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As Africa’s second-largest tea producer with 50,000 workers and 12,000 smallholders, Malawi also has 62% of the population living below the World Bank’s extreme poverty

Tea value network delivering supply chain sustainability in Malawi

A multi-stakeholder coalition including Tesco, Marks & Spencer (M&S), and Unilever has made significant progress towards achieving a competitive Malawian tea sector where workers earn a living wage and smallholders earn a living income by 2020.

With the BITC event covering the issues of purpose in products, speakers highlighted how brands can bring far-reaching climate issues to the forefront for consumers

How collaborating with charities creates the business case for CSR

EXCLUSIVE: "Leaning" on charities provides a resource-driven platform to ensure that companies are "walking the talk" on delivering sustainability, catering and facilities company Sodexo has claimed.

Furniture Reuse Network brought in over 78,000 furniture and electrical items last year

Social circle - the full benefits of the circular economy

Reuse offers tremendous social value - because of this, it could act as a useful lever to secure public buy-in for a more transformative resource agenda, argues Craig Anderson.

MPs believe responsible business to be an 'election vote-winner'

The majority of MPs consider responsible business to be a key electoral issue, but their awareness of businesses' community activities in this area remains low.

Sky Ride is on of Sky's social initiatives and is designed to get people cycling

Sky debates business advantage of social value

Sky has attempted to gain a better understanding of how companies can use social value to their advantage, given business appetite to connect more meaningful with society.

'CSR without HR is just PR'- HR departments can play a critical role both as a supporter and catalyst

Companies failing to recognise role of HR in delivering sustainability

Human resources departments could act as a valuable lever in driving forward employee engagement on corporate sustainability issues but they often remain sidelined, one CSR expert has said.

Colgate squeezes out water use during manufacture

Colgate-Palmolive has developed a system to help identify and share best practice on water reduction throughout all of its global manufacturing sites.

Levi puts workers' well-being at heart of sustainable design

Levi Strauss has unveiled a new design approach that combines sustainable material use with responsible supply chain practices, in what it claims is a fashion industry first.

Public warming to 'social value' of energy-from-waste

Public acceptance for energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities is growing especially if such infrastructure can be linked to community benefit packages, new research has shown.

Dell will programme its technology to create a 'legacy of good'

Dell has raised the bar in corporate sustainability with its new 2020 Legacy of Good Plan that sets out an aspirational goal of measuring the ripple effect of its technology among customers worldwide.

Brands look for greater ownership stake in sharing economy

Brand leaders are increasingly looking to turn the growing trend for collaborative consumption into a business proposition by forming strategic alliances with smaller, start-ups.

TNT delivers social value by closing loop on plastic mail bag waste

TNT Business Solutions has developed a closed loop recycling scheme for its plastic delivery bags where all profits will be donated to charity.

EXCLUSIVE: Engaging employees in sustainability needs 'feel-good factor'

Engagement works best when communication with employees is accessible, relevant and is "something they can identify with," says Carillion's chief sustainability officer Tom Robinson.

Sally Uren: Businesses need to understand the different time horizons at play

EXCLUSIVE: Demand will grow for systems thinkers, predicts Forum for Future chief

Systems thinking skills will be critical if sustainable business is to retain its competitive edge going forward, Forum for the Future's newly appointed CEO Sally Uren tells edie.

Sally Uren: Businesses must increasingly prepare to be disrupted

The sustainable systems thinker: Interview with Sally Uren

Digital, Social, Disruptive: these are the mega-trends coming over the horizon that will challenge sustainability managers yet gift them with powerful new perspectives, Forum for the Future's new CEO Sally Uren tells Maxine Perella

Business must aim 'higher than CSR' to unlock £100bn growth gains

Companies may have to go beyond their CSR and sustainability reporting remits to tap into the level of innovation needed to profit from delivering environmental and social value, new research has revealed.

Gail Klintworth talks up brand-led social change

Unilever calls on its brands to become 'green leaders' for social change

Unilever is drawing up a series of "sustainability ambitions" for each of its brands to help drive social change on a global scale, the company's chief sustainability officer Gail Klintworth has revealed.

Ronan Dunne: trust is now critical

O2 chief: Rise of digital calls for greater brand honesty

O2 CEO Ronan Dunne has outlined the importance of large corporations building consumer trust in a new digital age where brand reputation is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

Columbian coffee farmers thrive under Nespresso sustainability plan

Coffee farmers participating in a sustainability programme run by Nespresso enjoy better economic and social conditions, new research suggests.

Brands signal firm intent to 'sex up' sustainability

Brand leaders have signed up to a new initiative which aims to mainstream sustainability by making it sexy and aspirational to consumers.

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