arctic within two years, scientists have revealed, where it does "extreme harm" to the fragile polar environment.

The Body Shop is the first company to try and industrialise AirCarbon in the beauty industry

The Body Shop to turn greenhouse gases into plastic packaging

The Body Shop packaging could soon be made from greenhouse gases that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere, thanks to a new research partnership between the retailer and cleantech firm Newlight Technologies.

McVitie's Biscuit Wrapper Brigade has saved 2.5 tonnes of wrapper waste

McVitie's 'Biscuit Wrapper Brigade' recycles one millionth wrapper

United Biscuits has reached the one-million milestone for biscuit wrapper recycling with its partners TerraCycle.

DuraPulp is a composite material made from pulp and renewable polymer

British firm and Swedish forestry giant unveil 'sustainable' alternative to plastic

A British paper and technical fibres company and a Swedish forestry giant have unveiled a sustainable alternative to plastic which they claim is strong enough to carry the weight of an adult and can be composted within 100 days.

Left Fallon Right Grierson

Business Minister visits UK's first plastic film recycling plant

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon has paid a visit to the UK's first shopping bag and plastic film recycling facility in London.

Fossil-derived materials, such as polymers, could soon be replaced  with exclusively natural materials

Ecomaterial to replace plastic composites in 'next three years' say scientists

Materials made of natural textiles, partially-bio resin and bio-additives and enzymes could soon replace fossil-derived materials, according to scientists.

Plastic bottles effective in killing drug-resistant fungi

IBM uses plastic bottle waste to help fight MRSA

Researchers from IBM have linked up with scientists from the Singapore Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology to develop a treatment, made from plastic bottle waste, for hospital superbug MRSA.

A range of Tetra Pak cartons

Tetra Pak to scale up bio-based plastic dependent on Brazil trial

EXCLUSIVE - Tetra Pak is considering a roll-out of bio-based polyethylene in its carton packs across the world if a trial in Brazil is successful.

Chris Dow believes this expansion will help accelerate a circular economy

Closed Loop beefs up HDPE recycling operations

Closed Loop Recycling has announced that it is significantly expanding its HDPE recycling capabilities, in order to meet the demands of the dairy industry which increasingly requires higher levels of rHDPE in its milk bottles.

The global coffee capsule market is worth $6.6bn with around 50 different coffee pod or capsule systems on the market

Compostable coffee pods serve well for greener convenience

A British plastics manufacturer has developed a compostable coffee pod, offering one of the first sustainable packaging alternatives in the single-serve market.

UK paper industry calls for policy review on raw materials

MPs must evaluate their policies on raw materials, energy and water, to ensure that the UK Paper Industry remains competitive in the global arena, says the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI).

Coca-Cola closes in on creating plant-based packaging from bio-waste

Coca-Cola is on the cusp of transforming agricultural waste into polyester plastic to generate a more sustainable ingredient for its PlantBottle packaging.

Councils set to be rewarded for beverage carton recycling

A benefits package designed to support and encourage local authorities to increase beverage carton recycling has been launched by the Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment (ACE) UK.

Rise in plastics bans forcing firms to consider sustainable alternatives

A growing number of countries are banning unsustainable plastics, meaning UK plastics firms will need to adopt oxo-biodegradable technology quickly if they want to retain their export markets.

Tesco teams up with Coca-Cola to incentivise customer recycling

Tesco is joining forces with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) to encourage customers to recycle more at home through an incentive pledge-based scheme.

Nestlé builds on Buxton bottle recycling with educational pilot

Nestlé Waters is set to expand its Buxton Natural Mineral Water bottle recycling scheme in the Derbyshire town where it produces the bottled products.

UK in danger of failing on new plastic recycling targets

The waste sector must have "sensible policy and strategic development" if the UK is serious about achieving the new and ambitious five-year recycling targets for plastic packaging from 2013 to 2017.

Ecover trials ocean plastic waste 'trawls' for latest packaging drive

Ecover has raised the bar in closed loop packaging by creating a recycled polymer mix for its bottles that will incorporate plastic waste fished out of the ocean.

Pressure grows for VAT suspension on recovered plastics

Calls are mounting for a VAT exemption on recycled plastics to help stimulate consumer demand and encourage investment in the UK's plastics recycling industry.

Glass packaging demand set to make way for cheaper plastics

The global glass packaging market will reach a value of $36.8bn in 2013, but its growth will be limited in the next 10 years as it loses out to competition from plastics.

The discs produced by heating and compressing a sample of trash simulants. Credit: NASA

NASA lifts off with closed loop project for space waste

Space detris could be recycled and made into radiation shields for spacecraft exploration if research from NASA scientists bears fruit.

MRF contamination levels now resulting in 'crippling' costs

Tighter regulations for the outputs of materials recycling facilities (MRFs) are essential if cost burdens on UK reprocessors and manufacturers are to be eased, new research suggests.

NHS Wales closes loop on polythene packaging

NHS Wales has embarked on a closed loop recycling initiative to reuse polythene waste packaging generated within its supply chain.

Coca-Cola invests in world's largest plant-based packaging facility

Coca-Cola Company is ramping up production of its plant-based packaging in its bid to bring lower-carbon plastics to the marketplace.

John Lewis unveils biodegradable packaging 'fit for landfill'

John Lewis has introduced biodegradable polyethylene packaging across its bed linen and schoolwear lines, in what is thought to be a UK first.

ANALYSIS: 'I want to be sustainable, but life gets in the way'

As sustainability managers increasingly focus their efforts upstream of the value chain, unlocking the answers to consumer behavioural change is proving a tough nut to crack.

VIDEO: Wash-off labels set to boost bottle recycling

Wash-off labels for glass and PET bottles have been developed to help brand owners maximise opportunities for material recycling of their products.

The big bottleneck on plastics packaging

Brand leaders are demanding more recycled content in their packaging than reprocessors can deliver on, so what is causing this market failure? Chris Cullen attempts to find out

Richard Simmonite with his Bag Re:Born invention

VIDEO: The carrier bag that could crunch down on plastics pollution

A reusable carrier bag that can be turned into a bin liner has been developed, an invention which could reduce plastic film use in light of taxes on single-use carrier bags.

Demand for sustainable packaging drives up value for bio-plastics

The global market for biodegradable plastics is expected to soar over the next six years, driven by a growing demand for eco-friendly packaging.

Coca Cola targets bio-waste for next packaging frontier

Coca Cola Enterprises is pioneering work around utilising waste-derived natural materials to push packaging innovation to new levels in terms of recyclability and carbon.

Brands join forces to pioneer plant-based packaging

Some of the world's biggest consumer brands have formed a global alliance to push forward the development of bio-plastics packaging in their products.

Irish farmers get plastics recycling boost

Hundreds of tonnes of waste farm plastic are expected to be collected for recycling throughout County Clare in Ireland over the coming weeks.

Government urged to extend its Resource Security Action Plan

A leading reprocessor has called on the Government to extend its Resource Security Action Plan (RSAP) to include other scarce and valuable materials such as plastics.

UK plans to scale up renewables polymers production

A pioneering project to create a plastics polymer from renewable resources has unveiled plans to build, what it claims, is the UK's first bio-polymer demostration facility.

Plastic recycling collections need standardisation if higher targets are to be achieved, argues BPF

Industry leaders hit out at plans to increase packaging targets

A government consultation to adopt higher packaging recycling targets has been criticised by a leading industry body, who believes the move will burden "an already struggling sector".

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