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AECOM's Ant Wilson highlighted the Government’s U-turn on the zero-carbon homes policy as a reason why the built environment is failing to grasp what is considered sustainable

Policies 'getting in the way' of green building design, construction giant warns

EXCLUSIVE: The implementation of efficient and sustainable building practices is being hindered by Government and Mayoral politics which are attempting to "promise the Earth" rather than incentivising the built environment, infrastructure and construction firm AECOM has claimed.

While the Government achieved its target to improve one million energy-poor homes through the Green Deal, only 1% of households actually applied for loans

'Neglected' Green Deal failed on energy savings, report finds

The UK Government's recently-folded Green Deal scheme to insulate and provide on-site renewable generation to homes delivered just 30% of what predecessor schemes achieved in terms of carbon reductions, a new report has found.

Current approaches for estimating energy costs can be out by up to £45,000 over the course of a 25-year mortgage

Energy-efficient homes undervalued by mortgage lenders

Energy-efficient homes could increase in value if banks and building societies used more accurate estimates of household energy bills in their mortgage calculations, a new report has found.

David Cameron has been called on to make good on environmental promises

Green groups urge Cameron to address 'woeful' environmental record

Leading environmental groups have written to Prime Minister David Cameron to criticise the scrapping of 10 green policies in the first few months of the new Conservative Government.

July has seen spending cuts and, well, more spending cuts

GALLERY: Top 10 sustainability stories in July 2015

The story of July has been cuts and lots off them.

Lord Nick Bourne is DECC's newest ministerial recruit, having joined the Department a week after the election

Lord Bourne: Green policy shake-up necessary to curb energy bills

EXCLUSIVE: After a flurry of shock green policy announcements, the Under Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) says such drastic changes were needed to drive down consumer bills.

The Green Deal saw a low take-up, with energy efficiency measures installed in around 10,000 properties

Government pulls plug on Green Deal 'to protect taxpayers'

The Government's Green Deal energy efficiency loans scheme is to close in light of "low take-up and concerns about industry standards."

Many issues continue to hamper energy efficiency improvements accross the UK's solid wall housing market

Energy efficient homes: What can the Government do to help?

David Kemp, sustainability manager at Procure Plus, discusses how the newly-formed Government can support housing providers in upgrading the insulation of their solid-wall stock.

Greg Barker led DECC in the last Conservative Government and was the longest-serving UK energy minister in a generation

Greg Barker: Clean energy subsidies tops list of challenges for DECC

EXCLUSIVE: "It's not going to be an easy ride" for the new ministerial team at the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), with the Levy Control Framework (LFC), domestic energy efficiency policies and Paris climate talks all posing significant challenges within the next year.

The coalition Government has caused

Caroline Lucas: Green Deal disaster sums up chaotic coalition

EXCLUSIVE: Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has labelled the Green Deal an "absolute disaster" which epitomises a so-called green Government that has failed to deliver on a raft of environmental policies.

Individual households can apply for up to £5,600 from this newest release of Green Deal funding

£70m available in third round of Green Deal

The Government has announced the third round of its Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), with £70m being made available to help homeowners in England and Wales install energy-saving measures.

Landlords in England and Wales will be legally required to upgrade their leakiest properties to an energy efficiency rating of at least Band E by April 2018

Next government 'must address loophole in new energy efficiency regulations'

The new laws which will effectively ban landlords from letting energy-inefficient homes contain a 'loophole' that means tens of thousands of people living in poorly-insulated homes will be left in the cold.

The new regulations could save tenants up £880 a year on their heating bills

Landlords to be banned from letting energy-inefficient homes

New rules forcing landlords to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties have been hailed as the 'most significant legislation in a generation' by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).


Green Deal gold rush: Home Improvement Fund snapped up after one day

A £24m Home Improvement Fund budget lasted just over 24 hours before the cash was fully allocated thanks to a glut of applications.

Up to £30m in vouchers will be available - £24m for solid wall insulation and £6m for two additional measures

Government revives Green Deal Home Improvement Fund with £30m investment

Today (10 December), the Government has re-opened its flagship Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), with up to £5,600 available to households in England and Wales to help with the cost of installing energy saving measures.

The green paper was first mooted at the September Labour party conference, when Ed Miliband pledged to make energy efficiency a 'national infrastructure priority'.

Labour makes efficiency central pillar of energy policy

Labour has released its energy efficiency manifesto ahead of next year's General Election, detailing six policies it would enact to create 'a Britain of warm homes and warm hearts'.

The Government can set a template for mainstream adoption of energy efficiency measures.

Sustainable thinking holds the key to future built environment

As the UK's housing demands continue to soar, the sustainability of the built environment is becoming more important than ever and a more unified construction industry would lead to more efficient, longer-lasting buildings.

Nick Clegg gave an impassioned speech to Lib Dem activists before the 2015 General Election

Lib Dem Conference: "It's not green crap to us," says Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has brought the party conference season to a close by insisting that a sustainable environment "will remain at the heart of the Liberal Democrats' vision for Britain's future".

Ed Davey pledged a

Ed Davey gives Green Deal £100m cash injection

Household energy efficiency has been given a £100m boost with a funding add-on for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

The Green Deal was launched in 2013 to make their buildings more energy efficient

MPs' report impels Government to revitalise failing Green Deal scheme

The Government must now consider new incentives to encourage energy efficiency after its Green Deal initiative has failed to attract enough potential customers in its first 18 months.

Mark Group had bolstered its workforce to meet the expected demand for insulation

'Hasty politics' forces insulation firm to axe 670 jobs

One of the UK's largest insulation installers, Mark Group, has confirmed that it is to cut up to a quarter of its UK staff, prompting calls for political parties to put their differences aside and focus on stabilising the energy industry.

Davey says that the environment has always been a top priority for the Lib Dems

Lib Dems plan five new laws for a 'greener' Britain

The Liberal Democrat manifesto will include plans for five new laws to protect the environment, the party announced today.

Green Deal: Success or failure?

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund scheme has been closed because the funding allocated to the scheme for this year has now been spent, less than two months after the scheme was launched. It is not yet known how many households have managed to take advantage of the scheme but it seems clear that thousands of home owners who have already paid some £100 for a Green Deal assessment will now potentially be out of pocket. BSRIA's Krystyna Dawson considers what closing the scheme really means, who misses out and the difference it will make to the energy efficiency of homes.

DECC's statement said that the £120m allocated budget for the fund had been reached

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund closes suddenly after applications skyrocket

The £120m Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was closed for applications last night (24 July) after all the funds were allocated in just six weeks.

The total cashback incentives available per household under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has been reduced to £5,600

DECC cuts Green Deal Home Improvement Fund incentive after £50m of applications

The Government is to cut the amount of cash available under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund by £2,000 per household after 12,200 applications with a value of more than £50m were received in the first six weeks of the scheme, DECC announced yesterday (22 July).

The Green Deal, designed to encourage energy-savings measures such as loft insulation, has been criticised for a low uptake.

UK on track to miss carbon targets, climate change advisers warn

Government's flagship energy efficiency schemes are found wanting in report by Committee on Climate Change.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker gave the keynote speech at the Eco Technology Show today (26 June)

Greg Barker: 'Greenest Government ever' is delivering on its promise

The Energy Minister has hit back at claims that the coalition Government has failed to deliver on its promise to be 'the greenest ever', insisting that David Cameron's administration is actually 'delivering like no other' on climate change.

Up to £7600 will be available to homeowners that install energy-saving measures such as insulation

New Green Deal cashback scheme issues £2.6m in first week

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) has got off to a flying start, issuing £2.61m to households during its first week.

Mauro Montello of climate control systems provider Climaveneta

Greener buildings: Bringing low-carbon construction into the mainstream

How far has sustainable construction come in the past decade? With exemplar buildings like the WWF's Living Planet Centre taking centre-stage in the current sustainable construction hall of fame, how well are eco-innovations trickling down to more 'everyday' developments? Mauro Montello investigates.

Andrew Warren is director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy

Green Deal incentives leave 85% carbon gap

The Government's new incentive scheme is coming up short on the carbon emission reductions it was supposed to deliver, says Andrew Warren.

Up to £7600 will be available to homeowners that install energy-saving measures such as insulation

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund launched to incentivise homeowners

The Government is set to breathe new life into its ailing Green Deal with the launch of a new Home Improvement Fund that will offer thousands of pounds to homeowners implementing energy efficiency improvements.

There were just 33 new Green Deal plans signed in February

Green Deal take-up experiences 'worst month on record'

The number of completed Green Deal plans increased to 883 in February, up from 746 in January, according to the latest Government figures.

The UK has more than 25 million homes, most of which are hugely energy inefficient, according to the UK-GBC

Osborne's Budget must 'stop spiralling energy bills' by prioritising energy efficiency

The UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) is today warning that the UK must retrofit one million homes a year over the next 25 years if it is to end spiralling energy bills and curb carbon emissions.

Is the 'green lease' achievable or a misconception?

What are the differences, benefits and pitfalls for landlords and tenants trying to get their energy and environmental documentation right? Julian Pyrke explains

Green deal applications fall by a fifth

Fewer households applying for assessments under government's flagship energy-saving scheme

Energy efficiency must be on par with HS2 and airport expansion decisions

The Government has been urged to make household energy efficiency the UK's top infrastructure priority.

Green Deal measures on the rise but scheme still needs 'ramping up'

The Government has recorded 458 completed Green Deal plans as of the end of November, up from 219 the previous month, according to the latest figures.

In 2012, commercial sector buildings were responsible for approximately 10% of the UK's overall GHG emissions

Gov must help businesses relate energy efficiency to 'bottom line'

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) is being urged to offer low interest loans to SMEs to stimulate the market for energy efficiency.

Gov must reform Green Deal or 'squander' chance to cut energy bills

The "lamentably" slow take up of the Government's energy efficiency scheme, the Green Deal, can be attributed to its interest rates and its controversial 'Golden Rule', according to a new report.

Rolling back the Energy Company Obligation could

PM's 'green levy' roll-back could cost thousands of construction jobs

More than 10,000 construction and insulation jobs could be lost if the Government decides to cut "green levies" on energy bills, the construction industry has warned today.

Businesses have raised concerns over the Prime Ministers statement last week that

Prime Minister told green levies on energy bills must stay

Business leaders are today warning the Prime Minister not to scale back 'green levies' on energy bills.

At the end of September, 85,177 Green Deal assessments were lodged, up from 71,210 at end of August.

Government records 57 completed Green Deal plans

Energy efficiency measures installed under the Government's Green Deal scheme has risen to 57 as of the end of September, up from 12 the previous month, according to the latest figures.

Carillion is restructuring its energy division to ensure that it is

Struggling Green Deal forces Carillion to restructure energy division

Construction and support services company Carillion has said it is to restructure its energy services division due to the slow uptake of the Government's energy efficiency scheme, the Green Deal.

Kingfisher CEO Ian Cheshire:

EXCLUSIVE: Effective partnerships key to bringing sustainable products to fruition

Manufacturers, installers and retailers must come together effectively to drive consumer up-take of sustainable products and services, says Kingfisher CEO Ian Cheshire.

Green Deal assessments increased by 22% in August from July

Green Deal gains pace but still needs 'shot in the arm'

Twelve completed Green Deal plans were recorded at the end of August, up from one at the end of July, according to the latest Government statistics.

Green Deal assessments proving 'highly useful' research finds

Green Deal assessments are proving 'useful' and are helping people make their homes more energy efficient, according to Government research.

Businesses are frustrated with the tangle of overlapping policies that are

CBI calls on Government to descramble policies on energy efficiency

The Government must streamline overlapping policies that deter energy efficiency investment and establish it as a priority in the UK's energy debate, says the Confederation for British Industry (CBI).

419 Green Deal Plans were in the system for individual properties at the end of July, compared to 306 at the end of June

Government announces completion of first Green Deal package

The first Green Deal funded energy efficiency package has been completed, according to the latest Government figures.

In conversation with the Institute for Sustainability's Terry McGivern

Looking at sustainability in the building sector this week, edie talks to Terry McGivern, head of resource efficient building at the Institute for Sustainability, on why the sustainability agenda is starting to drive up building performance standards and client requirements.

Green Deal: are we unrealistically hopeful?

Criticism continues to hamper the roll-out of the Green Deal, but are we putting too much pressure on the Government's flagship scheme? Leigh Stringer investigates

EXCLUSIVE: Green Deal success needs commercial sector to lead 'not Government'

The Government's flagship retrofit scheme the Green Deal will only succeed through action by the commercial sector, says the Institute for Sustainability.

Government boosts Green Deal with £20m community scheme

A new £20m Green Deal Communities scheme to help local authorities drive the delivery of the Green Deal has been announced today by the Government.

Green Deal 'just getting started' with 36 customers signed up

The Government's Green Deal scheme had signed 36 customers at the end of June, up from the four households recorded last month.

Ed Balls - image courtesy of Jack Siddons

Ed Balls: George Osborne is scaring away long-term green investment

Ed Balls has slammed the Coalition Government for restricting growth in the green industry by its failure to agree a decarbonisation target in the Energy Bill and "shackling" the Green Investment Bank.

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister Luciana Berger

Labour: Importance of energy efficiency won't be disputed in run up to election

Energy efficiency must be 'central' to discussions around building a sustainable low carbon economy, lifting people out of fuel poverty and saving the planet, says the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister.

Reduced stamp duty could boost energy efficiency retrofits by 1.5 million

Additional incentives such as reduced stamp duty or council tax payments could increase the number of annual energy efficiency retrofits by up to 1.5 million, according to a report from the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC).

Rural communities get £15m to generate clean power

A £15m Government fund has been launched today in an attempt to encourage rural communities to generate their own clean green power.

Greg Barker

Green Deal struggling as scheme signs just four customers since launch

The Government's Green Deal has had just four customers sign up to the scheme since its launch five months ago, according to the latest figures.

'Government action' needed to ensure UK meets second and third carbon budget

The Government must do more to ensure the UK meets its third and fourth carbon budget, according to the Committee on Climate Change's (CCC) annual progress report.

DECC insists Green Deal is 'inspiring consumers'

Almost half of households (47%) that have received a Green Deal advice report have already, or plan, to install energy-saving measures, according to figures released by DECC today.

Energy efficiency measures to add thousands to house values

Energy saving improvements could increase the value of properties in England by an average of 14%, according to new research released today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Yeo slams DECC over unclear Green Deal targets

MPs charged with monitoring the progress of the Green Deal have reacted at DECC's failure to provide a well-defined set of expected outcomes.

Greg Barker says it is still early days of

Green Deal assessments more than double in April

Green Deal assessments lodged by the end of April hit 18,816, up from 9,294 at the end of March, according to the latest Government figures.

Eric Pickles

Eric Pickles preventing energy efficiency in the UK says ACE

Eric Pickles is singlehandedly undoing the UK's energy policy and is undermining Britain's attempt to become the most energy efficient nation in Europe, says the director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE).

Green Deal advertising drive 'completely inadequate'

Marketing for the Green Deal is under-funded compared with the proportions of budgets allocated to marketing by large retailers, according to Travis Perkins' Matthew Wright.

Green Deal figures for March show significant increase in assessments

Green Deal assessments lodged in March reached 7,465, up from 1,729 in February, according to the Governments latest figures.

More confusion over Green Deal as landlords steer clear

Nearly two-thirds of housing professionals have no plans to let their tenants use the Green Deal with many citing confusion surrounding the scheme as a main barrier.

Is the Green Deal a fair deal for SMEs?

The Green Deal is widely accepted as a progressive idea in principle. But, says Conor McGlone, criticism that the way the scheme has been designed could exclude small and medium sized businesses is damaging its credibility

Chancellor George Osborne

BUDGET 2013: Chancellor cuts DECC and Defra spending

In today's budget the Chancellor George Osborne has announced spending cuts across Government departments, including the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), to raise £3bn for future infrastructure projects.

Osborne urged to 'end dithering' on green construction

The Chancellor George Osborne must use the 2013 budget to end the uncertainty over zero carbon homes and commit to boosting the Green Deal, the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) has warned.

Mixed reactions as Green Deal figures reveal 1,800 assessments in first month

The Government has revealed today that more than 1,800 assessments have been carried out in homes and businesses since the Green Deal scheme launched in January.

Greg Barker

Greg Barker announces multi-million pound Green Deal finance package

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has announced that the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) has signed a deal with the Green Investment Bank (GIB) to release £244m of funding.

Ed Davey calls on business to become 'megaphone' for Green Deal

Opening the conference programme at Ecobuild yesterday, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey told delegates that Government and business would need to "stick together to build momentum" leveraging industry's expertise, contact with customers and, crucially, its advertising spend to ensure the success of the Green Deal scheme.

Pickles to face judicial review over 'appalling governance' on energy efficiency

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles is facing a judicial review for ditching energy efficiency rules for household extensions, which could have saved the economy £11bn.

British Gas to boost youth employment with sustainability training

Unemployed young people are to benefit from free sustainability training, after British Gas announced plans to open up 1,000 energy efficiency retro-fitting jobs over the next three years.

Greg Barker (second from left) visiting NSG Group's glass coating facility

Energy efficient glass production will help drive Green Deal says Barker

The Minister of State for Climate Change, Greg Barker, has visited a new glass coating facility that is being hailed as a pioneering advanced method of making energy-efficient glass.

Nationwide launch Green Deal alternative

Nationwide has launched a loan for household energy efficiency improvements, which threatens to reduce the uptake of the Government's corresponding Green Deal.

Landlords choose MITIE as Green Deal installer

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has appointed outsourcing firm MITIE as its exclusive Green Deal installer.

<a href="">Wendy Kaveney Photography</a> / <a href=""></a>

Green Deal facing frosty reception with little appetite for energy efficiency

Money-saving incentives through the Green Deal will not necessarily lead to a flood in demand for energy efficiency measures, according to new research.

Local energy schemes receive £46m cash injection

The Government has today awarded £46m to 132 projects across the UK, aimed at reducing fuel poverty, boosting energy efficiency and encouraging collective switching and purchasing.

Confusion reigns over Green Deal

One in five people are confused about what to buy under the upcoming Green deal, according to a survey conducted by the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Green Deal cashback cap abolished

Householders who make energy saving improvements, could receive more than £1000 as part of the Green Deal cashback scheme, the Government announced today.

New year brings new energy efficiency rules

New rules concerning Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for commercial buildings recently came into effect without much fanfare, explains Paul Brown.

OFT calls for better standards from energy efficiency providers

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has urged the energy efficiency sector to ensure it is providing consistently good standards to consumers.

Moving in with energy efficiency

The Government is tackling the UK's building emissions challenge in the residential sector through the Green Deal and ECO. But what about the non-residential side - commercial and industrial buildings in particular, asks Alex Savidis.

Forward thinking Tories paint a green picture

A green economy will be so integrated into business practice that the term will no longer be relevant, according to progressive Conservatives who have laid out their vision of the country in 2020.

Brits clueless about Green Deal

Results of a survey have found that 96% of the British public have never heard of, or do not understand the Green Deal.

Companies urged to commit to water efficiency

Water companies and Green Deal providers will be offered new guidance encouraging them to work together on joint energy and water efficiency delivery schemes for UK homes.

Greg Barker hits back at Green Deal sceptics

The Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker, has defended the Green Deal despite news last week that no assessments for energy efficiency improvements had been received since the policy was launched last month.

BIS: Building skills for a green economy

The Green Economy Team at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) sets out a clear business case for kitting out a new generation of skilled workers in sustainable resource management

Government called on to invest carbon taxes in energy efficiency

Consumer Focus has urged the government to use carbon taxes to invest in a large-scale energy efficiency programme.

Government condemned for 'disappointing' draft water bill

The Government's draft water bill lacks ambition and the plans are unlikely to provide the necessary changes within an acceptable timescale, according to the latest Westminster Sustainable Business Forum publication.

Leading by legislation: Big Yellow goes green

From the green deal to carbon reporting, legislation is a double edged sword that can make or break a company's business model. Paul Donnelly tells Leigh Stringer why leading by legislation is a sensible step towards a sustainable and successful future in business.

Green deal could see 'energy bills rise'

There is a danger that the Green Deal will not make the savings claimed because the scheme focuses too much on technology and not enough on peoples behaviour, says Malcolm Anderson from the National Trust.

Government announces £40m local energy funding initiative

A £40m Government-funded competition aimed at driving local initiatives to boost energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty has launched today.

£125m Green Deal incentive receives sceptical welcome

A £125m government fund, announced today, to be made available to homeowners and businesses investing in energy efficiency improvements has received a mixed reception from organisations.

Many in the industry feel the Green Deal is at risk of failing

Green Deal: 'a car crash waiting to happen'

Eco Environments sales & marketing director David Hunt slammed the Government's Green Deal in a presentation at Energy Solutions yesterday. In an exclusive interview with edie he explained why.

Energy revolution to have 'greater impact' than industrial

The Energy Solutions exhibition kicked off this morning with the Renewable Energy Association's vice chair of the onsite renewables sector, David Hunt, claiming that the coming energy revolution will be the most important to date.

Chairman of Inteb, Philip Hargreaves

Why training is essential to the Green Deal's success

The Government's flagship energy efficiency initiative, The Green Deal, has launched this month, with an initial focus on low energy installations within the social housing sector. Philip Hargreaves looks at why the quality of workmanship is vital to the success of the Green Deal.

Climate change minister, Greg Barker

Conservatives will not 'burden' economy to meet climate targets

The Conservative party will not decarbonise the UK and meet climate targets by over burdening the British economy and sending jobs overseas, climate change minister, Greg Barker, said at today's Conservative Party Conference.

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