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Effectively managing your triple bottom line builds credibility, improves relationships and enhances brand awareness

Why sustainability is more important than ever

Sustainability: a key factor that most organisations in today's society strive to achieve. But why is it so important? Why should you care? And why should you be working with suppliers that are certified to British standards for sustainability? Stone Group's Martin Ruston investigates.

Heathrow Airport sets its sights on closed loop procurement

Heathrow Airport has undertaken its first in-depth waste audit to gather more robust data on arisings in a bid to drive more sustainable procurement throughout its operations.

EXCLUSIVE: Mainstream business must 'deepen' sustainability thinking

To protect the planet from environmental devastation it is vital that there is an "embedding and deepening" of sustainability thinking into mainstream businesses, says HW Fisher's Jae Mather.

Free online toolkit aims to cut costs through greener procurement

Sustainability practitioners seeking ways to save money through smarter procurement of goods and services can now draw on a new online resource.

Sustainable procurement and future-proofing supply chains

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in the news today, but the concept is not new to procurement and supply management professionals, says Paula Gildert.

WRAP in talks with Defra to develop energy from waste guidance

WRAP confirmed today (November 15) it is in talks with Defra to draw up new guidance on energy from waste, as part of a key commitment under the Government's Waste Review.

How the Met is policing its waste arisings

The Metropolitan Police is the UK's biggest police force and a leader when it comes to delivering arresting recovery operations, as Maxine Perella finds out

Small waste firms could benefit from £950m MoD contract

Regional and local waste companies are being urged to get involved with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation's (DIO) £950m estates and facilities management contract for its new National Training Estate Prime.

VIDEO: UK supply chains risk resource scarcity unless they invest

The UK must invest in resource management and sustainable procurement if it is to avoid resource scarcity, according to an industry expert.

Delicate balancing act: Rebecca Eatwell

Localism versus planning: uneasy bedfellows?

In the context of the Localism agenda, will the Waste Review do enough to secure the delivery of future infrastructure? Rebecca Eatwell attempts to find out

Waste firm bags billion pound contract

Waste industry giant Veolia is celebrating winning a contract worth around a billion pounds.

How to avoid a procurement headache

The changing face of waste management procurement is creating some major headaches for local authority officers. Bob Read and Adam Read offer a tonic to ease the pain

Leigh on Sea in Essex part of the Thames Gateway

Environmental benefits through regeneration

New guidance was launched yesterday (November 3) with the aim of making the Thames Gateway the UK's first ever eco-region.

Essex to get £100m waste investment

The Government has poured more than £100m worth of funding into overhauling Essex's waste infrastructure.

Supply chain reaction

Four years ago the government set itself the target of becoming one of the EU's leaders in sustainable procurement by 2009. With the help of the environmental consultancy firm ADAS UK, it has made progress. Here the firm's Richard Laverick reveals the insider's view - and how being involved energised the company

Construction mandarin will focus on sustainable building

The British Government is creating a new position for an expert advisor who will help to promote innovation and sustainability in the building industry.

It just got easier to go green in London

Companies wanting to reduce the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions can now tap into a new online resource.

Model aims to keep each link in the chain strong

Reducing carbon emissions has become an integral part of corporate thinking, but keeping suppliers onside can be difficult. Paul McNeillis and Frances Darton take a look at a programme that offers a practical solution for both buyers and suppliers.

Top Ten Tips to Carbon Accounting - by Parsons Brinckerhoff

Abigail Frost suggests ten measures for achieving carbon reductions in line with the incoming Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme

EIC: Govt should lead on sustainability

Government should act now to improve its leadership on sustainable buildings and procurement, a leading environmental trade association has said.

£3.4m deal to power clean buses

News in brief

How the budget will impact on environmental sector

The Environmental Industries Commission has compiled a thorough analysis of how member companies are likely to be affected by Alistair Darling's first budget.

Material gains

The 2016 carbon-neutral challenge set by the government is a significant one for business. But, with the public becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues, it is also a financial opportunity for construction firms, merchants and manufacturers, writes Kevin Stanley

Medical equipment gets thorough physical

Designers of electrical medical equipment now must adhere to a new standard, ensuring eco-design principles are maintained. Where did it come from and what will it demand of the medical industry?
Dr Aidan Turnbull

AFM prove effective alternative to sand

Research shows active filter media (AFM) provide a more effective barrier to the spread of disease than sand. Howard Dryden of Dryden Aqua explains

Scotland should be proud of its produce, says Lochhead

Scottish councils told to buy local

Scottish local authorities and caterers who provide food for schools, hospitals and other public sector sites have been asked to support the country's food industry by buying more local produce.

Government pledges to build green

Green building is at the heart of Government plans for a more sustainable public sector.

Zac Goldsmith hands the Sustainable City trophy to the Fire Brigade winners

London fire brigade leads climate change fight

The London Fire Brigade was rewarded for its efforts to fight climate change as it came top in the Sustainable City Awards, scooping the main trophy as well as the sustainable procurement award.

Turning up the heat on British business

Achieving environmental best practice in a company's supply chain can have a very positive impact on profits, says Caroline Brown

Scottish institutions set green procurement targets

The Scottish Executive has written to all public bodies north of the border calling on them to set specific targets for levels of recycled content used in the paper they order and construction projects they commission.

The Mayor's Green Procurement Code has made inroads into reducing consumption in the capital.

Business cuts carbon by buying recycled

Organisations which have signed up to Ken Livingstone's Green Procurement Code have made significant reductions in waste arisings and carbon emissions over the past year.

Government must take lead on procurement

Industry and the public sector are waiting with bated breath for central Government to formally announce its plans for sustainable procurement, according to the man who headed up an initiative to draw up an action plan for Whitehall last year.

Public reality check

Despite a wealth of opportunity - and business benefits to be had - large public-sector building projects are failing in their energy efficiency, argues Merlin Hyman

Liveable Cities go Sustainable

The City of London's prestigious Liveable City Awards have changed their name, launched new categories to reward SMEs and sustainable building and lined up high profile speakers to present them.

Going public

The Sustainable Procurement Task Force has recently delivered its action plan to government. Here, it's chair, Sir Neville Simms, discusses his ideas for mainstreaming sustainable procurement

'Unsustainable' facelift for Nelson's Column prompts procurement rethink

The revelation that the plywood surrounding Nelson's Column in London's iconic Trafalgar Square as it undergoes renovations can be traced back to illegal logging in a tropical rain forest has prompted the city's mayor to rethink procurement procedures.

A better forecast for costs

It is now more than a year since British Water established its Business Best Practice Panel (B2P2).
At the outset, a number of issues were identified by British Water members as important. Working groups were established to investigate these issues and provide guidance. Working groups include representation from water companies, contractors, suppliers and consultants. The objective of each working group is:

  • Analyse the issues and establish best practice
  • Provide guidance
  • Deliver a tangible output

Life savings

Sustainable procurement is an opportunity for a higher-quality product which is cheaper yet improves profitability for the supply chain, writes Jonathan Rogers

Boost for innovators as Government sets sights on green procurement

If the UK has any hope of becoming truly sustainable the Government will have to set a good example.

400th signatory joins closed loop recycling project

The 400th company to dedicate their business to raising recycling rates and operating in a more sustainable way has now signed up to the Mayor's Green Procurement Code.

Greener government

Dr Clare Poulter, deputy chief executive of and chair of the Cross Government Sustainable Procurement Group explains government procurement policy

Why isn't everyone buying recycled?

With mounting pressure on organisations to adopt a more sustainable approach to procurement, there has never been a better time to consider products with a recycled content. Peter Skelton of the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) highlights one particular recycled material and explains why the organisation believes it has the potential to shape future purchasing decisions in a number of industries.

The Government has announced measures to ensure sourcing of sustainable timber

Government strengthens efforts to ensure procurement of sustainable timber

Environment Minister Elliot Morley announced steps to strengthen Government efforts to buy legally harvested timber from sustainably-managed forests, this week.

The social, economic and environmental benefits of encouraging sustainable procurement are now being recognise around the globe

Brussels calls on EU to adopt sustainable procurement

The message to "buy green" is being sent out clearly to Member States from Brussels in a new handbook for public authorities and institutions such as hospitals and schools.

TENDER NOTICE: Procurement of research into reusable packaging within the retail sector for the Waste Minimisation Innovation Fund

WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme) wishes to invite proposals for projects which offer a direct and significant impact upon minimising household food and packaging waste originating from the retail sector, through innovative uses and applications of reusable packaging.

Government to lead in green procurement

A resounding call for the public sector to "buy green" was issued this week by Environment Minister Elliot Morley as he announced stricter sustainable purchasing targets.

TENDER NOTICE: Procurement of Research Projects to Deliver a Reduction in Household Waste Originating From the Retail Sector

Closing Date: 19th November 2004
WRAP wishes to invite proposals for projects within identified product categories which offer a direct and significant impact upon minimising household food and packaging waste originating from the retail sector, those categories being:

Handbook on green public procurement for local authorities published

The European Commission has published a handbook on green public procurement explaining how public purchasers, such as schools, hospitals and national and local administrations, can take the environment into account when buying goods, services and works.

Article Title

Chain of demand

Ensuring that your company buys green need not be as complicated as it seems.

Lucy Glynn looks at why green procurement should be an essential business aim

Ensuring that your company buys green need not be as complicated as it seems.

Lucy Glynn looks at why green procurement should be an essential business aim

Engaging SME’s in Environmental Projects

Engaging businesses in environmental initiatives and projects is notoriously difficult. Granted individual projects nationwide may achieve high levels of participation but on the whole most projects involving SME’s struggle to gain business participation. George Padelopoulos, Acting Manager for SIEnA, a non-profit environmental business support service for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, outlines a research project into engaging SMEs from the Port of Southampton in waste management.

Boost for public green purchasing in Europe

European local authority associations have welcomed a European parliament and EU council of ministers deal on Tuesday finalising two directives governing public procurement contracts in the EU. The new laws could open the door to a significant increase in green purchasing of anything from office equipment to public transport vehicles to food.

Metropolitan Police win green procurement award

The Metropolitan Police have been found to be the Capital's greenest purchasers, with over £1 million spent on recycled content products last year.

European Business Briefs: Public transport loan, solar cells, Monsanto pulls out, energy tax, European Investment Summit

The European Investment Bank has loaned €60 million to the Irish Government to improve public transport provision in the Greater Dublin region, for the Rail Procurement Agency (RPA). EIB funds will support the development of the first stage of the new LUAS light rail system for Dublin.

Letter from the Editor: rules, who’s obeying them, and who isn’t bothering

This week’s news includes the need for rules to protect oceans around North America. Rules around the world that are proving to be successful include those governing bathing water and solar power in Europe, whilst those being ignored may include the UK Government’s policy on procurement.

International Business Briefs: greenhouse gas advice, sustainable procurement, and mould testing

In this week’s International Business Briefs, advice for Japanese companies having to cut their greenhouse gas emissions; a new procurement policy designed to protect old-growth forests; and a new mould-testing package.

International Business Briefs: recycled paper, disposable plastic, gas detection, hazardous waste, and water management

In this week’s International Business Briefs, a major US stationery company announces an environmental paper procurement policy; disposable plastic packaging in Taiwan; a GPS option for wireless gas detectors; forest stewardship certificates for a Japanese firm; success for a Canadian water treatment equipment company; and recycling of tin and selenium.

Parliament and OECD decide to ‘green’ public procurement

The European Parliament has voted in two new public procurement directives intended to simplify current legislation, including an amendment requiring better inclusion of social and environmental criteria in the awarding procedures. OECD countries have also decided to lead the way in environmentally-friendly purchasing.

UK Government takes leading stance in tackling illegal logging worldwide

In a move which Greenpeace said would send shockwaves through the timber and construction industries, the UK Government has announced new ethical measures for the procurement of timber.

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