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Unlike the smart meters being rolled out by the UK government, the new system is anonymous, with no data on household energy use being collected, avoiding concerns about privacy

An energy first as UK successfully transmits data via national electricity grid

Data has been transmitted across a national electricity grid for the first time, in what could be a significant step towards the creation of virtual power stations, where many thousands of homes and businesses combine to manage electricity use more smartly.

The union added that National Grid’s policy of paying companies to stop working using consumer’s money is a “bonkers policy that only a natural monopoly would dare to implement”

DSR is 'fanciful nonsense', says union

GMB has slammed National Grid as being "naively complacent" over its intention to use demand-side response (DSR) to avoid blackouts, and has called for the company to be stripped of its system operator role.

(L-R): Stuart McLean, print centre manager at Herald and Times Group; and Ron Ramage, chief executive of Flexitricity

Demand response spreads to the media as Scottish publisher embraces smart-grid thinking

The Herald and Times Group has discovered a new revenue stream worth up to £250,000 after becoming the first newspaper group to sign up to Edinburgh-based aggregator Flexitricity's demand response initiative.

The Committee recommended that storage be deployed at scale as soon as possible, lamenting the “archaic” regulations that hinder its development

MPs call for a fragmented National Grid

MPs have called for a complete overhaul of the UK's energy network operation, recommending that operating systems should be transferred from National Grid to independent operators in order to mitigate the potential for "conflicts of interest".

Las Vegas’s power drama captures an ongoing dilemma in the new energy economy

Las Vegas casinos seek to power their bright lights with renewable energy

The glittering Las Vegas strip is not an obvious model for energy conservation. Yet hidden above the glowing Eiffel Tower, neon resort awnings and a black pyramid that shines a beam of light into space, is one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in the country.

Sales of plug-in cars have increased by 716% over the past two years

1/3 of Britain's power networks could be overloaded by electric vehicle charging

Almost one third of UK local power networks could be overloaded if electric vehicles (EVs) become a mainstream motoring choice, a new study has found.

Industry backs smart grid transition but concerns remain

There is a "real appetite" to revolutionise energy use through smart grids from both industry and the public, but the benefits need to be clearly communicated and shared, according to new research.

UK to gain £25bn from smart city industry

The smart cities industry has been valued at more than $400bn (£250bn) globally by 2020, with the UK expected to gain a 10% share, according to a new report.

Shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex (pictured):

Labour: Smart grid crucial to overcoming energy challenges

The UK needs a smart grid to achieve a low carbon energy future that is affordable, says shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex MP.

Consumers open to change as UK prepares for low carbon future

Preliminary research into energy consumption suggests that consumers are willing to alter their daily routines to benefit from cheaper tariffs.

Creating change through measurement and innovation

Measurement continues to play an important and economically beneficial role in carbon reduction. Leigh Stringer finds out how the Centre for Carbon Measurement is pushing the boundaries of innovation.

European Parliament agrees €6bn for clean energy research

€6bn (£4.86) will be allocated to renewables, energy efficiency, smart grids and storage after a vote by the European Parliament's Energy and Research Committee (ITRE) today.

Collaboration and communication are as important as technology in driving innovation says Dr Colby

Innovation and the UK power network

Encouraging home-grown innovation is crucial if the UK is to lead the smart grid pack says Sentec CTO Dr Edward Colby

UK's smart water network needs long-term strategy

The Government must develop a long-term water resource strategy for the UK's smart water network if it is to drive water efficiency and prevent supply disruptions.

European Smart Grids forum chair David Smith

European Smart Grid forum appoints chair

The European Smart Grids forum has appointed Energy Networks Association chief executive David Smith as chair.

Smart grid innovation could boost UK investment

The UK must act now if it wants to take the lead in smart grids and create thousands of high skill jobs and secure substantial domestic investment, according to a new report.

Ofgem launches smart grid framework

Energy regulator Ofgem has unveiled its first Smart Grid Evaluation Framework in a bid to boost the rollout of smart grids by the energy industry.

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