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Eunomia finds that the UK is at risk of having more residual waste treatment plants than it needs

UK heading for waste treatment overcapacity, new report finds

The UK is at risk of having far more incineration capacity than it needs by 2017/18, according to a new report by resource management consultancy Eunomia.

MPs call for Defra to show leadership on waste policy to help England meet its 2020 recycling target

Defra slammed for 'stepping back' from waste

Defra has been slammed for "stepping back" from waste and needs to show strong leadership in order to improve England's recycling rate, a cross-party committee of MPs has said.

BSR will shortlist a number of SITA sites that have the potential for solar farm development

UK landfill sites to become solar farms

A couple of key players in the UK's waste and renewable energy sectors have agreed a deal to transform large landfill sites into solar power farms, generating energy for the National Grid.

SITA chief exec David Palmer-Jones: "By and large, environmental concerns are still too far removed from day-to-day commercial dealing. Neither are they properly costed into the goods or services on offer."

The circular economy needs to find the middle ground

It's clear that UK industry must move away from the old linear model of 'take-make-dispose' and towards a circular economy. But where on that journey is UK plc, and what more needs to be done to drive it forward? SITA chief executive David Palmer-Jones considers things 'in the round'.

Industry group claims that the UK needs more waste treatment infrastructure

Resource management industry urges Government to launch investigation into waste facility 'infrastructure gap'

A resource management industry group has written to a number of ministers urging them to launch an investigation into tackling the UK's waste facility "infrastructure gap".

Waste industry experts urge Defra to get more involved in waste

Resource management industry calls for Government to show 'clear leadership' on waste policy

England will risk missing its 2020 EU recycling target if the Government fails to show clear leadership on waste policy, industry leaders have warned.

Waste crime costs UK up to £808m a year, report suggests

Waste crime costs the UK economy more than £800m a year, according to new research.

UK is heading for residual waste treatment 'capacity shortfall'

UK residual waste treatment infrastructure facing troubled future, report suggests

Residual waste treatment infrastructure will be unable to cope with waste volumes over the next ten years, according to a new report published by recycling and waste management firm SITA UK.

The waste will come from Halton Borough Council and the boroughs of the MWDA

SITA signs 30-year MWDA contract

SITA UK has signed a 30-year contract worth more than £1bn with the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority to convert household waste to energy.

David Palmer-Jones: Sustainable markets required for waste

Resource economy 'still in its infancy' - SITA chief

The waste industry must manage the transformation towards a circular economy in a mutually beneficial way to overcome the challenges presented by supply and demand of secondary raw materials.

In brief: Energy-from-waste contract news

Momentum continues to build in the energy-from-waste (EfW) market with latest developments centring on long-term municipal contracts and ambitious plans for anaerobic digestion.

Waste industry 'must create its own social value'

Unless the waste industry, third sector and local authorities collectively agree on a methodology to calculate social impacts, the opportunity to generate social value from waste will be missed.

Pressure grows to legislate for circular economy to achieve scale

A circular economy cannot be achieved by business collaboration alone - strong intervention is also required from world governments, a leading commentator has warned.

SITA snaps up pair of robotic recyclers to add value in aggregates

SITA has become the second company to purchase a ZenRobotics recycling system powered by artificial intelligence following successful trials at its site in Finland.

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