Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)

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The grocery retail sector alone accounts for some 18.6m square metres of parking or vehicle movement areas

Shopping around for the best SuDS

The design of supermarket car parks and other hard surfacing needs re-conceptualising with SuDS in mind, argues ACO Technologies research director Martin Fairley

UK digital drainage map launches

A new digital map of the UK has been launched by the British Geological Survey (BGS) in a bid to help planners, developers and local authorities reduce urban flooding.

The world's largest Hydro-Brake is installed at Blackhouse

Glasgow flood defences effort makes difference

A complex partnership is reaping the rewards of integrated surface water management in Glasgow. MWH programme manager, Jeremy Osborne explains

Highway Agency to use SUDS for £375m dual carriageway upgrade

The Highway Agency has revealed plans to use a sustainable drainage solution (SUDS) as part of its £375m dual carriageway upgrade.

How precast CSOs save time and cut labour costs

Kijlstra has pioneered the use of precast CSOs in the Dutch water industry – and is now promoting the use of precast in the UK.

Sustainable journey begins

The Floods and Water Management Act (FWMA) places emphasis on flood risk management, rather than defence to help protect urban areas from extreme rainfall events. Dr Jason Shingleton explains what it will mean in practice.

Actiflo triumphs in the Scottish Highlands

In the decade since Veolia introduced its Actiflo process, it has proved invaluable for a range of applications worldwide. And when Scottish Water needed to uprate a rural treatment works, it proved a winner once again.

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