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According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), just under 9% of the UK’s imports arrived from China in 2013

UK's carbon footprint rises 3%, what happens next?

New figures published by Defra have revealed that the UK's carbon footprint grew by 3% between 2012 and 2013. With ambitious international and national carbon reduction targets now in place to enshrine low-carbon actions into law, is this a mere blip on the radar, or does the UK need radicalise its approach to emission goals?

Embodied carbon is the carbon dioxide (CO2) or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the extraction, manufacture, transportation, assembly, replacement and deconstruction of building materials and products

Construction industry urged to collaborate on tackling embodied carbon

The construction industry is being called on to prioritise and tackle emissions associated with building materials and products, known as embodied carbon.

North Somerset tops recycling chart

North Somerset tops 'high flyer' recycling chart

North Somerset has been named the top performing council for reducing its carbon emissions by providing strong recycling services, according to new research by Eunomia.

The report claims residential homes accounted for around £505m in food costs generating around 622,250 tonnes of CO2 in 2008/09

NHS report reveals environmental impact of UK care homes

The residential care sector accounts for at least 3.4m tonnes of CO2 each year and almost £1.1bn in natural resource costs, according to an NHS report.

Defra report into UK carbon footprint slammed

A leading environmental commentator has disputed claims that government policy has helped reduce the UK's carbon footprint - instead arguing a sluggish economic is the cause.

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