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Flanders is a great model that other nations should aspire to

Flanders: a society built on recycling

With its popular recycling parks, fashionable reuse shops and tiny landfill rates for household waste, Flanders in Belgium looks like an unqualified waste management success story. David Gilliver investigates

Checking in for a greener stay

The hotel sector was one of the first to wake up to the cost savings associated with improved environmental performance, and we are all familiar with signs in bathrooms urging us to reuse towels where possible to cut down on water and energy use.

How the Met is policing its waste arisings

The Metropolitan Police is the UK's biggest police force and a leader when it comes to delivering arresting recovery operations, as Maxine Perella finds out

The CIWM report advocates the wider promotion of existing good practice and guidance through support for smaller independent re-use organisations

Waste managers urge business to address re-use - the 'neglected child' of waste hierarchy

The business case for product re-use is being restricted by poor engagement, financial constraints and a general lack of good practice guidance, a new report from a UK resource and waste management industry body has claimed.

The Furniture Recycling Group recently partnered with the University of St Andrews to transform textile recycling process in its student accommodation

Furniture manufacturers urged to solve circular economy conundrum

Britain's mattress manufacturers must become advocates of the circular economy by taking the lead on producer responsibility schemes which could significantly reduce the sector's vast waste-to-landfill rates.

Final figures for 2015-16 show that Wales is recycling double the waste it did a decade ago and is exceeding the current statutory recycling target of 58%

Wales doubles recycling rates in 10 years

Wales continues to lead the UK on waste management as new recycling figures for this year reveal that the country has doubled the amount of waste it has recycled over the past decade.

Of the 10,000 parts that GM uses to build its vehicle portfolio, 95% have to be recyclable as part of new legislation that the company introduced in January 2015

General Motors turns to resource efficiency to alleviate regulatory 'perfect storm'

EXCLUSIVE: Amidst all of the political uncertainty surrounding the UK's pending departure from the European Union, General Motors' (GM) regulatory affairs and CSR manager has said that embedding closed-loop processes is enabling the company to thrive amidst an ongoing "regulatory storm".

The material could create a solution to the polyethylene and paper relationship, by “playing to the strengths” of the materials in their combined form

Could this new material resolve the UK's great coffee cup recycling debate?

With big coffee chains including Starbuck and Costa facing increased public scrutiny over the recyclability of paper coffee cups, could a unique recycled resin provide an answer to the war on waste?

Bezos hopes to ignite the space race, which rival billionaire Elon Musk has also expressed an interest in, through the development of low-cost reusable rockets

Energy generation in space will 'save' the world, says Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has outlined the future for his ongoing space exploration ambitions, which could see Earth "saved" by building around-the-clock solar factories in space that would replace energy-intensive manufacturing sectors.

Workshop spaces and a tour of the premises will be available to visitors during the grand opening of the Remakery, located at 125 Leith Walk

Edinburgh launches 'Remakery' to ignite re-use and repair revolution

An Edinburgh social enterprise has set up a unique re-use and repair superstore to encourage second-hand shopping and enable more people to learn key repair skills in the Scottish capital, as a way of driving a circular economy.

Veolia's head of circular economy Forbes McDougall says companies will need to focus on the way energy and heat is generated and consumed, in order to complete the circular economy jigsaw

Veolia: energy and heat are the missing pieces of the circular economy jigsaw

EXCLUSIVE: Businesses are missing out on the benefits of taking a closed-loop approach to energy and heat consumption due to being too "hung-up" on waste-driven models, the head of circular economy at Veolia has claimed.

All NHS facilities, including NHS Lothian in Edinburgh which is close to the National Monument, are signed up to Warp-it

Scotland 'well-prepared' to embrace disruptive circular economy business models

EXCLUSIVE: The willingness of Scotland's universities, councils and health services to embrace new initiatives based on circular economy principles has allowed disruptive innovators to gain a foothold in the UK market and expand their business.

Liz Goodwin cited the servitisation model being adopted by tyre management company Bandvulc, which has generated a significant increase in revenue

WRAP calls on UK SMEs to take 'circular leap of faith'

Liz Goodwin, the soon-to-depart chief executive of the Government's Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), has today (8 March) provided new evidence of how the circular economy is beginning to make a big difference for small businesses across the UK.

Elements such introducing three main pillars of collection and working with supply chains will still be expanded by WRAP

WRAP unveils phase two of England recycling plans

The Government's Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has kick-started phase two of its collaborative, cross-industry plan to bring greater consistency to household waste and recycling collections in England.

The new take-back system will help ensure that the estimated 700,000 orphan vehicles still on British roads have a route to responsible disposal

Car industry launches free take-back scheme

The British automotive industry has launched a new take-back collection service designed to help recycle 'orphan' cars.

Veolia said the purchase will support their transition to a circular economy

Veolia continues green expansion with biomass acquisition

Environmental services firm Veolia has snapped up the business and assets of Boomeco Limited, a waste wood processor and producer of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Veolia's executive vice-president Estelle Brachlianoff explained how the company has adopted an operation-wide ethos to promote sustainability

From utilities to mining: How Veolia has paved the way for a circular economy

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Veolia's executive vice-president Estelle Brachlianoff discussed her biggest achievements, challenges and secrets to success in a revealing on-stage interview with edie.

his new project will support residents to create community reuse enterprises on their housing estates

London adopts re-use hubs to tackle waste issues

Five new reuse hubs have been planted across various housing estates in London that will collect, refurbish and redistribute unwanted furniture, as part of a community engagement scheme to tackle the root causes of fly-tipping.

The sector has seen a growing trend in acquiring more sustainable fibre choices

Fashion industry closing in on carbon and water reduction targets

Water impacts in the clothing supply chain have been reduced by 12.5% per tonne of clothing since 2013, while carbon impacts have also been cut by 3.5% per tonne, WRAP has announced.

AkzoNobel's global sustainability manager David Cornish announced the ReColour project at an event in Westminster

AkzoNobel to 'ReColour' communities with paint recycling project

Three million litres of waste paint will be diverted from landfill and re-used by local communities in the UK every year, thanks to a new collaborative remanufacturing project fronted by AkzoNobel.

Scotland's environment secretary, Richard Lochhead, hailed the 5p plastic bag charge as a 'major success'

Scotland's plastic bag charge sees usage drop by 80%

The number of plastic carrier bags handed out in Scottish shops has reduced by at least 650 million in the first year of the nation's 5p charge.

Zero Waste Scotland said that re-using rather than recycling 100 sofas can save 1.5 tonnes of carbon.

Zero Waste Scotland launches social media campaign to inspire upcycling

Zero Waste Scotland has launched an 8-week social media campaign to encourage Scots to 'upcycle' unwanted pieces of furniture.

The 5p charge has been introduced by the Government and aims to reduce the 7.64bn carrier bags that end up in landfill

5p plastic bag charge launches in England

England will today (5 October) follow in the footsteps of the rest of the UK by introducing a 5p plastic bag tax for large retailers.

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

This week saw a clutter of stories from all over the sustainability spectrum with consequences both grand and small.

With the collectors unable to enter a residents home the furniture is either left outside and exposed to weather, or cut up into pieces so it can be transported to landfill

Britons throw away more than 300,000 tonnes of reusable furniture every year

A new report has called on local authorities and manufacturers of 'bulky waste' - waste too big for normal disposal - to put a greater emphasis on the reuse of unwanted furniture.

7-10 billion tonnes of urban waste is produced each year, with 3 billion people across the globe lacking access to efficient waste disposal facilities

UNEP: 'Urgent response' needed to avert global waste crisis

The first ever worldwide waste report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says immediate action is required to shift from 'take-make-use-waste' to a circular economy.

Furniture Reuse Network brought in over 78,000 furniture and electrical items last year

Social circle - the full benefits of the circular economy

Reuse offers tremendous social value - because of this, it could act as a useful lever to secure public buy-in for a more transformative resource agenda, argues Craig Anderson.

Is it perfect policy timing for waste?

The United Nations, European Commission and UK Government have all recently announced key policy themes around waste and resources. The question is, will they complement each other?

Photo: Carys Lavin on

Reading Festival launches re-use campaign to tackle thousands of abandoned tents

Reading Festival has announced a new campaign to help reduce the 20 tonnes of reusable camping equipment abandoned at the festival every year.

Richard Lochhead believes circular economy offers an 'exciting perspective' for Scotland

Scotland launches circular economy consultation

Scotland's environment secretary Richard Lochhead yesterday (20 August) launched a consultation aiming to create a fully fledged circular economy for the country.

Diageo’s plant is expected to produce around 8,000MW hours of energy

Diageo whiskey factory turns waste into renewable heat

Global drinks firm Diageo will generate 2 million cubic metres of biogas a year from its whiskey factory in Scotland thanks to a new anaerobic digestion plant.

Diageo said its water efficiency increased by 10.4%

Diageo saves almost 3 billion litres of water

Diageo has improved its water efficiency by more than 10% in the past year, according to the drinks giant's latest sustainability report.

Majority of Brits believe all plastic bags should be biodegradable

The majority of Britons believe all plastic bags should be both recyclable and biodegradable, according to a new YouGov poll.

Hospital furniture refurbishment and reuse waste could drive significant savings in disposal costs and avoided procurement costs

Circular thinking - a miracle cure for NHS waste management?

Britain's healthcare system has historically had a poor track-record in waste management and recycling. But things are beginning to change, with several NHS Trusts now adopting more circular business models, as Maxine Perella finds out.

Ahead of the America's Cup, Land Rover BAR have announced some the sustainability measures at their new headquarters

Ben Ainslie Racing team sails ahead with sustainable headquarters

At the launch of the America's Cup World Series sailing championship, Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing has announced the sustainability measures in place at its recently finished team headquarters in Portsmouth.

The move from recycling to re-using in the food logistics industry can be a simple process with the correct procedures in place

Moving from recycling to re-use in the food logistics industry

Moving away from recycling and towards re-using is the only way forward for the food transit industry, writes PPS Equipment managing director Joanne Moss.

Green thinking can bring huge benefits in reducing bottom lines costs and increasing employee engagement

Why the time is NOW for sustainable business practice

James Deacon, head of corporate responsibility at technology company Ricoh UK, offers his advice for businesses looking to become more sustainable in 2015 and beyond

Waste electronics, which includes computers, TVs, fridges and mobile phones, is one of Europe's fastest growing waste streams

WEEE: Tackling the next big business challenge

The recast Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive has now been in place in the UK for 18 months. The UK Government believes that the new system has produced an estimated £18m cost reduction for producers. Here, Scott Butler from the European Recycling Platform (ERP) explains why there is much work still to do.

More companies are finding innovative ways to collaborate to improve their sustainabiltiy

7 sustainability collaborations you would never have imagined

Collaboration: a buzzword for sustainability professionals and an increasing focal point for businesses across sectors.

The opening of the reuse shop follows £400,000 investment by resource management firm FCC Envirnoment

Resource management firm invests £400,000 in reuse shop

Yorkshire shoppers will be able to visit a new reuse shop in East Riding following a £400,000 investment by FCC Environment.

E-Waste: The circular economy's achilles heel

With Recycle Week in full flow, James Rubin, chief executive of waste clearance firm Enviro Waste, highlights the huge importance of tackling e-waste in the transition to a circular economy.

The 24kwh Nissan Leaf battery can reportedly retain up to 80% of its power for its commercial afterlife.

VIDEO: Nissan converts Leaf batteries into commercial energy storage

Used Nissan Leaf batteries will form the basis of commercial energy storage systems, under a new deal between the Japanese carmaker and energy storage provider Green Charge Networks.

The Pope's encyclical was presented at the Vatican earlier today

Pope calls for urgent action on climate change

"The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth," wrote the Pope in a sweeping papal letter which calls for action on phasing out fossil fuels, tackling global water scarcity and adopting a circular economy.

The ING report claims financial institutions should not ignore the circular economy but embrace it

Banks face circular economy funding challenge, says ING

The financial industry will need to undergo a seismic shift in culture, away from the collateral value of assets and towards a cash-flow based approach to lending, if it is to support circular economy business models.

The upcoming package will reportedly look beyond waste policy and address the full product lifecycle, taking into account the situation in all Member States

EU asks for public advice on circular economy

The European Commissions has launched a 12-week public consultation to help inform its upcoming circular economy action plan, to be presented by the end of 2015.

Charlotta Lyon says the Carlsberg Circular Community has driven transformational change for the Danish brewer and its value network

Businesses must 'think outside of the box' with sustainability strategies, says Carlsberg

EXCLUSIVE: Today's business models are not fit for purpose if we are to deliver the transformational change needed to create a sustainable future, and firms need to be willing to step out of their 'comfort zone' to drive positive change.

Karmenu Vella, the European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, speaking at the 2015 European Circular Economy Conference in Brussels

Europe's new circular economy package will be 'country-specific'

The European Commission's 'more ambitious' circular economy package will include country-specific waste-reduction targets and a specific roadmap for the implementation of closed-loop business processes.

The fund will train third sector staff to repair electronics, textiles and furniture

Scottish third sector given funding to boost repair skills

Scottish third sector organisations who specialise in re-use could be given up to £1500 each to help them train their staff to repair electronics, textiles and furniture.

Conservative MP Lauren Sandys:

Defra not taking advantage of waste opportunities, says Tory MP

Defra is still not looking at waste as an opportunity and should hand over full policy control to the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation (BIS), according to Conservative MP Laura Sandys.

The paper industry has expressed shock and sadness at the news of the closure of the Aylesford Newsprint mill

Aylesford Newsprint goes into administration

Aylesford Newsprint, a paper manufacturer which specialises in recycling paper for reuse as newsprint, has gone into administration.

WRAP is hoping to encourage greater collaboration and partnerships between third sector organisations

WRAP calls for greater collaboration to increase re-use in the third sector

Businesses looking to cut down on their waste and embrace a more circular approach can now take advantage of a new tool to aid collaboration, launched today by The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Carlsberg has initiated a three-year project to develop a biodegradable and biobased bottle made from sustainably sourced wood-fibre

Carlsberg toasts circular economy with biodegradable beer bottles

Carlsberg has launched a new cross-sector collaborative project to develop the world's first fully biodegradable wood-fibre beer bottle as part of its Carlsberg Circular Community (CCC) initiative.

WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin says that the circular economy could deliver jobs where they are needed most

Circular economy 'could create more than 200,000 jobs' in the UK

The development of a circular economy could create more than 200,000 jobs across the UK by 2030, according to a new study by WRAP and Green Alliance.

Reducing or preventing waste would have clear environmental benefits

Waste as a resource: Five industry viewpoints...

The commonly accepted waste hierarchy is not working and two centuries of the 'take-make-waste' ethos are degrading the health of global ecosystems. In light of this, Liz Gyekye asks a few industry experts to explain whether waste should instead be treated as a valuable resource.

FEAD president David Palmer-Jones urges Commissioner Vella to keep circular economy package

FEAD president urges new Environment Commissioner to back circular economy package

The president of European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services, David Palmer-Jones, has written to the new European Commissioner for the environment Karmenu Vella urging him to back the European Commission's circular economy package.

Electronic giants such as Samsung and Panasonic sign up to new sustainable action plan

Electrical giants sign green pledge

Global electrical powerhouses including Panasonic, Samsung and LG Electronics are among 50 major players in the electricals sector who have signed up to a new green commitment that focuses on reducing the environmental impact of the products they manufacture.

A working circular economy could be a practical solution to the planet's emerging resource problems

Growing a circular economy: Key barriers and business benefits

A new thought leadership paper has unravelled the complexities surrounding the sustainability buzzword that is the circular economy, highlighting the key challenges and potential business benefits of going circular.

Sainsbury's  will stop rewarding shoppers with Nectar points for every bag they reuse from April next year.

Sainsbury's to stop Nectar points for bag reuse

Retail giant Sainsbury's has announced that it will stop rewarding shoppers with Nectar points for every bag they reuse from April next year, as part of wider changes to its loyalty programme.

Every retailer in Scotland will charge at least 5p for each new carrier bag they give to shoppers.

Carrier bag charge: In numbers

On Monday (20 October), Scotland will introduce its levy on single-use carrier bags (SUCB), meaning they can no longer be given away free of charge. To help explain the facts and figures surrounding the levy, edie has compiled a list of carrier bag sustainability statistics.

Rubble left over from demolition site in Lenton, Nottingham

Demolition firm and waste management specialist team up to recycle dismantled tower blocks in Nottingham

Reclamation specialist Total Reclaims and waste management firm Wastecycle have worked together to reuse and recycle around 30,000 tonnes of material left over from a demolition site, where five tower blocks were bulldozed, in Nottingham.

The trio of pamphlets reveal the true extent of the three partys' green ambitions.

Party Conference round-up: What are the big green ideas?

While the party leaders themselves gave climate change a short shrift at their respective conferences, a closer look at the environmental 'problems and solutions posed by the 'big three' political parties reveals the true extent of their green ambitions.

The report offers solutions to help get the four principles right.

Firms advised to ameliorate environmental supply chains

Businesses must think differently about their supply chains and the 'costs' attached to going green according to a report by president of the lharrington group LLC Lisa Harrington.

Wales introduces sector plan to reduce food waste

The Welsh Government has introduced the Food Manufacture, Service and Retail Sector Plan with a view to preventing waste, reducing waste production and increasing recycling across supply chains.

Virgin Media gave a 'thumbs down' for its total direct and indirect emissions in 2013

Virgin Media falling short of carbon reduction target

Virgin Media's total carbon emissions have risen by 2.6% since 2007, leaving the communications giant a long way from reaching its 2015 goal of a 15% reduction.

Orange Business Services steps up e-waste recycling

Global IT and communications firm Orange Business Services has partnered with recycling specialist Stone Group to recycle its end-of-life hardware and dispose of its data-bearing ICT securely, in line with EU data laws.

Old Rapanui clothes can be returned in exchange for store credit, to avoid sending waste to landfill

Rapanui hopes to set sustainable trend for fashion industry

Eco-clothing brand Rapanui has come up with a novel solution to the problem of 'throwaway fashion' by offering store credit to customers who return last season's clothes.

Vermilion reveals that it spent $37m on environmental initiatives in 2013.

Oil and gas giant launches its first sustainability report

Vermilion Energy, an international oil and gas producer, has launched its first sustainability report which lays out details of the company's plans to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and lower the amount of water and energy it uses.

Kellogg's has pledged to reduce energy, GHG emissions and water use across its operations by an additional 15% per metric tonne of food produced from a 2015 baseline, and expand its use of low-carbon energy in plants by 50% by 2020

Kellogg's unveils new sustainability goals on energy, water and waste

Kellogg Company has announced new goals to reduce energy, water, waste and packaging as part of a wider drive to strengthen its existing responsible sourcing commitments.

Diageo's environmental plan aims to reduce carbon emissions, water and waste

Diageo highlights water achievements as it moves towards integrated reporting

Premium drinks firm Diageo has made its first step towards integrated reporting by disclosing sustainability and responsibility performance alongside financial reporting.

The work is being sponsored by Microsoft's Registered Refurbisher Programme, which already works with PC refurbishers to extend the life of Windows PCs

Microsoft-iFixit scheme offers free training for fledgling repair and reuse firms

Microsoft has entered into a partnership with iFixit, the online repair manual site, to boost the reuse market for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Kimberly-Clark teams have been sharing best practices in scrap material sorting and sales, identifying material reuse and recycling opportunities within the company's operations and supply chain, and developing relationships with outside recyclers

Kimberly-Clark pilots circular economy model as it charts progress on water and waste

Kimberly-Clark is exploring opportunities around the circular economy as it looks to secure a more reliable supply of fibre for recycling and use in the products it sells.

Sony first started using its flame-retardant material in its BRAVIA LCD TVs in 2011

Sony to sell flame-retardant recycled plastic to external customers

Sony Corporation has announced that it plans to sell its flame-retardant recycled plastic to a wide variety of manufacturing business operators such as consumer electronics retailers, both within Japan and abroad.

The North Face wants to tackle end-of-life product waste in the clothing industry

The North Face pushes 100% recycled polyester clothing goal by 2016

Outdoor clothing retailer The North Face has set a goal to use 100% recycled polyester fabric by 2016 - material that will be mainly sourced from post-consumer water bottles.

Designnobis is now considering crowdfunding as a way of commercialising its 'Infinite Light' made of recycled plastic bottles

Solar lanterns offer smart reuse concept for plastic bottle waste

A cheap lighting concept which creates solar lanterns from plastic bottle waste is being trialled by designers in the hope it can be scaled up for commercial production.

Alignment is needed to attain circularity and the report suggests measures to help achieve that

UK circular economy inquiry calls for stronger levers on tax and landfill

MPs are calling for new fiscal and regulatory measures to be drawn up to help stimulate the UK's circular economy. These include a lower rate of VAT for recycled products, extended warranties for consumer goods, and a landfill ban for food waste. DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT below.

The Restart Project plans to develop a

Electronics repair charity powers up 'citizen-led' circular economy

Social enterprise The Restart Project will scale up its electronic repair activities by becoming a people-led platform for circular economy innovation.

More than four in ten shoppers admit to throwing away a 'bag for life' after just one use

Bag for life? Millions of reusable shopping bags sent to landfill

Seven out of 10 shoppers are throwing out supermarket 'bags for life' after only a few shops, a new survey has found.

Carbon-based targets could help drive the circular economy, says Tregent

Time for waste measurements to get a 'sophisticated' makeover

Is it time for waste measurements to become a little more sophisticated? Chartered environmentalist Mike Tregent thinks so. He outlines why the UK needs to shift from weight-based targets to carbon-based targets for recycling.

A circular economy would decouple economic growth from resource consumption

10 things you need to know about the circular economy

A working circular economy could be a practical solution to the planet's emerging resource problems. Here's 10 facts you should know.

Six of Nestle Waters' 28 US factories are classified as zero-waste-to-landfill sites

Nestlé Waters keen to price cost of recycling into bottle sales

Nestlé Waters is seeking to implement a market-based recycling model for its business whereby the cost of recycling its bottled water packaging is offset against the product retail price.

The total natural capital cost of plastic in the consumer goods industry is estimated to be more than US$75bn a year

Businesses urged to consider plastic footprint as concerns grow over marine ecosystems

Businesses could significantly enhance their sustainability credentials by improving the way they measure, manage and report the amount of plastic they use in their operations and across the supply chain.

Microsoft is among 10 founding partners of the newly launched R2 Leader programme

Microsoft, Sony and Panasonic commit to more responsible recycling

Microsoft, Panasonic, Xerox and Sony America have teamed up to back a new programme to encourage more reuse and responsible recycling of used consumer electronics goods.

A lack of clear targets and no fundamental shift in model leave the proposed framework lacking bite according to industry experts

EU circular economy framework proposals lack teeth, critics say

EXCLUSIVE: Disappointment has been expressed over the European Commission's forthcoming circular economy framework, with some experts believing the proposals don't go far enough.

The European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik was speaking at the Green Week conference in Brussels

EU eyes higher recycling rates and landfill ban with new circular economy framework

"There is no place for waste," proclaimed Janez Potocnik as the Commissioner for Environment yesterday announced details of a revised package of measures to accelerate Europe's transition to a circular economy.

The albert+ badge, awarded to Springwatch, demonstrates that a programme's senior staff have taken a strong lead on sustainability. Photo: Shutterstock / mikecphoto

BBC and BAFTA eco-standard gets screen debut on Springwatch

BBC's Springwatch is one of the first British TV programmes to demonstrate to viewers that it has met high environmental standards by displaying an on-screen certification badge on its credits.

Monsanto expects it's water efficiency measures to save 135-360 billion litres of water per year by 2020

Monsanto targets smarter irrigation to drive 25% water use reduction by 2020

Agricultural giant Monsanto has pledged to increase irrigation water efficiency across its global seed production operations by 25% by 2020 and will report on its progress in meeting this goal.

The report indicates that closed-loop reprocessing technologies could be a significant contributor to GDP growth

Reuse and closed-loop recovery models set to power UK growth

Reuse and smarter 'closed-loop' reprocessing technologies offer two of the biggest growth opportunities for the UK's waste sector, new research has revealed.

Interserve's group finance director and head of sustainability Tim Haywood confident the company is on track to hit its sustainability targets

Interserve digs deep for data to keep green goals in sight

When Interserve embarked on its ambitious sustainability plan last year, it discovered a pressing need for better data capture. Maxine Perella looks at the challenges this presented, and asks if the company is on is track against its early goals.

Toilet flushing cuurently accounts for around 30% of UK household water use

Better toilet design could lessen demand on building water supplies

Toilet redesign could unlock the key to reducing the amount of water used during the flushing process within the built environment.

Interserve's group finance director and head of sustainability Tim Haywood says the Middle East is now a priority in terms of water reduction

Interserve increases its thirst for water reuse in Middle East

Interserve is targeting its Middle East operations in a bid to reduce water use across the business, where one of the challenges is to find viable markets for reusable water.

Top organisations back circular economy

Scottish Parliament urged to make circular economy a top priority

A panel of leading organisations have urged the Scottish Parliament to make the circular economy a top priority.

Green groups call on European Union to be ambitious and work towards a circular economy

Call for EU to follow ten steps to implement circular economy

A group of leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have issued a joint statement calling for the European Union (EU) to implement ten steps that will help Europe work towards a circular economy.

Bacardi aims to eliminate landfill waste

Bacardi builds new warehouses using construction waste

Spirits giant Bacardi has announced that it has built three new warehouses at its rum distillery site in Puerto Rico from construction waste destined for landfill.

The global green and sustainable building industry is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 22.8% between now and 2017

A constructive look at tackling building emissions

With awareness being raised this week around embodied carbon in the built environment, Leigh Stringer looks at how the construction industry could potentially become a leader in low-carbon innovation.

Advice and guidance on resource efficiency, the circular economy and closing the loop: Wrap chief executive Liz Goodwin on the Resource Revolution panel at Sustainability Live.

VIDEO: WRAP chief issues stark warning to businesses over pursuing 'throwaway linear models'

EXCLUSIVE The "throwaway linear economic model" that businesses currently subscribe to will become a millstone around the necks of firms if they do not quickly adopt a circular approach, WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin has warned. Scroll down for full video

LGA wants to see a thriving markete for reuse goods

LGA urges retailers to expand take-back services to prevent waste

The Local Government Association is urging retailers to expand or introduce take-back services for unwanted goods to divert them away from landfill and encourage reuse.

Call to launch landfill bans to create 47,500 jobs in the UK

The UK could create 47,500 skilled jobs if it kept five key waste materials out of landfill, according to new research by think tank Green Alliance.

Is the traditional cornerstone of waste minimisation - the waste hierarchy - in need of a fundamental overhaul?

Has the waste hierarchy had its day?

Given the phenomenal rise of circular economy thinking in recent years, the waste hierarchy as it stands may no longer be a valid starting point for business. Maxine Perella reports

Northern Ireland's recycling rate creeps up

Northern Ireland's recycling and composting rate has reached a new quarterly peak at 45.1%, according to new official figures.

Davos: Circular economy could generate $1trn a year for global economy by 2025

The build-up of 'circular' supply chains that increase the rate of recycling, reuse and remanufacture could generate more than $1trn (£600bn) a year for the global economy by 2025, according to a new report.

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