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As well as the resulting dietary shift, the four models also revealed a decrease or delayed death ratio from heart disease and cancer

Combined sugar and carbon tax could reduce UK emissions by 19 million tonnes

By combining a sugar tax on soft drinks with a food-based carbon tax, the UK could raise £3.6bn in revenue; reduce carbon emissions by 19 million tonnes annually and increase life expectancy, researchers from Oxford University have claimed.

The report calls on Government to 'reduce the overall burden' placed onto businesses through energy taxations and levies

Manufacturers call for policy shift 'from stick to carrot' on green taxes

The UK Government should move away from out-dated green taxes which target businesses and instead offer green tax incentives to reduce carbon emissions, according to the manufacturers' organisation EEF.

Peers urge supermarkets to to prioritise redistribution  over energy recovery

Supermarkets should pick food banks over AD, say peers

Supermarkets should redistribute unsold food to food banks rather than sending it to be recycled via anaerobic digestion (AD), a House of Lords committee has said.

Environmental taxes could add €35bn to EU revenue by 2016

Around €35bn (£29bn) of additional revenue could be raised by introducing or extending environmental taxes across twelve European Union Member States, new research suggests.

Autumn statement - missed opportunity for confirming strategy on environmental taxes

Business craves long-term certainty in order to invest, but in perpetuating uncertainty with green taxes and levies, the Government risks failing to achieve its environmental policy objectives and putting up the costs of investment - the worst possible outcome.

UK ranked in top six for using tax as green policy tool

The UK is one of the top six active countries to successfully use tax as a tool to drive sustainable corporate behaviour and achieving green policy goals.

YouGov's study shows that people want to make money and make a difference with their savings and investments

Responsibly-managed assets pass €1trillion in the UK

Responsible investment is on the rise as 45% of British adults with savings or investments want at least some of their assets to have green and ethical considerations taken into account, according to a study released today by YouGov.

Long-term green tax plan needed to change behaviour

The Government needs to give people confidence that environmental tax incentives will be in place for a long time, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has said.

Landfill tax forecast raises future levy concerns

Despite government predictions that landfill tax take will rise by £500m over the next four years, speculation is mounting that the sector may be hit by new levies in the future.

Easing the burden

Capitus director Aubrey Calderwood offers edie users a guide to sustainable and renewable tax incentives that could help your business save money and grow

Maintenance prevents business from spinning out of control

Fans are vital in ensuring wastewater treatment plants comply with odour regulations. Regular servicing limits down time, extends life expectancy and a fully trained engineer can even advise on energy efficiency measures, writes Richard Wilson.

Every pound counts

There are a wealth of opportunities for businesses to improve their bottom lines through good environmental practice. And the incentives, and penalties, are significant, writes Mark Simpson.

Our fleet managers need the continental touch

Noel Lock urges the government to take notice of the environmental credentials of liquid petroleum gas as a serious alternative fuel for our business fleets

EIC: We must make economy more efficient

The government has already implemented a number of legislative and fiscal drivers directed towards sustainable production and resource efficiency.

In defence of our agency

There are plenty of intelligent, hard-working officers in the Environment Agency and in Defra. It is the structure and culture that are wrong, writes Bill Butterworth

Turning up the pressure on reuse

Water reuse and protection of water supplies are currently hot topics of discussion. Here, Malcolm Hallsworth of WWT outlines some reuse strategies of Veolia Water's Bruce Durham

A taxing incentive

Tony Llewellyn, partner at tax specialists Davis Langdon Crosher & James, looks at tax incentives to encourage the development of brownfield sites

Climate change – a major business opportunity

by Tom Delay, Chief Executive, Carbon Trust

Climate change is one of the major problems facing international society today. This environmental threat will have serious economic and social consequences. The political and business response to the issue is gathering momentum, but organisations need to know more about what they can do now to make business sense of climate change.

The life and times of products

Jason Rayfield reports on a new Environment Agency project which aims to offer Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the electrical and electronic equipment sectors, expert advice and help in producing Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for products they manufacture in the UK.

Lessons in environmental responsibility

Tony Nicholls, business development manager at Furmanite International, considers the regulatory pressures faced by industrial plant operators, and looks at simple initiatives that can ensure greater compliance.

Hidden treasure

Stephen Berger from Baker Tilly looks at what tax relief is available for contaminated land development.

A statement of good intent?

In his pre-budget statement on 27 November 2002, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced major changes to the landfill tax, which could have profound implications for manufacturing industry. Jason Rayfield reports.

It's a money thing...

Successful companies continuously strive to seek out and connect with new business opportunities, so why not see the environment as a business opportunity? Effective environmental risk management offers significant cost savings, financial incentives and a boost in reputation. Cliff Warman, senior manager in the Environmental Liability Management Group at Deloitte & Touche, explains.

Rising to the challenge

The Green Technology Challenge (GTC) tax incentive will provide 100 per cent first year enhanced capital allowances (ECAs) for companies investing in innovative technologies which contribute to environmental protection, but what, exactly will it mean to your business? IEM first reported on the GTC at consultation stage in October last year, and since then the government has made a number of important announcements prior to the scheme's launch. Jason Rayfield reports on what the GTC is, what technologies it will cover, and most importantly, how it could save your company money.

The color of money

Hard on the heels of the climate change levy and associated energy-saving enhanced capital allowances, the government has launched for consultation the Green Technology Challenge. Matt MacAllan reports.

Leonardo DiCaprio asked the President probing questions. Pic: Earth Day Network

EARTH DAY: Clinton says US could set global environmental example

President Clinton has marked the 30th Earth Day by urging the US to set a pro-environmental example to the rest of the world. Clinton also marked the occasion by announcing plans to reduce fuel use in the Federal Government's vehicle fleets and to offer federal workers incentives to use public transportation.

WCFSD launches ‘blueprint to solve global forest crisis’

We can satisfy the world's material needs from forests without jeopardizing their ecological services, said the World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development, a group initiated by former top world leaders, in its new report "Our Forests... Our Future." After holding hearings on five continents, the Commission concludes that by changing the way we value and manage our forests both development and forests can be sustained.

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